Friday, January 31, 2014

"Blacks 4 Cash"

We all heard of "Kids 4 Cash," when Pennsylvania judges sold children to private prisons for kickbacks, but many people do not know about the "Blacks 4 Cash" deal. Mentally challenged black people are arrested on false charges, then kept indefinitely detained unless and until they plea bargain. Their Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights are violated by officers of the court to coerce false confessions. We congratulate Terrell Scott for holding out against terrorists for so long. Scott maintained his innocence while denied trial for nearly 5 years. He suffered through a rape, a brutal beating that robbed him of his hearing in one ear and eyesight in one eye, possible HIV infection from being spat upon by an AIDS patient, and solitary confinement, but Pennsylvania finally won. Terrell Scott agreed to lie on himself if only Pennsylvania would release him from prison. But the joke is on him, because today he was sentenced to remain in prison for another year. During that time, there is no telling what they will do to him.

"Blacks 4 Cash" is not limited to Pennsylvania. Shannon Nyamodi, 19, has been indefinitely detained without trial for 16 months in Franklin, Co., NC on charges the prosecutor cannot prove. He, too, is being offered plea deals instead of trial dates. Shannon's oppression increased recently when the jail refused his right to phone calls and visitors. Will North Carolina hold Shannon five years without trial like Pennsylvania did to Terrell? Will the People allow this to happen to him, too?

May 2014 UPDATE: Two more black men with mental health issues have been kept imprisoned in Mississippi without trials for seven and eight years. reports: "The two inmates, Marktain Kilpatrick Simmons, 43 and Lee Vernel Knight, 47, both have mental issues and have been waiting years for a their day in court. Both Simmons and Knight are being held at the Hinds County Detention Center."
"Blacks 4 Cash" is the new prison investors' scheme. Black people are arrested on false charges and illegally denied trials until they agree to lie on themselves, even if it takes years and years at taxpayers' expense. This works best on the very young, like Shannon, or the mentally ill, like Terrell. False confessions from children and mentally ill people account for 25% of the wrongful convictions in America, where it has been estimated that between five thousand and ten thousand innocent people are imprisoned every year. Once the denial of rights is perfected on black people, poor and middle class Caucasians will also lose the Sixth Amendment. Read about how they did it to Terrell Scott, Nyamodi, and the two Mississippi inmates at the three(3) links below. There may be thousands of other black mental patients being held in indefinite detention without trials. 

"Pennsylvania: Black Mental Patients 4 Cash"

See how they're working on Shannon Nyamodi at the link below:
"Shannon Nyamodi: Good Samaritan Imprisoned"

"Two Mississippi Inmates Are Still Awaiting Trial After 7 and 8 Years"

If you know of other people who were/are indefinitely detained with trials denied in order to force a false confession and plea deal, please TRY to contact me:

MaryLovesJustice Neal, director
Human Rights for Prisoners March

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NSA and the Terrell Scott Fraud

On January 28, Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris asked me to host the National Network in Action radio shows on Blogtalkradio. I promised that I would. I immediately called Holly Alston, mother of Terrell Scott, and asked her to be my guest on the 8pm PST broadcast, "Real Talk with the No. 1 Doctors." She told me that she had been crying as her phone rang with my call. Her son has endured nearly five torturous years in a Pennsylvania prison but is denied the opportunity to stand trial on his false criminal charges.

When I called Holly, she was crying because her mentally ill son, over whom she has power of attorney, has been induced by his treacherous attorney to sign a plea deal although he is completely innocent. Terrell Scott was deemed "too crazy" to prove his innocence in court, but "competent" to sign a plea deal. Holly agreed to join me on the radio show and speak to the audience about her son's circumstances. Holly said Terrell Scott is due to be sentenced based on this plea deal on Friday, January 31, after meeting with a psychiatrist tomorrow to determine "what kind of sexual predator Terrell is." We expect Terrell will be induced to tell more lies on himself during this "evaluation."

