Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mary Neal's Stalkers are Anti-Semantic

I was surprised to learn that my stalkers at Google+ are Anti-Semantic. They mis-dated this heartwarming story about survival during the Holocaust.

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969

Sir Nicholas Winton thought he had lost the children he sought to save from Hitler's death camps, but the mission he thought was a total failure was not. He learned the truth on a TV show over 50 years later.  http://youtu.be/6_nFuJAF5F0

Of course, I tell my readers all the time that our stalkers (probably NSA) work for Nazis. They do not have compassion for any human beings - not blacks, Jews, children, or the mentally and physically disabled. They hate my advocacy against capital punishment. See the next article for proof about their censorship against anti-DP Internet posts. They only like dominion, wars, prison profits, and money.

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