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Gangstalking to Hide Crimes Against Humanity

1 of 12. When you redirect the twenty(20) links in this article, cyberstalkers, you will further expose your Nazi employers when I return to this article and place the actual urls to the links.

2 of 12. CENSORED CRIMES! I discovered tonight that the YouTube video showing my home was outlined in paint by gangstalkers for radial harassment is not able to play directly on Twitter, where I am @koffietime. The url for the video also failed to show the film in an email I sent on Gmail. Apparently, the video has been coded to act different from other videos I post. The Bible says, "Blessed is he whose sins are covered." In this one respect, authorities believe God. It was unlawful and evil to secretly arrest a mentally, physically disabled man, lie to his social worker and family and deny having Larry Neal, a schizophrenic heart patient, keep him 18 days while the family searched everywhere for him, then return his naked body nearly three weeks later, with all requests for explanations, investigations, arrest records, an inmate fatality report, and justice denied. Human rights are tossed out of the window in the USA. The video which is embedded below is at You Tube link and is called "Gangstalking Mary Neal re Prisoner Advocacy

3 of 12. I am terrorized, censored, and kept under constant surveillance because I ask and will continue to ask, "What happened to Larry Neal?" I told my elderly mama that I would help her get justice for Larry, thinking it would be sufficient to contract with wrongful death attorneys. The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm worked for the jail behind our backs and never filed suit and did not even start any investigation, although the unethical attorneys pretended to do so for almost a year while the statute of limitations ran. The managing partner of the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm, Julian Bolton, Esq., was himself a long-standing member of the Shelby County Commission, and the firm took our case in a deliberate, hidden conflict of interest in order to defraud us and prevent the lawsuit for Larry's murder. Then the courts in Georgia protected The Cochran Firm from our lawsuits for its dirty fraud. Dog abuse/murder is investigated and prosecuted in the United States. But mentally ill people's right to life is not protected, especially black people's. Mentally ill people in America deserve DOG JUSTICE. 


5 of 12. I try to report the censorship and gangstalking that happens in the infowar regarding advocacy for mentally ill Americans. Continuous censorship is indicative that criminals plan to eventually harm me. Congratulations to states that are making it unlawful to indefinitely detain ANYONE without criminal charges and an opportunity for defense, nullifying NDAA Section 1021 for the People. The State of Montana is working to nullify NDAA. "Montana's Anti- NDAA Bill Moves to Senate With 98-0 Vote"  Once, my little dog bit a child who trespassed and played with him in our yard where he was secured on a chain. When Animal Control arrived, I was required to prove that Shaggy Dog was up to date on his vaccinations, which I did. Nevertheless, Shaggy Dog was arrested and kept in the pound for a number of days to guarantee that he was not rabid. People arrested under NDAA will not have the opportunity of defense that my dog had.

6 of 12. Larry Neal was a lifelong mentally ill heart patient, not a terrorist. I know if they secretly arrested and terminated him in 2003 before NDAA was law for simply singing loud or panhandling, they will do it to you and/or your loved ones. That is possible only because We the People lack courage and commitment to human rights. The video at the url link below was published two years ago, and grassroots organizations and individual activists have provided our only help. We are grateful for them. But Larry's kidnapping and secret lynching and my family's persecution to hide the crime shows how remiss/united major human/civil rights organizations, lawyers, media companies, and government officials are. We must emulate their unity before it is too late. See "Boycott 4 Justice"

7 of 12. I had hoped that my family's 10-year justice quest regarding Larry Neal's government lynching and my terrorism following The Cochran Firm fraud would end on a quietly victorious note. I was raised as a Christian to live without prejudice. But after viewing a movie called "Maafa21," which is available in my FreeSpeakBlog, I recognize that powerful Caucasian elitists probably would not allow The Cochran Firm to pay damages and apologize for covering up my disabled brother's murder while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail even if the firm wanted to do so. 

8 of 12. None of them in that "eugenics/ genocide club" think it is necessary to treat Africans in America like real people. They believe us to be "imbeciles" and "useless eaters" and "the Negro problem" since slavery was declared illegal except for convicts, which is why America has the highest prison population in the history of the world. Upholding human and civil rights is not a popular idea in Washington at this time, either. They exercise influence over blacks and "liberals" in media, religion, government, and civil/human rights organizations. The article and full-length movie about the eugenics/ genocide program are available at "BLACK GENOCIDE Maafa21" at the link:

9 of 12. Randy McMurry, a former Cochran Firm partner, calls The Cochran Firm's fraud against its black and brown clients and attorneys "racketeering." McMurray's documentary proof (if you need more) that The Cochran Firm engages in deliberately false or misleading advertising and does shoddy legal work that rises to the level of RICO racketeering will be published in a subsequent article in FreeSpeakBlog. After that, please look for "Cochran Firm Fraud" wherever you buy books.

