Saturday, October 26, 2013

IRP6, What Color is the American Dream?

I met some people recently with a story that is almost as censored as mine is: the IRP6. They are six software company executives whose company was raided by the FBI, and they were arrested and wrongly convicted. I wrote about them in my "Human Rights for Prisoners March" blog. They are having difficulty with their appeal. The court will not release their full trial transcript. Their company was on track to sell the Government software that could link communication for law enforcement agencies, Homeland Security, etc. Instead of being awarded a contract worth a billion dollars or more after revealing their software capabilities to the Government, their business was raided, and the executives were jailed. It seems like a modern Tulsa Wall Street episode.

WHAT COLOR IS THE AMERICAN DREAM? Business warfare against six software executives - five blacks and one white. Website ~~ Video

I tried to post the trailer to a documentary that will be released about IRP6 on my Google+ wall, and boy! First, it said Google+ was busy. I opened it in a new tab and posted the video, but it would not actually post when I hit "submit." Earlier tonight I had to descramble a Captcha code to post about IRP6 at Facebook. The executives claim there is a media blackout surrounding their case, and I believe it based on my experience. I wrote about them because being allowed to prove one's innocence is a human right that every defendant and inmate should have. See the video embedded below, and read about the case at
"Six Software Company Execs Wrongly Convicted - IRP6"

Add organ thefts and HIV tests to the taboo subjects. That was being discussed last night on the NNIA Blogtalkradio show with Dr. Harris and a guest, YeYe. Young men are being found dead with their organs missing. YeYe is a health care professional, and she shared information about African Americans having been stolen and their organs used for research back in the 1900's. She told us about Henrietta Lacks, a young wife and mother who contracted cervical cancer and whose tissue was covertly removed while being treated in the "colored" section of John Hopkins Hospital in the 1950s. Her cells are still useful to the medical profession. The trouble started when I inquired about HIV tests. President Obama issued an Executive Order stating that everyone between ages 15 and 65 must be given an HIV test by doctors under the Affordable Care Act. Immediately, my phone went dead. Dr. Harris and the guest could hear each other - I heard them speak to each other on the archived tape. But I could not hear anything at all. I told CoIntelPro that the Executive Order is not a state secret. It was published widely. Then they let me back on the show. Listen at

It is no longer enough to censor stories about injustice from mainstream news outlets, because people increasingly rely on the Internet to be informed about current events. Therefore, covert Internet censorship is used to protect secret abuses of power including racism and murders in America, particularly regarding African American targets. It seems that some new program has replaced the FBI's CoIntelPro program against social justice for minorities. Many people do not know that NDAA not only provides for concentration camps in the USA, but it also provides for cyber war powers. That brings us to the National Security Agency (NSA). Did you think they only watch?

Do you protest NSA surveillance and censorship? 

On October 26, 2013, thousands of protesters met in Washington and other American cities to stop NSA spying. The video from the protest is featured at a website called "STOP WATCHING US" at , along with an invitation to be notified of future protests: "Message 'Privacy' to 877877 using mobile SMS and we'll get in touch when it's time for action again." A report on the rally was carried by The Guardian. An excerpt is below:

Thousands gather in Washington for anti-NSA 'Stop Watching Us' rally
Statement from whistleblower Edward Snowden read to crowd featuring groups from left and right of political spectrum

Billed by organizers as "the largest rally yet to protest mass surveillance," Stop Watching Us was sponsored by an unusually broad coalition of left- and right-wing groups, including everything from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Green Party, Color of Change and Daily Kos to the Libertarian Party, FreedomWorks and Young Americans for Liberty.

This article contains one photo, one embedded video, five urls, and one linked email address to:


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mis-dated Google+ Posts - Why?

Google did not exist in 1969, and neither did personal computers. Yet some of my posts at Google+ are dated December 31, 1969. I don't have access to state secrets, and it is certainly no secret that the government shutdown is over. Therefore, I must assume that the post is mis-dated as some kind of code to set certain of my posts aside like those that got special coding at Twitter a few years ago and at Care2. If there is some acceptable reason for my post to be mis-dated, please inform me. Thank you.

Federal Employees, vacation is over. Report to work tomorrow. The #shutdown2013 is over.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emancipation Proclamation of Mary Neal

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Justice Gagged
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
AIMI Media (launching 10/14/13)
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

     (AIMI's Mission Statement is at Care2's "Welcome") 
    ~Blogtalkradio (Wed. 9pm Pacific, (818)572-2947)
Esposed - FreeSpeakBlog
Twitter - @koffietime
Davis/McPhail Truth Committee (anti-DP)
Legal Victories 
Human Rights for Prisoners March

Twenty(20) links, three photos, one embedded video are in this article.

As Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently said when he was warned about opposing the Vietnam War, "I'm Sorry Sir, You Don't Know Me." I encounter a great deal of opposition publishing articles to expose my mentally, physically disabled brother's murder under secret arrest. It is treated like a national secret. I have lived under threat to expose how mentally challenged Americans are treated like subhuman commodities on Wall Street, as 1.25 million of them are presently incarcerated. Cyberstalkers working for powerful forces censor my articles that oppose mass incarceration and crimes against humanity. The cyber stalking around prisoner issues is most intense when I publish anti-DP articles. Probably because I am a black female who lacks wealth, oppressors thought I would lose my resolve when gangstalked - followed by numerous cars during every road trip I made. They believed that flying helicopters over my rooftop that stood still there for roughly 30 minutes was the key to success. They even arrested several young men from my family. One was arrested simply for answering a question directed to him as a juror candidate. The prosecutor asked if he had any reason why he should not be chosen for the jury, and he responded, "Yes. I cannot in good conscience send another black man to jail." The judge ruled he was in contempt of court and jailed him overnight. Yet, concerning the CoIntelPro agent who falsely presented herself as a nurse from my mother's home health care service and sexually assaulted her on her hospital bed, the DeKalb County detective said that was not criminal conduct.

CoIntelPro agents surround me, including The Cochran Firm, a CoIntelPro law firm that contracted with my family to be Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys but colluded with Shelby County Jail and government officials to hide Larry's murder. Burglars were sent to my home to remove the court records and evidence from two lawsuits I filed against that unethical law firm. The injustice system wants to do all of these things to me, but in silence. By this time, I was supposed to look like the slave woman in the first photo above - collared, chained and gagged. I stayed in my house for a year and a half when I discovered the police were in agreement with my suppression - I received no response to a 911 emergency call when stalkers followed me for six miles and waylaid me at the neighborhood Chevron station on September 27, 2008 - the day after I published an article saying that videos would expose The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud. That is my term for the elaborate government cover-up regarding Larry's death.

The criminals want peace without justice. As Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. told oppressors roughly 50 years ago, that just is not possible. Racists in high positions use financial persecution, intimidation, and do actual harm to people in America, particularly black people, in order to control them. They encounter great success with many targets. That is why they thought the tactics would work to make me censor myself like sold-out American media companies. Prison investors hate my advocacy against prisoner cruelty, capital punishment and mass incarceration, especially advocacy for mentally ill people, who are the backbone of the prison industrial complex. They seek to exhalt themselves above God Himself, who told said in Proverbs31:8-9 to speak for the poor and oppressed and all who are appointed to destruction. Therefore, I repeat to oppressors what Dr. King told them a half-century ago (his words were captured on the video embedded below): "I'm Sorry Sir, You Don't Know Me."
YouTube link

There is no slavery unless BOTH parties (the intended slave and potential owner) acknowledge a master. "Sign your own emancipation proclamation" (MLK).

Mary Neal

Note: If any of the twenty(20) links herein fail, please Google the title or copy/paste the link into your search field. Comment on YOUR censorship below. As Frederick Douglass said, "Censorship is a double wrong." It is your right to read what I publish, just as it was my right to publish it. Also email the United States Department of Justice at Censorship sample from Google+, compliments of CoIntelPro:

Federal Employees, vacation is over. Report to work tomorrow. The #shutdown2013 is over.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

To IParrot Post from America's Most Censored

Thank you for your comment on my article regarding the racism of Cox Enterprises' news report, IParrot Post. My computer is under control of NSA or some other CoIntelPro cyberstalker. So is my telephone. The secret arrest and murder of my disabled brother is America's most shrouded secret, and I am treated like a homeland terrorist for sharing the report of his murder as well as I can in social media, blogs, and independent news sources. I am also director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, an organization I founded to decriminalize mental illness in America. I did not know when I started advocating for mentally ill people that they are the backbone of the private prison system. I am vehemently attacked by cyberstalkers who may work for private prison investors.

I write this to you, IParrot Post, to let you know that if you never hear from me, it is because some of my enemies prevented my ability to contact you. Emails are prevented at will, and my U.S. Mail is sometimes retrieved from the clerks. Preventing news about my disabled brother's murder after 18 days of secret incarceration is one of officials' main objectives along with keeping mentally ill Americans behind bars to generate revenue for private prisons.

I encourage you to read some of the articles in Justice Gagged blog at to note the many, many online companies, government officials, police departments, burglars, and CoIntelPro agents who oppose my getting this story aired worldwide. IF you are able to help me, we'd sell lots of IParrot Post news together. 