When a person, especially someone with mental illness, has been held in indefinite detention for 4.5 years, even someone with learning disabilities finally understands he will be kept imprisoned forever unless he agrees to lie on himself. Terrell Scott told his mother that he had plead "nolo contendere." She explained to Terrell that he had actually signed a guilty plea regardless of what his attorney may have told him. Learn more about this at the article entitled "Sixth Amendment Rights Nullified for Terrell Scott" at

NSA or whatever stalkers heard my conversations with Dr. Harris and Holly Alston. They decided not to allow me to broadcast during the 8pm PST show. When I signed in at "Real Talk to the No. 1 Doctors," I was taken to the board for our 9pm PST show, which would not start for another hour. See the screenshots below.

In figure (a), notice that "Real Talk w/ No. 1 Doctors" is in the url at the top of the sign-in screen.

In figure (b), notice that upon signing in at "Real Talk w/ No. 1 Doctors," I was directed to the board for National Network in Action's 9pm radio show, "Justice for All." The way you can tell is by the phone numbers and the clock. The phone number for guests to call in at "Justice for All" is (818)572.2947. The clock said the show was scheduled to begin in 51 minutes and 51 seconds. 

Sometimes, NSA prevents my urls from opening. If they prevent you from seeing the screenshots, please comment below, call me at 678.531.0262, email me at the email box below. Then email the Justice Department so your Attorney General can protect your right to access at

Apparently, officers of the court do not want people to discuss on the radio Terrell Scott, who has been deprived of a trial for nearly five years due to "incompetence" is now declared "competent" to sign a plea deal without his mother's approval, although she has his power of attorney. We were finally allowed to go on radio at the 9pm show. The show is archived at Blogtalkradio at this url

The real issue is that Terrell Scott is a black man who slept with a white woman. Many black people have been murdered for doing less. Tulsa, Oklahoma bombed its black community in 1921, and many men, women, and children died because a black man touched a white woman when an elevator that they were on lurched . In addition to being black, Scott is also mentally ill. Mentally ill people in America are imprisoned and killed without accountability, whether black or white. Censorship like we experienced at Blogtalkradio tonight is commonly used to prevent discussion about such crimes against humanity in the USA. There should be five(5) urls and two voice mail boxes in this article. 

Mary Neal

Sunday, January 26, 2014

NSA or Other Stalker Lies to Prevent Phone Calls

Attention, please. A friend called my phone number today and received a "no service" message. if you ever get that message calling 678.531.0262, please send me Facebook message about it and an email to . The message stalkers used saying I have no service is by my stalkers to prevent my phone calls. This is RICO Act racketeering to prevent my message bout the secret murder of my disabled brother Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans. WHO can redirect my calls to a recording that lies and says my phone is not in service? NSA can. Censorship is the name of the game, not monitoring. See "30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2."

Facebook message conversation:
  • Today
  • Mary Neal
    Mary Neal
    Did you call me today? If so, I don't have a voice message or see your number listed among my "missed calls."
  • Carolyn Rose Goyda
    Carolyn Rose Goyda
    i tried this morning but got a no 'service message '
    i have a radio thing shortly but can try tomorrow
  • Mary Neal
    Mary Neal
    OK. The "no service message" was by NSA. Would you be willing to write an email and say you received a "no service message" on my phone number?
  • Mary Neal
    Mary Neal
    Thank you. I'm at They do this shit to me all the time, Rose. I am so sick of them controlling who I can talk to on my phone. They are Nazis.

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mary Neal's Stalkers are Anti-Semantic

I was surprised to learn that my stalkers at Google+ are Anti-Semantic. They mis-dated this heartwarming story about survival during the Holocaust.

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969

Sir Nicholas Winton thought he had lost the children he sought to save from Hitler's death camps, but the mission he thought was a total failure was not. He learned the truth on a TV show over 50 years later.

