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Organized Crime in USA

On June 21, I made it known that I planned to visit the Russian Embassy in Atlanta on Peters Street and ask foreign dignitaries to speak to USA officials about human rights violations, particularly violations against my family. I tweeted about it and spoke to my cyber stalkers about my intention. They can hear what we say in our home via our cell phones and the microphones on our computers. Plus I searched for the Russian embassy online and used MapQuest to plan my visit. Stalkers monitor whatever I do online and prevent my browser from going to sites that hold data I am not intended to see. These are circumstances the entire country would have faced had SOPA passed. My computer captured four IP addresses that steal my emails and data from my hard drive and edit my online articles, but the police in DeKalb County, Georgia said that is not illegal. It is illegal to hack Sarah Palin and celebrities but permitted to do such crimes to ordinary citizens, especially African Americans who wish to inform the public about a covered-up lynching.

Thousands of Americans claim being targeted for an organized harassment program. My harassment began after filing a lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for its fraud, which was done to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail from a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with Larry Neal's essential kidnapping and murder - I am financially persecuted, gangstalked and censored because I ask for accountability and justice regarding my disabled brother's three weeks of secret arrest and murder in 2003. I thought it would be worthwhile asking Russians to speak with U.S. officials. It is my understanding that sometimes governments imrprove when crimes against humanity are exposed to other countries and criticized. A few days after I decided to speak with the Russians, on June 25 to be exact, PRESIDENT OBAMA DECLARED A NATIONAL EMERGENCY and froze Russian assets relating to nuclear items and programs tied to Highly Enriched Uranium. See the announcement at at this link This was done by presidential executive order.

The timing of that executive order is uncanny, but I have become accustomed to strange events. A “targeted individual” video is at the link below. It almost made me wonder if the narrator had read my manuscript for "Cochran Firm Fraud." Many of the circumstances she described have happened to my family and me since we sued The Cochran Firm for fraud in 2005 and again in 2007.  I am not happy for anyone's distress, but it was comforting to hear the narrator discuss these strange occurrences and know that we are not alone. Truly, there are sociopaths in high positions in America. From the beginning, I gathered witness statements, saved physical evidence, and made videos to prove the harassment. Since courts prevent righteous lawsuits from going to jury where evidence can be presented, I wrote a couple of books that will reveal how corrupt the system is. Google "Cochran Firm Fraud," and see some of my videos proving computer takeovers at  The organized harassment program is probably related to the covert FBI CoIntelPro program, which supposedly ended after the Church Committee congressional hearings in the 1970s. My guess is that the terrorism program to punish people for seeking jusitce is funded under America's "citizens police" program. Google "citizens police" for information. I object to Americans being forced to pay to terrorize their neighbors to maintain government murder cover-ups and other wrongdoing.

The U.S.A. has commendable laws to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, laws are ignored by government officials at will, and high officials sometimes order subordinates to simply ignore federal laws regarding such matters as illegal immigration, harassment, and even murders. Arizona officials are angry because "the president issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police." The full report is in the following Washington link:   Similarly, an order went out to ignore laws against murder regarding my brother's death and to add the family to the "targeted individuals" list for continual surveillance, telephone and computer takeovers, and financial persecution because we ask for records and accountability.

Pit bulls have a protected right to life that African Americans and the mentally ill do not have. To obey the law regarding Larry Neal's murder would necessarily mean revealing that the United States Department of Justice conspired with Memphis Shelby County Government officials and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to cover-up the murder of a lifelong mentally ill heart patient who was held under secret arrest for 18 days and eliminated. His survivors are disallowed records to indicate whether he was a victim of illegal medical experimentation during his secret arrest, Tasering, restraint chair or table, or if Larry and other African American acute mental patients who disappeared in/after police custody were used for waterboarding training. There are numerous other recent cases of mentally challenged African Americans going "missing" in and after police custody and being found dead from one month to one year later. Some people believe the disappearances have to do with organ harvesting.

