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Sarah Dozier's Guest Book by AJC Censored?

Sarah C. Dozier died December 8, 2012, a few weeks after I wrote about her misfortune - being defrauded by The Cochran Firm and sued by Markel Hutchins because she acted on her unethical attorneys' advice. I left a message for her family at her Guest Book, which is sponsored by the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), a media that has long dedicated itself to helping The Cochran Firm continue its mission of defrauding blacks. In fact, it was very challenging to serve its parent company, Cox Enterprises, LLC, with our Interrogatories in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm lawsuit. As it was when we served The Cochran Firm our Complaint, the process server had to make several trips to Cox's authorized agent before the Request for Records were served. We requested The Cochran Firm's advertising records in order to prove to the court that the Atlanta law office we served with our lawsuit was indeed advertising itself through Cox on television and in newsprint as being Atlanta's Cochran Firm office while the lawyers lied in court and disclaimed that identification. Cox was finally served, but on the appointed day for the media company to allow inspection of The Cochran Firm's advertising records, Cox refused to honor our federal subpoena. We then filed a Motion to Compel, which Judge Batten did not honor. Instead our lawsuit was dismissed, with Judge Batten ruling it "immaterial" that Larry Neal, my disabled brother, was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest and his survivors were defrauded by our wrongful death attorneys to help cover-up his murder (our lawsuit was held secretly inactive while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed). Therefore, The AJC may add another offense by illegally withholding my condolences to Sarah Dozier's family. Please see "Markel Hutchins Sues Murdered Elder's Estate" at

I wrote: "Condolences regarding Sarah Dozier. I wish I could have talked to her about her attorneys before she passed. She was mistreated in life, but God has her now. (678)531.0262"

  • Mary left a condolence in the Guest Book for Sarah C. DOZIER.
    Sign and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Family-Placed Death Notice DOZIER, Sarah C. Graveside service celebrating the life of Mrs. Sarah C. Dozier of Fayetteville, GA will be held Wednes day December 12, 2012, 11:00 a.m. at Lincoln...
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  • Mary Neal My condolences are not on view yet. We will check back next week and see what's up. Her sons must be warned about The Cochran Firm fraud, which I understand is still their attorneys. The Cochran Firm helped to defraud this family of $13.1 million in Sarah Dozier's lawsuit against the City of Atlanta, and in 2012, The Cochran Firm gave Dozier bad legal advice, advising her to withhold reporting to Probate Court an invoice from Markel Hutchins against Johnston's estate. This caused Dozier to suffer through another lawsuit in the months preceding her death. Many people in Atlanta are aware of The Cochran Firm fraud and suppress the information, especially the Atlanta Journal Constitution which sponsors the Dozier guestbook.
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    My brother told me tonight that The Cochran Firm fraud is more exciting than any movie he saw or book he read in a long time. I agree. One never knows who will join The Cochran Firm fraud next. It is an elaborate conspiracy against minorities, particularly blacks, that spans the nation and has negatively impacted many hundreds of grieving families after wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries caused by "protected" entities.

    May 2, 2013 UPDATE
    Yes, the Dozier Guest Book is definitely censored. The last post registered seems to be from Jennifer Hanson, dated January 29. My post of April 2013 never showed up among the other mourners', as far as I can see, although the Atlanta Journal Constitution definitely received my post, as you can see above. My question is, do these people actually think their censorship is keeping me from communicating with Dozier's sons and family? True, it makes communicating less convenient, but I will show them that this Guest Book is not the end-all they seem to think. Elitists think the Internet is their problem rather than their own attempts to manipulate people. It is not because they are unsuccessful as manipulators and master controllers - it is because they are successful that they ultimately lose. After a while, masses of people find slave masters intolerable and will go to great lengths to escape slavery. There was no Internet during the French Revolution or the civil rights movement, was there? Thanks for the 40+ leads, AJC. Peace.

