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Internet Companies Censoring America

CENSORSHIP: I followed a link I placed at FB to one of my Blogger blogs and found a message saying "Warning. This site might be dangerous for your computer." I hope to sue some of these Internet companies that censor the Human Rights for Prisoners March that I participate in online. Just keep it up, fascists! You prove yourselves to have a slave master mentality and zero integrity every day and help more people to wake up. My articles are published in Google blogs, one of the most trusted companies on the Internet. The only thing they endanger is fraud against American people who want and deserve JUSTICE FOR ALL. Do you use McAfee for virus protection? If you find that your virus protection software is used for censoring human rights news, will you continue downloading it? Would you wonder what other services your antivirus software company is performing for fascists when you upload their products on your computers? NWO INTERNET RATING COMPANIES: Count the cost before you put "warning" messages at my blogs. Ask The Cochran Firm if it is worth it . If you need to "rate" my blogs, do that. Since they are Google blogs, rate them "safe." I first encountered this type of censorship when I visited Indy Media. Instead of the site opening, a big warning message filled my screen saying the site could harm my computer. See an article about Willie Lynch advising slave owners in Virginia that they had to control their slaves' communication: "LYNCHING AMERICA," by Mary Neal . While certain representatives in Washington continue trying to pass oppressive Internet censorship bills (SOPA, PIPA, now CISPA), some Internet companies censor human rights news by putting danger warnings on people's blogs and preventing targeted writers' work from benefiting from boosting services like Newsvine. See proof at "Mary Neal Targeted for Censorship at Newsvine" . Do you believe anyone has free speech in the USA if they protest slavery? New World Orderlies need to get out of the Internet business. Suppressing freedom of expression online is the 21st century equivalent to Nazi book burning. GOOGLE, please note that my AdSense ads running at this "Justice Gagged" blog and my "Mary Loves Justice" blog looks different from other AdSense blogs I see online. The top link is black and not in color like the links are all over the web. Please check for cyberstalkers' codes. These New World Orderlies will do anything to hide the Wrongful Death of Larry Neal and continue to deprive my family of income to punish us for asking "WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?" and for advocating an end to mass incarceration, capital punishment, and using the mentally ill as commodities for private prisons. I advise everyone to take their human rights struggles to the street and use print media for communication as much as possible. Fascists have too many ways of limiting your human rights advocacy online. See "INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN STYLE" at this link .  Thank God for EFF, Sen. Wyden, and other organizations and officials who help protect America from NAZIS.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Arrested Liberty re "NDAA v. Food"

America's censorship team refuses to allow me to save this data in my Exposed FreeSpeakBlog - I always tell readers the name is a joke!


WAR AND INCARCERATION ARE VERY COSTLY.  Continuous war has impoverished many countries before America, and this country is headed in that direction. Congress is deciding now about whether indigent families will continue to receive food stamps and whether American children will be hungry in school. The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act's budget Congress passed is $652.5 BILLION.  However, Congress is presently considering deep cuts in the food stamp and school lunch program. How much does one bomb cost? If you have a Facebook account, you may be interested in Keith McHenry's wall. He is active in "Food Not Bombs," organization. Members actually feed the hungry in addition to advocating for peace. Keith's link is . The chart below depicts the growing list of food stamp participants since 2008. Some people believe it is important to prioritize food and jobs for Americans over wars that cost lives and trillions of dollars. The VIDEO at the next link regards the NDAA budget, which reportedly has funding for a war with Iran - This writer does not know what percentage of NDAA's budget is for concentration camps in America. Indefinite military detention without criminal charges or any trial is allowed under Section 1021 of NDAA. People who object to concentration camps in America should support H.R.3785, a bill introduced by Ron Paul in January 2012 to repeal Section 1021. 

Americans Going Hungry Soon?