Americans should not accept horrible treatment but unite and resist oppression. Targeted individuals must stop cowering in fear but instead, stalk 'em back. If TI's do not know who ordered their harassment, stalk officials and police departments that ignore the crimes. See this article "Mary Neal's Stalk 'em Back Schedule" . Rev. Pinkney and I plan a rally in Atlanta in August. I continually urge people to be courageous like the Bible says and unite against oppression. Organized harassment programs against peace activists and justice seekers should not be tolerated in any country that calls itself a democracy, and organized crimes certainly should not be ordered by officials and funded by taxpayers.  

Tweet number 11 below, which I posted on June 21, says "Peters Street, Atlanta." Stalkers were interfering with my posts like they are right now, and I typed that tweet to remind them of my decision to ask the Russians to influence America to be more just. On June 13, I interviewed with Press TV for the same reason. (Press TV is an Iranian television station). The first tweets below refer to the death of an American border agent who was killed with a gun connected to the "fast and furious" debacle discussed in this article  . I watched officials declare how wrong they felt it was for the Justice Department to withhold records about the gunrunning scandle that had to do with the border patrol officer's death. However, the same officials probably think nothing of the same Justice Department withholding records related to Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Shelby County Jail while it was under direct oversight by the Department of Justice. Racism, class consciousness, hypocrisy and corruption are at pandemic levels. Below are twelve(12) tweets posted at my Twitter @koffietime page at .

 Mary Neal@koffietime

@Delaproser My discussion w/ Justice4Us: Dr. Shirley @Blogtalkradio  DreamAct, NDAA, Biomass Incinerators, RodneyKing...
@PaulBarksdale If border agent's fam pursues justice, #pray! "Georgia Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching"  #Jesus saves

@PaulBarksdale Border Agent's fam should write the White House and AG Holder. I did  Being white, they may get response.
21 Jun

@PaulBarksdale Parents of Border Agent are white and probably safe from THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD!  murder cover-up attys
@PaulBarksdale Parents of murdered Border Agent must pretend not to notice he's dead, or ELSE!  Mary Neal v. CoIntelPro
21 Jun

@PaulBarksdale Conspiracies against justice have partners in high places: courts, law enforcement, USDOJ, media  #murder
21 Jun

@PaulBarksdale USDOJ helped Memphis Shelby Co Jail cover-up my disabled bro's 18 days secret arrest and murder. Demands lead to gangstalking
21 Jun

@AtlantaDaily Justice4Us Blogtalk Show  Censored first 15 minutes: Dream Act, election, Israeli concentration camps, and
@TheBlackList CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR BLACKS, said Britain (1899), Germany (1943), Israel (2012), and . . .  What's up?
8:48 AM - 21 Jun 12 via web · Details
"If I can sit down for freedom, you can stand up for children." Rosa Parks - Stand up 4 children at #CDFcon2012 
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8:40 AM - 21 Jun 12 via web · Details

Peters Street, Atlanta.
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4:09 AM - 21 Jun 12 via web · Details
21 Jun

@GlobalRevLive One day we should have an UNCOVER THE GOVERNMENT COVER-UPS DAY. Give cyberstalkers a day off when they don't have to censor [edited]
4:06 AM - 21 Jun 12 via web · Details

William Windsor and the film crew for "Lawless America Movie" are traveling to 50 states gathering testimony from over a thousand victims of judicial and government corruption. My family looks forward to revealing Larry's lynching, and I am anxious to share stories about brutality and deaths of other acute mental patients, such as those shared by our online advocacy organization Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at and in my DogJustice blog at . Learn more about "Lawless America Movie" at Facebook and the website  . People cannot change negative conditions they do not know about. That is why freedom of press is challenged. News about The Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans and mass arrest and brutality to mentally ill Americans is censored in mainstream media. I watched the news faithfully last week, but news about the president's executive order freezing Russian assets was under-reported or censored. May God bless America with freedom of press, speech, and justice for all.