10 of 12. Testimony by former Cochran Firm attorneys, including Shawn Chapman Holley, Randy McMurray, and Vickie Gilliam, regarding The Cochran Firm fraud is at this article:
Randy McMurray: "The Cochran Firm Racketeers!"

11 of 12. Repeat of Paragraph 1: When you redirect the twenty(20) links in this article, cyberstalkers, you will further expose your Nazi employers when I return to this article and place the actual urls to the links.

12 of 12. Mary Neal

Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

ALL people need Dog Justice

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Google Chromebook (Samsung) Questions

MaryLovesJustice Neal
1:54 AM (edited) - Public

Google Chromebook (Samsung) Questions:
I bought a Google Chromebook (Samsung). It is a nice computer, but I listed TEN(10) questions below. I suspect some of the issues I am having may be caused by stalkers:

(1) How do I get the Google Chrome toolbar? I thought I would automatically have it. Do I need to download it? I read instructions that said the wrench would automatically be in the toolbar's right corner, and it is not. Is the wrench an app that I have to get from Google Apps? If I need to download the Chrome toolbar, please provide the link for the download for Chromebook Samsung.
(2) Reserved for a future question.
(3) When I open a new tab, I should see my most recently visited or most used sites on the new tab page. Instead, I see sites that were visited only once about a week ago. I cannot apply the steps to get rid of them without the wrench, as far as I know. Is there another way to remove shortcuts to sites I shall never use again?
(4) At the Facebook icon on my "new tab" page, it says Facebook has four windows open, and I should have none. This persists even when I log out of Facebook and shut down completely. I have logged out at Facebook and do not plan to return for a long time. As I wrote this question, the icon for Facebook disappeared on my "new tab" page. How do I close all windows? (I restored the computer to factory defaults using that option in "Advanced Settings," but I would prefer not to have to do that again to close Facebook.)
(5) Where should I look for the model number of the computer. I need the model number to ask questions at Samsung.
(6) Can I get my full list of Google bookmarks back without knowing the password I used before? My home was burglarized by thieves working for The Cochran Firm or prison investors or the government in August, and they stole only my address book with my passwords and two boxes of court records and evidence of fraud related to my lawsuits against The Cochran Firm. Last night I wrote a new Share at my Care2 Sharebook, but it disappeared when I hit "submit." The fact that I entered the share on a new computer proves that my interference is not caused by the computer. I have not been able to enter a new Share at my Sharebook at Care2 for over a year.
(7) Until tonight, I was able to respond to people in my circles Google+ posts from my Gmail mail box. Now I cannot respond except by going to Google+. I type the response in the box at Gmail, but when I hit "submit," it just sits there. Can that option be restored? (After I wrote this, my ability to reply from my email box resumed.)
(8) Basically, it appears that I am running into the same constraints I had before purchasing the Google Chromebook. I attempted to play videos at YouTube that show how to use Google Chromebook, but I got an error message and was prohibited from seeing them. I wanted to compare the screen and toolbar I see while using Google Chromebook to those on the videos. EVERY other video I played at YouTube played well. The speakers on the Google Chromebook are impressive.
(9) On my initial sign-in, Google Chromebook asked for my Internet connection. There was a question that asked "Allow other users on this network?" I would have chosen "no," but I could not. That was not an active selection. Who are the "other users"?
(10) I used to elect to send emails to numerous people and to my circles of data I posted at Google+, but now it says I selected too many even when I only put one. It used to give an option to send emails to the 277 people I email from Gmail who are not Google+ members. (The denial of this feature began before I got a Chromebook, but I had hoped that using a Chromebook would fix it).

I am going to keep reading the instructions, and I may find some of the questions will be answered by so doing. Thanks in advance for your TEN(10) responses. If you don't know the answer to a question(s), please put the question number(s) and write, "I don't know." That way I will know that you saw the question.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Retribution Against Co-chair of Memphis Black Autonomy Network for Planning Anti-Klan Rally in Memphis

Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin

UPDATE from Bro. Ervin March 29, 2013:  New Assembly Point for Memphis Anti-Klan March 
Due to the police security zone, we will assemble at 12 noon [on March 30] in Court Center Square (between Madison and Jefferson) in downtown Memphis. Spread the word. Email if more information is needed.

