Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cyberstalkers Prevent Cochran Firm Fraud Disclosure at WordPress

ANOTHER Cochran Firm Fraud - The former client and victim is Clemzo Gildersleeve. Stalkers prevent my comment at the article about Mr. Gildersleeve picketing The Cochran Firm's Dothan, Alabama office.

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Subject: Cyberstalking at WordPress Against Mary Neal

I tried posting the following comment at

"Clemzo Gildersleeve is one of the lucky former Cochran Firm fraud clients. The frauds actually filed his lawsuit against Allstate. Regarding the Neal family's complaint against Memphis Shelby County Jail for the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, The Cochran Firm signed contract as our wrongful death attorneys, proceeded to lie via U.S. Mail fraud about legal work that was not actually taking place while the statute of limitations passed, then the firm disclaimed its own existence in Georgia and in Memphis before the court in order to dodge accountability for its FRAUD. My exposing The Cochran Firm fraud against minorities has led to censorship, terrorism, and a home burglary. Only two boxes of court records from our lawsuits against The Cochran Firm in Georgia courts were stolen. The Cochran Firm is sued for being frauds regularly by its former clients, former attorneys, and law firms that combine with the frauds on civil action cases, such as Catalano & Plache in Washington, D.C. Ask Mr. Gildersleeve to TRY to call me at 678.531.0262. See a growing list of lawsuits against The Cochran Firm you may never read about in news reports at this link "

***Look at the lie tells (probably stalkers) - that I am not logged in at . Then how am I sending you this email?

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Mary Neal said...

Another question is, why should I even need to be signed in at gmail to post a comment to WordPress when I elected to allow WordPress to keep me signed in at its site with my WordPress password. To prove it, notice the "two dogs" icon that is my avatar at WordPress. This is such BS.