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Censoring the Gospel in NWO

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

In my most recent article at "Exposed - FreeSpeakBlog," I stated that we would discover which information was most important for saboteurs to hide by observing which of the five(5) links stalkers attacked. The article has links about concentration camps planned for Africans in Israel and camps in America that I believe are for minorities, Christians, and dissidents; Hank Skinner's death penalty and his quest for post-conviction DNA testing, including news about a bloodstained jacket that Texas now claims is lost; news about Matthew Moore, a wrongly convicted African American Louisiana youth; and a link to a gospel song, "I'm Going to Stay on the Battlefield for My Lord." It turned out that cyberstalkers' bosses feel the link to the gospel song is the biggest threat to their program of global tyranny. I looked my article using a basic cellphone found it was coded to open AFTER the first sentence: "I'm a SOLDIER on the battlefield, FIGHTING FOR THE LORD! ." Therefore, the link for the gospel song, "I'm on the Battlefield for the Lord" was not on view for people who used certain cell phones. Many poor people in America still do not have home computers. They use cell phones for web browsing. This is a form of censorship is applied to my articles often. There are five(5) links, eleven(11) numbered paragraphs, and two(2) photos in this article. Always select "go to page 1" when using basic cell phones to read my articles, and please count the links to see if they match the number I announce.
Paragraph 2 -- Tyranny requires Christian apathy. New World Orderlies censored the gospel in my article because they recognize that Christianity is their greatest threat to world dominion. The Word of God is directly contrary to everything they do and plan. The Bible explains who New World Orderlies are and why they have no human sympathy in Genesis 6:2, 4. Although they push evolution in public schools, they believe very strongly in God and fear His Word being preached. Top-level New World Orderlies do not believe in the lie they teach to foolish men: One day nothing from nowhere clashed against nothing from nowhere and BANGED out a world that is perfectly symmetrical and filled with wonder and life. They push that theory to fools (Psalm 14:1) because with God set aside, the world's governments would supplant God as the supreme authority. Like their ancestors who were fallen angels (Revelation 12:9), they rebel against God and seek to take His place. I believe sociopaths' DNA might actually differs from other Homo sapiens and that they are lost from the beginning. People like to say that God loves everybody and that Jesus died for all. That is not biblical (Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13) (Matthew 26:28). God hated Esau for being a sell-out, and Jesus said that His blood was shed for many, not all.

Paragraph 3 -- The New World Orderlies' concern regarding Christianity is likely caused by their reasonable fear of people uniting against evil like God instructs. Christians are to be bold and fearless protectors of targeted people: the voiceless and those appointed to destruction (Proverbs 31:8-9). It would be hard for New World Orderlies to get depopulation and concentration camps off the planning table if real Christians unite against oppression and attract millions more people to enforce brotherly LOVE as mankind's supreme law. The New World Order's plans for wars, concentration camps, and other evils cannot succeed unless the populace stands aside and does nothing while targeted nations or groups of people within nations are attacked, interned, and killed. In other words, the End Game cannot proceed unless the people disobey many of God's commandments, such as Exodus 20:13, Luke 6:31, and Mark 12:30-31. There is much rhetoric about violations against the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. First and foremost, the New World Orderlies violate God's law of LOVE, and their agenda's success depends on Christians being too cowardly or uncommitted to object. What non-Christians do really does not count much in this battle, because this is spiritual warfare (2 Chronicles 7:14). If we who are called by His name would humble ourselves and honor our oath to resist the Devil, he would have to flee (James 4:7). Therefore, oppression can overtake planet earth only because of Christians who are not do-ers of the Word.

Paragraph 4 -- It is absolutely true that evil cannot triumph unless "good" men do nothing. Most Americans have strong convictions about right and wrong and care about justice. What, then, might motivate Christians to be apathetic to the degree necessary to withhold objection to cruelty? Fear, pride, and greed are the probable causes. Many Christians are too fearful to expose and denounce wrongdoing, particularly in government officials in today's climate when protesting evil may put one's name on "the list." Some people have so much pride in their nation, race, or political party that they refuse to acknowledge wrongdoing from those sources. And thirdly, many who are basically "good people" benefit by condoning and participating in evil, so they do nothing to stop it. For instance, America's prison industrial complex incarcerates 2.3 million inmates, and over half of them are mentally ill people who should be, and used to be, in treatment rather than behind bars. Prison slavery, brutality, medical neglect and murders happen regularly. But prison stockholders enjoy proceeds from the cruel 21st century slave trade, including regular middle-class families who own prison stock through their 401-K plans. So much money is being made from slavery, in fact, that concentration camps are planned in America to enlarge on that. Foolish men do not consider that more prison slaves means fewer jobs for paid workers, and that exacerbates unemployment and nationwide economic depression. Genesis 6:2 people know that, but it is their aim to bring down the world's economic system anyway. Satan's quest to get men to destroy themselves and other men by appealing to baser instincts: selfishness, fear, pride, and greed.