Governments use different techniques to censor activists. Memphis, Tennessee plans its KKK rally on March 30, 2013. The NAACP and Sons of Confederate Veterans agreed they would respond by ignoring the Klan. The Memphis Black Autonomy Federation and Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality have a different response: They plan an anti-Klan protest and invited all people of conscience to rally against the Klan in Memphis on March 30. Obviously, the expectation was that everyone would follow the lead of the NAACP and Sons of Confederate Veterans. A fugitive summons was issued for Lorenzo Ervin, who co-chairs Memphis Black Autonomy Network. Memphis is the city where Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother, and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. were murdered. Larry was secretly arrested (kidnapped) and murdered after 18 days of secret incarceration in 2003. Please see below a request for assistance from JoNina Ervin, chairperson of Memphis Black Autonomy Network, and help if you can. See also a March 3, 2013 press release after the initial article entitled "Black Autonomy Vice Chair Seeks To Overturn 2001 Conviction."


In an attempt to disrupt the anti-police brutality work in Memphis, Tenn., and the city's March 30 Anti-Klan protest, the Hamilton County Sheriff's department in Chattanooga, Tenn. (very likely working with other law enforcement agencies in Tennessee), has issued a fugitive summons for Lorenzo Ervin. Lorenzo is the vice chair of the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation, which has organized several protests against police brutality and put out the national call for the upcoming Anti-Klan protest in Memphis.


The summons stems from court costs the county claims that Lorenzo owes in connection with a 12-year-old misdemeanor conviction. Damon McGee, Mikail Musa Muhammad (Ralph P. Mitchell), and Lorenzo were convicted in January, 2001, for disrupting a Chattanooga (Tenn.) City Council meeting in 1998 where they went to protest against police brutality. At the time, Chattanooga had the highest number of people killed by police in U.S. cities with populations under 200.000..

Damon has also received a “fugitive” summons. Mikail died in 2006. There is no statute of limitations in the U.S. on the collection of court fees and fines, and Damon and Lorenzo could be arrested at any time.

The Chattanooga 3, as they were called, were convicted for violating Tennessee's “Disrupting Meetings Law,” which makes it illegal for anyone by “physical action or verbal utterance” to interfere with a lawful meeting. The law should be declared unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly.

At the May 19, 1998 city council meeting, the chairman of the council had agreed to allow Lorenzo to speak on behalf of the Coalition Against Police Brutality to present a proposal for community control of the police. More than 100 people packed the meeting to back the proposal. But when the time came, the city council president would not allow Lorenzo to speak. Police arrested him when he attempted to read the proposal from the speaker's podium. Damon and Mikail, who were at the podium with Lorenzo, were also arrested.

The Chattanooga 3 went on trial in a kangaroo courtroom. For one thing, the jury pool was tainted. One juror was a neighbor of the prosecutor. Worse, a married couple was on the same jury pool! The judge refused to allow defense attorneys to use the First Amendment in arguing their cases.

The conspiracy against the Chattanooga 3 became crystal clear after sheriff's deputies allowed a black man to bring a gun into the courtroom. The man, who said he was a supporter of Osama Bin Laden, claimed that Lorenzo told him to bring the gun to the courtroom. The defendants had to remove some of the jurors prior to jury deliberations because of this prejudicial orchestrated event.

The Chattanooga 3 had support from activists around the world, who sent hundreds of emails to the Hamilton County district attorney. This international support and the fact that two days prior to sentencing, supporters held a big rally in Chattanooga that was widely publicized in the ruling class media, forced the judge to give the three activists suspended sentences.

The Chattanooga 3 case was Lorenzo's second conviction for violating the disruption meetings law. In 1994, he and another activist were convicted for protesting against police brutality across the street from a memorial service for police held in Chattanooga in 1993. In this case, the Tennessee Supreme Court refused to hear Lorenzo's appeal.

What You Can Do To Help:

1. Contact Criminal Court Judge Rebecca Stern, who presided over the Chattanooga 3 trial. Email , call or fax her and demand that she withdraw the “fugitive” summonses issued for Lorenzo Ervin and Damon McGee. Send email using the URL below.
Call Stern at (423)209-7500 or send a fax to her at (423)209-7501.

2. Protest to Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond, who enforces summonses at the direction of the courts.
Call the sheriff at ( (423)209-7000, or send a fax to (423)209-7001.

3. Write a letter to the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct (see link below), complaining about Judge Rebecca Stern's 12-year harassment of Lorenzo Ervin and Damon McGee in the Chattanooga 3 case.