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Rabbit Hole, by Mary Neal

RABBIT HOLE, a 21st century slave song by Mary Neal 
(all rights protected)
I stumbled down a rabbit hole
I thought therein I would find gold
Instead there were people to help
From lonely dungeons where they are kept

I am a writer and prisoner activist, publishing to end capital punishment and prisoner torture, decriminalize mental illness, and eliminate class and race consciousness in the U.S. justice system. This effort is met with censorship, intimidation, home burglary, and assaults on my 90-year-old mother. It is the job of the USDOJ to ensure that Americans actually have free speech and freedom of press, but my requests for assistance are ignored or actually retaliated against. I will file complaints with the UN and the U.S. Inspector General for relief from censorship. We will see how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you experience trouble viewing or sharing my online data, please call me at 678.531.0262 and write an email about the difficulty you had to Hebrews 13:3, Psalm 102:19-20, Matthew 25:40-46. I thank you, and those whom I attempt to help appreciate your help assisting me in obtaining free speech and freedom of press in America.

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CoIntelPro's New Censorship Method

CoIntelPro is tired of me telling when they don't let me join Internet social networks, so they are trying something new. They let me join, but they don't let me assign my own password. They set the password. Then they go behind me and remove my membership or they remove my posts. I just joined the Village Voice. But I did not receive any email from the Internet site confirming membership. The password was not set by me, but by CoIntelPro. That way THEY become the administrators of my online social media accounts. I protest this GROSS INJUSTICE against my black a** because I dare ask What Happened to Larry Neal.

Erase my articles and redirect the links that you want to, but there is a GRAVE you cannot erase in Memphis, Tennessee where a disabled American is buried, for whom you REFUSE to give accountability and often use black CoIntelPro agents to censor me. I received and set no password for the Village Voice, because most members there are black people. The last thing these CoIntelPro agents want is for Mary Neal to have communication with black people who may not know about the systemic murders of black inmates who are mentally or physically ill, like Larry Neal and Ronald Spear, whose brother I befriended at Facebook, despite much interference from CoIntelPro animals. See Ronald Spear's story at
Murdering Disabled Riker's Island Inmates: Ronald Spear

Evil, demonic, racists, what do you hope to gain by keeping me from communicating with African Americans? There are many justice minded Caucasians who also abhor your murderous injustice system.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Publishing FOIA Requests to USDOJ Challenging

ACLU: "CISPA DEAD FOR NOW." It is good news that the U.S. Government will not lawfully examine your emails and every word you type online to your family, friends, banks and other business entities, and be privy to everything you order. What it does unlawfully may be a separate matter. I do not recommend that Americans try to publish Freedom of Information Requests to the USDOJ about disabled relatives who are murdered after weeks of secret arrest in jails and prisons, because such requests may be subjected to surveillance and interference. This video shows that every time I tried to submit my FOIA requests regarding "The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" (Google it), the data disappeared. I had to ask the management at to publish the document for me. See a poor-quality video that shows my struggles to publish the Freedom of Information Act requests at Years later when I uploaded the video at YouTubes, stalkers prevented me from adding a description. I have the original video and better copies that are much clearer with better audio, although some of my videos were stolen before I was told about CoIntelPro, which uses people one trusts against them.

My "Freedom of Information Act requests to the USDOJ" was published in May 2009, and is at . The USDOJ REFUSED to respond with answers and documents about this covered-up lynching. Please notice the comments at the article (underneath ads). I was PREVENTED from publishing a description for this video years later when I uploaded it at YouTube. I am "America's Most Censored: Mary Neal" But in God I trust.

I published "MORE Cochran Firm Fraud" in my FreeSpeakBlog on April 23, 2013. I edited it on April 24 to add a video of my mother listening to "Because He Lives" and information about why she was assaulted on April 1. Immediately, I received news in my email box about methods to surreptitiously kill Americans with directed energy weapons like I was attacked with in 2012: "Wonder Weapons"
The Cochran Firm was sent to hide Larry's murder by withholding any work whatsoever on his wrongful death case, which they contracted to represent.

I wrote about my directed energy attack in February 2012 in this article:
"Activists, Search Your Computers for Directed Energy Weapons"
I also showed the two towels filled with my blood and tissue that flowed freely from my nose to viewers at Press TV when I was invited to speak about Chavis Carter's death the week of August 13, 2012, shortly after we were burglarized and only our files containing Neals v. The Cochran Firm lawsuits were stolen.