Of course, I tell my readers all the time that our stalkers (probably NSA) work for Nazis. They do not have compassion for any human beings - not blacks, Jews, children, or the mentally and physically disabled. They hate my advocacy against capital punishment. See the next article for proof about their censorship against anti-DP Internet posts. They only like dominion, wars, prison profits, and money.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Anti-DP Advocacy Censored on Facebook

I just posted in my Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) group at Facebook, but it appears that NSA doesn't like to talk about executing mentally ill people. They don't mind doing it, but after the deed is done, no more is to be said about it. I always have the hardest time keeping Brandon Rhode's picture posted - a mentally challenged young man murdered by the State of Georgia with execution drugs purchased out of the back of a London bicycle shop. I took this from my activity log to show that I did indeed post information and a picture of Brandon Rhode. Look at the Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill group at Facebook and see if you see it there. It should be on top as of January 20, 2014 - MLK Day.

This is precisely why we are going to Occupy Silicon Valley April 4. Internet censorship is equal to Nazi book burning.

In 2010, Georgia executed Brandon Joseph Rhode, a 31-year-old mentally challenged man who committed a murder as a teen. His mother was an alcoholic, and Brandon was born brain damaged. None of this mattered to Georgia. Wikipedia reports, "Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a pattern of mental and physical defects that can develop in a fetus in association with high levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Alcohol crosses the placental barrier and can stunt fetal growth or weight, create distinctive facial stigmata, damage neurons and brain structures, which can result in psychological or behavioral problems, and cause other physical damage."

Mary Neal

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is The Cochran Firm CoIntelPro?

One of the stated objectives of the FBI's COunter INTELligence PROgram (CoIntelPro) was to "maintain the existing social order," which was/is white supremacy. This is done through covert, often illegal means. The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm regularly defrauds its own clients to prevent their victory or limit their amount of recovery in civil action cases against government entities and major corporations. The law firm "maintains the existing social order" by preventing wealth transfer from defendants to its deserving clients who suffered wrongful deaths by police, catastrophic injuries through corporate negligence, and racism in the workplace.

The Cochran Firm fraud is done under the name of Johnnie Cochran, a black attorney who exposed a CoIntelPro setup against Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt) and won ji Jaga's exoneration after 27 years of false imprisonment. Cochran announced in 2003 that he planned a Reparations lawsuit against the USA and major corporations that used leased slaves and Jim Crow tactics to limit income for Africans in America. Shortly after selling partnership in his law firm to men who this writer calls "white supremacists," Johnnie Cochran contracted brain tumors and died. The new partners now own and operate The Cochran Firm and use Johnnie's name to defraud his people throughout America on selected cases.

This writer gathers and publishes information about lawsuits against The Cochran Firm frauds, since African Americans will not be exposed to the truth through mainstream media, consumer protection agencies, state bar associations, the FTC or FCC, the NAACP, or even black journalists. Randy McMurray, a former partner at The Cochran Firm, recently joined a growing list of former clients and attorneys who sued The Cochran Firm alleging racism and fraud and malpractice. See information about McMurray's lawsuit and others at "RICO ACT: McMurray Exposes The Cochran Firm Fraud"

This writer knows of no lawsuits against The Cochran Firm that actually went before a jury, because courts also disrupt justice for African Americans. The plan is to prevent civil unrest by giving the semblance of justice while actually withholding justice from Africans in America through The Cochran Firm fraud.

People ordinarily expect to win large settlements and verdicts after wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries if they have competent attorneys. Cochran Firm fraud victims might actually find themselves in much worse circumstances than before signing contract with the frauds, especially victims who expose the frauds. Through computer and telephone takeovers, one might have difficulty communicating with potential employers or hiring attorneys to file lawsuits for First Amendment rights violations. As it was with the original CoIntelPro program, cooperation from police departments and other government officials is necessary in order to continue The Cochran Firm fraud in relative secrecy. 

