Thursday, September 27, 2012

Petition to Free Mary Neal from Censorship

  The Petition


To U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder:

     Re: Petition to respect First Amendment rights for human and civil rights activists

Mary Neal, human rights activist, is denied free speech and freedom of press to prevent her advocacy to decriminalize mental illness, end capital punishment, police brutality, wrongful convictions, denial of human rights, racism and class consciousness in the justice system, avoidable wars, and to repeal Section 1021 of NDAA and other laws that infringe on God-given rights. She is also suppressed in order to continue a cover-up regarding the murder of her mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. He died after 18 days of secret incarceration in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003 under circumstances that the jail and the USDOJ refuse to divulge despite having received a federal subpoena and a Freedom of Information Act request, respectively. She has endured stalking, cyber stalking, and a burglary during which her original court files regarding her two lawsuits against The Cochran Firm were stolen on August 11, 2012. While America is embroiled in wars, supposedly for human rights, and officials contemplate more wars, it is imperative that human rights are respected in this country.

"I SAY TO OUR IRANIAN FRIENDS: Let your people march, let your people speak, release your people from jail, let them have a voice!" ― Vice President Joe Biden

"All we say to America is, 'Be true to what you said on paper.'"
― Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In denying Mary Neal her freedom of press and free speech rights, culprits also deny her right to peaceful assembly with like-minded persons through Internet communications, her right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and her right to practice her religion, which is Christianity. Proverbs 31:8-9 says that Christians are to advocate for the poor and needy and for all who are appointed to death. Mary Neal's denial of net freedom also curtails her ability to earn a living. Emails to and from potential employers are prevented, as are emails to and from law firms and civil/human rights organizations that might help. First Amendment protections are under attack for all people in America. As of May 2011, over 2,600 protesters had been arrested since 2009, and that was before the Occupy demonstrations began. The number of arrests may have doubled since that date. Peaceful assembly and freedom of speech should be upheld in the United States, including speaking against the secret arrest and murder of a disabled relative like Mary Neal does, and attempting to help other families who have mentally, physically disabled loved ones. 


We, the undersigned, hereby demand that First Amendment rights be fully honored and zealously protected by authorities for Mary Neal and all other human/civil rights activists.

We, the undersigned, hereby demand that all telephone interference in the Neals' home cease, including (a) preventing outgoing and incoming phone calls, (b) making the phone number show as "unlisted" when it should be published, (c) directing callers to voice mail rather than allowing the phone to ring, then erasing the messages that the Neals did not hear, and (d) playing messages that falsely say the Neals' phone is out of service.

We, the undersigned, hereby demand that computer takeovers must end. Parties must be prosecuted who take control of Mary Neal's browser, surreptitiously edit her articles and emails, issue denial of service (DOS) at various online sites, delete her Internet input, erase data from her hard drive, and otherwise interfere with her net freedom. This video is a sample

We, the undersigned, demand an end to police harassment against Mary Neal who is threatened with Tasering and arrest for telling people in Atlanta, Georgia about the secret lynching of her disabled brother and about the lawyer fraud she endured, which was allowed by Georgia courts.

THANK YOU, FRIENDS. Please share this petition with your friends and online groups using this link 



"The U.S. Justice Dept is Criminal"

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October 13, 2012 - I just hit a snag at Facebook. My assigned cyberstalkers refuse to allow me to publish this post:

Roughly 1.25 million of the nation's 2.3 million inmates are mentally ill people who should be treated in hospitals or community care programs, not punished as criminals. Please "like" Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at Facebook  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nazi Telephone Takeover

As I write this, Nazis are preventing me from joining a TalkShoe conference call with Dr.Shirley Moore, Dr.Randy Short, and others. The topic they do not want me to address with the conference participants is "Dismantling of Black Colleges and Universities." See my invitation below, and you are invited to join:

(712)432-0900 CODE 925998#
Special guest was Dr. Issa Jahi, a former professor at Delaware State University who was fired and incarcerated for leading a peaceful student demonstration. See "Dr. Issa Jahi Prosecuted for Resisting Oppression" He seems to have had trouble getting online See the article at this link  - TOPIC: Are black colleges more secure or less secure under President Obama? Definitely less secure. The first year that President Obama was in office, he substantially cut funding for black colleges and universities. Dr. Jahi tells about his police harassment, stolen files from his computer, and a lynching that happened in the park where he usually took his family for outings - All of these things happened since his arrest.

I had to call a friend to put me in the call on three-way. I called MetroPCS to re-set my phone so that I could be rid of the takeover stalkers have done (temporarily), but each time I called MetroPCS, stalkers hung up my phone while the operator tried to access my account. This is what stalkers do to prevent my communications with "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVIE" producer Bill Windsor, also. My phone says I need a calling card number to dial that number every time, and that is not true. See my report about stalkers preventing my freedom of speech at TalkShoe at this link:  "CENSORING LAWLESS AMERICA MOVIE WITNESS"

I don't know what stalkers fear I will add to the conversation at TalkShoe. I was not even going to tell them about the interesting article I read this week by 60 Minutes reporter, Mr. Kroft, that explains why the nation is going Nazi at this link   They probably already read it. As far as I know, all the people in the conference already know about my mentally, physically disabled brother's murder under secret arrest. So what is the stalkers' reason for preventing me from joining the conference call? Is it only because they are sociopaths who work for sociopaths?

Wait a minute! I was in the conference thanks to third-party call, and I could hear people speaking. But time I started to speak, three people were separated from the main conference, and we found ourselves in a conference apart from the main conference! Those included AShed the Prophet, Cynthia Johnson and myself. Since it was time for the Blogtalk Radio session to begin, we hung up to join the conference on Blogtalk. But I do not think the host can see my number waiting on her board.

I am America's most censored, Mary Neal. Find out 13 reasons why at this link  . Human and civil rights activists, especially Africans, need to find some other way to communicate other than the Internet. The Internet is taken over by people who hate us and freedom. Therefore, tomorrow I must march with my sign and pass out flyers to alert people in my area that BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA HAVE NO RIGHTS THAT ARE RESPECTED OR PROTECTED - NOT EVEN THE RIGHT TO LIFE.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Lawless America Labels Sigma Chi a Crime Scene

William Windsor, producer of "Lawless America - The Movie"
Congressional candidate from the State of Georgia
Justice advocate committed to exposing judicial and government corruption

Denise Johnson was the mother of Gregory Johnson, a sophomore at San Jose University who was the only black student living in Sigma Chi frat house at the time of his death in November of 2008. She is one of the "stars" on "Lawless America - The Movie." Bill Windsor, producer, is traveling throughout the country and filming justice seekers in all 50 states. Sunday, he and Denise and others went to unfurl a huge CRIME SCENE banner in front of Sigma Chi frat house where Gregory died at age 20. The young man who had everything to live for was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, yet police ruled his death to be a suicide by hanging from a 5 foot and 10 inch pipe in the frat house basement. Gregory's brain was oozing out of the six-inch crack in the back of his skull when his family received his body after 13days, but Greg's neck had no marks to substantiate the "suicide by hanging" story. His family assumes students in his dorm killed him. Today, Denise wrote me about cyber censorship she is experiencing to keep her son's murder covered-up. See her email to me below:

dear mary today, on sept 23, i saw a pic bill winsor posted on fb. it was a pic of three people in front of sigma chi fraternity house at san jose univ. at 284 S.10th st. we had large crime scene banner posted in front of the sigma chi fraternity house. this photo was posted about 45 mins ago. i sent it to u and twelve others at fb. now its gone, removed from fb by cyberstalkers. will resend. i will try to email it to u.

Denise said the photo of Sigma Chi wrapped in CRIME SCENE tape was also missing from the Lawless America site at Facebook. I told Denise I did not see the picture that she posted on my wall, and I asked her to please contact the other eleven people to whom she sent the photo to see if they saw it on their walls or in their email boxes. When I first started to complain about censorship that is done to prevent justice in America, I may have been in a select group of targeted individuals whose First Amendment rights are violated. But as the world turns, thousands more people in our country have discovered that freedom of speech and press depend entirely on what one has to say.

Sigma Chi frat house, undergoing renovation, is declared a CRIME SCENE by Lawless America

There was a time when justice quests could be squashed by telling police not to investigate and instructing mainstream media not to publish news about certain murders like Gregory Johnson's and the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, which is discussed at this URL . But with the advent of the Internet, average Americans are able to publish our own victimization. William Windsor, a congressional candidate from the State of Georgia, was himself a victim of judicial corruption. He began to expose corruption in the judicial system by writing and talking online about his denial of justice. Thousands of people read Bill's articles on the "Lawless America" website at this URL and tuned in to communicate with Bill during his conference calls. Bill is a businessman and a trained paralegal who is a superb justice advocate. That is why many people started to call Bill and email him from all over the country and share their own experiences.

After I published this article, Lawless America was taken offline at Facebook. It stayed offline all night until around 10:30 a.m. on September 24. When Lawless America reappeared at Facebook, the Sigma Chi photo was added back to the site. We assume the photo also reappeared on the people's walls where Denise shared it, but that has not been verified.

Bill Windsor makes it patently clear that he is not an attorney, but his TalkShoe conference calls gave people an opportunity to expose their victimization, including wrongful arrests, foreclosures on properties where homeowners had paid their house notes faithfully, children removed by Child Protection Services, police murders like my mentally, physically disabled brother Larry Neal endured after 18 days of secret arrest, and Gregory Johnson's murder, which was likely done by students at San Jose University who the injustice system protects from prosecution. So many people experience oppression that Windsor decided to make a documentary movie to save America by exposing judicial and government corruption. He is presently filming in California and has 17 more states to visit.

DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE INTERVIEWED FOR "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVE." If you are not in one of the remaining states (AZ, NV, UT, WY, NM, OK, KS, MO, AR, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, HI, AK, GA), you can still be interviewed during the month of December 2012 via Internet. Bill Windsor is presently filming in California. Use the four(4) links below to arrange an Internet interview in December. "Lawless America - The Movie" will be shown at independent film festivals, on the big screen, and discs will be given to every representative in Congress. You do not have to deal with corruption alone.

For people who will be interviewed in the 17 states where Bill and his film crew have yet to visit, here is the ITINERARY* FOR "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVIE" (9/2012) 

Bill Windsor believes that everyone deserves justice and that exposure is the first step in the process of saving America. Let him help you like he is helping Denise Johnson's family and my own. Stay tuned for more "Adventures in Cyberstalking" from Mary Neal.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lynne Stewart, Political Prisoner

Lynne Stewart

I have a post on my Facebook page that says, "Please 'like' JUSTICE FOR LYNNE STEWART
Lynne Stewart was an activist human rights attorney who is now imprisoned for zealously defending a client. Facebook censorship staff would not allow me to publish the comment below to that post on my Facebook page at (be careful to look at the URL, because Facebook has dummy pages that make one THINK they are at a given Facebook page - disinformation):

People who know and care about Lynne Stewart and her lifelong work for justice might want to tune in to the Rev.Pinkney Blogtalk Show every Sunday. Lynne Stewart's husband, Ralph Poynter, is the show's co-host. Poynter is also a retired NY City school teacher, union organizer, legal investigator, and renowned human rights activist. Poynter visits with Lynne as often as he can, although he still lives in New York and she is imprisoned in Texas. Another appeal is coming up in her case. Listen to Ralph Poynter on the RevPinkney Blogtalk Show, every SUN. at 5pm EST by computer at or you can use the call-in number (347)994-3644. Poynter gives a weekly update regarding Lynne Stewart on this show that carries political and social news and viewpoints from many interesting guests. Please visit and "like" the show on Facebook, and send and email to be a guest at this link

Read more about Lynne Stewart at this article: "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory"   

I will have to speak with Ralph Poynter about the censorship and conspiracy to deny civil and human rights that I endure. He and Lynne Stewart probably know many human and civil rights attorneys, and all I need is one lawyer who can sue for me to have my First Amendment rights honored. Why should I have seven(7) links in this article that should be BLUE, but cyber stalkers code them to be such a dull gray you cannot see them? (Links do not show in my articles unless I highlight the background.) Why should I be burglarized for my court files in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm cases? Why do we have CoIntelPro agents stationed in the homes around mine who stand guard like we are in a FEMA camp? Why should I keep a separate blog - JusticeGagged - to record online censorship that happens much more frequently than I write about? Criminals in the injustice system do all of this and more to hide the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, whose death the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) helped Memphis Shelby County Jail to cover-up and deny my family any records, accountability or legal recourse regarding the murder. 

The jail had such a heinous history of civil rights violations that it was operating under an agreement with the USA following a federal lawsuit. But the USDOJ chose to look the other way when the jail kidnapped and murdered Larry. I am glad another friend, Bill Windsor, producer of "Lawless America Movie," has a large crime scene banner he unfurls around corrupt government buildings. It needs to be wrapped around the USDOJ in Washington, D.C. where there are accessories to Larry Neal's murder after the fact and people who deprive me of my free speech and freedom of press, religion, and assembly rights because WE ARE BLACK PEOPLE WHO THEY FEEL SHOULD JUST GO TO THE FUNERAL, RETURN HOME AND EAT OUR FRIED CHICKEN AFTER POLICE KILL OUR RELATIVES. 

Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Google, Make CoIntelPro Stop Email Tampering

CoIntelPro, STOP interrupting my emails! I just received a message from a mom who needs my help publishing her son's murder. 

She wrote, "Hi i sent fbi report 2 yr email but did not go through got rt address its cocktail Pro? [She means "CoIntelPro"]. Bill Windsor and i r going 2 sigma chi Sunday, and others tried 2 snd u a message; looks like it got chopped off." 

That disturbing message reached me at my Facebook email box from Denise Johnson. Her son Gregory was killed in 2008 in the Sigma Chi frat house at San Jose University. Unlike the students at Florida A&M University, the San Jose students are white and protected. (Seven(7) links are in this article).

GREGORY JOHNSON'S STORY: Not every murder that gets covered-up was done by police officers. A black San Jose University student in an otherwise white dorm reportedly hung himself in November 2008. Suicide is the popular excuse when young black men are murdered. See this video
 W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Strangefruit @ San Jose State: The Hanging Of Gregory Johnson, Jr. Gregory was 6 ft 2 inches tall, yet he allegedly hung himself from the 6 ft ceiling. There were no burn marks on Gregory's neck from the extension cord that disappeared after the students say they cut Gregory down and sat him in a chair before calling the police. See more covered-up murders at this article - SUICIDES, MURDERS, AND GOVERNMENT COVER-UPS Gregory's head had been split open and brain matter was oozing out when his mother and father finally got his body back from authorities after 13 days. His neck was broken, but there were no marks on his throat to indicate hanging. Denise reports that Gregory's death was initially being investigated as a hate crime until his file reached Eric Holder's desk, where it probably sits now underneath Larry Neal's file and many others.

STOP killing people and covering up murders, CoIntelPro, and you will not have all of this espionage to do to prevent people from publishing their loved one's deaths! I know y'all think we are not fully human and that murders of black people count less than abusing or killing pit bulls. Therefore, we must investigate and report our own relatives' deaths. I thought the Neal family was the only one this happened to after the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal . The injustice system covers up many murders, particularly of black people. It is horrible that CoIntelPro continues to suppress and victimize black people under a so-called black Attorney General.

 If you have judicial and government corruption to report that the mainstream news has censored, please get on schedule to tell all on the "Lawless America Movie"! Bill Windsor, the producer, is traveling across America to all 50 states and filming average Americans who have been victimized in and by the injustice system. If Bill has already filmed in your state, you need not be left out. He is conducting online interviews throughout the month of December 2012.

DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE INTERVIEWED FOR LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVE:  If you are not in one of the states that Bill Windsor is yet to visit (AZ, NV, UT, WY, NM, OK, KS, MO, AR, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, HI, AK, GA), you can still be interviewed. Bill Windsor just reached California, the new Mississippi. Use the four links below to arrange your interview!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cyberstalking Mary Neal Report #5

Report 1 - TELEPHONE TAKEOVER:  Denise Johnson's son, Gregory Johnson, was murdered at San Jose University in November 2008. His death was ruled suicide, which is the popular excuse when black men are killed and the injustice system decides to allow the perpetrators to escape accountability (Gregory was the only black living in the Sigma Chi frat house where he died). Denise reported that an FBI agent told her Gregory's death was being investigated as a hate crime until it reached Attorney General Holder's desk, where the case file likely sits underneath Larry Neal's murder file and many more. I called Denise yesterday to notify her that my cyberstalkers had put a document entitled "Gregory Johnson" in the trash bin on my computer. Saboteurs regularly go through my computer's documents and programs and remove the items the censorship force determines will be detrimental to their employers' quest to prevent justice in America. Denise Johnson sent me an email, which said:

from: denise johnson
to: MaryLovesJustice Neal <>
date: Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 6:35 PM
"just listened to yr message 2 day couldn't understand all broken up it yr ph no did not show up at all nothing not even unavail ? can u pls send yr # 2 me so i can call u my cell is ...."

We do not have a private telephone number: (678) 531-0262. My telephone is taken over by CoIntelPro to prevent my ability to communicate with justice seekers like Denise Johnson as well as law firms and human rights organizations that may be able to help with my family's justice quest regarding the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Denise Johnson was a guest on the Rev.Pinkney Blogtalk Radio show on September 9 and September 16. The broadcasts are available online at Blogtalk. See WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY at . Cyberstalkers also wish to prevent my advocacy against The Cochran fraud, a CoIntelPro program using attorneys to work against their own clients' interests under Johnnie Cochran's name in order to limit or eliminate payouts by government entities and certain corporations for catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths of black people in America. They have been turned loose on whites now through class action litigation regarding the Gulf Coast oil spill and faulty DePuy implants. This victim of Cochran Firm fraud tries to warn legal consumers, but your help is requested. 

Report 2 - ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL (AIMI) TAKEOVER: Last night, I wrote a post at AIMI to expose and oppose a plan whereby mentally ill people in North Carolina will be evicted from care homes and placed in community housing, where they will be deprived of caretakers. This plan will deliver into prisons a substantial number of the remnant of acute mental patients who have thus far been spared joining 1.25 million mentally ill inmates. As soon as I hit "submit" on the post, it disappeared, and my computer reverted to the Care2 sign-in page. They denied my advocacy for H.R.619 the same way - That congressional bill that was introduced in January 2009 by Eddie Johnson (D-TX) to restore Medicaid insurance to pay for mentally ill inpatients. See a video at this link if they let you: H.R.619 Advocacy Censored at AIMI    The censorship force does not want objections to evicting mentally ill people from care homes to reach the public. If the public joins AIMI in opposing this, it may slow the flow of mentally ill people into prisons and negatively impact municipalities' contracts with private prisons to keep them at 90% occupancy rates by victimizing America's most vulnerable people. Inpatient care for the mentally ill was also omitted from the national health care plan that Congress passed last year. I will publish my objections in an articles at HubPages. As usual, Genesis6:2,4 people make the loss of benefits and rights in America sound like something positive is happening. See the news article about kicking mentally ill people out of care homes at this link if they let you:


Report 3 - GOOGLE+ TAKEOVER: I ordinarily post articles published in my blogs to my Google+ page by selecting the "1+" widget at the bottom of each article, and I invite the public to do likewise. When I select "1+," a Google+ screen appears for me to select the "circles" that will receive my notice. In addition, I had an option to send the post directly to email boxes that belong to people on my email address list who are not yet Google+ members or are not in my circles. Although I have over 6,000 individuals on my Gmail address list, the number I was allowed to send emails through Google+ was only 239. That option has now been taken away. The Google+ screen I get when I select "1+" now has a check box by an option to "send to YOUR CIRCLES," not the former option to "send to 239 email addresses."  Presently, if I add a single email address or Google+ circle to the field beside the check box, my response is always "THAT IS TOO MANY." The censorship force believes that no one should receive my reports about government and judicial corruption and advocacy articles against mass incarceration, concentration camps, capital punishment, wrongful convictions, police brutality, or racism and class consciousness in the justice system. In fact, my home was burglarized on August 11, and ONLY file boxes that contained Neals v. The Cochran Firm court records and evidence were stolen. I think the burglary was done to enable criminals to change and remove files from Georgia Superior Court and from United States District Court, the two courts that wrongly dismissed the Neals' lawsuits. Heathens are busy!

Report 4 - FACEBOOK SABOTAGE: Many Facebook members have alternate pages that people reach when trying to open links for particular individuals and organizations. I first discovered this when I tried to follow a link that GodTube sent to me by email. It led to a GodTube page with its last entry being dated 2011. I copied a print screen of this censorship against the gospel message and notified GodTube. (Articles with print screen proof of fake pages at Facebook are in this JusticeGagged blog.) I discovered that my Facebook group ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL had an alternate page, and so do I. I signed up as "MaryLovesJustice," but my email box and FB page say "Mary Neal." There is, however, a "MaryLovesJustice" account operating at Facebook, and I assume that account might receive emails that are intended for me. Sometimes, my "home page" at FB, which is supposed to be current, has posts that are days old with the last comments thereon having been posted days before. That is one way the censorship force hides current news. Last night, a FB friend emailed me and invited me to "like" her group page. I responded that I already "liked" her page and that I post there every day. I then followed the link she sent me via FB email to "like" her page, and I found that none of my posts were there. In fact, her group's real page uses the Facebook timeline view, and the page I always reach for her group from "my groups" has the old FB layout. Censored news and people are channeled there to keep their information from going before blacks at Facebook.  Be aware of extensions that sometimes appear after the names on pages' URLs at Facebook. See my emails with Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff about this below, if "they" let you:

Yesterday Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff
Please support our new national Judicial Justice Page... Click onto link and like our Movement's page... Thank you

The Judicial Justice Movement" formerly known as "The Free Wesley Snipes Movement" is a Grassroots coalition of activists, artists, social media bloggers and ...

Yesterday Mary Neal
Thank you, Roz. I liked this page long ago and post there every day. I think CoIntelPro makes my posts invisible.

Yesterday Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff
Are you refering to the New Page I created 2 days ago?
National Judicial Justice Page.
I don't see any of your comments... Why are they doing this too you? ... Damn!!!"

Yesterday Mary Neal
I am referring to the page I reached using the link you posted in this email

Yesterday Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff
I read this some time ago ... Also heard you speak on this issue many times... Again I say to you how sorry I fell for you... I hate you had to endure this harsh treatment... Feel..

Yesterday Mary Neal
Well, they will do anything to prevent disclosure, like all criminals. The USDOJ itself is a conspirator to hide Larry's murder - the main one, actually. In Willacy County, TX, a previous atty. gen. was indicted for hiding jail abuses and murders in exchange for prison profits or kickbacks.

YES, THE GENESIS 6:2,4 BEINGS HAVE TAKEN OVER AMERICA'S INTERNET. IF YOU THINK THEY ARE HAVING FUN STEALING, KILLING AND DESTROYING NOW, JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY GET THOSE CONCENTRATION CAMPS OPEN! See more cyberstalking videos at this link "SIX VIDEOS PROVE MARY NEAL'S CENSORSHIP . Judge Forrest ruled that indefinite detention without due process of law is unconstitutional, and she placed a permanent injunction against it last week. But the Obama administration appealed her ruling within hours. It is time for everyone in America to get saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and pray for God to deliver us from evil as more people awaken from their Mass Hypnosis . Enjoy the video below featuring a song by Archie Bell & The Drells: "THERE'S GONNA BE A SHOWDOWN."

Monday, September 10, 2012

The U.S. Justice Dept Is Criminal

MARY NEAL WILL BE FEATURED IN "LAWLESS AMERICA MOVIE." While most "Lawless America" testimonies about government corruption go no further than their local courthouses, my family is victimized by the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) in an elaborate cover-up of a mentally, physically disabled man's death. Larry Neal died after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County, Tennessee Jail. The USDOJ was in overview of the jail after lawsuit by the USA for inmate abuse. Instead of doing its job to investigate the murder and bring justice, USDOJ officials, Shelby County Government officials, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm worked out an elaborate cover-up that has continued for nine years through two presidential administrations.

Federal officials allowed Shelby County Government to enter testimony and reports into federal records that omitted Larry Neal's arrest, knowing that the mentally ill heart patient had indeed been secretly arrested and died in custody. They colluded to defraud the Government, which is a felony. Rather than to arrest and prosecute officials who participated in the cover-up, the system employed a program of gangstalking and censorship against Larry's family to prevent public disclosure. The injustice system that imprisons and executes people at astronomical levels in the USA is itself criminal and covers its crimes through censorship, intimidation, false arrests and murders. It is racist and class conscious and thoroughly hypocritical. Like every criminal, its main objective is to avoid disclosure and punishment.

The Cochran Firm's role in the cover-up was to contract with Larry's family, then withhold any legal work while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed. When the Neals discovered The Cochran Firm's fraud and sued, the CoIntelPro lawyers were allowed to plead "not guilty by reason of nonexistence" and prevail based on that obvious perjury. After being denied justice, this writer discovered that Johnnie Cochran's name is being used to lure many unsuspecting blacks to that law firm which actually fired or forced out Cochran's attorneys immediately after his death. Certain clients are defrauded in cases of catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths that occurred under the color of law or because of corporate wrongdoing, while media companies, human and civil rights organizations, state bars, politicians, and legal referral services know about The Cochran Firm's real purpose but enable the frauds against black legal consumers by keeping the news about Larry Neal's murder cover-up and numerous lawsuits against The Cochran Firm by its former clients and lawyers out of mainstream news. Africans in America are the most hated and feared people on the planet. The Cochran Firm's purpose is to give the semblance of justice while actually working to prevent it.

Asking "What happened to Larry Neal" made me the most censored person in the country - probably in the entire world. I have a team of cyber stalkers who go online with me whenever I do, day or night, to disrupt my freedom of press rights and keep Larry's government lynching covered-up - at least until after election day 2012. It is an intense tale about criminals in government that expanded on August 11, 2012, when my home was burglarized and original court files and evidence were stolen that regard Neals v. The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. This is strong evidence that we truly live in Lawless America. I planned to publish on the web page Lawless America assigned me (all participants have a page), but my page was sabotaged. I discovered today that my number 104 is also the assigned number for Rozy Press.

I do not know if saboteurs changed the number in the email that William Windsor, the movie producer, sent to me, or if they accomplished this another way. (One link is in this article) The only thing I am sure about is that my having a duplicate number to use at Lawless America's website was more sabotage to prevent the world from having clear evidence that the USDOJ is itself an accessory to Larry Neal's murder after the fact. The War on Terror detainees are/were not the only prisoners secretly detained with some being killed. It happen(s) within the United States to American citizens who have no ties to terrorism whatsoever. I have no doubt that concentration camps planned for "terrorists" will be misused similarly. See an article in my "EXPOSED" blog for information on how YOU can participate in Larry Neal's elaborate murder cover-up and earn money by doing so - "I REFUSE TO BE YOUR SLAVE, COINTELPRO"

Paragraph 1 and 2 repeated: MARY NEAL WILL BE FEATURED IN "LAWLESS AMERICA MOVIE." While most "Lawless America" testimonies about government corruption go no further than their local courthouses, my family is victimized by the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) in an elaborate cover-up of a mentally, physically disabled man's death. Larry Neal died after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County, Tennessee Jail. The USDOJ was in overview of the jail after lawsuit by the USA for inmate abuse. Instead of doing its job to investigate the murder and bring justice, USDOJ officials, Shelby County Government officials, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm worked out an elaborate cover-up that has continued for nine years through two presidential administrations.

Federal officials allowed Shelby County Government to enter testimony and reports into federal records that omitted Larry Neal's arrest, knowing that the mentally ill heart patient had indeed been secretly arrested and died in custody. They colluded to defraud the Government, which is a felony. Rather than to arrest and prosecute officials who participated in the cover-up, the system employed a program of gangstalking and censorship against Larry's family to prevent public disclosure. The injustice system that imprisons and executes people at astronomical levels in the USA is itself criminal and covers its crimes through censorship, intimidation, false arrests and murders. It is racist and class conscious and thoroughly hypocritical. Like every criminal, its main objective is to avoid disclosure and punishment.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mary Neal's YouTube Comments Blocked

I wrote a YouTube comment to Geneva, mother of Christopher Lee Ratcliff, who she says was killed in police custody but his death was ruled a suicide. At least Geneva is not censored and prohibited from discussing her son’s death like the Neal family is. I was prohibited from commenting at YouTube at the site of a video about Christopher’s death. The YouTube message said, “ERROR, TRY AGAIN.” See the proof of cyber censorship at this link . Notice on page 2 of the print screen document that stalkers would not allow the Google Docs document to be emailed directly from Google Docs. The response was to try again. When I did, page 3 shows that the option was changed from "can view" to "can edit," including the copy to the USDOJ. This censorship (blocking my comments) is typical of my response when I try to comment at YouTube.  The video regarding Christopher Lee Ratcliff is at this link . There are black KKK soldiers positioned in houses nearby the Neal’s Stone Mountain, Georgia home whose job it is to prevent my freedom of press. This is to hide Larry Neal’s lynching and help The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm escape exposure about its treachery. The law firm works behind its own clients’ backs to enable police departments and major corporations to dodge accountability when blacks die. My censorship is also done to keep blacks loyal to an administration that helps to cover-up police lynchings like Larry’s. Isn’t that so, Mr. Holder? In fact, my home was burglarized on August 11, and the only things stolen were two boxes of court documents and evidence related to Neals v. The U.S. Department of Justice, The Cochran Firm, et al. for collusion to deny civil rights, racism, and terrorism.

Monday, September 3, 2012

What's on YOUR Decoy Facebook Page?

Facebook, this is to notify you of a security breach or something (four(4) links). There is a blank page set up on the web for ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL ("AIMI") at . The real FB page for AIMI is . This is not the first time I found dummy pages at Facebook. Months ago, I alerted GodTube about their "second" FB page at Twitter and at this link: "Cyberwar Against Christianity and Freedom" at - HOW MANY human and civil rights groups and religious organizations have a second FB page that the owners of the accounts do not know that people are being directed to when they try to access their FB pages? Is that why my AIMI page is not accessible without the number extension - because FB has several decoy pages represented as being Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill? I must say, for a woman who was declared to be "immaterial" by United States District Court, Norther District of Georgia, someone gives this immaterial black woman from Georgia quite a lot of thought. To whom it may concern: Here are some "CENSORSHIP QUOTES" you should have to write 1,000 times . And whoever employs the cyber censorship staff should keep their gangstalkers out of my house if they really hope for quiet containment regarding how lowdown and dirty my family is treated for asking how and why the government murdered my disabled brother under secret arrest. Burglers stole the Neals v. The Cochran Firm case files and other evidence that judges prevented from going before a jury both times my family sued the CoIntelPro law firm that was established under Johnnie Cochran's name to defraud black clients. If I could print money or worked for people who could, I would not worry about the cost of a lawsuit for CONSPIRACY TO HIDE A MURDER, RACISM, CENSORSHIP AND TERRORISM AGAINST A BLACK FAMILY TO COVER-UP CRIMES (four(4) links in this article).