EXPECT a call with a good offer not to help me. The Johnnie Cochran Firm apparently took the bribe and contracted with my family to represent us in a wrongful death civil action against Memphis Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. They held the case secretly inactive while the time was running out to file suit, and all the while lied to my family about a case that was not really going forward. 

Cox Enterprises refused to report that The Cochran Firm went to Georgia courts and lied, saying my lawsuit against the firm for its fraud should be dismissed because The Cochran Firm has no offices whatsoever in the State of Georgia. That is because The Cochran Firm helps mercenary racists save billions each year by defrauding its own clients. I have prepared a partial list of defrauded former clients and attorneys in an article entitled "Beware of Treacherous Attorneys: The Cochran Firm" at

In my opinion, Johnnie Cochran may have been murdered so that his reputation and firm could be used to defraud African Americans. See "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory" at

These NSA or other cyberstalkers will not even let me file a complaint with the Office of Inspector General over the USDOJ. The USDOJ also helped the jail cover-up Larry Neal's murder which happened during a period when the jail was under direct overview by the USDOJ due to its many inmate abuses. When Larry died there under secret arrest, the USDOJ accepted lying testimony and records that completely omitted Larry Neal's arrest and murder there. The false reports were signed by important people who colluded to defraud the USA, and it seemed simpler to intimidate and persecute Larry's family than to prosecute leading officials for their crimes. See "NSA Prevents Complaints to OIG Over USDOJ?"

My phone number is at the top margin of my blogs: 678.531.0262, but they sometimes play a lying message saying it is out of service, or they redirect callers to my voice mail and erase the messages without my receipt. This is like a bad James Bond movie, IParrot Post. I had hoped the Obama administration would be different, but my censorship and persecution that began when we served suit on The Cochran Firm in federal court continues.

Hopefully, "they" will allow you to see there are six(6) links in this article, and they should not redirect the links to edited versions of my real articles. Blessings.
IParrot Post commented at "Racist Slant on News by Cox Enterprises (WSB-TV Atl)"
Mary Neal
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Friday, October 4, 2013

Racist Slant on News by Cox Enterprises (WSB-TV Atl)

ABC News at Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia repeatedly reported the clash between an Asian SUV driver and bikers in New York with a very prejudice slant. An Asian couple ran over bikers in New York City in two separate incidents, and some white supremacist-owned media companies seem to like it. Most of the bikers appeared to be African Americans. (See videos of the attacks on the bikers at MaryLovesJustice blog )

ABC News at Channel 2 in Atlanta is a part of Cox Enterprises, a thoroughly racist media company that refused to answer a federal subpoena which I served to Cox's agent requesting records of The Cochran Firm's advertising its Atlanta, Georgia office through Cox Enterprises mediums, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution. My service agent repeatedly went to the authorized agent's place of business before effecting service of process. That is because the authorized agent for Cox Enterprises would lock its doors in the process server's face. He had to finally go and wait outside the agent's doors in the pre-dawn light and get inside before they could avoid service.

After accomplishing service of process, Cox Enterprises refused to respond with records of advertisements that the media company had run for The Cochran Firm on television and in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Cox refused to honor the federal subpoena. I was not allowed to review and copy records at Cox that proved The Cochran Firm had lied in court in its assertion that the law firm had no law offices whatsoever in the State of Georgia. Judge Timothy Batten, of United States District Court, refused to answer my Motion to Compel Cox Enterprises to release its advertising records for The Cochran Firm. Larry Neal's murder under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail was subjected to an elaborate cover-up by local and federal officials as well as media companies acting in collusion.

When Judge Shoob of Georgia Superior Court dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm based on the firm's perjury (denying it had any law offices at all in the State of Georgia), I contacted the Atlanta Journal Constitution Classified Ad Department to run an ad looking for other persons who had contracted with The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office for legal services. I also wanted to advertise for people who believed The Cochran Firm had a law office in Atlanta because they had seen advertisements for and news articles about that law office in Atlanta Journal Constitution, on MARTA buses and trains, on billboards, in Yellow Page ads, on Internet ads and search sites for legal consumers, and in the Daily Report, which carries legal news in Atlanta. The sales agent at the Atlanta Journal Constitution seemed excited about making a sale for the paper's classified section until I gave her the wording for my ad. After that, she was so uncooperative that I asked to speak with her supervisor. Her supervisor was also UNWILLING TO SELL ME AN AD wherein I would seek people in Georgia who had been made to understand (by advertisements and news reports) that The Cochran Firm had an Atlanta law office.