If you have endured lawyer fraud, especially by The Cochran Firm, please contact us using the information below. If you receive no response within 48 hours, please assume your attempt was disrupted and try again. Today is Saturday, and I just received a voice mail message that was left for me on Thursday. Last night during the "Open Mic Night" broadcast on Blogtalkradio, the number that showed for the host was not mine as it should have been, but it displayed as a series of ones: "(111) 111-1111." You have to give conspirators against justice "A" for their effort regarding attempts to censor Mary Neal. CoIntelPro programs are initiated in Washington, and the vast resources of this country are used to prevent disclosure and finance disruptions of justice for African Americans. Nevertheless, you now know about The Cochran Firm fraud program, and we rely on you to examine the lawsuits presented in the url above and help inform legal consumers.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
African Americans waiting for their ship to come in, but The Cochran Firm conspired with pirates against them.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cowboys and Injuns and NSA

NSA or some other stalkers REALLY object to my interview of the Rouse family on January 15, 2014. We had extreme interference for the first 11 minutes. After that, they only interfered when I spoke.

What did a defense attorney say about four Native Americans wrongly arrested for child molestation they did not do? "THEY DESERVE IT FOR NOT CONVERTING TO CHRISTIANITY." Listen to the interview with Rouse family and supporters "Cowboys and Injuns" still playing in South Dakota, USA. All eleven alleged victims who were reportedly coerced and coached to testify falsely against four Native American relatives have reportedly recanted their testimony, and some took lie detector tests, but the four men remain in federal custody.

Earlier on January 15, I had used the very same phone without the echo and static that is heard on the Rouse family radio broadcast. This convinced me that the Rouse family and justice advocates are correct. Four members of the Rouse family were wrongly convicted and have spent approximately 20 years imprisoned for crimes that never happened. During "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" broadcasts, we sometimes feature families of inmates to demonstrate the emotional stress that mass incarceration causes, especially wrongful convictions. None of the Rouse men who are in prison have mental illness, to my knowledge.

Listen to the audio quality on my interview with Brother Maurice Muhammad, which I completed shortly before beginning to interview the Rouse family using the same phone.

Maurice Muhammad interviews MaryLovesJustice Neal about secret government murder, directed energy attacks, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm frauds against African Americans, and mental health care vs. incarceration  ~The Cochran Firm has been sued repeatedly by former clients, partners and associates, as well as a law firm that partnered with The Cochran Firm on a case, but mainstream media, the FTC, FCC, the BBB and other consumer protection agencies, and state bar associations protect the frauds in order to continue their usefulness blocking justice for African Americans.

Since learning how very corrupt, racist, and status-conscious the U.S. legal system is, I write articles and conduct radio interviews to help give voice to voiceless people who are victimized. Please see the schedule for two channels under National Network in Action human rights broadcasts on Blogtalkradio.
A revised schedule is being prepared that includes our shows that air at 3:30pm PST.  Thank you for tuning in and sharing the url to your favorite radio shows. We will have the Rouse family and advocates return and hope that NSA will send one of those agents who simply "monitor" and not "disrupt" the broadcast. Do you still think they only listen?

MaryLovesJustice Neal
(Four links and two photos should be in this article,
depending on how frisky NSA feels tonight)

Stop Spying on AND CENSORING Americans

Monday, January 13, 2014

Did Facebook Burn Franklin Co., NC Courthouse Records?

Facebook prevents me from updating my friends there on the criminal case against Shannon Nyamodi. I tried to post the following update, but I was repeatedly PREVENTED from doing so:
***January 13, 2014 UPDATE*** 
Shannon Nyamodi's mother was wrongly prevented from seeing him for weeks after her interview with me on NNIA. Elizabeth Crudup was finally allowed to see her son two weeks ago. Shannon Nyamodi's lawyer quit; his D.A. quit his job entirely. Courthouse records were BURNED from the 1800's to today. Shannon has a hearing on January 21, 2014. Continue to pray for justice for this innocent youth who was wrongly prosecuted for shooting a woman who says herself that Shannon is innocent. He is the person who HELPED her. Shannon needs a new NC defense attorney. See my first article about Shannon and listen to his mother's interview with NNIA at this url  "Shannon Nyamodi: A Good Samaritan Imprisoned"

Pray for other wrongly convicted people whose evidence might have been destroyed in the courthouse records fire. Records were reportedly removed from the courthouse and deliberately DESTROYED - likely to cover-up corruption!

