Saturday, October 18, 2014

Facebook Stalkers Redirect Link re Dunn's Sentencing for 'Loud Music' Killing

Congratulations to the prosecutors and jury in the matter of "Florida vs. Michael Dunn." The Huffington Post reported the outcome of Dunn's trial in an article entitled "Michael Dunn Sentenced To Life In Prison For 'Loud Music' Killing of Jordan Davis." I tried to share The Huffington Post article at my Facebook wall by using the link to the story, which is below:
(The link is not allowed to be active on this blog, either, which is interesting, Google.)

Apparently, the stalkers assigned to me at Facebook disagree with Dunn's guilty verdict and/or sentence, because they refused to allow the story to post on my Facebook wall. Instead, an article from The Huffington Post entitled "Six Dating Tips Every Man Should Know" along with the photo of a large bulldog appeared when I posted the link. (Terrorists have used dogs in my cyber stalking for years - ever since I published America's most censored poem, "Dog Justice." The poem regards my mentally, physically disabled brother who was secretly arrested and murdered, whose death led to a huge government cover-up and The Cochran Firm fraud. Google "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" and see the link to the website below.) See a screenshot below for proof that The Huffington Post link was redirected on my Facebook wall (click the photo for a close-up of the link that generated the dog photo and dating article):

A couple of years ago, Congress considered a bill called SOPA, which would have allowed all Americans' links to be redirected. Under SOPA, you would have been subject to that and other Internet censorship such as I have endured for years. The bill was so unpopular that Congress did not vote on its passage. Since I am an African American woman who lacks wealth but I frequently report crimes against humanity in the USA, SOPA was applied to my online writing anyway, and police say it is not illegal to censor me for some reason. The stalkers sometimes show a sense of humor, like they did using the bulldog photo, but they are racists who favor mass incarceration, criminalizing mental illness, loss of civil liberties, and the death penalty. They censor those subjects most heavily.

The article at The Huffington Post reports, Dunn was "convicted of first-degree murder for fatally shooting a teenager in an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville convenience store has been sentenced to life in prison without parole ... Dunn was convicted of first-degree murder at a second trial in September after jurors deadlocked on the charge at his initial trial in February. Prosecutors say Dunn, who is white, fired 10 times into a sport utility vehicle carrying black teenagers in November 2012, killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis of Marietta, Georgia."

You can see the difference in my results using the same link at a Google+ post, which is copied below:
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man convicted of first-degree murder for fatally shooting a teenager in an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville ...

If your links are sometimes redirected like mine, there is a way around the stalkers: Use your own photo rather than letting Facebook or another social media generate the photo and caption. See how that works by looking at my Facebook page. The post about Dunn's sentencing is right before news about a scientist who was found guilty of engineering a biological weapon to kill black South Africans and various reports about Ebola being a biological weapon against Americans to usher in Martial Law, concentration camp detainment, and enforced vaccines for depopulation, posted October 17 and 18.

Please recognize that the stalkers who interfere with my online writing are not necessarily employed by Facebook or other social media company. They likely work for NSA, FBI, or some other government agency, since they follow me over the Internet and attack my freedom of press wherever I publish. At least their dog pictures got cuter. At Yahoo Mail, they used the picture of a diseased, starving dog, which was the only advertising that showed at my Yahoo Mail page for months. Stalkers were most insulting at Care2, where they would sometimes turn the "www" in my links into the word "primate," and those Internet links were redirected to the photo of a large, black gorilla rather than to my Sharebook posts. This censorship happens because The Justice Department is criminal and will not enforce African Americans' freedom of press any more than it will enforce laws against the secret arrest and murder of handicapped black men like my brother, Larry Neal.

America's Most Censored - Mary Neal
Internet Censorship American Style, by Mary Neal
Dog Justice Poem for Mentally Ill
SOPA Applied to Mary Neal Anyway
The U.S. Justice Department is Criminal

I no longer expect a response from media companies like Facebook, The Huffington Post, or CNN regarding suppression to prevent disclosure about censorship and murder. I suppose much of the money missing from the U.S. Treasury was used to buy media cooperation with whatever the government does. That is why Americans must be wary about media reports regarding Ebola. Media companies report what they are told and only that. For example, The Huffington Post recently reported that Eric Holder put the "j" back in justice, which is untrue. There is seldom any accountability for police murders, and in Larry Neal's case, the USDOJ actually helped police cover up their crime. See Mary Neal picketing CNN in a photo below. If only The Huffington Post had an office in Atlanta, I'd picket there, also:

UPDATE October 22, 2014:  The student's family blames her bipolar disorder for this outburst. She was placed on a new medication that obviously is not working well for her. See the video at YouTube link, and see the article explaining her outburst at the link below This story has ZERO to do with the photo Facebook posted with two women kissing, but apparently I have a gay stalker today.
Racist Black Girl Assaults White Students For Enslaving Her Ancestors [VIDEO] American News...
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Thank you for your interest in how America contains news about crimes against humanity that happen here. Justice is gagged.