Paragraph 5 -- Yes, New World Orderlies appeal to man's baser instincts to make men acquiescent to their plans, which will eventually lead to worldwide enslavement. Furthermore, Genesis 6:4 descendants are endowed with certain attributes that men are attracted to: wealth and fame. The Bible says (a) They are mighty men. Might requires wealth and connections with other mighty people. (b) They are men of renown, meaning they are famous, usually in some respected field that affords them maximum effect, like politics and technology. As Christians become more worldly and prioritize achieving security, wealth and fame more than pleasing God, the world continues its downward spiral. Have you ever wondered why Jesus said He does not know when the end will be? The events laid out in Revelation definitely will occur, but could it be that Christians determine when they happen by our level of faith and obedience to God? Whenever we stop resisting evil, as is happening today, Genesis 6:2, 4 beings can push the End Game into high gear. That is why their cyberstalkers attacked the link to the gospel song I placed at my article: "I'm on the Battlefield for the Lord."

Paragraph 6 -- Genesis 6:2, 4 descendants teach atheism, but they are not atheists. They know God never lies and that He gave Christians supernatural armor to succeed in warfare against spiritual wickedness in high places. Although virtually all the New World Orderlies were born within the last eight decades, the Bible says they are "of old." They know defeating God is impossible; their ancestors already tried and failed miserably. But they wish to destroy the works of His hands, including humans, because they know how much God loves us. They also know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Therefore, creationism is denounced while atheism is promoted in schools where church and state are supposedly separated. It is OK to teach against God, but not OK to teach about Him; OK to recruit tens of thousands of pastors for Homeland Security, but not OK for pastors like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to take the battle for human rights out of the church building and into the streets. Their goal is not really to separate church and state but to overcome Christianity. Therefore, it is no mystery to me why the gospel song's link is the one the New World Order's cyberstalkers attacked in my article that had five links on different subjects. The concept of Christians on the battlefield for the Lord, peacefully and prayerfully resisting evil in the full armor of God, terrifies evildoers. That is why some of them are unable to speak deception in an auditorium where the name of Jesus is visible. God always triumphs over Satan and his demons, and they are terrified of Him. Remember this truth:

Paragraph 7 -- In all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:36-40). You believe that there is one God; you do well: the demons also believe, and tremble (James 2:19).

Paragraph 8 -- Can you guess which parts of this article the cyberstalkers will attack? I record stalkers' censorship and upload videos of some episodes of my fight for freedom of press on my YouTube channel at . That might be the link they steal this time! Embedded below is a video featuring seventy thousand persecuted Christians praising Jesus together. For ten minutes they shouted the name that is above every other name - Jesus! Watching this video of Christian Egyptians might make Genesis 6:2,4 beings and their cyberstalkers melt like vampires in sunlight.

Paragraph 9 -- This article is by Mary Neal, a Christian advocate against oppression. Jesus loves you; this I know. And He loves your neighbor just as much, whether rich or poor, black, brown, yellow or white, American or another nationality, young or elderly, and whether healthy or infirmed. I am founder and director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). Visit AIMI online at . Most problems would be instantly resolved if everyone would love our neighbors as ourselves and do unto others only what we would have done to us. That certainly excludes secretly arresting and murdering mentally and physically disabled people like my brother, Larry Neal, then censoring and persecuting the victims' survivors to keep the murder covered-up. Treating others as you would want to be treated would necessarily negate arresting 1.25 million mentally ill people in America who should be in hospitals or community care instead, depending on their offenses and functionality. Call me at 678.531.0262 to learn how you can assist members of AIMI in our quest to decriminalize mental illness in America. Parents suffer when their mentally challenged sons and daughters are incarcerated because they are denied treatment until after arrest, especially acute patients who comprise 60% of inmates in cruel solitary confinement, usually for nonviolent offenses.

