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Sarah Dozier's Guest Book by AJC Censored?

Sarah C. Dozier died December 8, 2012, a few weeks after I wrote about her misfortune - being defrauded by The Cochran Firm and sued by Markel Hutchins because she acted on her unethical attorneys' advice. I left a message for her family at her Guest Book, which is sponsored by the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), a media that has long dedicated itself to helping The Cochran Firm continue its mission of defrauding blacks. In fact, it was very challenging to serve its parent company, Cox Enterprises, LLC, with our Interrogatories in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm lawsuit. As it was when we served The Cochran Firm our Complaint, the process server had to make several trips to Cox's authorized agent before the Request for Records were served. We requested The Cochran Firm's advertising records in order to prove to the court that the Atlanta law office we served with our lawsuit was indeed advertising itself through Cox on television and in newsprint as being Atlanta's Cochran Firm office while the lawyers lied in court and disclaimed that identification. Cox was finally served, but on the appointed day for the media company to allow inspection of The Cochran Firm's advertising records, Cox refused to honor our federal subpoena. We then filed a Motion to Compel, which Judge Batten did not honor. Instead our lawsuit was dismissed, with Judge Batten ruling it "immaterial" that Larry Neal, my disabled brother, was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest and his survivors were defrauded by our wrongful death attorneys to help cover-up his murder (our lawsuit was held secretly inactive while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed). Therefore, The AJC may add another offense by illegally withholding my condolences to Sarah Dozier's family. Please see "Markel Hutchins Sues Murdered Elder's Estate" at

I wrote: "Condolences regarding Sarah Dozier. I wish I could have talked to her about her attorneys before she passed. She was mistreated in life, but God has her now. (678)531.0262"

  • Mary left a condolence in the Guest Book for Sarah C. DOZIER.
    Sign and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Family-Placed Death Notice DOZIER, Sarah C. Graveside service celebrating the life of Mrs. Sarah C. Dozier of Fayetteville, GA will be held Wednes day December 12, 2012, 11:00 a.m. at Lincoln...
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  • Mary Neal My condolences are not on view yet. We will check back next week and see what's up. Her sons must be warned about The Cochran Firm fraud, which I understand is still their attorneys. The Cochran Firm helped to defraud this family of $13.1 million in Sarah Dozier's lawsuit against the City of Atlanta, and in 2012, The Cochran Firm gave Dozier bad legal advice, advising her to withhold reporting to Probate Court an invoice from Markel Hutchins against Johnston's estate. This caused Dozier to suffer through another lawsuit in the months preceding her death. Many people in Atlanta are aware of The Cochran Firm fraud and suppress the information, especially the Atlanta Journal Constitution which sponsors the Dozier guestbook.
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    My brother told me tonight that The Cochran Firm fraud is more exciting than any movie he saw or book he read in a long time. I agree. One never knows who will join The Cochran Firm fraud next. It is an elaborate conspiracy against minorities, particularly blacks, that spans the nation and has negatively impacted many hundreds of grieving families after wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries caused by "protected" entities.

    May 2, 2013 UPDATE
    Yes, the Dozier Guest Book is definitely censored. The last post registered seems to be from Jennifer Hanson, dated January 29. My post of April 2013 never showed up among the other mourners', as far as I can see, although the Atlanta Journal Constitution definitely received my post, as you can see above. My question is, do these people actually think their censorship is keeping me from communicating with Dozier's sons and family? True, it makes communicating less convenient, but I will show them that this Guest Book is not the end-all they seem to think. Elitists think the Internet is their problem rather than their own attempts to manipulate people. It is not because they are unsuccessful as manipulators and master controllers - it is because they are successful that they ultimately lose. After a while, masses of people find slave masters intolerable and will go to great lengths to escape slavery. There was no Internet during the French Revolution or the civil rights movement, was there? Thanks for the 40+ leads, AJC. Peace.

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