Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Boston Globe Tweets & the Bombings

Bloggers should apply proper source-checking methods that journalists for mainstream news media used to apply before FOX won the right in a Florida court to report fabrications. Therefore, I tried to check at The Boston Globe's Twitter page to see if the tweet in the YouTube video at and embedded below was ever really published.

I found to my disappointment that The Boston Globe's tweets before the bombing on April 15 were not available. That seemed strange for the hometown news media of the city where the biggest disaster in a month happened. I checked other media, i.e., New York Times, and found that its tweets continued for as long as I scrolled. Therefore, I tweeted The Boston Globe and Twitter about The Boston Globe's tweets that were published BEFORE the bombing to see if there was any tweet about the FBI setting off a bomb across from the library in one minute like the video shows.

Mary Neal ‏@koffietime 1h @BostonGlobe Can you confirm sending the tweet in this video? Your available tweets begin AFTER the bombing. Thanks

Mary Neal ‏@koffietime 2h @twitter Can we see all @BostonGlobe tweets from Apr 15 to check this video Strange-tweets begin after the bombing.

If one or both of them respond, I will try to let you know. This page on my blog is different from ALL other pages in Justice Gagged. They may correct it since I opened the edit mode to make the video link above live, but initially, everything that was to appear in the right margin (my blog index, my own profile, my "Free Mary Neal" petition, and the "Follow This Blog" invitation) were all underneath the text. These people believe in going down with the ship. My censorship started to protect The Cochran Firm from my lawsuit. The Cochran Firm fraud is near its end, but billionaires have very loyal friends.


Mary Neal

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