Mary Loves Justice Neal 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Monday, September 29, 2014

IRP6 Replays on Blogtalkradio

On Monday, Sept. 29, we replayed our March 12, 2014 broadcast regarding IRP6

The shows regard the wrongful conviction of six software executives (five blacks and one white) who are presently sentenced to imprisonment for crimes that never happened. Their cases are being appealed in the U.S. Supreme Court at this time, although 200 pages of their original transcript was unlawfully withheld.
They Suppress Black Achievement Then Call Us Lazy

We will re-play shows featuring IRP6 at Blogtalkradio Human Rights Demand channel from time to time throughout October 2014. Coast to Coast also gave us permission to replay some of their episodes. Thank you for helping to expose corruption and racism.

Mary Loves Justice Neal
(678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Friday, September 19, 2014

MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting Censored


BlogTalkRadioI had to refresh the playback page ten times to hear this MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting tape recorded August 31. Is that because you gave me a completely blank board to use and I discussed the violation against my free speech rights and right to practice my religion? I had another completely blank board when we used Blogtalkradio to record the "AIMI vs. USA" Claimants Conference on September 6 on Human Rights Demand channel, also. I could not see my own phone number or any of the callers' numbers. I could not see my audio files, our chat room, or anything else in the studio. Americans have a Constitutional right to peaceful assembly. Peaceful assembly for religious purposes is protected in the First Amendment. Please read it. And it is customary to censor what stalkers censored, but I gather proof as it happens. Since we are going to International Court, I am sure you understand why.

Is this tape censored because it was taped right before Labor Day, and I warned union ‪#‎workers‬ that prison investors are transferring former union jobs to prisons? Are Americans intended not to know that their jobs transferred behind bars along with 2.3 million people, over half of whom were nonviolent offenders? Are you against workers' rights, Blogtalkradio? The highly censored broadcast is at this link, readers. Please let me know if it is not:

Were you instructed to prohibit Mary Neal from discussing "AIMI vs. USA" in public? We you instructed to censor this recording because I revealed the murder of Mr. Gregory in Memphis Shelby County Jail? He was beaten to death by another mentally ill person when guards released two mentally ill inmates and commanded them to engage in a human dog fight. Are you supposed to keep the world from hearing about the torture and murders that happen to sick, black people imprisoned in America? Why are murders at Memphis Shelby County Jail protected by Internet companies in Silicon Valley? Did the USDOJ make some arrangement with that facility?

According to the indictment for former Vice President Chaney and former Attorney General Antonio Gonzales, they accepted payoffs from correctional facilities in Wallacy County, Texas for withholding federal investigations of brutality and murders in that county. Did that also happen regarding Larry Neal's murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail? Is that why this particular tape is censored? Is that why the USA and Shelby County Jail refuse to disclose the method of Larry Neal's murder for eleven years and counting? Do corrupt government officials rely on censorship by Internet companies to hide their corruption? Be aware that the law provides that people who help cover up murders are accessories after the fact. Is Blogtalkradio an accessory after the fact for Mr. Gregory's and Larry Neal's murders in Shelby County Jail in Memphis?

Of course, we the People recognize that America is lawless. Laws are meant to hold the common man accountable, not high government officials or rich Internet executives. But I try, anyway. I take such high and mighty people before the court of public opinion here and in foreign countries. One never knows when another country might admonish America to STOP VIOLATING THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF AMERICANS, even black people.

Christianity is censored in the United States of America, especially in the Prison Industrial Complex. In fact, all religions may be persecuted in prisons and jails. I was contacted by a Muslim woman who said she experienced extreme disrespect when she visited her husband at a prison wearing her Qur'an (head covering) and khimÄ r. In fact, her husband lost his visiting privileges. Daniel Linsinbigler, 19, was murdered by suffocation (death ruled homicide) in Clay County Jail in Florida in March 2013 after guards teased him about being a Christian. Apparently, prison owners and investors are satanists who want all Americans to either be atheists or serve their god, Satan. Please tune in at "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting" each Sunday at 9pm PDT on Blogtalkradio, and let us continue to pray for justice in the USA. Call-in to speak with the host at (818)572-2947. God loves justice, and you know I do, too.