160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, N.C.

Katherine Crudup and I will continue to pray that justice be done for Shannon. Please pray with us. 

MaryLovesJustice Neal

When I tried to post the information, I had to first unscramble a Captcha code. After I did that, Facebook gave me a message saying I was BLOCKED from posting that information! Shannon's story is all over the Internet. The fact that the courthouse records burned is all over the Internet, too. There are no secrets in the information I posted. Why would Facebook prevent me from posting it? Did Facebook burn the courthouse records in Franklin County, North Carolina? 

The stalkers who sign in with me at Facebook may be CoIntelPro NSA agents, and this may not be Facebook's fault at all. They sign in when I do. Tonight I captured proof of that. The agents ALWAYS put their own password in the field for new people registering at Facebook every time I input my password and user name in the usual logon fields. See proof at the url below:


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Occupy Silicon Valley April 4th

I applied for a picketing permit for Santa Clara County, CA. It is time to picket Silicon Valley, CA Internet companies regarding censorship at their sites. I applied for April 4th weekend, in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination anniversary. We must not forget that he and tens of thousands of other people gave their lives in part so that Americans could have freedom of press and free speech. I do not feel that we should be censored without objecting. Our failure to protest censorship disrespects Dr. King's sacrifice and the sacrifices of all people who died fighting for civil rights and social justice throughout American history as well as in the military. I find that most human and civil rights activists consider themselves to be censored. Whether it is by the Internet companies or by the National Security Agency (NSA), it is done THROUGH the Internet companies that should deliver services without interference.

I believe that African Americans should have all the benefits of membership at Internet companies that Caucasians have. Services should not be withheld to prevent free speech to any human and civil rights activists and organizations. I believe all of the Internet companies have the capacity to identify the sources of interference and stop it from happening, but we have failed to give them an incentive. For instance, I should have had the option to secure the announcement about "Occupy Silicon Valley" to the top of my Facebook wall, but I did not. That option has been REMOVED from my settings. Black women should have the same options as white women; human and civil rights advocates should have the same capacity to share information online as people who share cake recipes, but that is not what happens. Give me your thoughts in comments, IF they let you.

I believe most or all of the censorship is by the NSA, using the methods Jacob Applebaum reveals in his two videos wherein he exposes how NSA takes over people's computers and telephones.

We are thankful to Applebaum and aware of the risks he took to expose NSA's censorship methods. But much of the interference seems to also demand access to one's Internet sites to accomplish. For instance, some of the urls to my articles published in my Care2 Sharebook were corrupted. The three w's were exchanged for the word "primate," and those links led to a large, black gorilla rather than to my articles. When I wrote to the Care2 Helpdesk about it, the Helpdesk did nothing to address this racist behavior which censored you and me while insulting my race. As Frederick Douglass pointed out, censorship is a double wrong. Censoring online authors deprives their readers of receiving information that was published or would have been published for the readers' access.

Years after my gorilla censorship, I read about Dr. Head, a teaching surgeon at UCLA Medical School. Dr. Head was demeaned by students with the apparent approval of the school's administration. The students used a photograph of Dr. Head and superimposed his head onto a picture of a gorilla's body. They then put a photograph of a Caucasian department chairman behind the doctor's massive, hairy gorilla body to simulate sodomy and bestiality. This picture was included in a slide show during a resident graduation event in 2006, after it had been reviewed by staff. The doctor complained like I did, was ignored like I was, then sued and won a sizable settlement. It is disturbing to know that young Caucasians in training to become doctors and young Caucasians in the computer industry are as prejudice in the 21st century as their grand daddies taught them to be. And most of them probably call themselves "liberals."

African Americans in the 21st century and all human and civil rights advocates of every race are too laid back. We cannot merely sit home and type our grievances. We cannot simply start another petition from which NSA steals signatures and issues denials of service (DOS). We must leave the keyboards and protest in person. 