This federal court-declared "immaterial" woman learns something new every day. I did not know anyone in authority cared about people knowing I am oppressed, censored, stalked, and terrorized to hide Larry Neal's murder cover-up. I could not tell, because nothing is done to bring just resolution. However, when I entered my opinion regarding CISPA and my video showing censorship at Google+, I got a response saying that it violates Google's policies and is only visible to me. I don't know if the message really came from Google+ or from cyber stalkers who take over online services wherever I publish. I will ask Google+ and find out. In any case, this secrecy about my brother's murder and efforts to steal or hide my family's EVIDENCE of censorship and terrorism are very encouraging. Apparently, people prefer for the world not to know about secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and the terrorism his family members endure so that authorities can keep it covered-up forever. Therefore, a few ideas I had pretty much abandoned are back on the table: International Court and the office of the Inspector General. Today's interference regarding my Freedom of Information Act requests proves that although authorities do not care that the Neals are terrorized over a disabled black American who was murdered under secret incarceration, they MAY care if other people know about it and see proof of the censorship. That is the best news I have learned in weeks. Below is my post at Google+ Forums to discover if the denial of publishing really came from Google.

Verifying Google+ Message re Refusal to Publish My Post!category-topic/google-plus-discuss/learn/WLxAiUnhsqw
Hello. I am America's Most Censored - Mary Neal. I published a post at Google+ and got back this message:

Since I have cyber stalkers assigned to contain all online information about my disabled brother's murder while under three weeks of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, I want to verify that this is indeed a message from Google+ and not my cyberstalkers. I published a copy of my YouTube video, which I was not allowed to write a description for at the time of upload. It is a film that shows how much trouble it was to publish my Freedom of Information Act requests to the USDOJ for information and records about the mentally, physically disabled American's police kidnapping and murder. I congratulated Americans for not having to worry about CISPA allowing the government to monitor their emails, online business dealings, and personal information without a warrant for a while longer, as the ACLU says CISPA is dead for now. I like to show Americans what life is like when citizens are monitored 24/7 and censored, and nobody can show them better than Mary Neal, who is the most censored individual in this country. Apparently, authorities do not care that my brother was murdered under secret arrest or that my family and I are terrorized, burglarized, assaulted, and censored to keep the dirty secret, but they may care enough to take pangs to hide the crimes against humanity. I was delighted to discover that authorities may care about other people learning about what happened and is continuing to happen to prevent disclosure. I put the forbidden message in an article at my Justice Gagged blog at . It seems strange for Google+ to care about my revealing the censored FOIA video, since it has been on YouTube for years (although the description was denied access), and I write about Larry's secret murder and my adventures battling for First Amendment rights every day plus expose the crimes against my family on Google as they occur. Therefore, I ask that if the message denying me the right to publish my opinion about the temporarily defunct CISPA bill and to expose more proof of my cyber stalking was indeed from Google+, please let me know. Was the message from Google+?

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The Boston Globe Tweets & the Bombings

Bloggers should apply proper source-checking methods that journalists for mainstream news media used to apply before FOX won the right in a Florida court to report fabrications. Therefore, I tried to check at The Boston Globe's Twitter page to see if the tweet in the YouTube video at and embedded below was ever really published.

I found to my disappointment that The Boston Globe's tweets before the bombing on April 15 were not available. That seemed strange for the hometown news media of the city where the biggest disaster in a month happened. I checked other media, i.e., New York Times, and found that its tweets continued for as long as I scrolled. Therefore, I tweeted The Boston Globe and Twitter about The Boston Globe's tweets that were published BEFORE the bombing to see if there was any tweet about the FBI setting off a bomb across from the library in one minute like the video shows.

Mary Neal ‏@koffietime 1h @BostonGlobe Can you confirm sending the tweet in this video? Your available tweets begin AFTER the bombing. Thanks

Mary Neal ‏@koffietime 2h @twitter Can we see all @BostonGlobe tweets from Apr 15 to check this video Strange-tweets begin after the bombing.

If one or both of them respond, I will try to let you know. This page on my blog is different from ALL other pages in Justice Gagged. They may correct it since I opened the edit mode to make the video link above live, but initially, everything that was to appear in the right margin (my blog index, my own profile, my "Free Mary Neal" petition, and the "Follow This Blog" invitation) were all underneath the text. These people believe in going down with the ship. My censorship started to protect The Cochran Firm from my lawsuit. The Cochran Firm fraud is near its end, but billionaires have very loyal friends.