Since Cox Enterprises is obviously a very racist media company that seeks to prevent African Americans from knowing about The Cochran Firm fraud, I find its prejudice reports about black bikers who were run over by an Asian in NY particularly offensive. Channel 2 News reported that the bikers had attacked Mr. Zimmerman (not the SUV driver's real name), but the anchor failed to report that the Asian had just deliberately run over and tried to kill some of the bikers' members in two separate attacks. The video that Channel 2 News showed about the incident began with the bikers stopping the run-away SUV driven by the murderous Mr. Zimmerman.

This writer advises New York prosecutors to charge Mr. Zimmerman with every crime that he committed in running over black bikers in two separate attacks and then trying to escape. Bikers who were enraged after seeing their friends mowed over like grass by Zimmerman's SUV should also be held accountable for retaliating against Zimmerman. Although their outrage was reasonable, their violence against Zimmerman for his crimes was not. I note that the NY official who spoke about the incident on the CNN news video criticized the bikers for tying up traffic, but said nothing whatsoever about Mr. Zimmerman running over bikers in two separate attacks and putting one biker in a coma. He could die.

The Zimmermans were out to celebrate their second wedding anniversary and found themselves stopped in heavy traffic created by approximately a hundred bikers, many of whom were African Americans. The Asian man and his wife were obviously terrified of black men on bikes and decided to commit murder, if necessary, to leave the vicinity. And Mr. Zimmerman may have done just that if the comatose biker does not recover. Hopefully, New York will not set a new precedent making it OK to mow down people in its streets if drivers have an irrational fear or are running late for dinner.

White supremacists at Cox Enterprises should try to deliver untainted news reports and stop helping to defraud the public to support CoIntelPro lawyers at The Cochran Firm.

Repeat of Paragraph 1: ABC News at Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia repeatedly reported the clash between an Asian SUV driver and bikers in New York with a very prejudice slant. An Asian couple ran over bikers in New York City in two separate incidents, and some white supremacist-owned media companies seem to like it. Most of the bikers appeared to be African Americans. (See videos of the attacks on the bikers at MaryLovesJustice blog )

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love life and freedom? Shut Up

From time to time, potential operatives threaten me with indefinite detention without trials (NDAA), commitment to mental hospitals, and murder. They respond online to my advocacy for justice regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and advocacy against Internet censorship, which is used to contain information about Larry's government murder and his family's denial of due process of law. Censorship and terrorism are also used to impede my advocacy for 1.25 million mentally ill Americans who are wrongly imprisoned to benefit prison profiteers rather than using tax dollars for treatment in mental hospitals and community care programs. The first comment below threatens arrest, and the second one begins, "Maam, please ask yourself if you love life." My response:

He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.  ~John 12:25 KJV

I posted information to Hacker News on a PUBLIC POST at Google+ regarding my censorship. Anthony Mcmahon responded on this PUBLIC POST with the following two comments:

Anthony Mcmahon
Yesterday 12:58 AM
uhmb all of the above in your questions by the content of your posts and mannerism you are warranting them to watch your home by being an "erradic potential danger to society" they can arrest you on that alone.

and unless you are breaking down to be the next mass shooter I suggest you take steps back and not think about any of that.Put it out of your mind before you go crazy.If you own any guns and you deem yourself a harmless person.get rid of them immediately.

Anthony Mcmahon
Yesterday 1:06 AM
maam please ask your self if you love life and what you love or if you gave up on life.

you are transfixed on the "case/person/issue's........persue your case find backing in people and politeness when you have a gathering of people you are protected..........but take additional steps to not "warrant" anything.

as i see it I see someone breaking down giving up on life finding no hope in resolution.........take some walks go to the mall talk to people.remember why you live and what you love.become a safe sex addict......maybe someone will stick around if you are single......i dont know.

but you are spiraling daily.take it from me get the fuck out of the house and stop thinking about have attorney's etc.Let's say they beat you and you end up in a mental home then God knows what happens to you after that.

I am not trying to scare you.I am saying focus on other things.get outside get laid plant flowers pick flowers collect something go to the beach find your supporters if YOU KNOW who they are.Go with them.
                       No offense with the case it hand people will support you just cut tie's with the greedy you catch when its all said and done.just dont say anything me.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Yesterday 1:42 AM
I understand that people have mental illness if they see things that are not there, but thank God for digital cameras! Thank God, also, for Edward Snowden, who revealed NSA spying and some of the techniques used. Now here is a question for you, +Anthony Mcmahon - Is Justice a Crazy Idea in America?
Show less

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Yesterday 2:57 AM
+Anthony Mcmahon, people who label activists "crazy" if they claim being censored should definitely censor fewer activists. Years ago when I first wrote about these crimes, I was surprised at the number of people who told me about their own targeting for censorship. Nowadays, just about every activist I know reports being censored. A couple of years ago, a man told me about CoIntelPro, and that was my first knowledge that the government is sometimes behind such offenses.