Congressman Hank Johnson, representative for my district, is voting against cuts in food stamps and school meals for struggling American families. He also voted against NDAA with its concentration camp provisions. How is your representative voting on important congressional bills? Please stay informed by using at this link to track congressional bills  . You can also call and email your local and federal representatives using this link . Stay informed and in touch. This is an election year, and it is doubly important to know what the issues are and track how incumbents are voting. Contact your congresspersons to demand, "No SNAP Cuts - Hunger Hurts"

The House Agriculture Committee will mark up and vote on their version of the Farm Bill on Wednesday, July 11th. The bill currently cuts $16.1 billion from SNAP, which is three times the cut in the Senate version of the bill. These proposed cuts would cause: 

• two to three million individuals to lose their food assistance entirely;
• 500,000 households to see their benefits cut by $90 per month; and 
• nearly 300,000 children to lose free school meals. 
CALL 1-877-698-8228 NOW 

As the U.S. economy is being "flattened" to enable corporations to pay the same labor rates worldwide, more Americans slide into poverty and apply for the food stamp program. See the chart below showing the increase in food stamp participation since 2008. 

Google "Food Not Bombs"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lawless Government Officials

If I read one more lie about officials feigning surprise that this administration would say "f" the law, I will puke. What do you think I have been writing for years? Think of ALL THE LAWS that got disregarded for my family to be in this position. A handicapped man was secretly arrested 18 days and murdered by police or jail guards. The lawyers who contracted to be wrongful death attorneys worked with the USDOJ and Memphis Shelby Co. Jail behind the victim's survivors backs to hide the murder from the public and deny the survivors due process of law. No investigation, no explanation, no inquest, no nothing. While the survivors were made to believe (through U.S. Mail fraud) by The Cochran Firm that a zealous discovery process was underway in preparation to sue the murderous jail for wrongful death, that was really only a ruse to let the statute of limitations pass on filing suit for the wrongful death. When the survivors discovered the fraud and sued, courts joined in the conspiracy and declared the law firm nonexistent to let THEIR sham lawyers off the hook.

"Thanks for scratching my back, sweetheart. Let me scratch yours now. F the laws against perjury. F all the Rules of Professional Responsibility that are used to censure other attorneys. We pick and choose who we hold responsible and to what degree. You helped us escape accountability for a COLDBLOODED MURDER AND CONSPIRACY TO COVER-UP THE LYNCHING; NOW WE'LL HELP YOU, COCHRAN FIRM FRAUDS. We must keep your name untainted, after all, so that we can use you to defraud other blacks throughout America when they sue government entities and major corporations that are in our club. F the law."

"'F Georgia law and U.S. Code. Fuck the Constitution. F every law that would prohibit us from actively covering up a murder then allowing or doing stalking, censorship, cyberterror, and financial persecution against Larry Neal's survivors who dare to pursue justice and open disclosure about his murder. F those laws. F Mary Neal's police reports. F her 911 calls when we allowed/sent stalkers to waylay her and her family at a Chevron station on September 27, 2008. Police officers' right to get away with COLDBLOODED MURDER AND FEDERAL OFFICIALS' RIGHT TO BECOME ACCESSORIES TO MURDER AFTER THE FACT take precedence over any law. F the Executive Order regarding response time for Freedom of Information Act requests. F all claims about "open government." We do what we want. We cherry-pick the law and use it only when it benefits us - when we can use the law to add to our pri$on roll$, conduct executions for our royal entertainment, etc. The law must be obeyed by commoners and slaves; it has no impact over the 'ruling class.' We do what we want and when we please, and we regard not the laws of man or God." Whenever a law is an impediment to something high officials want to do, they simply redact it through a new law or executive order, then do as they please.