Paragraph 10 -- There is no more joyful sound than saints praising God like the 70,000 Christians on the video embedded above. But Christians must be do-ers of the Word and not hearers only. Please support do-ers. William Windsor is presently traveling to all 50 states and filming interviews with over 1,000 victims of government and judicial corruption to make "Lawless America Movie." God's word instructs us to expose evil and give voice to the voiceless. That is what this movie will accomplish. It is the world's largest whistleblowing project. The TRUTH shall make us free (John 8:32).  Learn more about "Lawless America Movie," and contribute at  - Human rights are God's idea.

Paragraph 11 -- In Michigan, Rev. Edward Pinkney is a pastor after the order of Rev. King. He is involved in a tremendous battle. Benton Harbor, Michigan is America's first city where democracy has been officially set aside. The city was placed under a city manager, and all the people's elected officials were essentially terminated. A major corporation rules the town now through the city manager, and the people suffer. Nooses are even hung to intimidate the mostly black residents of Benton Harbor. In fact, they are being killed one by one, and authorities allow or may be doing the murders. Visit the website of the organization that Rev. Pinkney directs, B.H. Bancho, at . Donations would be appreciated. I join Rev. Pinkney most Sundays on his Blogtalk radio show, which broadcasts at 5pm EST. Join our discussions every week to learn about the social and political issues that impact the nation and solutions that only united people can accomplish. Everyone is invited, and all three projects mentioned above help people without regard to race, socioeconomic class, religion, or other distinctions. 

Paragraph 12, with 11 bullet points -- Please share this article, which has five(5) links, eleven(11) numbered paragraphs, and two(2) photos. Always select "go to page 1" when using basic cell phones to read my articles, and please count the links to see if they match the number I announce. Google another article I published, "Censorship American Style, by Mary Neal" to know why these precautions are important and why they still may not deter censorship. If you enjoyed this Christian advocacy article, you might also enjoy ten(10) more listed below from HubPages and three of my blogs: Exposed FreeSpeakBlog, JusticeGagged, and MaryLovesJustice. Just copy the title to your Google browser and add my name at the end.

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7) Christian Persecution Against Mary Neal for Opposing NDAA
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9) The Easter Execution
10) Fingerprints, by Mary Neal
11) Justice Gagged re Christian Persecution

Thank you for your interest in justice issues. God loves justice, and we should, too. Many blessings!

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Concentration Camps for Blacks

Over the last 500 years, Africans have been removed from their homes for slave labor and invaded by Europeans who want the continent's assets. Covetousness and the desire to dominate account for most conflicts throughout history. Dominant parties often use that position to enslave or kill people who are fewer or less powerful militarily. Concentration camps are places to entrap, enslave, and eliminate people. Historically and currently, minorities and so-called "dissidents" are interned in prison camps.

Most people think of World War II Germany when concentration camps are mentioned, but the name was actually coined by the British during the Boer African war that began around 1899. The Boer were Dutch farmers who settled in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of Africans, mostly women and children, were brutally interned and murdered in South African camps while their men did battled for freedom. Murder victims were killed by both direct violence and avoidable diseases. Hitler's concentration camps are more commonly known than the British camps in South Africa. That is because mis-education by omissions and distortions frequently happens when full knowledge would cast a dominant party like Britain in a bad light.

Although concentration camps were and are used in numerous nations, Hitler's camps remain the most notorious. The Nazis began their campaign by isolating and killing Germany's mentally and physically disabled population, roughly 300,000 people, including Aryans. They then moved on to Germany's minorities: Jews and blacks. A significant number of blacks and mulattos lived in Germany in those days. Of course, they were enslaved, brutalized and murdered like millions of Jews. It probably will not surprise African Americans that blacks were omitted from reparations that Jews received. The excuse given was that the Jews were citizens of Germany and the blacks were not, although most of the affected blacks were born in that country.