Mary Neal

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Battle re "Mental Health News April 2013"

Today my assigned stalkers fight freedom of press regarding "Mental Health News April 2013," a new article in my "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog at ." I published the article around 4:30 p.m. EST on April 17, but it could not be found by that title on Google search twelve hours later. I also published an excerpt of the article under that title in my Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) groups at Google+, Care2, and Facebook. I discovered that it had been removed from Facebook's AIMI group, and I re-published it there. I frequently return to my articles to add new information and find stalkers have interfered with my freedom of press rights. I edited "Mental Health News April 2013" to add a disturbing report regarding the "Boston Marathon Bombing and HIPPA Rights," which was reported by Natural News. It appears that Governor Cuomo has ordered all mental health care records confiscated, which would appear to violate HIPPA rights. That subtitle became Item 2 in "Mental Health News April 2013." Please see the censored health news article below:


Will gun control laws actually prevent psychiatric treatment? How many veterans and others will avoid seeking psychiatric help because they fear being disarmed? That question was raised by Dr. Scott Mendelson, a psychiatrist for the Veterans Administration, in a Huffington Post article.
"Mental Health and Second Amendment Fears"
Excerpt: "The recent gun tragedies have spurred us to pursue new controls on who can purchase a firearm. A major focus of this effort is to make certain that individuals who might pose a danger because of mental illness do not have access to weapons. I whole-heartedly agree with this effort. However, in recent weeks I have become aware that many of the veterans I see are starting to fear that merely coming for psychiatric help will cost them their right to own a gun."

(Unsubstantiated Report) New York Governor Cuomo has ordered state officials to confiscate private patient records from psychiatrists, meaning that all your assumed "doctor-patient confidentiality" is now a fairytale. Everything you've ever told a psychiatrist, psychologist, doctor or therapist is now subject to government confiscation, and whatever they find will be used against you. And it's all being done to "save the children," of course!

ABC News Videos - An NYPD officer kills boyfriend, infant son, and self; Las Vegas police officer and family dead in apparent murder/suicide; Maryland star high school student and army officer dead in apparent murder/suicide; Jovan Belcher, of the Kansas City Chiefs, kills girlfriend and self with butcher knife

This writer recommends that all police officers be given psychological evaluations periodically, not just during the hiring phase, and that they be tested for drugs and alcohol immediately after all violent incidents that result in catastrophic injuries or deaths. Police officers and military people work in stressful, volatile situations requiring quick decisions. Mental illness and drug or alcohol addictions can negatively impact their ability to accurately comprehend and respond appropriately to stimuli. For example, steroids are often used by police officers as well as sportsmen and can cause brain damage and feelings of aggression.

MENTAL HEALTH LAW reports that the Iowa State Senate voted 33-17 Tuesday to pass a $42.8 million appropriations bill aimed at supporting the redesign of Iowa’s mental health system. Hatch said the Senate bill spends $13 million more than the House version to insure that no counties have waiting lists for mental health services or an interruption of services. The bill now goes to the House.

One can trace America's booming prison population growth to the "de-institutionalization" of the mentally ill in the 1970s, which actually transferred acute mental patients to prisons rather than hospitals and community care. This was done in large part to facilitate private prisons and meet the guaranteed occupancy levels municipalities promise private prison owners. Today, 1.25 million of America's inmates are mentally ill. Sixty percent of those in solitary confinement are sick people, and eighty percent of prisoners in cruel solitary confinement are minorities. Having an obviously racist and health conscious prison system negatively impacts America's ability to advocate for human rights around the world, and it makes military intervention based on human rights seem hypocritical. Moscow pointed to this country's record-high incarceration rate and the torture and frequent deaths of inmates (within the USA and abroad) in its response to President Obama.
"Moscow Calls Obama's Human Rights Bluff"