I hate it when officials pretend to be outraged over federal employees being told to ignore immigration laws in Arizona. Their outrage is a ridiculous pretense. They have to know that ignoring laws is usual and ordinary.  History is littered with deceptions, thefts, and broken promises. Perhaps some officials really were surprised if they believed the government would not ignore the law when doing so negatively impacts whites. Maybe they also believed the USDOJ would be more forthcoming with records when a white border guard lay dead instead of a black handicapped man. Wrong! Lawlessness is unlimited among people who disregard rules and make up new ones as they go along. That could mean big problems for everyone.
(Quote from "Intelligence Squared presents: The Elders" ) Every rational adult recognizes and accepts that truth to a limited degree. But the notion that any individual or government has the right to ignore basic human rights, particularly the right to life, is beyond what should be considered acceptable, particularly by those perceived as being "less than." Therefore, I object to inequities in application of the law in the United States and the tendency officials have, which has grown increasingly pronounced, to ignore laws they find inconsistent with their agenda, whatever it may be. "Shady" is the word that comes to mind. It is important to stop teaching children that America is a land of liberty and justice for all. They must be taught that "ours is a thoroughly unequal" country that we can work on improving together.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Your Jobs Went to Prison with 2.3m Americans

"Good Enuff" is one of my 21st century slave songs, first published in MaryLovesJustice blog in April 2011. Most ex-offenders are not perceived as being "good enough" to work for the government or major corporations until they are back in prison. A million inmates work up to 72 hours a week on jobs that were removed from "free" workers. People who champion "tough on crime" bills and candidates do not seem to recognize that prison labor projects compete for jobs that are removed from the private sector. Prisons actually advertise for companies to use inmate labor rather than companies that pay minimum wage and union scale wages. Prison slavery is a thriving business, and inmates who refuse to work are punished. Thousands of Georgia inmates staged a labor strike in December 2010 to protest human rights abuses. Their nonviolent protest was met with brutality. Thirty-seven inmates perceived to be organizers of the Georgia labor strike are still "missing," and probably being held in solitary confinement. See the poem "Good Enuff" below. 


I work for the U.S. Government
Worked five years for the state
Now I make military uniforms
Sho miss my good friend, Jake

His idea sounded real fine to me
Worker strike for human rights
Most of us agreed to stay in our cells
Got real cold in there at night

They turned off the heat ya know
And no food came at all
Guards said “Freeze Nigga or go to work!
Oughta hang you by yo balls”

But all of us stuck together
Thousands of black men, Latinos and whites
Put aside all our rivalry
Gonna make ‘em treat us right

We expected opposition
But nothin’ like what went down
Guards went crazy beatin’ on folks
And Jake, he can’t be found

I tried to get on with the government
Back before I started gettin’ high
They said there was a hiring freeze
And now I sho see why

I applied with the State, too
But didn’t nothin’ came of that
I guess I just wasn’t good enuff
‘Til they caught me with that crack

Finally got me a government job
Problem is, I don’t get no pay
A big company got my first five years
After laying off a thousand in one day

Our labor strike changed nothin’ ‘round here
Still can’t afford phone calls
Now they expect plenty mo black workers
Heard they outlawing menthol*

We had high hopes for the labor strike
But things didn’t turn out great
All day I work ‘til my back is sore
All night I worry ‘bout Jake
(Published 4/4/11 by Mary Neal - all rights reserved)

If you don't care about prisoners, consider this: YOUR JOBS WENT TO PRISON along with 2.3 million people . Roughly one million prison laborers work in customer service, manufacturing, and perform many former union jobs. Private industries in America cannot compete with prisons and overseas corporations for providing cheap production costs. End mass incarceration (excerpt from "2012 Human Rights from Prisoners (relay) March" at ). The Georgia prisoners' labor strike lasted from December 9 -15, 2010, but numerous inmates are now in week five of a dangerous hunger strike.
Inmates' labor strike of December 2010 was largely censored in mainstream news although it was an Internet sensation. Therefore, a day before the strike started, eleven hundred of my tweets for human rights for prisoners were unpublished at Twitter. They were reinstated months later, after people stopped browsing online as much for "human rights for prisoners." I am America's most censored writer to continue the cover-up re the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother and my family's victimization for daring to ask the USDOJ for records and accountability for his death. Inmate abuse is rampant in America, just as slaves were abused or killed without censure for centuries. For instance, the Georgia inmates' nonviolent protest was met with violence and solitary confinement. Inmates count on 'free people' to care about their living conditions, just as God does (Hebrews 13:3). Georgia inmates on a hunger strike are close to death as I publish this report. See the video about the starving inmates at this link 