Mary Loves Justice Neal
(678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CDC and Ebola News Blocked at Google+

WARNING! Censored Ebola News at Google+

Google, stalkers are hiding news about the Ebola virus! They removed a post from my wall announcing: *CDC to Hospitals: GET READY FOR EBOLA.* I tried to republish the news, and I received a message saying "Your post was NOT shared. Please try again." I tried again and got the same result. See the screenshot of my denial of free speech below (click the photo to enlarge it and read the denial of service message).
See an article everyone should read about the Ebola virus in "Exposed - FreeSpeakBlog": "Ready for Ebola and Depop Vaccines?"
I am America's Most Censored - Mary Neal. News that my appointed cyber stalkers censor is very important for you to know about. Read more censored news in my "Justice Gagged" blog at - I was greatly censored in 2009 when I published original articles in opposition to enforced H1N1 vaccines. Google "Mary Neal H1N1 Vaccine" to read what might still be "the plan." My series of articles connecting Michael Jackson's death to the H1N1 vaccine controversy in 2009 had over 200,000 hits, but I was suspended from writing for shortly after their publication. The article at the first link above, which I was not allowed to republish at Google+ after its covert removal on September 16, is from 11alive, a mainstream news media. But it appears that Mary Neal is NOT to write about Ebola in the USA, and YOU are not allowed to read about it. We are NOT elitists. They're handling everything.

Mary Neal's Google+ - - Follow me at Twitter @koffietime - - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog Full list of MaryLovesJustice blogs and radio broadcasts: address: (I'm censored, but some emails reach my box). Try to phone me at 678.531.0262. If you receive no response within 48 hours, please email or call again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hattie Neal Discusses Larry Neal's Wrongful Death

My mother describes Larry as a child whose mumps infection leaked into his brain and rendered him mentally ill. That led to his commitment to a mental hospital at age 8 or 9 in the 1960s. His behaved like man with a child's mind and was given to hallucinations and angry outbursts. Like many people with severe mental illness, he refused to stay on psychiatric treatment each time he was released from the hospital. Larry was among the hundreds of thousands of mentally ill Americans who were evicted from his mental hospital in the 70s, when Medicaid was withdrawn for inpatient psychiatric care. He revolved in and out of jail thereafter - until police got fed up and decided to murder him. Mama talked about our trip to The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to sign contract with lawyers who double-crossed the Neals to work for Shelby County Jail behind our backs. She asks at the end of the interview for the government to please give her information about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder - information she needs for closure. Hear our interview recorded on September 14, 2014, on HUMAN RIGHTS DEMAND channel

At first, the stalkers did NOT allow me to save the Blogtalkradio interview at my Google Drive. As far as I know, stalkers now prevent it from playing. The tape regards the secret arrest and Wrongful Death of Larry Neal, America's top secret government kidnapping and murder of a mentally ill, black heart patient who was my 54-year-old brother on August 1, 2003. Stalkers interfere with fulfillment of Google's contract obligations by deciding what I can and cannot save and share using my Google Drive. If NSA doesn't want it revealed that The Cochran Firm, Shelby County Government, and the U.S. Department of Justice colluded to cover up my disabled brother's murder, those parties should have pooled their VAST resources and paid the wrongful death settlement when The Cochran Firm contracted to sue Shelby County Jail for his wrongful death and file civil actions against Tennessee and Larry's final care home for their negligence. When The Cochran Firm did not, conspirators had TWO more opportunities to do justice when the Neals sued The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm twice for FRAUD. Instead, they engaged in a coverup protected by computer stalkers and reinforced by intimidation and persecution against Larry Neal's family for 11 years.

I have been intimidated, persecuted, stalked, found a Confederate "X" sprayed by plane over my house, and my mother has even been sexually assaulted on her hospital bed to discourage and outright prevent discourse about Larry's 2003 murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail, which is this country's third largest jail. I don't know what kind of good and valuable consideration was paid to prevent that jail from being investigated and save Larry's murderers from prosecution, but the cover-up has lasted through two presidential administrations of Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama. Whatever deals were made were AGAINST the Neal family and against the USA, which had sued the jail for its disregard of inmates' civil rights in 2000. I was NOT a party to that RICO Act racketeering, and I will NOT be induced to become party to it through terrorism. I have offered the elitist racists the opportunity to pay damages and make a confidential settlement regarding Larry's murder, but they refused. They are convinced that their stalkers can contain this information, but they are wrong. The matter will go before the International Court in "AIMI vs. USA", along with up to 99 other families who have been denied human rights and due process of law because of crimes against their mentally disabled relatives (Google "AIMI vs. USA").