Recently, officials in Israel announced plans to either deport or intern African refugees in concentration camps without any defensible reason. They are now being called "infiltrators." Changing the label of people being victimized reminds one of Katrina. African Americans who were trapped in New Orleans and stranded without food and water in the Dome or on rooftops were called "refugees" rather than "citizens." It is ironic that Jews, who endured so much horror under Hitler's reign and suffered discrimination based on ethnicity after the war in virtually every country where they took refuge, will now encamp others for that same reason. It was not disclosed whether the African refugees/infiltrators will be murdered.

The U.S.A. will erect concentration camps, also. Senator Levin, a Jewish Democrat from Michigan, introduced S.1867 in U.S. Congress in 2011. Congress approved indefinite military detention without trial in Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act ("NDAA") while normal people enjoyed Thanksgiving. President Obama signed it a month later on New Year's Eve. The language of Section 1021 allows indefinite concentration camp internment for people who had something to do with 9/11 and people who are "belligerent" with the government. "Belligerent" means contentious or noncompliant. Of course, it is not a crime to speak against drone planes flying overhead in the U.S., the loss of human and civil rights, or in my case, the secret arrest and murder of one's disabled relative. However, under NDAA, no crime is required for the White House to order people's arrests, and no defense will be allowed. Unless America departs from the historical use of concentration camps, they will also be used to intern minorities (i.e., blacks and Latinos) and people from the dominant race (whites) who will be labeled "dissidents" based on religious and political affiliations. It was not disclosed whether the concentration camps will practice genocide as is usual in these circumstances, but biomass incinerators are being erected in African American communities and are already located nearby or within numerous prisons. Roughly 1.25 million mentally challenged people are incarcerated in America, and African Americans are also over-represented among prisoners.

More information on this fascinating subject is available at the following seven(7) links. Please share this article in whole or part with a link to the source. Gadgets to make sharing easy and a field for your comments are below. Thank you for your interest in justice news and viewpoints by this layperson. Read other articles by Mary Neal, a/k/a "MaryLovesJustice" at these blogs: FreeSpeakBlog, MaryLovesJustice, JusticeGagged, DogJusticeForMentallyIll, DMTruthCommittee, LivingTrayvonMartins. See also my articles advocating human and civil rights at, HubPages, and OpEdNews. Please visit the organization I direct to help decriminalize mental illness in America, called "ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL (AIMI)," if they let you. All of my work is censored, but especially AIMI, where roughly 300 members advocate against mass incarceration, brutality and murders of mentally challenged people in the USA.


Concentration Camps During the South African/Boer War 1899-1902
Avoid Slavery [in concentration camps] Support H.R.3785

Supermax: The Constitution and Mentally Ill Inmates

I published a comment to Andrew Cohen's article in The Atlantic that is entitled "Supermax: The Constitution and Mentally Ill Prisoners" (Part 3 of 3). The article is at this link. See if the stalkers let my comment stay  . Two links are in the three paragraphs below, making a total of four(4) for this article. I did not put links in the comment at The Atlantic. The cyberstalker at Care2 went crazy when I tried to post this. He/she did not want the link to WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL to post. Someone needs to tell the stalker that the website about my brother's murder cover-up is EXPOSED already. I wrote:

Thank you for the article about TORTURE OF AMERICA'S MENTALLY ILL CITIZENS. I will try to share it with members and visitors of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), an online advocacy organization that is heavily censored. We advocate to DECRIMINALIZE MENTAL ILLNESS, but cyberstalkers were assigned to curtail our work, because PRISON INVESTORS DELIBERATELY WITHHOLD MENTAL HEALTH CARE TO PROFIT BY IMPRISONING SICK PEOPLE. The mentally ill are victimized by discrimination to a greater degree than any other group in the USA. They are wrongly imprisoned, brutalized and even killed, but investigations and prosecution are often withheld. Approximately 1.25 million of the nation's 2.5 million inmates are mentally ill (over half). 

