Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cowboys and Injuns and NSA

NSA or some other stalkers REALLY object to my interview of the Rouse family on January 15, 2014. We had extreme interference for the first 11 minutes. After that, they only interfered when I spoke.

What did a defense attorney say about four Native Americans wrongly arrested for child molestation they did not do? "THEY DESERVE IT FOR NOT CONVERTING TO CHRISTIANITY." Listen to the interview with Rouse family and supporters "Cowboys and Injuns" still playing in South Dakota, USA. All eleven alleged victims who were reportedly coerced and coached to testify falsely against four Native American relatives have reportedly recanted their testimony, and some took lie detector tests, but the four men remain in federal custody.

Earlier on January 15, I had used the very same phone without the echo and static that is heard on the Rouse family radio broadcast. This convinced me that the Rouse family and justice advocates are correct. Four members of the Rouse family were wrongly convicted and have spent approximately 20 years imprisoned for crimes that never happened. During "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" broadcasts, we sometimes feature families of inmates to demonstrate the emotional stress that mass incarceration causes, especially wrongful convictions. None of the Rouse men who are in prison have mental illness, to my knowledge.

Listen to the audio quality on my interview with Brother Maurice Muhammad, which I completed shortly before beginning to interview the Rouse family using the same phone.

Maurice Muhammad interviews MaryLovesJustice Neal about secret government murder, directed energy attacks, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm frauds against African Americans, and mental health care vs. incarceration  ~The Cochran Firm has been sued repeatedly by former clients, partners and associates, as well as a law firm that partnered with The Cochran Firm on a case, but mainstream media, the FTC, FCC, the BBB and other consumer protection agencies, and state bar associations protect the frauds in order to continue their usefulness blocking justice for African Americans.

Since learning how very corrupt, racist, and status-conscious the U.S. legal system is, I write articles and conduct radio interviews to help give voice to voiceless people who are victimized. Please see the schedule for two channels under National Network in Action human rights broadcasts on Blogtalkradio.
A revised schedule is being prepared that includes our shows that air at 3:30pm PST.  Thank you for tuning in and sharing the url to your favorite radio shows. We will have the Rouse family and advocates return and hope that NSA will send one of those agents who simply "monitor" and not "disrupt" the broadcast. Do you still think they only listen?

MaryLovesJustice Neal
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depending on how frisky NSA feels tonight)

Stop Spying on AND CENSORING Americans

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