I will save this mp3 file repeatedly, and thank God, my mother can make more interview tapes and videos. It the stalkers go this berzerk over an audio file, what will a video do to them? Stalkers waste their time and perhaps our tax money fighting the publication of this radio broadcast and mp3 tape and news about this secret government murder of a disabled heart and psychiatric patient.

Published by Mary Neal, a/k/a MaryLovesJustice

America's Most Censored Person
Mary Neal's Google+ - - Follow me at Twitter @koffietime - - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog Full list of MaryLovesJustice blogs and radio broadcasts: address: (I'm censored, but some emails reach my box). Try to phone me at 678.531.0262. If you receive no response within 48 hours, please email or call again.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stalkers Phishing the WH from MaryLovesJustice Email

I received another receipt about an email sent from my Gmail account today that I did not send (see it below). If CoIntelPro has been instructed to send copies of my emails to the WH, I wish they would stop sending me receipts about it. Today I actually emailed ONLY Rev. Floyd Harris, Jr. a copy of the updated National Network in Action (NNIA) schedule at Blogtalkradio, which is online at this link:

These receipts for emails that I did not send to the WH seem to have started in late July 2014. I will send a Freedom of Information Request to see what is being sent from my email box. At one point, so much spam mail was sent from my email box that people stopped accepting mail from that email box, and I stopped using it. My domain host said it is called phishingThe phishing necessitated my purchase of unlimited space for my email boxes that were bought along with the Wrongful Death of Larry Neal website at

Each time stalkers sent an email from or from, that generated a Daemon mail notice that my email box had to receive. They sent hundreds a day, and I ran out of available space quickly after that started. I suppose the same thing is planned for my gmail account. 

I find it disturbing that the WH appears to be the only addressee getting the fake emails from, unlike the mln@wrongfuldeathoflarryneal account, which stalkers used to send emails to everyone. I believe most people who I really do email from my gmail account receive nothing. Furthermore, I was told by another friend this week that when she emailed me from her Yahoo account, her mail was returned as "undeliverable."

My phone number is posted all over the world, yet our phone only rang once today (September 11, 2014). Like prisoners must have someone on a visiting list to receive visits, the Neal family usually only receives calls from persons on our "frequently called numbers" list, saved on our phones. Our phone numbers are hidden when we call people, and sometimes another number shows on caller I.D. where our numbers should appear. This is probably done to prevent us from having regular employment, contacting lawyers, or receiving calls from groups that could help. I feel like people must have felt during the French Resistance.

This is a communication lockdown and mail fraud, unless the WH sends receipts to people who signed petitions that go to the WH. I sign numerous petitions for friends at Facebook. But if this is email fraud, it might be connected to "AIMI vs. USA," our planned legal action in International Court to (i) win restitution for Claimants who experienced long-term homelessness, brutal lunacy arrests, prison torture (including long-term solitary confinement), and wrongful deaths because of untreated mental illness; (ii) win restitution for persons who were victimized by untreated mentally ill people and drug/alcohol addicts, because this system ordinarily withholds treatment until the affected parties "prove to be a danger to self or others" before giving psychiatric treatment and addiction therapy; and (iii) request for the U.N. to make recommendations that will decriminalize mental illness and drug/alcohol addictions in the USA. 

It is shameful for any society to use its most vulnerable citizens to generate prison profits, and I am persecuted for objecting to that. I also object to the wrongful deaths of mentally ill and homeless citizens, including my own disabled brother's. THAT is why I am targeted for a communication lockdown. Whereas I have asked the president to request the U.S. Attorney General to investigate Larry Neal's murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail while the USDOJ was in direct overview (after lawsuit by the USA), I recognize the lack of response as an answer, and I would certainly not continuously bother anyone who has the right to assassinate American citizens or have them "disappeared" without giving any cause or allowing any opportunity for defense.