Music is a relatively common and very traditional therapy used to achieve a calmer state of being. One mental health clinician, who is also an experienced music therapist, uses music to help her patients stir up emotional images and claims that the music “The vibration in music releases tension in the cells and organs,” thus creating a feeling of relief. One musical group has dedicated its time to playing in nursing and convalescent homes and cite that they have observed their music help the elderly people living there achieve a feeling of calm. Dentists and surgeons also cleverly use music to decrease their patients’ worry and increase their pain threshold: the type of music playing in the elevator and lobby are not accidental and the type of music played during surgery prep is considered part of the prep itself. Biblical David played his harp to assist the mental troubles of King Saul, and later King George commissioned similar musical therapy to aid in stress reduction. Read more at

Enjoy 18 videos by Whitney Houston, whose melodic voice is very relaxing and soothing (at YouTube link and embedded below) as you continue to read mental health news in DogJustice blog. The articles are listed in the blog index on your right. Thank you for coming to learn more about the challenges facing mentally ill people and their families and give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.

Mary Neal, director
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) at Care2, where 305 members invite you

Please also visit AIMI at Google+, where we have four members and need you

And visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at Facebook, with 166 members who invite you

A burden shared is a burden lessened. Lately, I have been worried about a friend of mine who faces prison for overdue probation fees. See "Save Katherine Conner from Prison Slavery" at

Mentally Ill People Need Dog Justice
You are invited to "Join This Site" (top right widget)

Repeat of Paragraph 1 - Today my assigned stalkers fight freedom of press regarding "Mental Health News April 2013," a new article in my "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog at ." I published the article around 4:30 p.m. EST on April 17, but it could not be found by that title on Google search twelve hours later. I also published an excerpt of the article under that title in my Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) groups at Google+, Care2, and Facebook. I discovered that it had been removed from Facebook's AIMI group, and I re-published it there. I frequently return to my articles to add new information and find stalkers have interfered with my freedom of press rights. I edited "Mental Health News April 2013" to add a disturbing report regarding the "Boston Marathon Bombing and HIPPA Rights," which was reported by Natural News. It appears that Governor Cuomo has ordered all mental health care records confiscated, which would appear to violate HIPPA rights. That subtitle became Item 2 in "Mental Health News April 2013." Please see the censored health news article [above].

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Prison Slavery for Katherine Conner

Save Katherine Conner from prison slavery. Send $10 or more to help her pay past due probation fees at P.O. Box 211, Wilson, LA 70789, or use electronic payment method at Please see the prison labor video by RT embedded below, wherein prisons falsely claim that Americans will not work manufacturing jobs unless they are inmates. This article has three(3) embedded videos, two(2) photographs, and eight(8) links. (Please count, because I am America's most censored.) Hear the prison system brag that women prisoners do not call in with babysitting problems. That is because families are torn apart and children are often left to the care of elderly grandparents or adopted by non-relatives so that mothers can work as prison slaves under the terms of the 13th Amendment - innocent or guilty.

Michael Jackson told us in song, "They Don't Care About Us."   

It is no secret that blacks are the primary targets for enslavement in America's prison industrial complex."They told this DEA agent not to enforce drug laws in white areas. Really."

Huffington Post writer Dylan Ratigan called America's prison system an "international embarrassment." Read more:
The photo below shows Louisiana prisoners return from farm work detail at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, LA - all black prisoners on on foot guarded by a white man riding a horse.

America's return to slavery through the prison system is lucrative for prison investors, but it hampers the super power's ability to speak against crimes against humanity around the world, and this nation's high incarceration rate makes America's military conflicts for the sake of human rights suspect. Moscow recently pointed to this nation's torture and murders of inmates in its response to President Obama:
"Moscow Calls Obama's Human Rights Bluff"

Learn more about Katherine Conner and why she needs and deserves your help at "SAVE KATHERINE CONNER"

Thank you in advance for your kindness.

Mary Loves Justice

Wrongful Death of Larry

My Email to Rep. Hank Johnson, April 16

Automatic Response: The following information has been submitted:

Name: Ms Mary L Neal
Address: [redacted]
Telephone: 678.531.0262 Voice
Issue: OTHER
Message Subject: Respond by U.S. Mail
Message Text:
Dear Rep. Johnson: 

I wrote to you on April 4 regarding the fourth home invasion my family endured in DeKalb County, GA, for which the police refused to take a police report. When you respond, please do so by U.S. Mail. Senator Chambliss sent me an email at 1:01 p.m. on April 16. It was empty, although I could read the first line of his email in the preview that showed before opening it. The cyberstalkers could easily have deleted the entire email from Sen. Chambliss, but they apparently wanted me to know that he had responded. Therefore, I request that when you respond to me about the crimes against me that are allowed to continue, that you will do so via U.S. Mail so that I may be allowed to actually receive your correspondence. I am censored, and cyberstalkers control my phone and all other electronic communication. 