I recognize that I am America's most censored person. Nobody else in the USA is censored as heavily as I am. But everyone who I speak with in human rights or civil rights is censored to some degree. "Occupy Silicon Valley April 4th" is a protest is for everyone who was ever blocked from tagging people on Facebook photographs or prevented from adding friends. It is for people whose Internet posts suddenly disappeared. It is for people who were wrongly locked out of their accounts on Internet social sites or found their videos had been removed. This protest is for our children. We must keep the Internet accessible, or future generations will have no place to share information. Mainstream media cannot be trusted. We must have an uncensored Internet to educate, motivate, energize, mobilize and organize to take our communities to a higher level of awareness and stronger commitment to justice. We must stop being armchair revolutionaries and hit the pavement like the Freedom Riders did decades ago.


Dr. Head v. UCLA: Gorilla Warfare

Jacob Applebaum's video revealing NSA takeovers of our phones and computers:
"30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2" (embedded below)

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to, and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. ~Frederick Douglass

MaryLovesJustice ~ ~ 

If I receive your email or phone message, I will respond within 48 hours. If I do not, please consider your message stolen and try again. The web address for this protest is

Join at Facebook
(Beware: Facebook usually has a decoy page for human rights or religious organization. You should see the "Occupy" photo above and a "no censorship" button for the real page.)

Join at Google+

They are moving fast against First Amendment rights in the USA regarding the Internet. See two news posts:

I read the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was introduced in the U.S. Senate (to censor the Internet more thoroughly than SOPA and PIPA would have). That makes our protest against Internet censorship on April 4, 2014, in Silicon Valley all the more urgent

ACLU reports New AT&T Fees Threaten Openness of the Internet

Repeat of paragraph 1:  I applied for a picketing permit for Santa Clara County, CA. It is time to picket Silicon Valley, CA Internet companies regarding censorship at their sites. I applied for April 4th weekend, in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination anniversary. We must not forget that he and tens of thousands of other people gave their lives in part so that Americans could have freedom of press and free speech. I do not feel that we should be censored without objecting. Our failure to protest censorship disrespects Dr. King's sacrifice and the sacrifices of all people who died fighting for civil rights and social justice throughout American history as well as in the military. I find that most human and civil rights activists consider themselves to be censored. Whether it is by the Internet companies or by the National Security Agency (NSA), it is done THROUGH the Internet companies that should deliver services without interference.

Monday, January 6, 2014

NSA God Complex: "30c3: To Protect and Infect"

Something I've been meaning to ask you murderers: Exactly HOW do you intend to kill me by heart attack? I understand that as being your intention for the many heart attack ads I receive often. I will copy one for the public. Here is something you may not know.

Although I did call and have the retailer hold a Google Chromebook OS for me, I did not get that one. Maybe they didn't tell you that. After they brought me one with my name on it, I refused to accept it. I told them I had to have another one. The clerk argued a little, but in the end, I did get another computer. So in case you had a directed energy device in the first one, someone else has that problem. The only way you can cause a heart attack with the Google Chromebook OS I am using is if they are ALL equipped with your directed energy weapons, in which case I doubt if Google would appreciate that being done by the manufacturers or exposed by you.

Have you had someone hide a directed energy in my home? You risk hitting other people with your signal, because I am seldom in a room alone. You might have trouble explaining multiple, simultaneous heart attacks, devils. You are evil people - totally evil to your souls - or to where your souls would be if you were human beings.

You probably have directed energy devices that can be pointed at targets from a distance by your robo-citizens cops. You are absurd parodies of what God created you to be. You are grotesque. To think that the wonderful creative ability of intelligent scientists is being used to make high tech weapons to make everyone afraid of you and to force people to bow to your will is truly UNACCEPTABLE. But you don't know that word. You have zero respect for human life, self-autonomy, and human rights. That has been made patently clear to some of us. It is up to us to make the others aware of the problems we face because of you who have no desire for anything other than complete power and dominance. You want to be God, just like your father Satan. I praise God for finally learning that people already know about NSA taking over people's computers to prevent freedom of press. All I had heard was NSA is spying on people, when I know that censorship is the name of the game. See "30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2."