Peace and love,
JoNina Ervin
Acting Chair
Memphis Black Autonomy Federation
P.O. Box 16382
Memphis, Tennessee 38186-0382

Since slavery was "abolished" in the United States, the very criminal justice system has been used to keep Africans in America in our "place." Persons like Lorenzo Ervin who actively resist oppression are ordinarily subdued by misuse of that system. See Part 4 of a Press TV documentary embedded below that illustrates how mass incarceration is used to subdue millions of Africans in America and relegate the race to a permanent underclass: "FAƇADE of the American Dream,"

Thank you for your attention, prayers, and practical support for Lorenzo Ervin. The struggle continues.

A biography for Lorenzo Ervin, former Black Panther Party member and internationally known freedom fighter is available in BuggStories blog

Additional articles in the Memphis Klan rally series (a growing list):

Memphis Hosts KKK Rally March 30

Memphis Anti-Klan Protest March 30

Retribution Against Memphis Black Autonomy Network's Co-Chair, Lorenzo Ervin (this article)

Black Genocide - Maafa21

Website: Wrongful death of Larry

UPDATE March 3, 2013
Black Autonomy Vice Chair Seeks To Overturn 2001 Conviction 

(Memphis, Tenn.) - Charging that Tennessee's “disrupting meetings” law violates the First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly, a veteran black anti-police brutality activist has asked the federal court in Memphis to overturn his 2001 misdemeanor conviction for breaking the law.

Lorenzo Ervin, vice chair of the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation, seeks a hearing in the U.S. District Court of Western Tennessee to challenge the law, which he says is “blatantly unconstitutional.”

Ervin, Damon McGee, and the late Mikail Musa Muhammad (Ralph P. Mitchell) were convicted in January, 2001, for disrupting a 1998 meeting of the Chattanooga City Council where they had gone to protest against police brutality. Last month, fugitive warrants were issued for Ervin and McGee for failure to pay the court fees and fines related to their trial 12 years ago.

There is no statute of limitations in the United States on the collection of court fees and fines, Ervin said, and he and McGee could be arrested at any time. The fugitive warrants have, in effect, reopened the case, allowing Ervin to request a hearing in federal court. His previous appeals in state court failed.

Ervin said he's been branded a fugitive to sabotage his current work as the coordinator of Black Autonomy Copwatch in Memphis, where he is organizing a March 15 protest and a March 16 conference against police brutality and an anti-Klan protest on March 30.

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Citizen: A Sacred Word

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides . . . Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all. ~ Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize for Peace, 1986.

That is a post I am trying to place on my Facebook wall at . So far, the picture has not posted. My new Googlebooks computer was also put on my cyberstalkers' network. I called DeKalb County Police Department about the violations against my First Amendment violations last week when my new computer was taken over. I was surprised when Det. Brown said he would have a detective from the cybercrime unit call me, but no detective called so far. 

It was shocking to learn that DeKalb County has a cybercrime unit. I had been given to understand that cyberstalking is not a crime in Georgia, according to Det. Miller, the officer who received my crime report in 2011. That is when my computer security system captured the IP addresses of persons who censor my online input and control which links I can open (SOPA). In fact, cyberstalkers illegally put my computer on their network to control my speech online, because I advocate for freedom and justice for all - a terrorizing prospect for corrupt officials and corporations they serve.

My fight for free speech began six years ago when I went online to attract support for justice regarding my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Larry was secretly arrested (kidnapped) by Memphis Police and incarcerated in Shelby County, Tennessee Jail for 18 days until he died by undisclosed means on August 1, 2003. The United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) allowed Shelby County Jail to omit its obligation under its Agreement with the USA to file an inmate fatality report on Larry's murder, and the USDOJ accepted testimony and reports that it knew to be false in Release hearings for the jail in that the testimony reports deliberately omitted any mention of the disabled CITIZEN who was killed there. I emphasize "citizen" because I received an email from the White House that seemed to declare that word "sacred." I do not know what the article said, because CoIntelPro would not allow the link to open. See it at the link below. Memphis, a city where one citizen a month is killed under the color of law, hosts its Ku Klux Klan rally on March 30, 2013. A link for more information is below.

Another reason why four cyberstalkers go online with me whenever I use online services is to protect the reputation of CoIntelPro attorneys at The Johnnie Cochran Firm. That firm's name is to remain untarnished in the public's mind while it continues to defraud black and brown citizens coast to coast. Atlanta police officers threatened me with Tasering and arrest for telling the public in person about Larry's lynching and The Cochran Firm's fraud against us to protect the jail in 2010, and cyberstalkers censor my Internet input. Last week, I arranged for a former Cochran Firm partner to broadcast on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio show and tell about his own experience with the firm that defrauded my elderly mother and family after Larry's lynching in Shelby County Jail. Randy McMurray, Esq., a former partner in the firm's California office, filed suit alleging RICO Act racketeering against The Cochran Firm on February 14, 2013. Listen to the tape at Blogtalk to Rev. Pinkney's February 17 show, for which the link is posted among the nine(9) links below.