Mary Neal

Friday, April 12, 2013

Stalkers Fight to Imprison Katherine Conner

Below is an example of telephone and computer takeovers to prevent advocacy for a wrongfully convicted woman, Katherine Conner, who faces imprisonment because of overdue probation fees. As one contributor pointed out, Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and was immediately given hundreds of thousands of dollars for his legal fees. However, a black woman's efforts to raise $3,000 to stay out of prison suffer interference by stalkers hired by prison investors. (Nine(9) urls are in this article.)

Talk Shoe Conference call, Thursday, April 11, 2013
+1 724 444-7444, Code 93845#, 736 976 006#
[I am "Guest 6" and am not allowed to be heard on the call. I also called the Dr. Shirley Moore "Free Conference Call" number and was prevented from reaching the call.]
Guest 6 is logged into the chat
The recording has started.
tubman4us is logged into the chat
tubman4us is on the call
NE New York is on the call
[I was prevented from calling via "Free Conference". I was prevented from joining the conference at TalkShoe by using my phone. Therefore, I called via computer to TalkShoe. Katherine Conner's situation was being discussed. I logged in at the chat room, but was disallowed audio. I logged in several times. I was Guest 4, got kicked out, Guest 5, got kicked out, finally Guest 6. I told stalkers I would make a 911 call, and I was allowed to stay.]
<Guest 6> Save Katherine Conner "GoFundMe"
DIYGUY is on the call
<tubman4us> Hey Guest 4
<Guest 6> Dr. Shirley, it appears that you are not allowed to hear Mary Neal speak. I tried calling on the phone using the Free Conference number, stalkers prevented.
[At this point, Dr. Shirley assured me by voice that she could see Guest 6's written posts although my voice was not heard]
<Guest 6> I will write about this latest censorship at and add 911 rpt I'm calling in now.
[At this point, I checked the mic on my computer and it was "on."]
<Guest 6> I am Guest 6 - Mary Neal. Stalkers have my computer contained.
<Guest 6> Ask Alexis to call me at 678.531.0262 and put me through on 3-way. Thanks.
[At this point, I was phoned by Alexis and allowed to join the conference using three-way calling.]

Our next public appearances will be 
1) Saturday, April 13, at 6pm EST, a Google+ Hangout Katherine Conner fundraiser and discussion on the prison industrial complex. The video will be saved to YouTube, and a link will be provided here for you to join us.
2) Saturday, April 13, at 9:00 p.m. EST, on the "Say Your Piece Network" BlogtalkRadio show, hosted by Celeta McCall, call-in number 647-677-1749

3) Sunday, April 14, at 5:00 p.m. EST, on the Rev. Pinkney BlogtalkRadio Show, hosted by Rev. Edward Pinkney, call-in number (347)994-3644

4) April 16 - The Brian Coleman Show 
A sample broadcast is "The Beating of Brandon Pettiford" at the link below

Future public appearances will be added to this article, which we request that you share. Stalkers who likely work for racist prison profiteers (who hunger for more prison slaves) interfere with my ability to use the phone and computers to advocate for justice in the United States of America. I have requested police help and help from the United States Department of Justice, but I have thus far been DENIED. Black people are not allowed freedom of press in the USA. Please sign my Petition for Free Speech at the link below

Join our effort to raise $3,000 to save Katherine Conner, an innocent Louisiana woman, from prison investors.
or mail her at P.O. Box 211, Wilson, LA 70789. Learn about her case at this link: "SAVE KATHERINE CONNER" at

Thank you for your interest in justice, without racism, class consciousness, or regard to health status. Blessings!

Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and 
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re the Memphis Klan Rally and Peaceful Protest

Remarks by Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin
So this is the new city code sections of the Memphis city code dealing with protests and parades. It essentially allows for all political demonstrations, not in favor with the police and city authorities, to be a function of the police to decide whether to grant or not. Of course, if you are protesting against the police for killing civilians, then what do you think they will say? So they have essentially criminalized all protests, and prevented the ability of our group to have a demonstration unless the police approve in advance. Of course , we will test it, and intend to sue, but just let you read this for yourself.