The good news is that the United States Department of Justice recently certified assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs. Program participants are mandated to accept psychiatric treatment, and their subsistence needs are met. AOT program participation reduces homelessness, arrests, hospitalizations, and imprisonment by up to 85%, compared to participants' experiences three years before joining the program (New York Kendra's Law results). Every acute mental patient exiting jails, mental hospitals, and prisons should be ordered into an AOT program to move them from the revolving door in and out of correctional facilities. That would possibly save their lives and/or the lives of others, plus save taxpayers the expense associated with criminal investigations, trial and CRUEL imprisonment of our mentally dysfunctional relatives and neighbors. See WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL to learn about a disabled man, my brother, who was secretly arrested for 18 days, murdered in custody, and his family is denied records or explanations about his essential government kidnapping and murder. Dogs are not allowed to be murdered, but the mentally ill are considered disposable. We at AIMI believe acute mental patients and their families should have at least DOG JUSTICE. Google my poem and petition, "Dog Justice for the Mentally Ill." Looking forward to sharing your work and reading parts 1 and 2 in this series. Blessings, from Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and of Dog Justice for Mentally Ill  (end of my comment at The Atlantic)

HOMELESSNESS, PRISON AND DEATH MUST STOP BEING AMERICA'S ANSWER TO MENTAL ILLNESS. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE PUNISHED FOR HAVING A COMMON, TREATABLE HEALTH CONDITION. The DOJ certification of AOT programs is a major improvement. Please advocate for AOT programs to be enacted in every city for outpatients, and petition officials to build or re-open mental hospitals for people who have done violent crimes and/or lack the wherewithal to live unrestrained. Prison is the wrong environment for America's mentally challenged population. Thank you for joining this important justice quest! NONE of the tweets I posted today show on my cell phone. I thought I would post them below. If they let you, follow me at Twitter where I am @koffietime


 One day we should have a UNCOVER THE GOVERNMENT COVER-UPS DAY. Give the cyberstalkers a day off if they don't have to censor
 Global Stop Eviction Day starting with Spain live  to be followed by US national day of action  
 Mainly  stalker hides . Someone should tell him/her that murder's EXPOSED already. I was fast/furious
  All my cyberstalkers are irritating, but the one at  is particularly annoying. Suffers from vagina-envy.
  Prison profiteering is a pandemic in USA, infecting officials like an airborne disease. That's why I'm censored.
  I'll try to re-post my comment at, but VIDEO show difficulty advocating for justice
  The  removed my comment because I mentioned LARRY NEAL my brother the gov murdered under secret arrest.
“Pragmatism Over Ideology”: Obama’s Failure to Close Guantánamo, and His Love of Drones | Andy Wor.. 
 Pls inform  we will be judged for allowing brutality and murders of America's mentally ill Amen.
  Supermax: The Constitution and Mentally Ill Prisoners - The Atlantic - National - Andrew Cohen
 "Human rights" is just a buzz word to excuse military conflict. I have yet to find a U.S. agency concerned abt Human Rights
 This is very offensive I am extremely surprised and disappointed in Israel planning camps for blacks.
I think we're all watching a play in D.C. this week that will come to naught.
The world must come to terms with a brutal fact: the euro’s endgame has begun, says columnist Michael Casey 
Nothing,absolutely nothing they come up with 2 deflect liability for bringing cholera 2  should surprise Haitians 
RealClearPolitics Video - ABC "World News" Reports On Fast And Furious 
 The injustice system regards the poor as potential prison slave laborers and  specimens. Innocence doesn't count to emperors.
Legal Help For The Poor In 'State Of Crisis' 
 Are there any news teams doing their best? If so, tell them I'm censored & terrorized to hide a gov murder Yes.
Checking out "NYPD begins training officers to Stop and Frisk people !" on Black Talk Radio Network™: 
 Michigan is sold-out. You have a city manager rather than elected officials in Benton Harbor plus a China city coming soon.
 If the agent's family is white, maybe they won't send stalkers because they filed wrongful death against DOJ.
ICE agent's family files wrongful death claim against DOJ: In an interview last November, Zapata's family told C... 
Israel plans concentration camps for blacks Sen.Levin introduced concentration camp bill in USA - S.1867 (for blacks?)
The fact that USA has $642.5 bil for NDAA 2013 that includes concentration camps is general knowledge.Why stalkers act like it's top secret?