For more information, just scroll through this "Justice Gagged" blog, and please see my comment at Applebaum's video on YouTube. Google some of my video evidence of my cyberstalkers' takeovers at "Six Videos Prove Mary Neal's Censorship." I could be at home, in a computer rental business, or at the public library. They would send stalkers to see which computer I was using, and wherever I was, the computer would be under their control within minutes.

(one link one embedded video)

Friday, January 3, 2014

CoIntelPro InfoWar on Blacks


African Americans are the most censored people on the planet. Suppressors appoint specific African American spokespersons and organizations, like the NAACP, to speak for my race. They have apparently committed to only give the agreed-upon responses to acts of racism and brutality that continually happen to us in America. Other black people are not allowed to speak, write, or discuss these issues, lest it become patently obvious that our circumstances since Reconstruction have not actually changed to the degree presented to the world, and our human rights and economic gains are systematically being eroded and have already reverted to the 1940s level. The latest example of this happened when a black freshman young man at the University of San Jose in California was tortured by his fellow students. Student protesters expected to give a press conference but were usurped by the NAACP, rushing to give the "official black response" and prevent disclosure about tortures and murders of other black students that happen periodically at that school.

Lynching is still legal, but until recently one had to become a police officer to enjoy that sport. In 2013, that Changed. Private citizens can now kill black people and say they did the murder because they felt threatened. This started after the Zimmerman verdict, and numerous blacks have been murdered by Caucasians who are not in law enforcement since the verdict was handed down. The latest such killing may have been of a mailman who was delivering mail after dark in the Washington, D.C. area. a young lady, 19, was murdered in Michigan when she went on a Caucasian man's porch. A football player was killed by police when he knocked on a white woman's door and frightened her. He wanted to use the phone after enduring a car wreck. A Florida man was also shot by a Caucasian man who saw him running exposed down the street (his clothes had been stolen).

Unemployment among African Americans is around 70% in some areas. Many blacks who do work are still deprived of equal pay and benefits for doing the same jobs as Caucasians, because corporations simply withdraw certain jobs from their own personnel departments and place those positions with temporary service companies. Therefore, the workers are employees of the temporary service company and not the corporation where they actually work alongside whites who earn double their wages and have insurance benefits, vacation pay and sick leave. I have friends who were "temporary employees" in same position for the same company for over five years. There should be a time limit on how long positions can be listed as temporary. So-called "black leaders" do not address this obvious discrimination, because they have apparently agreed not to, perhaps in expectation of prison stock or other personal gain. Censorship of persons who object is necessary to prevent public disclosure and outcry against America's racism and class consciousness. The rest of the world is led to believe that the United States is a country with liberty and justice for all.

I am especially censored because my handicapped brother's government murder while under secret incarceration that lasted 18 days proves that some of the same violations against human rights happen inside the U.S. that occur in China and other totalitarian countries. See "Wrongful Death of Larry" at ~ My censorship and persecution are meant to keep Larry Neal's murder covered-up while the mentally ill continue to be victims of over 50% of police violence incidents as well as over half the nation's 2.3 million prisoners. I am prevented from advocating freely to decriminalize mental illness in the USA while the prison investors in government positions devise new ways to financially benefit from victimizing people.