As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia recently announced, the Constitution is dead, dead, dead. It is seemingly dead in the minds of people who receive Americans' tax money to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic. 

As Elie Wiesel said, silence regarding evil is acquiescence. That is why President Carter denounced America's crimes against humanity in his oped piece, and it is why the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) denounced President Obama's "right" to order extrajudicial assassinations of persons who are denied any opportunity to face their accusers and defend themselves. NBCI is a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans. Although cyberstalkers make it hard for Americans to communicate about certain issues (especially justice issues, my usual subject), it behooves us all to continue resisting oppression for ourselves, our children, and the world. 

Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Loving Justice Scalia

Mary Neal v. CoIntelPro Continues

Randy McMurray, Esq. Sues His Former Firm for RICO Act Racketeering, Saying The Cochran Firm Defrauded Him and the Public

Black Churches Condemn Obama's Drone Policy As Murder

Former President Jimmy Carter: America's Shameful Human Rights Record 

From the White House: A Single Sacred Word - Citizen

All We Say to America is, "Be True to What You Said on Paper." ~MLK

My Flag, My Country, by Mary Neal

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Memphis Anti-Klan Protest, March 30, 2013

The Ku-Klux-Klan (KKK) plans a rally in Memphis, Tennessee on March 30, 2013, to protest the renaming of parks, one of which was named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Klan's first Grand Wizard. 

"It's not going to be 20 or 30," [the Tennessee area KKK leader] said. "It's going to be thousands of Klansmen from the whole United States coming to Memphis, Tennessee."

The Commercial Appeal reported, "Memphis Council Wants No Masks at KKK Rally." Anti-Klan protesters are encouraged to take pictures and make videos. Post them all over the Internet for people to see how their co-workers, bosses, neighbors and relatives spend their weekends in Memphis.

Please see the announcement and invitation below:

Mass Anti-Klan Protest
To Take Place March 30
in Memphis, Tennessee

UPDATE from Bro. Ervin March 29, 2013:  New Assembly Point for Memphis Anti-Klan March 
Due to the police security zone, we will assemble at 12 noon [on March 30] in Court Center Square (between Madison and Jefferson) in downtown Memphis. Spread the word. Email if more information is needed.

(Memphis, Tenn.) – A multiracial coalition of activists around the United States will come here on March 30 for a mass protest against the Ku KluxKlan.

“This is 2013, not 1913. The KKK is a white terrorist organization whose fear-mongering tactics will no longer be tolerated,” said JoNina Ervin, the acting chair of the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation (MBAF), a local social justice group that created the anti-Klan coalition.

Hundreds of people throughout the United States are expected to participate in the protest led by the Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality, Ervin said.

The Klan is coming to Memphis, a majority black city, to protest the recent decision by the Memphis City Council to change the name of a park in downtown Memphis named after Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was the first grand wizard of the Klan and a Confederate general in the Civil War whose troops massacred hundreds of slaves.

The Klan has filed a permit with the City of Memphis to hold a march and rally on March 30 at the Shelby County Courthouse.

“It is a disgrace that Memphis officials took so long to rename Forrest Park,” Ervin said. Most big cities in the southern United States changed the names of parks and monuments named after Confederate generals years ago," she said. "Forrest Park was renamed Health Sciences Park."

Anti-Klan Protest Information

We will meet in the morning at City Hall Plaza, 125 N Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103, approximately a block and a half from where the KKK will be gathering. We will then proceed to confront the Klan gathering. In the afternoon we will gather at Nathan Bedford Forrest Park (recently renamed "Health Sciences Park") 799 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN, 38103 (main crossroads at the park are Union and Walnut)

If you live in or near Memphis, contact:
The Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality
c/o Black Autonomy Copwatch
P.O. Box 16382-0382
Memphis, TN. 38186-0362

If you do not live in Memphis and would like to coordinate ride-shares from other parts of the country, contact

The FaceBook event page is named "Anti-Klan Demonstration in Memphis, Tennessee, USA!!"

Organizers have no funding. If you can send money to help with printing and travel costs, they request that you send it via PayPal to

Additional articles in the Memphis Klan rally series (a growing list):

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