Now, the Memphis cops and the city government are giving a figure of $175,585 for the amount they spent on police overtime for the March 30 anti-Klan demo. This is the low ball figure however, and does not include equipment costs, special purchase of security equipment and so on, which would run into thousands more. They had 500-600 cops out there, armored personnel carrier, and other costly high tech weapons. They did say that they spent over $8,000 to ride the Klan around on city buses to and from the event site, not included is meals and hotel rooms purchased for them by the city. They were literally coddled by the city. [See police officers working overtime at the Memphis Klan rally embedded below, and see more video coverage of the Klan anti-rally in three links below.]

Anti-Klan rally in Memphis 3/30/13, video 1
Lorenzo Ervin speaks on a bullhorn during multiracial anti-Klan march
Anti-Klan rally video 2
Interviewing a black youth with hundreds of police officers in background
Anti-Klan rally video 3
Interviewing anti-Klan rally protesters, a brother and sister, who expressed objections to the Klan seeking to stop racial harmony

Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, sister of disabled man secretly arrested and killed in Memphis Shelby County Jail

Monday, April 8, 2013

Protest Against NAACP April 4, 2013 - Pinkney's Report

Within moments of my submitting this article, a close relative was deliberately rear-ended by a white Infinity in a hit and run incident. I stopped driving in 2008 after being followed for months by several vehicles that usually included one government vehicle.

From the desk of Rev. Edward Pinkney
For Immediate Release
Report on Our Protest Against the NAACP - April 4, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland

See news footage from the protest against the NAACP embedded below and at YouTube link

The anniversary of the murder of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was celebrated with a protest. Black groups, churches, and community activists from Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Utah, Colorado, and Pittsburgh came together to protest at the NAACP national headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The protest was tremendous, exciting, and very successful. The protest was well covered by the media.

The purpose was to commemorate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's death and to demand new NAACP leadership. Rev. Dr. King was murdered by an assassin's bullet and pronounced dead on April 4, 1968, at 7:05 p.m. 

The NAACP, smothered to death with decades of corporate money, was pronounced dead on April 4, 2013.

The national office of the NAACP taped off the front of the building and the street like a crime scene in preparation for our protest. The NAACP is out of touch with the community. This was the very first time the NAACP national office had been marched on by protesters.

The protesters got the community and surrounding workers' attention and then the NAACP called the police to attempt to force protesters to stop picketing. The police told the NAACP we had every right to protest. The NAACP then called the sheriff, who also refused to help the NAACP [by violating protesters' First Amendment rights].

We shut the NAACP's national office down. We made history.  We demanded the resignations of Ben "sell us" Jealous and the Executive Board, and that the NAACP's nonprofit status be revoked.

April 4, 2013 will be remembered forever. The protest was tremendous. FoxNews took a survey to find out whether the NAACP is still relevant, and 100% of the people polled voted NO!

If necessary, every year on April 4 we will protest the NAACP in Baltimore.      

The group also protested at the NAACP office in Washington, DC on April 3. See YouTube link The protests against the NAACP were featured on at  (An excerpt from the article is below the embedded video.)

WASHINGTON— Black leaders and former members of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) blasted the NAACP on the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, claiming the organization “no longer stands for civil rights” and “kills black babies.”

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Pinkney to Pinkney BlogtalkRadio show
This writer hopes Rev. Pinkney and many concerned people of all races will come to Atlanta to protest at the Beverly Hall trial and trials of other educators who are being prosecuted for fraud in the standardized test cheating scandal, whereas frauds by banks and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm were allowed to avoid prosecution. Millions of people of all races believe in liberty and justice for ALL and that nobody should be considered "too big to fall."