It is shameful that this country committed genocide on indigenous people, warehoused Japanese Americans in concentration camps during WWII, discriminated against Jews for ages, enslaved Africans for hundreds of years, used CoIntelPro to suppress our fight for equality from the 30's to the 70's, used the U.S. Department of Health to experiment on African Americans with syphilis, and did other atrocious things to its citizens. However, I say what I have to say in articles and on Internet radio shows, as that is my right. I do not send continuous emails to the WH. To do such a thing in this present climate would be completely irrational, which I am not. If that is the intended assessment, I resent the implication and stigma on families of mentally ill Americans.

Larry Neal's mental illness was not genetic. He had mumps at age 8, before the MMR vaccines were available. The infection from the mumps went to his brain, and he was never rational after that. I have never had mumps. My mother, at age 91, is a completely rational woman 95 percent of the time. Like people one-third her age, she is sometimes disoriented upon first awakening. People who are related to mentally challenged Americans are not less rational than others, and I certainly know better than to irritate anyone with kingly powers. For the most part, I avoid mentioning the WH even in articles and on radio. At first I was hopeful like many Americans, but those days are long past.

My suppression always worsens during election periods, because neither Dems nor the GOP or Independents respond with appropriate action to open records requests regarding Larry Neal's murder in 2003 or pursue righteous prosecution of police and corrections officers who murder citizens, even when deaths are ruled homicides like the wrongful death of Daniel Linsinbigler, 19. He was murdered by suffocation in Clay County Jail in Florida in March 2013. Officials simply want Mary Neal to stop writing and speaking about such crimes against humanity. Prison owners and investors in government are very frightening people, giants among men (Gen. 6:4), but I must obey my Father (Proverbs 31:8-9).

I again request the WH to disregard any emails sent from If I ever need to communicate with the WH, I will use U.S. Mail, return receipt requested. I again request an investigation regarding violations against my First Amendment rights, including cyber crimes, and a thorough investigation of the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, which occurred in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, and the coverup that continues.

Of course, we hope the White House and other officials listen to our broadcasts, but I did not send a copy of our NNIA program schedule or anything else to the WH today. I have heard that CoIntelPro fabricates crimes against people sometimes, and that is why I will send a FOIA request to see what is being sent to the WH and issue a formal denial that I am emailing that party. The mysterious receipt is below.
from: Dan Pfeiffer, The White House
date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 4:14 PM
subject: Thank you for contacting the White House

Due to the high volume of messages received at this address, the White House is unable to process the email you just sent.

To contact the White House, please visit:

Thank you.
Thank you for your interest in our fight for free speech and freedom of press in the USA, where those rights are routinely set aside to hide crimes against humanity and enrich prison investors.

Mary Neal, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
http://dogjusticeformentallyill.blogspot.comI am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" a/k/a MaryLovesJustice
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Phone: (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Excerpt from "Cochran Firm Fraud"

I was so GLAD to see police officers standing on my porch that Saturday! I had never met anything but NICE police officers until then. There was a black woman, a black man, and a white man in plain clothes (I figured he was a detective). But they didn't come for the purpose I thought.

I had spent the day before passing out 100 flyers about "The Cochran Firm Fraud" to businesses in downtown Decatur, Georgia and trying to make an appointment to see Burrell Ellis, the former CEO of DeKalb County. I thought these police officers had come to take my statement about ignored police reports and to address my censorship. WRONG!

"The female officer spoke. She told me I'd better not EVER go back to the DeKalb County Government Building again. I asked her to repeat that, and she did. I then said, 'Let me get this straight -- I live in DeKalb County. I pay taxes here. Property taxes are paid on my home -- but I cannot ever step foot in the Government Building?"

She went to the car and made a call. Then she returned with new instructions. She said, "You can go to the DeKalb County Government Building, but you'd better NOT EVER tell anyone in authority that police ignore your police reports."

Again I repeated her instructions, and this time she stuck to them. I asked the white man, "Who are you?" He said he was a mental health professional and gave me a card. I then recognized the plan. They hoped I would lose my temper about this clear violation of my rights. Then they would Taser and arrest me, just like Atlanta police officers threatened when I told people in Atlanta about my disabled brother's lynching in Memphis Shelby County Jail and The Cochran Firm fraud.

I said, "Alright, officers." I knew that one day, millions of people throughout the world might read about what they did that Saturday morning.

See also, "Exposed: Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists"

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. ~Holy Bible
Thank you for your interest in our fight for free speech and freedom of press in the USA, where those rights are routinely set aside to hide crimes against humanity and enrich prison investors.

Mary Neal, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
I am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" a/k/a MaryLovesJustice