I have no reason to go to the mall, but I hope that changes. 

While potential operatives like +Anthony Mcmahon try to pretend that people complaining about censorship are crazy, Pharaohs are meeting to censor us all through Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement - a SOPA-type international law that would bypass Congress.
I don't know if these Pharaohs think we are all retarded or if THEY are.

Trans Pacific Partnership: Secret Censorship Law

"They" plan to censor you like they do to me by controlling your use of the Internet through Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a secret Internet censorship law. That way, if they secretly arrest and murder your elderly or mentally unstable relatives like they did to Larry Neal, my brother who had paranoid schizophrenia, you will have no available mass communication to tell. Assange, Manning, Snowden, and many others offended Pharaohs by using the Internet to reveal offenses against human and civil rights. World leaders plan to use TPP to stop Internet freedom without any need for Congress to vote on it. This would reduce the need for cyberstalkers like those assigned to me who continually interfere with my ability to advocate for 1.25 million mentally ill people wrongly imprisoned rather than treated in hospitals and community care programs. It is challenging for this writer to even get an email through! Read my bounced email to "Democracy in Action" and more about Pharaohs' plans from Fight for the Future, posted below.

from: Mail Delivery Subsystem <MAILER-DAEMON> via 
date: Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 2:22 PM
subject: Rejected: Re: Censorship
Your message to <> was automatically rejected:
Quota exceeded (mailbox for user is full)

Dear Mary:

They figured it out. The Internet refused to let them pass SOPA as a law, so big media’s lobbyists have pushed to include extreme Internet censorship in a secretive trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership1. It’s like they’re passing SOPA without a vote.
We know from leaked drafts2 that the TPP will make the Internet more expensive, censored, and policed. Experts say the TPP could actually kick you off the Internet by implementing a “Three Strikes You’re Out” rule when dealing with possible copyright infringement.3
TPP negotiations have been going on in secret for some time now; there have been 19 rounds of negotiations over the last 5 years.
Officials have stated that they plan to “conclude the TPP discussions” in just a few days.
We’re partnering with our friends at OpenMedia in Canada to unite around these demands -- but don't worry, you won't be added to their list if you sign. By taking action, you send a message to political leaders of TPP countries:    
  • Protect the right of everyone to access the Internet in their daily lives.
  • Do not force ISPs to act as “Internet Police” monitoring our Internet use, censoring content, and removing whole websites.5
  • Preserve the democratic rights of sovereign countries to draft their own copyright laws.    
Together, we can stop the TPP’s Internet Censorship.
Our public outcry has stopped TPP officials from finalizing the agreement but now powerful interests are pressuring political leaders to ram through their Internet censorship plan.
Thousands of people and over 30 major organizations from across the Trans-Pacific region are working together to keep the Internet open. High ranking politicians from several countries are beginning to ask questions.6
Together, we won’t let them take away our digital rights.
For our future,
Tiffiniy, Holmes, and Evan
Fight for the Future
In collaboration with OpenMedia
1) “Obama to Attend APEC, ASEAN Summits on October Asia Trip” Source:
2) Leaked draft of TPP Intellectual Property Chapter. Source: Knowledge Ecology International
3) What’s actually in the TPP? Source: Public Knowledge
4) US Envoy: TPPA talks to conclude next month. Source: FMT Malaysia
5) “TPP Creates Legal Incentives for ISPs to Police the Internet. What is at risk? Your rights.” Source:Electronic Frontier Foundation--
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Repeat of paragraph 1:
"They" plan to censor you like they do to me by controlling your use of the Internet through TPP, a secret Internet censorship bill. That way, if they secretly arrest and murder your elderly or mentally unstable relatives like they did to Larry Neal, my brother who had paranoid schizophrenia, you will have no available mass communication to tell. Assange, Manning, Snowden, and many others offend Pharaohs by using the Internet to reveal offenses against human and civil rights. World leaders plan to use TPP to stop Internet freedom without any need for Congress to vote on it. This would reduce the need for cyberstalkers like mine who continually interfere with my ability to advocate for 1.25 million mentally ill people wrongly imprisoned rather than treated in hospitals and community care programs. Read about their plans in an email from Fight for the Future, posted below.

Mary Neal, director
Justice 4 Larry Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill