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Mary Neal's Lawless America Draft

Stalkers keep removing parts of this 3-min presentation that show criminal and/or unethical conduct. Every time I re-write, it gets better. Putting it here for safekeeping while I join Dr. Shirley for Blogtalk Radio - Exploratory Committee. We discuss solutions to the issues facing the nation. One solution would be for officials to Change. America must "be what she said on paper" (MLK). I understand stalkers attacked Lawless America's website today. I believe part of the reason is to keep my story and injustices to other people offline. Nazis have cyber stalkers. Here is a draft of my 3-minute summary.

1.  Hello. My name is Mary Neal. I am very thankful for the Lawless America movie. As a CoIntelPro target in Georgia, which was declared America's most corrupt state, my family hopes that having more eyes on our situation will discourage further retaliation against us for reporting my brother's lynching and The Cochran Firm fraud against us. 

2.  I am founder/director of ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL ("AIMI"), an online human rights group with roughly 300 members. We advocate against criminalizing mental illness, capital punishment, trying and sentencing children as adults, wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing due to three-strikes laws, etc., disparities in applications of the law based on race, socioeconomic class, and health status. I advocate against censorship that is applied in order to hide crimes against humanity. Videos of real-time cyber censorship are available at my YouTube channel JKEMPP703. 

3.  AIMI was founded after my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested and killed in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. AIMI is a secular group, but I do Christian advocacy in obedience to Proverbs 31:8-9: "Speak for the voiceless, and oppose victimization and deaths of poor and oppressed people." 

4.  My empathy for oppressed people and determination to decriminalize mental illness arose after my brother's murder and my family was denied due process of law by Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility and by Georgia courts. 

5.  I will attempt to summarize an eight-year ordeal briefly. Larry was a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient who was secretly arrested by police in Memphis, Tennessee during a deadly heat wave in 2003. Police ignored Larry's missing person report and denied having him incarcerated for 18 days from mid-July until August 1, when he expired under circumstances that neither Shelby County Jail nor the United States Department of Justice will disclose even now, eight years later. 

6.   Police apparently killed Larry because the acute mental patient was a nuisance to them. They tired of their enforced role as Larry's psychiatric caretakers. Every time Larry was arrested on misdemeanors related to his mental illness for 20+ years, he was quickly released to his family or social worker. In June or July 2003, he spat on a nurse who was taking his blood pressure. Larry, who had the mentality of a child, said that happened because she put the cuff on his arm too tight. He was arrested and again immediately released to his social worker. Apparently, police were fed up. Approximately two weeks later, Larry could not be found. Searching hospitals, shelters, the morgue and the jail did not yield any results for Larry's distraught family because police lied continually while they held the heart patient and deliberately prevented his access to vital medication.

7.  The only documents the Neals have been allowed are a fuzzy copy of a faxed autopsy report and Larry's death certificate that said he died of a heart attack. Was Larry's heart attack brought on by Taser? Was he killed in a restraint chair like Shawn LeVert? A restraint table like Tim Souders? Was there a confrontation with jail guards who may have used pepper spray or other means to subdue Larry? Or did he die simply because police lied about his incarceration and brought an abrupt, fatal stoppage to his vital heart and psychiatric meds?

8.    Apparently, Larry's murder cover-up is important to numerous officials. Please visit our website, WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY for details. Neither Freedom of Information Act requests nor federal subpoenas have induced officials to release any information and records about Larry's secret arrest and murder. No one involved in Larry's lynching is intended by the injustice system to ever give an account for his death, just as enhanced interrogation experts were exonerated for partaking in torturing detainees in War on Terror camps at Gitmo and Guantanamo. The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm was instrumental in covering up Larry's death. 

9.  In 2003, Shelby County Jail, America's third largest, was already under direct overview by the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) after a lawsuit by the USA for years of egregious violations against inmates' civil and human rights. Rather than acting in the interest of justice after Larry's murder, officials from Shelby County and the USDOJ colluded with The Cochran Firm attorneys against the Neal family. Behind our backs, they embarked on an elaborate conspiracy to suppress justice and disregard open records laws regarding Larry's death that continues today. 

10.  After Larry died under secret arrest in Shelby County Jail, USDOJ officials who were in overview of that correctional facility following USA v. Shelby County Jail actually allowed Shelby County officials to submit testimony and records in the jail's release hearings before U.S. District Court, Western District of Tennessee, that omitted Larry's fatal arrest. 

11.  The USDOJ denies that Shelby County Jail submitted a mandatory inmate fatality report about Larry's death. When I reported Larry's death to the feds, the USDOJ said it would take no action about Larry's murder, and it took no action against Shelby County Government officials about the fraud on the Government regarding the falsified reports from Shelby County, to my knowledge. 

12.  The Cochran Firm, which I now regard as a CoIntelPro operation, signed contract with our mother to represent our family in civil actions for negligence against the State of Tennessee and Larry's final care home and a wrongful death action against Shelby County Jail immediately after Larry Neal's demise, the day following his burial. 

13.  The Cochran Firm contracted with Larry's family under a major undisclosed conflict of interest. The Firm's managing partner of its Memphis office, Julian Bolton, was himself a Shelby County Commissioner and past Chairman. Shelby County Commission owned and operated Shelby County Jail where Larry was killed. The firm accepted a case it could not represent because it would have meant suing its own managing partner in his official government capacity. Lawsuits under Code 42, Sec. 1983 are brought against officials over facilities.

14.  The Cochran Firm helped Shelby County Jail and other intended defendants escape accountability regarding Larry's negligence and wrongful death, which was its real purpose in taking Larry's wrongful death case.  After signing contract, The Cochran Firm used U.S. Mail fraud to lie to our family about a zealous discovery process The Firm falsely claimed was underway while lawyers actually did zero on our behalf. At the end of Tennessee's statute of limitations (one year), The Cochran Firm's file for Larry's wrongful death and negligence cases was empty! 

15.  Many parties from Georgia, Tennessee and Washingon, D.C. subsequently joined the murder cover-up conspiracy. In fact, Larry's murder cover-up is probably one of America's largest. It means a great deal to my family to expose Larry's murder cover-up on Lawless America since we suffer intense persecution in the form of cyberstalking that prevents free use of the Internet and our telephones, plus I endure in-person stalking by a team of people to prevent wide disclosure about Larry's death and The Cochran Firm's fraud against us. 

16.   Since USDOJ officials, Shelby County Government officials knew The Cochran Firm were Larry's wrongful death attorneys. Therefore, Shelby County Jail withheld the mandatory inmate fatality report regarding Larry's secret death in custody, according to USDOJ. In fact, according to USDOJ's records search, the jail omitted reporting Larry's fatal arrest in any reports it made to the USDOJ as required by the Agreement under USA v. Shelby County Jail.

17.  When my family recognized in 2005 that The Cochran Firm had defrauded us and never conducted discovery, I contacted the USDOJ to report Larry's secret murder. The USDOJ answered that it would not investigate the crime. In 2006, USDOJ officials allowed Shelby County Jail to enter fraudulent reports and testimony in release hearings in United States District Court, Western District of Tennessee, that omitted Larry's fatal arrest. Therefore, federal officials and Shelby County officials united to commit a fraud on the USA and became accessories to Larry's murder after the fact.

Years later, in 2008, high federal officials were indicted in Willacy County, Texas for taking kickbacks from county jails and protecting private prison profits by withholding federal investigations that should have ensured after inmate abuses. It is my guess that this happened in Larry's demise.

12.   Officials knew that the Neal family had contracted with The Cochran Firm frauds, meaning they expected never be required to face public outcry or pay damages regarding Larry's death and falsified reports to the government. 


14.   Since The Cochran Firm helped government officials cover-up Larry's murder, the justice system in turn saved The Cochran Firm when my elderly, grieving mother and I sued the lawyers for fraud twice. We hoped that we would ascertain records that finally revealed the exact circumstances of Larry's death so that our mother could stop having nightmares about all the possible ways Larry could have been killed. 

15.   Since The Cochran Firm helped officials escape accountability, we filed a lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in Georgia Fulton County Superior Court in 2005, and deputies served The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office on Peachtree Street. The Firm's Atlanta office was and still is prolifically advertised and operating every day under that identity. However, The Cochran Firm committed perjury in court by falsely claiming it had no law offices within the State of Georgia. Judge Wendy Shoob accepted that perjury and dismissed our lawsuit, claiming falsely that deputies served our lawsuit wrongly because there is no Cochran Firm office within the State of Gergia. Johnnie Cochran is famous for "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit." New partners who took over the firm after his demise coined a new phrase: "If you have no defense, just say you don't exist."

16.  We then sued in United States Superior Court in 2007. Judge Batten and another judge who had actually RECUSED HIMSELF dismissed our case, also. The Order to Dismiss said that whatever The Cochran Firm did to the Neal family was "immaterial" since no jury would find anything actionable about lawyers taking a case in a blatant, hidden conflict of interest, then withholding legal work while the statute of limitations ran as it tricked clients with lying letters leading them to believe their civil actions were going forward. Both courts helped The Cochran Firm by preventing our lawsuit for fraud from going before a jury. Federal court refused to honor motions to compel records release from Shelby County Jail and from Cox Enterprises, Inc., a media company that regularly advertised The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office on television and in The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office, which Judge Shoob declared to be nonexistent, is still prolifically advertised. But Hezekiah Sistrunk, its managing partner, vehemently denies The Firm's existence in courts of law whenever Georgia clients sue for frauds. The Firm never denied defrauding the Neal family, but judges in both our lawsuits denied us due process of law in order to save The Cochran Firm from having to defend itself against our lawsuit for its unethical, illegal, indefensible fraud and deliberate malpractice to help cover up a disabled black man's police murder. To this day, authorities REFUSE to say whether Larry was Tasered to death, killed in a Restraint Chair like Shawn LeVert or on a Restraint Table like Tim Souders, used for illegal medical experiments like mental patients and inmates were in the 1940s, suffered a heart attack while struggling with Shelby County Jail guards, or if Larry died because police denied having him incarcerated and forced an abrupt, lethal stoppage of his vital heart and psychiatric meds. Our in-person stalking and cyber terrorism began immediately after the federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm was served to the firm in January 2008. The Neal family is denied police services regarding the crimes against us, and I am threatened with Tasering and arrest for asking the public for help. It was shocking to find that lynchings of black men are still allowed in America. The 21st century persecution against my African American family for seeking justice is not unlike burning crosses that were used to intimidate blacks after lynchings 70 years ago. Numerous members of Larry's family have been harassed. My niece who was instrumental in serving our federal lawsuit to David McLaughlin, our assigned Cochran Firm attorney, was immediately terminated from her government job after perfecting service of the lawsuit. Men who introduced themselves as FBI agents questioned my middle aged niece that same week about nude dancing of all things - a mother of adult military men! Although other Neal family members have been followed, denied employment, etc., to punish the Neals for seeking justice and open records about Larry's lynching, terrorists concentrate on me most severely. That is because I lead our family's justice quest and also advocate for others who suffer in the injustice system, especially victims of the program against minorities that I call "The Cochran Firm Fraud." Please Google that. I help families to expose injustices they endure by emails to individuals, government agencies, individuals and email groups. We use YouTube videos, Blogtalk Radio shows, and published over a thousand articles in my five Blogger blogs, my Care2 Sharebook, and at independent news sites. I also use social media like Twitter where I am "koffietime" as well as Google+ and Facebook where I am MaryLovesJustice. Officials care about what voters care about, and voters cannot care about conditions they do not know about. Mainstream media censors news about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder. The media withheld reports about The Cochran Firm denying the existence of its Georgia office in Georgia Superior Court. No mainstream media reports that The Cochran Firm denied having any law offices whatsoever in Memphis when the Neals sued The Firm in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. Numerous former Cochran Firm clients and attorneys also sued The Firm for fraud and racism since Johnnie Cochran's untimely death, including former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman Holley. Her online NPR interview explains that Johnnie Cochran took on new partners ALMOST IMMEDIATELY before he became terminally ill and died, and they took the firm in its present racist direction: 1) Use Johnnie Cochran's name to calm minority communities after police murders and gross corporate wrongs that cost lives and health (such as the Mann vs. Ford case),  2) save billions of dollars for government entities and certain corporations by reducing or eliminating payouts to The Firm's own clients, and 3) gather clients' confidential information under the attorney/client privilege which I suspect is shared with people who The Firm's clients would least like to have it. We could talk more about that, but I fear we have exhausted three minutes allowed for this endeavor. It would take a documentary series to expose all that has been done and continues to happen to prevent justice for my family and others who I encountered along the climb up Justice Mountain. Please Google "America's Most Censored: Mary Neal" for 13 reasons why I attained that uncomfortable position in these End Times.

OPTIONAL - 14.  Larry was an lifelong acute mental patient and a ward of the State of Tennessee who was hospitalized for 20 years before acute mental patients were "de-institutionalized" in the 1970s. Roughly 1.25 million mentally ill people are now prisoners. Like a multitude of others, Larry became a "frequent flyer" at the jail and local mental hospital for crisis intervention. Larry's essential kidnapping and death-by-police happened because the harmless mental patient who should have been hospitalized long-term continually irritated police with loud singing and occasional panhandling. 
Mary Neal's Google Profile - - Follow me at Twitter @koffietime - - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog (the name is a joke, believe me).  See also and Mary Neal at HubPages. Recommended articles - - Address: (I am censored, but some emails reach my box)

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Stay Peaceful at Trayvon Martin Rallies

Exposed: Trayvon Martin Shooting: A Set-up for Martial Law?...: Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man you shall not go (Prov.22:24). (Three links)  Is Trayvon Martin's shooting death being used as an excuse for Martial Law? Be careful about this case. There could be an evil plan. If anyone doubts the potential for conspiracies between officials, civil rights organizations, and the media, read some articles in FreeSpeakBlog or DogJusticeforMentallyIll blog, my HubPages and articles, and MaryLovesJustice blog like "MARY NEAL TO THE RAMAPOUGH PEOPLE" and visit Wrongful Death of Larry -Some people who claim concern about Trayvon's shooting have shown disregard about too many injustices, including wrongful deaths, for me to believe they care about Trayvon. Churches that have been moot about injustices over the last few years (perhaps led by pastors on Homeland Security's "Clergy Response Teams) have their members wearing hoodies to church and are quite vocal about Trayvon. It is suspicious. Two links and five photos are in the article at "Exposed: Trayvon Martin Shooting: A Set-up for Martial Law?" at this link . The cyberstalking I experienced writing the article that is at the link directly above is suspicious. Who would oppose my warnings for everyone to please stay peaceful? 

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Corey Ward: The Trayvon Martin Case of 2002

Trayvon Martin, a Florida black youth, was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch representative in 2012. His death may result in a federal hate crime investigation. Corey Ward was Atlanta's Trayvon Martin in 2002. Former police officer Ramond Bunn was indicted for the teen's death. The State Legislature in Georgia, which was declared America's most corrupt state in 2012, actually deleted the U.S. Constitution's requirement for trial-by-jury in Georgia before finally bringing Bunn to court on Ward's murder in 2010, eight years after Ward's death! Bunn walked without any trial whatsoever. He was wrongly deprived of the opportunity to clear his name before a jury of his peers. The judge just let him off the hook by dismissing the murder charge. That was the first time (and I hope the only time) a court of law actually overruled a grand jury indictment and dismissed the defendant without any trial or hearing whatsoever. It's a Georgia thang! Unfortunately, Ward's family contracted with the world's greatest backstabbers to represent them in Ward's wrongful death case against Atlanta - The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm frauds.

Hello, online friends! Thank you for following our justice quest regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. On this journey, which has lasted over eight years so far, I find many other families who were defrauded by The Cochran Firm and people who are dogged out by the justice system for prison profits. People who are victimized for other opportunists also litter the road to justice, and I publish their stories, also. CoIntelPro assigned Mary Neal a dedicated team of cyberstalkers who censor my online articles. Of course, police refuse to trace the IP addresses which my security system captured that belong to my cyberstalking team. Every year, America has a Trayvon Matin-type murder or abuse of a man, usually someone under 25 years of age. (Trayvon Martin's murder is front page news today ).  These murders and abuses cause much public outcry and bring the threat of civil unrest and Martial Law. Rodney King's brutal beating caused riots, 32 deaths, and millions of dollars in property damage. The injustice system ordinarily closes ranks around its representatives who are responsible for the deaths or brutality against black men. Perpetrators are usually not charged with any crime. Oscar Grant was California's Trayvon Martin case of 2009. In rare instances when officers are charged with murder, such as the B.A.R.T. officer who killed unarmed 22-year-old Grant on New Years Day 2009, they serve short sentences - less than Michael Vick's sentence for harming dogs. Corey Ward was Georgia's 2002 Treyon Martin.

I discovered today that cyberwolves corrupted the link to my article about Corey Ward's wrongful death. They attach links people shorten very easily. It is best to publish the full links so that people can remove spaces that are ordinarily inserted to corrupt full links, then copy/paste them into their web browser and reach the censored data. (The links they attacked in this particular article, I made red.) Dunn, the former police officer who killed Ward, claimed he thought Ward was driving a stolen car in 2002. Ward was driving his mom's vehicle. The Cochran Firm frauds became his family's wrongful death attorneys, a law firm that regularly works behind its clients' backs to limit or eliminate payouts by police departments and certain corporations.

I used to think my censorship force was employed by The Cochran Firm to prevent news about the unethical attorneys' fraud against my family regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of my disabled brother, Larry Neal, who was kidnapped and killed in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. But since the censorship force censors my articles about other wrongful deaths and oppressive congressional bills, now I wonder. I entered the link for Corey Ward's story in my new FreeSpeakBlog article entitled "GEORGIA RATED MOST CORRUPT STATE - WELL DESERVED." The link to Ward's story led to a blank page with this error message "That story is not in this blog." Since the cyberwolves are barking around my article about Corey Ward's tragic death and the denial of justice his family endures, Ward's story qualifies for re-publishing in my JusticeGagged blog. I usually use JusticeGagged blog to publish censored news and record my Internet censorship. See below a repeat of  "COREY WARD: ATLANTA POLICE AND COCHRAN FIRM VICTIM."

Cyberstalkers make huge spaces appear before or after certain paragraphs within my articles - spaces that are not visible in the edit view where I input data. These are actually fields cyberstalkers use to drag data into to render it invisible on the web.  Nazis have not changed in nearly 70 years. Internet censorship is the 21st century equivalent of Nazi book burning. Corey Ward was killed. The community was very angry. The officer was indicted. Georgia Legislature changed the law to allow anyone in Georgia who claims self-defense (which officers regularly claim) to escape trial by jury. Officer Dunn walked in 2010 without trial. Will censoring that news in 2012 change the fact that these events happened? No, definitely not. This is like people denying that the Holocaust ever happened. I was recently told that references to slavery are again being deleted from some American History books. I hate censorship. It seems to indicates there is no intention to Change, but decision makers choose rather to hide crimes against humanity that regularly happen in America - a nation that bombs other countries like Iraq and Libya supposedly for dogging out their citizens. God bless America with liberty and justice for ALL. My original article about Corey Ward is below. It carries a censored article by CounterPoint that was published in 2002 immediately after Ward's death. The CounterPoint article shows the mood of the community after Ward's fatal shooting was much like it is now after Trayvon Martin's death. As the Holy Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. That is especially true when it comes to police and others lynching black people in America. Corey Ward was guilty of "driving while black."

(29 paragraphs (not counting titles) and 17 links - count them.) Yesterday, I discovered that the family of Corey Ward was another Cochran Firm victim. Corey Ward was an African American teen who was shot by a police officer.  It was a tripple injustice:  1) the unarmed teen was killed; 2) the officer was indicted for his murder but the case was not allowed to proceed to jury trial; and 3) Corey's family was "represented" in a civil action by The Cochran Firm.  Of course, that means they were not awarded any damages, and their lawsuit probably was never filed.  The Cochran Firm defrauds its minority clients frequently.  Their job seems to be to diffuse tension in minority communities after police violence or corporate wrongdoing, enter contract to represent victims and survivors, then use that position to save money for government entities and for certain large corporations.   I am forced to use computers in public places such as libraries because cyberstalkers are hired to disable my home computers to contain that information.  This is inconvenient, but it gives me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people every week, show them my protest sign, which says COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD on one side and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY on the other (Google the capitalized terms).  I also hand out hundreds of flyers reporting The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm's latest example of defrauding minorities to protect government interests.  Talking to people is how I found out that Corey Ward's survivors were also Cochran Firm clients.  Too bad.   This is another story of justice denied, which I first published at my Care2 Sharebook at this link:  "No Trial by Jury in Georgia When Police Defendant Claims Self Defense"

The murder case State of Georgia vs. Ramond S. Bunn was dismissed without jury trial because a new Georgia law (enacted in 2006) gives judges the right to dismiss criminal cases when defendants plead self-defense. The case involved the police shooting of Corey Ward. I do not say "justice denied" because I am certain former officer Bunn is guilty, but because I agree with the Ward family that Bunn's case should have been decided by a jury.

MARY'S COMMENTARY: One dark Georgia night, two men used their vehicle to block a moving van driven by an African American teenager. Corey Ward, age 18, and his friends thought they were targeted for a carjacking. The men who did the maneuver to stop Corey's van were not in a police car, and neither were they dressed in police uniforms. Corey tried to get away from people he believed were criminals. Officer Raymond S. Bunn shot and killed Corey. The Atlanta policemen said they thought the van the young man drove was a stolen vehicle. The Tahoe belonged to Corey's mom.

Ward's murder is reminiscent of a similar incident when famous baseball players' son almost became the first unarmed black man police killed in 2009. However, 22-year-old Oscar Grant claimed that dishonor around 1:00 a.m. on New Years Day when San Francisco B.A.R.T. officers stretched Grant out on a cold train platform and shot him in the back before hundreds of commuters. Meanwhile, a thousand miles away, police officers followed Robbie Tolan and his cousin to Tolan's suburban home in Bellaire, Texas early on New Years' morning and harassed them. They pushed Tolan's mother to the ground when she came outside to see why policemen were on her front lawn. Police then shot Robie Tolan, but he lived. The peace officers in that incident also said they thought the van Tolan drove was stolen, and police may have said they shot unarmed Tolan in self-defense when he protested them abusing his mother. CNN's report about Tolan's shooting is at this link:

DO POLICE OFFICERS IN ATLANTA AND TEXAS HAVE COMPUTERS TO CHECK LICENSE TAGS AND SEE IF A VEHICLE IS STOLEN, OR DO THEY JUST DECIDE THAT CERTAIN VEHICLES ARE TOO NICE FOR YOUNG BLACK MEN TO BE DRIVING LEGALLY? Even the trains are not safe for African American youths. Oscar Grant's murder story, videos of his actual murder and the riot after his funeral, and comments from commuters and the communty are at this link: Oscar Grant - First Unarmed Black Man Killed by Police in 2009 - Next?

Like many officers who kill citizens, Bunn already had numerous charges of police brutality in his personnel file before Corey Ward's death. Prosecutors charged Bunn with felony murder, murder, and other charges. Bunn enjoyed good support from police organizations and media after his indictment. There are numerous articles online about the case, and some expressed fury that Bunn was indicted for Ward's murder. One differing viewpoint comes from a 2002 article by CounterPunch, called "Confronting Police Brutality in Atlanta," written by Jonathan S. Wright. His article carries details on this case and has information about 11 similar shootings in the Atlanta area in 2002. Wright's article is featured after my signature block and was available online at this link:  (the cybercensorship staff frequently removes articles and videos that I link in my articles, so the entire CounterPunch article is below in this blog).  Wright's article affords the opportunity to see the mood in the African American community at the time of Ward's shooting death.

Municipalities apparently cannot get their police officers to stop shooting young unarmed black men. The answer Georgia's legislature apparently came up with in 2006 was to enact a law providing that if a defendant claims self-defense, the presiding judge can dismiss the case and avoid jury trial, which is especially convenient when white officers kill black citizens in an area where the jury pool is comprised of mostly African Americans. This likely puts judges in a bad position, having the sole voice over very controversial cases that used to and still should be decided by juries. That is exactly what happened in former officer Bunn's case - the judge dismissed all charges against Bunn and prevented Corey's family from ever having their day in court. Nearly EVERY police officer claims self-defense when he kills a citizen. When Atlanta police staged a home invasion in the middle of the night on 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston and shot her in a hail of 36 bullets (a no-knock warrant case), they also claimed self-defense.  The Cochran Firm got the wrongful death case and never filed suit - Dozier vs. City of Atlanta.  Hezekiah Sistrunk and other plaintiffs' attorneys pretended to file an $18 million lawsuit, but no lawsuit was ever really filed and served to Dozier's defendants. Google "Cochran Firm Defrauds Kathryn Johnston's Survivors," or use this link: -- Most police officers are honest people who are shocked when I share information with them about The Cochran Firm fraud and other injustices.  But when their superiors are unjust even at the top (U.S. Department of Justice), what can they do?

Kathryn Johnston thought she was being robbed when police invaded her home (and I still think so), so the elderly lady shot at the police officers - one little shot from her shaking, wrinkled hands. And boy! They let her have it - at least 36 shots were fired at the elderly woman. Police then handcuffed poor Ms. Johnston as she lay on her floor bleeding from six bullet wounds. While the pitiful old black woman died, Atlanta police planted drugs in her home to fabricate an excuse for being there. Whenever police kill black people, they usually label it a drug case and/or claim self-defense. (Police have NO excuse whatsoever for killing Larry Neal, my mentally and physically handicapped brother, so the United States Department of Justice blocked any investigation and illegally withholds records, even under a black Attorney General. Dog abuse cases are always prosecuted, thanks to stronger animal protection laws. See my poem online, "Dog Justice.")  It is time for Michael Vick to stop apologizing for his offenses.  Vick was investigated, prosecuted, incarcerated, bankrupted, fired, and denegrated over dog abuse, while the Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee and the U.S. Government refuse to release records under federal subpoena or to answer a single Freedom of Information Act request about the secret arrest and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL, a handicapped black man.  Google that term or use this link:.

Georgia's 2006 law allowing judges to dismiss cases when defendants claim self-defense without proceeding to jury means it is possible that NONE of Georgia's murder-by-police cases may go before a jury ever again, even when a prosecutor convinces a grand jury to indict a policeman - which is hard enough. The 2006 Georgia law is wrong. Georgia Superior Court, where Bunn's murder conviction was dismissed, is the same court that denied the my family a right to proceed to trial by jury regarding THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD. The Cochran Firm did Memphis Shelby County Jail a favor by pretending (under contract) to represent the Neal family in a wrongful death civil action against the jail after Larry's murder while the law firm secretly held my brother's case inactive for 10.5 months of Tennessee's 12-month statute of limitaitons. The court seemingly reciprocated on behalf of criminals in the justice system. Georgia Superior Court actually issued an order claiming the law firm did not exist in Georgia, claiming our lawsuit against those frauds was therefore served wrongly (by a Georgia Marshal). Georgia courts also denied Troy Davis a new trial repeatedly, which prevented his new evidence that he claims would prove his innocence from being heard by a jury of his peers. Georgia courts also put Davis under a gag order to silence his claims of innocence.  A single Georgia judge heard Davis' new evidence and recently determined to leave the man on death row, ruling that Davis' new evidence did not irrefutably prove innocence.  One day, I hope America stops executing people, especially when the State does not irrefutably prove guilt.

The Constitutional right to trial by jury is all but gone in Georgia. That "right" is now completely discretionary when defendants claim self-defense - it is up to Georgia judges. Please REPEAL the unjust 2006 law that allows police officers to escape jury trials by claiming self defense when citizens are killed. Some police officers who claim self-defense may be telling the truth. Former officer Bunn may be telling the truth about his perception of circumstances that led to Corey Ward's shooting death. Everyone has the right to defend himself. But everyone should also have the right to trial by jury, including dead victims and their survivors. Let the jury decide. A Georgia Superior Court judge ruled in 2006 that The Cochran Firm does not exist in Georgia although the law firm is the most famous plaintiffs' firm in Georgia and is prolifically advertised on television, billboards, The Cochran Firm's website, in phone books and by legal referral services. In 2006, the law firm was also advertised on MARTA commuter train TV every seven minutes. Having to watch those commercials for The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office after Georgia Superior Court had declared it nonexistent and dismissed our lawsuit against the firm for defrauding my family made me physically ill as I commuted to and from work. Georgia Superior Court issued that ruling although The Cochran Firm is within spitting distance of the judge's chambers. Jury trials give power to the people, as the framers of the Constitution intended. Some judges misuse their positions of trust to give power back to the elite and the justice system itself in rulings that defy justice, decency, and reason.

Not only does Georgia's 2006 self-defense law apply to police killings, but any rich, well-connected Georgian can now murder someone and claim self-defense to dodge a jury trial; it is up to the presiding judge. The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land, but its power is eroded daily in state legislators and in Washington, D.C. by unrighteous lawmakers who do not care about the Constitution or respect their constituents' human and civil rights. Many judges are righteous, but some are definitely not. There are ways to ensure that one's case gets to a particular judge. Plenty of judges do not abuse the power of their positions. After carefully weighing the evidence, Bunn's judge may have dismissed his murder charges in good conscience. However, I hold that the case should have had a jury verdict just like Neals v. Cochran Firm should have. Jesus wept, and so did Corey Ward's family today. All Americans who value justice should weep with the Ward family for the loss of trial by jury.   See the CounterPunch article below, which reported Corey Ward's death and captured the mood of the community when it happened in 2002.



August 24, 2002

A Line Drawn in the Street
Confronting Police Brutality in Atlanta
by Jonathon S. Wright

Shattered glass lies in piles in a vacant parking lot in Atlanta's trendy Buckhead district. Much of this glass can be traced to automobile break-ins, as late-night revelers sacrifice security for a free parking space. On July 14, however, the life of 18-year-old Corey Ward was ended prematurely in a different shower of glass, after an undercover Atlanta police officer shot and killed him.

Officer R. S. Bunn says that he shot Ward in self-defense, alleging that Ward attempted to ram him with an SUV after being ordered to stop. According to Bunn and his partner, Ward and five friends were attempting to steal a car when he identified himself as a police officer and attempted to make an arrest.

Ward's family and at least some of the people in the car with him tell a different story, claiming that Ward was wrongly profiled as a thief simply because he was a young black man driving a new SUV. They maintain that Bunn and his partner never identified themselves as police officers, and then shot him for no good reason.

A five-year veteran, this is not the first time that Officer Bunn has been accused of using unnecessary force. There are four other cases in his file in which claims have been brought. The only one of those four which resulted in any disciplinary action was the beating of Michael Jascomb during a drug arrest, and that centered on Bunn's failure to report the use of force. Although Jascomb was suffering from a retinal hemorrhage after the incident, his claim of excessive force was dismissed.

About a week after Jascomb's claim was dismissed, Bunn was accused of hitting Mark Norfleet in the head with his baton during an arrest. Norfleet's claims were dismissed entirely, as were those of Joe Summers, who accused Bunn and a group of other officers of taking him into an alley and beating him.

On September 3, 2000, Bunn was involved in an altercation with Ylia Lavender, who claimed that he punched her in the face without provocation, breaking her eye socket. Lavender's claim was dismissed due to lack of evidence, but she has since joined with the family of Corey Ward in bringing a suit against the Atlanta police. Her vision remains impaired due to the incident.

Rev. Markel Hutchins**, national president and CEO of the National Youth Connection, opined at an August 3 rally that these incidents are representative of a justice system that would "rather lock young black America up than lift them up," contending that "if the Atlanta Police Department had done their job and taken R. S. Bunn off the street in 2000, Corey Ward would be here today." Unfortunately, the case of Corey Ward appears symptomatic of a police department too willing to use deadly force.  [NOTE BY MARY NEAL 11/2010:  Beware of Markel Hutchin's interest in cases regarding police violence against minorities.  Watch for possible attorney fraud against plaintiffs in civil actions that ensue.]

Twelve people have been shot by Atlanta police this year, the most since 1995, and five of the shootings have been fatal. At the time of the killing of Corey Ward there had been three incidents involving police shooting at cars within eight days, and, in the last month, two alleged prostitutes have been shot by undercover vice officers, prompting Police Chief Richard Pennington to suspend vice patrols temporarily.

On July 10, 18-year-old Aneika James was wounded after she allegedly stabbed a vice officer during an arrest at 5pm in Perkerson Park, an area heavily occupied by local children, despite the request of a park employee that the police cease patrolling the area at that time of day. Less than a month later, on August 5, 35-year-old Tessa Hardeman was fatally shot by another undercover vice officer after she allegedly pepper-sprayed him and stabbed him during an arrest.

On August 8, only three days after Tessa Hardeman's death, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a story outlining several complaints of police abuse by prostitutes, who claim that they are often taken advantage of by policemen who use their badge as a form of extortion. Maj. Leander Robinson, who is in charge of the criminal investigation unit that oversees the vice squad, suggests that these men could be posing as police using fake badges; however, in the face of these allegations, it remains difficult to discount the possibility of either of these women feeling forced to wield a knife in self-defense against an ill-intentioned assailant who was later revealed to be an officer.

Chief Pennington maintains that "This department has a great reputation in terms of not being involved in excessive force," and has promised to look into department policies and procedures with regards to both shooting at vehicles and vice squad patrols. However, the efficacy of disciplinary procedures for Atlanta-area police has been called into question recently, most notably in the November 28, 2001 issue of Creative Loafing, which exposed issues of gross miscommunication and lax discipline in the cases of ten Fulton County Sheriff's Deputies who had been charged with excessive force or reckless behavior either on or off duty but had faced little or no disciplinary action. The Creative Loafing report also documented a near-complete lack of communication between the Sheriff's Department and the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, the only agency with the authority to revoke the license of a peace officer in Georgia, meaning that a deputy whose license had been revoked could continue to hold onto his or her job and badge. As a result, community confidence in police disciplinary procedures has been sorely shaken.

To exacerbate matters, the city was recently split by the trial of Imam Jamil al-Amin, a trial regarded by many to have been biased and unfair. This spate of shootings has only served to charge the atmosphere further. When 300 protestors rallied peacefully on August 3 in support of the families of Corey Ward and Ylia Lavender, the hundreds of police lined up to "control" them seemed to signify a growing rift between Atlanta's police and its populace, a battle line already drawn, increasingly distinct. Sgt. V. Sellers, a supervisor in the zone where R. S. Bunn shot Corey Ward, states, "You can't even go to the restaurants anymore. Where are you going to park? What's the crowd like? Is my car going to get broken into? It's not even worth it. This is the battle we're trying to fight for the people of Atlanta." All of this martial symbolism begs one question: if there is in fact a war in progress, what can be done to bring peace to the streets of Atlanta?

The basic root of the conflict is our society's method of policing, a method that pervades our entire justice system, and that has led to the misguided and rhetorical declaration of a "war on crime". Our police department must evolve from a paramilitary organization into an organization that is integrated with the fabric of the community, an organization that provides for the public safety in a manner that doesn't make ordinary citizens feel uncomfortable every time they pass a uniformed officer. This transition could be effected by moving most officers from the crime fighting and investigation sectors of the department to a sector designated "Public Safety".

A small number of police should continue to perform "traditional" police jobs like responding to crime scenes, investigating crimes, and pursuing criminals. Officers in the Public Safety sector, on the other hand, would dramatically alter the community's view of police. They wouldn't be the faceless people who always show up too late; they would be the familiar faces from the everyday beat. The resulting trust would enable public safety officers to take the pulse of the community, to be a conduit of information from the community, and to solve minor problems before they escalate into violence. These officers would not carry guns.. The use of guns to "keep the peace" is counterproductive because guns inspire fear, which in turn inspires irrational and violent behavior, as well as distrust.

Shifting our policing focus to community-based Public Safety patrols would likely decrease the occurrence of violence in those communities, as is evidenced by lower crime rates in countries that have traditionally followed that approach. It would also allow police departments to provide much more intensive training for those officers who are permitted to carry guns, thus helping to minimize the abuse of firearms. The plan would take time and patience to implement, but would be a tremendous step forward in community-police relations.

The suffering of the families of Corey Ward, Ylia Lavender, Aneika James, Tessa Hardeman, and countless others demands justice. While a portion of this justice is manifested in holding police accountable for their actions, true justice cannot be achieved until we address the larger issue. It is time that the people of Atlanta not fear the police as much as they fear the crime that police are intended to fight. It is time that our police move away from their reliance on intimidation and guns as a method of controlling the populace, and instead invest in the communities they are hired to protect and serve. (Jonathon S. Wright can be reached at:  )

An Atlanta Journal Constitution article about the Corey Ward murder case being dismissed by the judge without jury trial, entitled"Family Protests Dismissal of Police Murder Charge," is at this link:

Thanks for your interest in liberty and justice for ALL.  Feel free to share a link or republish my articles on your website.  That helps combat censorship.  I had a fight publishing this for some reason and find that I am usually blocked from communicating with African Americans and prisoner advocacy groups I joined at Yahoo Groups, among other online sites.  I published hundreds of articles in my Care2 Sharebook, but have a permanent DoS now at  - Here is a brief summary of illegal censorship to prevent my advocacy for human and civil rights at Care2:  First, the cyberdogs removed the "reply all" button on my Care2 email box to limit my communications.  After publishing "Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2" videos in Care2 News Network and on my Care2 page (videos you can also see at YouTube) my ability to publish videos at Care2 was deleted for nearly a year.  Next, my eCards started arriving to addressees blank - especially those carrying news regarding imminent executions and information about how to protest them (specifically, the planned execution of Thomas Arthur and the wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham).  Then, my Sharebook's RSS feed was interrupted for months.

When I was publishing news about Hank Skinner's planned execution (a man who was denied a DNA test to prove his innocence), I found that I am no longer able to submit news at Care2 News Network at all.  I assume from all of the interference that executioners know they are WRONG FOR THAT.  [MARCH 2012 UPDATE: Alabama decided to go ahead and kill Thomas Arthur despite his DNA test results of 2009 that proved his innocence. So maybe a DNA test would not really help Skinner, since the results could be placed under seal by the court like Arthur's were and officials proceed with the murder.]  It is interesting and should be taken as a warning that the same censorship staff that censors my exposing The Cochran Firm fraud also censors my advocacy for human rights for prisoners.

It could be that The Cochran Firm is in league with private prison owners, which is disturbing when one considers that the firm does criminal law [and advertises its unethical services for death penalty cases].  At least when the lawyers defrauded my family, we only lost recovery of monetary damages due for Larry Neal's secret jailhouse murder, but people facing criminal charges could lose their freedom or their lives through that treacherous law firm.  I am disappointed to say that my help requests to Care2 are not met with corrective action.  Perhaps some Internet networks are "following orders" like the SS soldiers were in pre-WWII Germany.  Internet censorship is the 21st century equivalent to Nazi book burning.  Learn more about it at this article (link provided):  INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN-STYLE  and watch some real-time cybercensorship at my YouTube channel - jkempp703.

Mary Neal

Mary Neal's Google Profile -  - Get the RSS feed for my Care2 Sharebook at:  - Get the RSS feed for my Twitter KOFFIETIME at  - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog  (the name is a joke, believe me) Recommended articles -  - Address: - NOTE:  My friends notified me that my Twitter RSS feed does not work; my emails are sometimes stolen before I can read them; and my input has not been accepted at my Care2 Sharebook since I published an article about my phone being monitored and controlled.  If you would like to share your opinion or give information, please write a comment below.  Undoubtedly, much time and money has been spent to set up a Cointelpro law firm, and I am censored for reporting The Cochran Firm fraud and other injustices.  Thanks!

Occupy The PGA May 23-27

From:             Pinkney Freddie <>
To:                 Distribution
Sent:              Saturday, March 24, 2012 6:08 PM
Subject: Re:    Occupy the PGA in Benton Harbor, Michigan

For Immediate Release:

Occupy the PGA in Benton Harbor, Michigan

It is our distinct honor and privilege to invite you on behalf of BANCO to an event scheduled for May 23-27, 2012.

Occupy the PGA
Benton Harbor, Michigan

We are committed to escalating the Occupy Movement to support human rights in housing in addition to the push back against bailouts for fraudulent banks. They are stealing our homes and our lives.

Democracy is nonexistent here in Benton Harbor. Joseph Harris, the Emergency Manager, must go. We have a dictator in Benton Harbor, Michigan!

The PGA will be played on a 750,000-million-dollar, 530-acre resort near Lakeshore which has a Jack Nicklaus signature designer golf course and $500,000 condominiums. We cannot forget three golf holes in the stolen land inside Jean Klock Park.

If your schedule does not permit your attendance on May 26, 2012, alternative action dates are May 23-25. Please let us know if you can accept this invitation to Occupy the PGA in Benton Harbor.

We will meet at Benton Harbor, Michigan City Hall at 200 Wall Street at 10:00 a.m. every day. Then we will conduct our death March to the Golf Course. There will be speakers and food.

For more information, please contact Rev Edward Pinkney at 269-925-0001

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trying times for President Obama and Thomas Arthur

Gee, I had lots of trouble sending this email about President Obama facing impeachment and Thomas Arthur facing wrongful execution in Alabama on March 29, 2012. I do not know which story the cyber censorship staff is protecting - maybe both. This is such a waste of money. I do not get this news via ESP, but I read it on the world wide web. People waste money they should have used to pay their bills.

(fourteen(14 links, one(1) embedded Martial Law video) Impeachment news carried March 11, 2012, in Activist Post:

Impeachment proceedings begin in the House and the Senate over Obama's brazen use of aggressive military force without congressional authority [Libya] ... Last week, North Carolina Representative Walter Jones filed an Impeachment Resolution in the House H.CON.RES.107.IH, at this link [Thomas] [also available at this link for ] - stating; "Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution."

Will a Sitting President Finally Be Held Accountable for High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

Blacks sat still for the Nazi NDAA law that allows the White House to order individuals into indefinite detention without criminal charges. Now the power most blacks were too short-sighted to oppose may quickly pass to another. Bigotry is always stupid and an affront to God. I believe powerful people can and have used our own prejudices against us. It is wiser to concentrate on the laws and treaties coming out of Washington instead of focusing on individual personalities or political parties. Bills outlive most politicians' terms of office. NDAA powers are bound to pass to another person sooner or later, whether or not Obama gets impeached or wins in 2012. Kingly rights under NDAA go to the White House, not to any specific individual. Fight NDAA by supporting Ron Paul's bill H.R.3785 to REPEAL NDAA Sec. 1021.

Below is an excerpt from my latest article at MaryLovesJustice blog:  "AL: Damn Thomas Arthur's DNA Tests - Let's Have Fun!" (The stalker turned the link for my Thomas Arthur article a different color. If you have trouble with the link, just Google the title. The Thomas Arthur execution is the most censored DP case I write about, likely because his DNA test that indicated innocence in 2009 is being suppressed by Alabama.)

You could have knocked me over with a feather tonight when a friend sent me the petition to save Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani at this link: - The write-up said that the White House and U.S. Congress denounce the wrongful execution of this Christian who is persecuted in Iran like I AM PERSECUTED FOR BEING A CHRISTIAN IN THE USA. Where was that support for Troy Davis? What do they have to say about Alabama planning on murdering Thomas Arthur? "Woe unto hypocrites!" (Holy Bible). Obviously, support for Nadarkhani is just another strike against Iran. These people have not demonstrated any interest in stopping wrongful executions in the U.S.A. to my knowledge. See an excerpt of the dialogue to solicit support for Nadarkhani's petition:

"Media, government officials, and human rights leaders in Germany, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and nations on every continent in the world have joined our call to save the life of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on their Youcef resolution this week. Reports continue that Iran has ordered his execution. The White House, the U.S. State Department, and the world are speaking out; have you?"

Elitist prison profiteers are apparently tired of Americans screaming "wrongful conviction." They decided to stop saying what people did wrong to deserve incarceration, and NDAA gives the White House that power to trample human rights. H.R.3166 and S.1698 are pending congressional bills that provide for decision makers to remove your citizenship before sending you to concentration camps. Isn't that amazing for a"democracy"? Share the MTV Martial Law video on YouTube at . Americans should be careful about what injustices we allow or participate in that ignore human rights. Your day may be coming soon. To cancel what elitists may plan for you, please support H.R.3785, Ron Paul's congressional bill to repeal NDAA. Say no to concentration camps, and please say no to Thomas Arthur's execution, scheduled for March 29, 2012, a man whose DNA tests already eliminated him as contributor for all crime scene evidence Alabama allowed to be tested. Do unto others as you would have THEM . . .

Advocating for unity against oppressive congressional bills and capital punishment, I am Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) - an online advocacy group to decriminalize mental illness in USA. I have been disallowed by the cybercensorship staff from logging in at AIMI ever since Alabama got the death warrant against Thomas Arthur. Perhaps when Alabama kills the man despite his DNA test everyone ignores, I will be allowed back in my Care2 group where members advocated for Thomas Arthur for years. I repeated the first four(4) paragraphs in my introduction to this blog after the embedded video because stalkers code my blogs to open after the introduction to hide news from cellphone users who will not see Mary Neal's introductions unless they select "go to page 1".  In this article, they attacked the information about NDAA more than other subjects. I wrote authorities repeatedly about illegal attacks on my First Amendment rights, but they do not care, or perhaps they order the censorship. See my letter to President Obama and justice officials on the federal and local levels:

Open Letter to President Obama from Mary Neal (re Secret Lynching of African American Mentally Ill Heart Patient and His Family's Persecution for Asking "What Happened to Larry Neal?")

Frankly, this African American has not seen a measurable difference in having African Americans in high positions in government. I plan to sue for racism, terrorism, conspiracy to deny due process of law after a secret jailhouse murder, and disparate treatment. This administration has always made it clear that it does not demonstrate any partiality toward blacks despite winning over 90% of the black vote in 2008. I can attest to the truthfulness of that assertion.

Update 3/13/12 - The fact that my cyberstalkers are hired by racists has never been more clear than this morning. A Facebook friend tagged me in a photograph of William Lloyd Garrison, a slave abolitionist and women's suffrage advocate in the 1800s. I tried to put a few words about the very admirable human rights activist several times. Each time, the black Confederate soldiers on the Georgia plantation where I live bounced me out of Facebook. Their KKK bosses hate the idea that a white person ever cared about promoting human rights for blacks in America, which is what many whites did. Although nothing happens for enslaved people without their own rejection of oppression, I hold that it takes free people to free people. The Jews needed the Alied Forces, African slaves needed the Quakers, and the civil rights movement needed the anonymous donations and active support of many whites and jews who joined in protests and otherwise supported the attack on Jim Crow. Since no one is likely to step in and free Americans if we lose our freedom, we had better keep what is left of it and try to stay out of concentration camps. This morning, I wanted to quote the opening paragraph on Garrison from Wikipedia, but the censorship force would not allow it. (End of March 13 update)

I feel we should all keep our eyes on the ball - how politicians vote and what bills they support, and how well they uphold constitutional law that most of them know very well and all of them swore to uphold. That is all you have - promises. Insist on America being true to what she said on paper, like MLK demanded over four decades ago. And stop judging people by the color of their skin and their political parties. In November 2011, 289 congresspersons and 93 senators from EVERY party and race decided to eliminate the right to trial by jury for all Americans and foreigners on this soil. That is the whole ball game. People who can be arrested indefinitely without criminal charges and trial cannot be comfortable exercising any other "freedoms" like free speech, freedom of press, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to petition government for a redress of grievances and practice one's religion. Keep your eyes on the ball and try to get the Bill of Rights back intact. It was a significant loss. Support H.R.3785 to repeal NDAA no matter what you think about Rep. Ron Paul, who was interested in freedom enough to introduce it.

The article continues beneath the embedded video and ends with a repeat of the article's first three paragraphs. Censorship teams were instructed to have my blogs open after the introduction to contain news from poor whites and African Americans who rely on cell phones for browsing the web. They will not see the introduction of most of Mary Neal's blogs unless they select "go to page 1." I also turned the links they attacked red so you can know which links my cyber censorship team was instructed to prevent you from accessing.



Update 3/13/12 - The fact that my cyberstalkers are hired by racists has never been more clear than this morning. A Facebook friend tagged me in a photograph of William Lloyd Garrison, a slave abolitionist and women suffrage advocate in the 1800s. I tried to put a few words about the very admirable human rights activist several times. Each time, the black Confederate soldiers down here on the Georgia plantation where I live bounced me out of Facebook. I wanted to quote the opening paragraph on Garrison from Wikipedia, but the censorship force would not allow it. Furthermore, I cannot find all the photographs I published in an album at Facebook. At Google+, I selected for my work to be public, but many of my posts are marked "limited." That means only people in certain circles see it. Cyberdogs go behind me throughout the Internet and sabotage my efforts to publish the fact that DISABLED AMERICANS HAVE NO PROTECTED RIGHT TO LIFE and their families are persecuted, stalked, and censored if they complain about their disabled loved ones' secret arrest and murder. I do not go online for privacy. It has been so long since I had privacy in my life that I don't even want it. My entire home and yard are bugged. The Neal family can stand at the top of our driveway and hear an echo if we speak there. I hate online privacy. In my case, it means "censorship." I published some petitions to help dogged out mental patients at Care2, which shares members' posts with Facebook. I went to Facebook and discovered my Care2 petitions were marked "PRIVATE." Who with a half grain of sense wants a PRIVATE PETITION? I elect for everything I put online to be public, except for my emails. Only my stalkers and the people I correspond with see them. If you ever find that anything I published online is marked "limited" or "private," know that you have encountered my cyberwolves' handiwork.

Gee, I had lots of trouble sending this email about President Obama facing impeachment and Thomas Arthur facing wrongful execution in Alabama on March 29, 2012. I do not know which story the cyber censorship staff is protecting - maybe both. This is such a waste of money. I do not get this news via ESP, but I read it on the world wide web. People waste money they should have used to pay their bills.

(fourteen(14) links, one(1) embedded Martial Law video) Impeachment news carried March 11, 2012, in Activist Post:

Impeachment proceedings begin in the House and the Senate over Obama's brazen use of aggressive military force without congressional authority [Libya] ... Last week, North Carolina Representative Walter Jones filed an Impeachment Resolution in the House H.CON.RES.107.IH, at this link   [Thomas] [also available at this link for ] - stating; "Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution."

Blessings from "America's Most Censored: Mary Neal" - On Friday, March 16, stalkers had placed a lying sign saying that Care2 is down for maintenance,  I had seen such censorship before, so I decided to check Care2 at Twitter and see if the company posted information about being down for maintenance. I browsed for "Twitter" and reached a page saying that Google could not find Twitter on the Internet. I posted the Google Docs links for the fake "Care2 is down for maintenance" page and "Google cannot find" in my Google+ and at Twitter, where I am @koffietime . I do not know if THEY will let you visit AIMI at -  Authorities are trying to get more people behind bars through NDAA, and efforts by AIMI members to decriminalize mental illness are heavily censored. But you are invited to TRY to visit AIMI.don't forget to share the MTV Martial Law video on YouTube at . They sometimes make it invisible on my articles. Thanks for your interest in justice issues from this laywoman's perspective!

Friday, March 9, 2012

AL Ignores Thomas Arthur's DNA Test Results; DP March 29

Alabama set an execution date for Thomas Arthur, an innocent man who has languished on death row for about 30years. The forensic lab eliminated Arthur's DNA for items tested in 2009, but Judge Pulliam put the man's test results under court seal, because Alabama will kill Arthur anyway. As the U.S. Supreme Court explained in 2009, Americans' rights to life and liberty do not extend beyond a wrongful conviction. I feel that life and liberty are God-given human rights, not just civil rights. Therefore, Christians have a responsibility to speak against acts of government that infringe on life and liberty without just cause (Proverbs 31:8-9).

This JusticeGagged blog is used to record the cyber censorship I experience to prevent my online advocacy for justice and compassion in America. Cyberstalking regarding numerous condemned inmates, especially Thomas Arthur, could fill volumes. Alabama intends to kill Thomas Arthur on March 29 despite his DNA test results that proved his innocence. Sometimes God allows horrible things to happen to accomplish some greater purpose. For instance, when Alabama kills Thomas Arthur despite having proof of his innocence (the DNA test results Judge Pulliam has under court seal), his sacrifice should help abolitionists get capital punishment repealed throughout America.

See a short video evidencing that in addition to hiring stalkers to take over my computer and control my advocacy at home, stalkers follow me to the DeKalb County, Georgia Library and take over whatever computers I use there. They did that when I advocated online to save Hank Skinner. The video proof is one of six videos I included in my article, "Mary Neal's Censorship Proved in Six Videos."  See an excerpt below, followed by an embedded video of real-time censorship against this DP abolitionist. You can prove the censorship yourself easily. Just open this video often at YouTube. Send it to your friends to open. Tell everyone in your office to open the video at the same time. The YouTube hits counter may not change. The hits counter on all of my videos is stuck on the special mode called "This video proving censorship the government allows against Mary Neal will never go viral":

Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner March 23, 2010 -
At Care2 News Network, Mary Neal’s anti-death penalty article for Hank Skinner was not allowed to post. I wanted so desperately to post my article about Hank Skinner’s pending execution that I braved stalkers who follow me and went to the DeKalb Public Library on March 23 to post my article, “Hank Skinner’s Last Wish – Justice.”  -- The video shows that I repeatedly got a denial of service at Care2 News Network. The video below is stuck on 60 views, although it is carried on the sites for numerous blogs for targeted individuals and anti-DP. Amazing!

Arthur's execution seems like premeditated murder in a state where the civil rights movement began. Arthur's execution despite his DNA test results proves that the State of Alabama still disregards the rights of Americans and it further proves something I have propounded for years: the lives of whites in the working class like Thomas Arthur and Cameron Todd Willingham and Hank Skinner and Philip Workman have no more value for elitists than the lives of black people. All working class and poor people in America as well as wealthy people with a sense of justice must unite to overcome racism and class consciousness. We must unite to resist oppression, because as MJJ sang, "They don't care about us." It would be good if Arthur's family could take my cyberstalking proof and sue Alabama for wrongful death after Arthur is martyred. Of course, some judge might block the case from going to jury like two judges did when my elderly mother and I sued The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm for help Memphis Shelby County Jail cover-up the murder of my disabled brother, Larry Neal, in 2003. Google "Cochran Firm Fraud" for videos and articles. Oops! I think the stalkers are hiding my paragraph about Willingham in the Blogger Forum Help Request below right now!

In John 9, disciples ask Jesus Christ why a certain man was born blind; did he sin or did his parents sin? Jesus replied that the man's handicap was for the glory of God. Everyone recognized what a great miracle it was for Jesus to heal the man who had been blind all of his life. The man's disability helped to convert many people to Jesus Christ. Similarly, when people see the cyberstalking I endured for years advocating for Arthur learn about the DNA test results which the court sealed to execute Arthur despite his innocence, many people will be converted and become DP abolitionists.

We will use Arthur's murder as proof of the urgency to do God's will and eliminate capital punishment. (Psalm 102:19-20) (Hebrews 13:3) (Prov. 31:8-9). So although another innocent man is being murdered, Arthur's death will make him a martyr. Numerous times the injustice system has killed people like Troy Davis whose guilt was highly doubtful, but Arthur will probably be the system's first victim whose conclusive proof of innocence was deliberately ignored. His execution will make Judge Pulliam and the State of Alabama another crowning example of why the government must be divested of the power to execute people. Therefore, Thomas Arthur will not die in vain, but his murder will bring glory to God by helping to eliminate capital punishment.

Cybercensorship to prevent advocacy for Hank Skinner and justice for my lynched brother is online at my YouTube Channel JKEMPP703. We have many witnesses to the fact that strands of conversation opposing DP were removed from Care2's human rights group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. We followed the Troy Davis case for years, but most of the information we shared on the Internet about Troy Davis and other condemned inmates at AIMI was deleted by cyberstalkers. They particularly attack information we share to advocate for death row inmates who are/were mentally challenged like Rhodes and Jeff Woods or likely innocent like Davis was. Now they put a DoS at my login at Care2 to prevent my ability to share with AIMI members and my other Care2 friends news that the system will ignore the DNA test results and kill Thomas Arthur this month. Again, the attacks on my First Amendment rights show premeditation in the deaths. God allows my victimization in order to use my proof to help abolish capital punishment.

God initially used a personal tragedy to bring me into human rights advocacy in the first place - the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal - God can and does do miracles, but He usually operates through people. He particularly uses His body on earth - Christians, but He can and does also use unsaved people. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Bible). I feel so sorry for Thomas Arthur and his family. I hope that this blog helps them understand why God the Father may allow Arthur to be sacrificed on March 29, 2012, in Alabama's death chamber by satanic people who do not care that his DNA test results proved his innocence in July 2009. America does human sacrifices to demonstrate the power of the 1% over the citizenry. Guilt and innocence are not factors.

At Blogger Help Forums I recorded some of my cybercensorship to prevent anti-DP advocacy last night. My Blogger help request regarding the coded text is at following link, which cyberstalkers already attacked in this blog. It turned gray, meaning they applied special coding. God uses their craftiness to expose their enmity with human rights. ]. They also ran the paragraphs below together so people's eyes would get too tired to read all of the data. But I just got a commendation at HubPages because my articles are the kind that people read all the way through. Once you start reading an article by MaryLovesJustice, you do not want to stop. They are what book publishers call "page turners." If you get interrupted while reading my articles, you return to finish. I cannot take the credit for this. The truth is compelling, especially cover-ups! Stalkers removed the readers' ability to access data at my links in a separate window because they hope you will not use your back arrow and return to this blog and get the rest of your "koffie." Americans need lots of koffie to wake up. Unfortunately, I have had a steady diet of caffine since Larry's secret arrest and murder. If the Internet censorship force let you, please follow me at Twitter where I am @koffietime . I separated the paragraphs for the second time and made a note to update my article called "Internet Censorship American-Style" to include this trick for eye strain. My Blogger Help request begins at the next line.

How Do Stalkers Code my Blogs to open after paragraph 1 on certain cellphones?

Cyberstalkers are interested in containing my advocacy as a DP abolitionist. They sometimes code my articles to open after paragraph 1 on certain cellphones. This was done to "Thomas Arthur Murder: March 29"

Newer, costly cell phones show the same view of blogs that a computer does. However, using my Samsung, the article opens after paragraph 1 and the title to the news source I quoted regarding Arthur's imminent execution. Stalkers often do that to my blogs, and I have to write "select 'go to page 1' to see the entire article if you use a cellphone." The cyber censorship team assigned to me for 24/7 surveillance usually prevent cell phone viewers from seeing the header to my blogs, also, unless they select "go to page 1."
In the html view, they were using lots of codes. Now the only code I see around targeted text is " &nbsp ". They put the html code for nonbreaking space at the beginning and end of whatever data they plan to make invisible, ineligible for printing, or unavailable for cellphone viewers who do not select "go to page 1." I am not a cyberstalker. I do not know how they make the code for nonbreaking spaces perform censorship functions, but they do. 

My first paragraph at "Thomas Arthur Murder: March 29" says:
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
<span style="font-size: large;">[DRAFT]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Before y'all murder Thomas Arthur, could you tell me one thing? What did Arthur really do? There is no proof he killed anyone. In fact, the DNA test he took already in 2009 eliminated him as a match for&nbsp;ALL of&nbsp;the evidence that was tested. There is more evidence that could be tested against Arthur's DNA, and he wants desperately to do that to clear his name. But Alabama refuses to allow further tests at Arthur's attorneys' expense. We therefore might assume that Alabama&nbsp;knows&nbsp;the man is innocent and&nbsp;there is some other&nbsp;reason why Arthur is to be sacrificed. What is it, please? Did Arthur offend someone powerful? Please see an excerpt from a news report below:</span>
<span style="font-size: large;">******</span>
<span style="color: #003399; font-size: large;"><span style="color: black;"><strong>Alabama Refuses To Allow Important DNA Test For Death Row Case</strong></span>&nbsp;

Do you notice the nonbreaking space html codes at the beginning and the nonbreaking space code that comes after the news source's title?

CONTINUED EXPLANATION OF PROBLEM - If you recall, I had significant trouble on Sept. 1, 2009, advocating for Thomas Arthur. Stalkers attacked Care2 eCard functions and Gmail to prevent my publishing the fact that Arthur had passed his DNA test and Alabama planned to execute him anyway. Arthur was wrongfully convicted before definitive DNA testing was available, as I understand it. He had begged for DNA tests for decades before finally being allowed to take the test in February 2009. When his results came from the forensics lab eliminating Arthur for all items tested, Judge Pulliam quickly put his test results under court seal and everyone just pretended he never took and passed a DNA test. Arthur's daughter said to me in July 2009 that Arthur's attorneys were not allowed to announce Arthur's test results, and I suppose the media is obeying the Alabama court order sealing the results until Arthur is murdered. It reminds me of Troy Davis, who was under a court order to shut up about his innocence claims because they were so compelling. DNA test scores are even more compelling than that, so they were sealed and ignored.

About two or three weeks ago, stalkers locked me out of my online advocacy group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). As a matter of fact, I am locked out of Care2 altogether. When I log in, I get a MICROSOFT error message saying the computer must close. I have to see when Alabama issued the death warrant for poor Mr. Arthur. Maybe someone ordered my cybercensorship team to keep me out of Care2 until Arthur is murdered. When they were about to kill Hank Skinner while denied DNA tests in 2010, they only issued a DoS against me at Care2 Network News. [That may be important. I must see what date Alabama applied for and/or received the death warrant for Thomas Arthur. It may match the date they locked me out of Care2!]

It was hard work, but I posted the news about Skinner's execution at individual Care2 groups, some of which have over 40,000 members (like Amnesty International group). Many other people were advocating to save Mr. Skinner, also, of course. Our collective and individual efforts on behalf of justice must have touched the Supreme Court's sense of decency, and Skinner was granted a stay of execution. Amazingly, Texas was about to murder Skinner again last November without ever having given him the DNA test! Again, a judge did the right thing and stopped the Texas ax. Honestly, Google, I do not know what is WRONG with these people! A video showing the CYBERSTALKING I went through to help Skinner should be in my YouTuve channel JKEMPP703.

They gave themselves the right to arrest people in the USA without criminal charges and hold people in indefinite military detention in concentration camps under NDAA. And they plan to kill two Americans: Arthur, who already passed his DNA test, and Skinner, who they won't even give a DNA test at his own expense. As you know, they secretly arrested my mentally, physically disabled brother for nearly three weeks and murdered the lifelong schizophrenic heart patient under circumstances they keep secret and assigned me a censorship team (I don't know who "they" is, Google. But this is what was/is done). See  "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" online.  Goodness, gracious! Like the Blackeyed Peas sing, "Where is the love?"

If it were just one or two officials thinking this way, I would wonder if they had mental illness. You know experts say 1 in 5 Americans is mentally challenged. But literally hundreds of officials and judges are thinking about Americans: "murder" "mass arrest" "murder" "mass arrest."  It is truly amazing to me. You remember they killed Troy Davis without irrefutable proof of guilt in September. That was sad, too. I tried to petition the USDOJ and GBI for a new investigation into Officer MacPhail's murder, but my petition was sabotaged by the censorship force. They made the Davis/McPhail Truth Committee petition appear online dated Sept. 21 instead of November 13, 2011. Sabotaging the date of the petition made everyone think it was another petition to SAVE Troy Davis, and folks did not open it because Davis was dead already. These cyberstalkers assigned to contain Mary Neal's advocacy against wrongful executions and mass incarceration are very devoted to Satan, Google. And they hate gospel music, too.

Maybe after they kill Thomas Arthur, they will have a big discussion about why his DNA test results were ignored like the arson report in Cameron Todd Willingham's wrongful execution that indicated there had been no arson and therefore no murders. And maybe after Arthur is dead, they will let me resume using my Care2 membership. You may recall that they deleted 11,000 of my Twitter tweets in December 2010 right before the Georgia prisoners staged the nation's largest prison uprising.

Prisoners in 4 to 6 correctional facilities did a prison labor strike. Mainstream media mostly ignored it like they were probably told to do, but people were very involved in telling the story online. Therefore, they eliminated 11,000 of my tweets to omit my tweets from showing when people searched online for "Georgia Prison" or "Human Rights for Prisoners." They did not want the masses to learn about Larry's secret lynching, probably. When news about the GA strike died down months later, they let me have my tweets back. After Arthur's murder on March 29, I hope they let me use Care2 again. [My Blogger help request regarding the coded text is at this link ].

REPEAT:  Google "Six Videos Prove Mary Neal's Internet Censorship" See also "Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner" March 23, 2010 -   -  At Care2 News Network, Mary Neal’s anti-death penalty article for Hank Skinner was not allowed to post. I wanted so desperately to post my article about Hank Skinner’s pending execution that I braved stalkers who follow me and went to the DeKalb Public Library on March 23, 2010, to post my article, “Hank Skinner’s Last Wish – Justice.”  - The video shows that I repeatedly got a denial of service at Care2 News Network. The video above is stuck on 60 views, although it is carried on numerous Internet sites for targeted individuals and anti-DP groups. Amazing! (I sometimes repeat paragraphs stalkers put codes around to steal later like they did this one.)

If we unite against oppression, we shall overcome! (Genesis 6:11). May God bless His martyr to end DP: Thomas Arthur.

Mary Neal