Some promising changes are underway regarding Georgia's high incarceration rate under Governor Deal:  "As reported in this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, headlined 'Governor to sign sweeping justice reform bill,' the 'way Georgia punishes thousands of nonviolent offenders will forever change when Gov. Nathan Deal signs landmark legislation Wednesday.  Here is more: Deal told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he will also sign an executive order continuing the work of a special council that studied the state's prison system and recommended sweeping changes to control unimpeded growth in prison spending. The reforms in House Bill 1176, to be signed at a ceremony at the Capitol, are projected to save taxpayers $264 million over the next five years....'"   

More information about the Georgia prisoners' hunger strike is available at this link to the "Black Agenda Report"

 *The NAACP requested the U.S. Congress to outlaw menthol cigarettes, the kind that 85% of black smokers use. That would be a discriminatory law targeting blacks like powder v. crack cocaine, and it is disgusting that prison investors got the NAACP to suggest it.

Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and the Human Rights for Prisoners March. Blessings!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Angry White Mob Attacks Black FL Family

PARAGRAPH 1 OF 4 -- RACISM AGAINST AFRICAN AMERICANS IS RUNNING AMOK IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM UNDER ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER. (Five(5) link, four(4) numbered paragraphs are in this brief report. Please count). A white mob descended on black family in their home. Florida police arrested Eric Oliver, 18, for assault when he fought back. This is not a story from the 1940's. It happened in 2012!
Eric Oliver - Arrested for Resisting a Mob

PARAGRAPH 2 OF 4 -- Police reportedly refused to accept any complaints from Oliver's family about the trespassers who came on their property cussing and threatening the family, including Oliver's wheelchair-bound mother, or the mob's attack on Oliver's Hispanic friend who was visiting their home: 16-year-old Mikey Vasquez. Blacks are not allowed to stand their ground in Florida even against an angry mob. Read about Eric Oliver's case at this link Activists discussed details about the mob violence and wrongful arrest of Eric Oliver on a Blogtalk Radio Show tonight called "I Will Surprise You." Malcolm X's grandson, Shabazz, and I were prevented from speaking on the show by the nation's Internet censorship force. Listen to Blogtalk's archived tape at the next link IF they let you (cell phone users, please select "go to page 1" to see what censorship hides) Short left the show to try to get Shabazz on the line through a three-way call, then Short was not allowed back on the show until I complained at FB, Google+, and Twitter.

PARAGRAPH 3 OF 4 -- When the host kept complaining about noises and I recognized Short was prevented from speaking further, I tweeted Electronic Frontier Foundation at @EFF. That organization monitors Internet freedom of press abuses. Short was giving background information about President Obama and AG Holder when the show started experiencing significant interference. Naturally, the censorship force did not want me on the show to tell about my handicapped brother's murder while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail and the fact that the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) helps the jail to cover-up the lynching. See "Wrongful Death of Larry" at this link . Therefore, I was kept off the show. Five(5) links are in this brief report about censorship against Mary Neal and other African Americans to prevent any criticism about rampant violence against blacks in the USA and denial of equal justice by the USDOJ. I suppose the idea of having Randy Short, Mary Neal, and Shabazz on the same Blogtalk show caused the censorship force great anxiety. We'll do it another time, perhaps.

PARAGRAPH 4 OF 4 -- Advocacy article against racism by Mary Neal, co-director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (the cyberstalkers took over, so they must be the directors now) If you do not see five(5) links and four(4) numbered paragraphs in this report, or if the censorship force prevents your access to data at the links, or if they refuse to allow you to listen to the Blogtalk broadcast, report the problem to the USDOJ at - the agency that is supposed to uphold our constitutional rights.