Since there is an attempt in the 21st century to hide racism while continuing to discriminate against blacks, independent oversight is crucial regarding new mental health laws and facilities that deliver psychiatric treatment. People labeled as being mentally ill in North Carolina will no longer be taken to public hospital emergency rooms if they are said to have a psychiatric crisis. Instead, they will be taken directly to a local for-profit specialty psych hospital. This is acceptable as long as it does not override the citizens' right to trial by jury for whatever offenses they may be accused of doing. 
See the NY Times article about this topic at at this url:

Medicaid was removed for psychiatric inpatient treatment from public hospitals in the 1960s in order to start America's private prison system by overcrowding the nation's public prisons and jails with mentally challenged people. Now Medicaid for mentally ill inpatients is back, but only for specific facilities. Every attempt must be made to see that abuses of citizens' rights do not happen in the private psych hospitals that receive Medicaid funds. Below are five examples of abuses of power involving the mental health care system.

1)     Currently in Pennsylvania, Florence Elizabeth Mason, a black woman, is being detained in jail (or a mental hospital) on allegations of being mentally ill after winning a Court Order allowing her to continue her pro se lawsuits against parties that she claimed (1) wrongly evicted her and her children from a home and (2) subjected her children to police violence by the law officers who evicted them while Mason was not home. Regarding Civil Action No. 12cv01619 in USDC, Western Dist. of PA, the Order reads thusly:

AND NOW, this 13th day of September, 2013, upon consideration of Plaintiff Florence Elizabeth Mason's motion to proceed in forma pauperis and her pro se complaint, it is ORDERED that:  1. Plaintiff Florence Elizabeth Mason is GRANTED leave to proceed in forma pauperis.

The Court Order set forth specific due dates for plaintiff to make submissions to the court, etc. After receiving the Court Order, Mason was arrested and given a psychological evaluation, which she passed. The judge then ordered a second team to administer a psychological evaluation days later around 10:30pm. The psych team awakened Mason and demanded a second evaluation after bed time. This probably caused the inmate, who had been sleeping, to feel disoriented and angry, because Mason knew she had already passed the evaluation once. This time, Mason was said to have failed the evaluation and is therefore eligible for commitment to a mental hospital, or she could already be in a prison psych ward. Mason feels this was done to interfere with her lawsuits.

The legal system can simply arrest ANYONE, INCLUDING YOU, and deliver individuals into a private psychiatric hospital on the supposition that they are psychotic. More information will be provided about Mason in "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill blog" by January 7, 2014, at

2)     Americans must not forget news stories reporting "Former Marine was Indefinitely Detained in a Psychiatric Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts."

3)     A young black man is indefinitely detained in a Pennsylvania prison today where he has been denied a trial for 4.5 years. Every time Terrell Scott's case should go to trial, either his attorney asks for a continuance or his prosecutor apparently files a false statement with the court claiming that Scott is not available because he is in a psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile, Scott's attorney allegedly tries to get the innocent young man to accept plea deals. In most states, if not all of them, defense attorneys cannot be sued for malpractice if the defendant accepts a plea deal.

Scott was arrested for crimes that never happened on the word of a single Caucasian woman who has no credibility. His case demonstrates how mental hospitals can be misused in a system where there is poor oversight. The prosecutor falsely asserts on court records that Scott is in Norristown State Hospital when he is in fact in prison year after year awaiting the opportunity to prove his innocence, and his mother visits him there every Friday. A simple phone call to Norristown by the court would have proved that Scott was not a patient there there. See the data at this url

Below is a pdf of Terrell Scott's Court Docket, pages 20-21.   
TerrellScottDocket p20-21

As the director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, it is gratifying that more attention is being given to mental health care. However, there is a greater need for careful oversight than ever to ensure that people's human and civil rights are protected. Before mentally ill persons were de-institutionalized over 40 years ago, the country did not have private prisons. Private prisons plus private local psych hospitals could be extremely problematic without zealous oversight.

Example of the CoIntelPro InfoWar on Blacks:
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Question: Is it legal for the District Attorney to continuously lie and say Terrell Scott is in a mental hospital in order to hold the youth in indefinite detention in prison without trial? He feels that he was tricked into signing away his right to a speedy trial by a treacherous defense attorney, who also prevents trial by filing for continuances. Is it legal for the defense attorney and D.A. to take turns refusing trial for Terrell Scott, a Pennsylvania inmate? See proof on the Court Docket