Repeat of paragraph 1 - Within moments of my submitting this article, a close relative was deliberately rear-ended by a white Infinity in a hit and run incident. I stopped driving in 2008 after being followed for months by several vehicles that usually included one government vehicle.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mary Neal Pickets at Beverly Hall's Trial

The educators [in Atlanta] in are being prosecuted for FRAUD, a charge that Americans have been told cannot be applied to bankers, who are "too big to fall." The allegations against Beverly Hall and others do not rise to the level of FRAUD that bankers did that caused millions of home foreclosures and evictions and brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy. The educators' fraud does not surpass what The Cochran Firm [and co-conspirators] did to the Neal family to prevent a lawsuit against Memphis Shelby County Jail after the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, a mentally, physically disabled man, and crimes continue against the Stone Mountain family to prevent disclosure. The Neals are subject to a reign of terror that is allowed by some of the same parties who now prosecute Hall and other educators. That is why Mary Neal plans to picket the trials. Everyone should join in protesting the prosecution of some frauds but not others. (Four links are in this article.) (Essential wording in this comment is awaiting moderation at CNN, the news company that Mary Neal picketed for ignoring the fact that The Cochran Firm had Georgia judges declare the law firm as being nonexistent in Georgia in order to facilitate dismissal of the Neals' lawsuit against the fraudulent attorneys. The comment SHOULD POST at ). The Neals' home in Stone Mountain, Georgia was invaded AGAIN on April 1. This time a woman presented herself as a nurse from Hattie Neal's home health company, but she was not. When Hattie Neal's doctor verified that the woman was an impostor and fraud, I called police at 2:58pm on April 4. On April 5, DeKalb County Police Department said the woman's fraud was NOT ILLEGAL. 

Everyone who wants to help picket at trials for Beverly Hall and other Atlanta educators who are prosecuted for FRAUD while bankers and The Cochran Firm are excused from prosecution for the same offense, TRY to call me at 678.531.0262 (terrorists frequently take control of our phone and prevent our calls). Laws in America are used to prosecute blacks but not to help a family get accountability after the secret arrest and murder of a mentally ill heart patient whose death was covered up, and laws are not used to demand accountability for families victimized by housing fraud and predatory lending. Instead, we are told that banks are "too big to fall." 

Police said it is not illegal to gain entry into an elder's home and bedroom by pretending to be a health care provider who was sent by her home health company, conduct medical tests on the elder, and force the elder to expose her naked buttocks to the impostor. We complained to Senator Saxby Chambliss and Rep. Hank Johnson, and will file a complaint with Internal Affairs. If lawmakers and police oversight agree that it is not illegal to impersonate a medical health care provider to abuse elders, we will propose that such a law is introduced without hesitation. See my report at this article in MaryLovesJustice blog

Do you see why every rational American needs as much fire power as possible, Mr. President? Secretly arresting and killing disabled people like Larry Neal and false entry and sexual assaults on elderly people like Hattie Neal are not treated as crimes in the USA.

CoIntelPro, please stop removing my links. Dogging out mentally ill people and their families who complain are not crimes, so what are you worried about?

Mary Neal
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cyberstalkers Prevent Cochran Firm Fraud Disclosure at WordPress

ANOTHER Cochran Firm Fraud - The former client and victim is Clemzo Gildersleeve. Stalkers prevent my comment at the article about Mr. Gildersleeve picketing The Cochran Firm's Dothan, Alabama office.

MaryLovesJustice Neal <>
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Subject: Cyberstalking at WordPress Against Mary Neal

I tried posting the following comment at

"Clemzo Gildersleeve is one of the lucky former Cochran Firm fraud clients. The frauds actually filed his lawsuit against Allstate. Regarding the Neal family's complaint against Memphis Shelby County Jail for the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, The Cochran Firm signed contract as our wrongful death attorneys, proceeded to lie via U.S. Mail fraud about legal work that was not actually taking place while the statute of limitations passed, then the firm disclaimed its own existence in Georgia and in Memphis before the court in order to dodge accountability for its FRAUD. My exposing The Cochran Firm fraud against minorities has led to censorship, terrorism, and a home burglary. Only two boxes of court records from our lawsuits against The Cochran Firm in Georgia courts were stolen. The Cochran Firm is sued for being frauds regularly by its former clients, former attorneys, and law firms that combine with the frauds on civil action cases, such as Catalano & Plache in Washington, D.C. Ask Mr. Gildersleeve to TRY to call me at 678.531.0262. See a growing list of lawsuits against The Cochran Firm you may never read about in news reports at this link "

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