Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NSA and the Terrell Scott Fraud

On January 28, Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris asked me to host the National Network in Action radio shows on Blogtalkradio. I promised that I would. I immediately called Holly Alston, mother of Terrell Scott, and asked her to be my guest on the 8pm PST broadcast, "Real Talk with the No. 1 Doctors." She told me that she had been crying as her phone rang with my call. Her son has endured nearly five torturous years in a Pennsylvania prison but is denied the opportunity to stand trial on his false criminal charges.

When I called Holly, she was crying because her mentally ill son, over whom she has power of attorney, has been induced by his treacherous attorney to sign a plea deal although he is completely innocent. Terrell Scott was deemed "too crazy" to prove his innocence in court, but "competent" to sign a plea deal. Holly agreed to join me on the radio show and speak to the audience about her son's circumstances. Holly said Terrell Scott is due to be sentenced based on this plea deal on Friday, January 31, after meeting with a psychiatrist tomorrow to determine "what kind of sexual predator Terrell is." We expect Terrell will be induced to tell more lies on himself during this "evaluation."

When a person, especially someone with mental illness, has been held in indefinite detention for 4.5 years, even someone with learning disabilities finally understands he will be kept imprisoned forever unless he agrees to lie on himself. Terrell Scott told his mother that he had plead "nolo contendere." She explained to Terrell that he had actually signed a guilty plea regardless of what his attorney may have told him. Learn more about this at the article entitled "Sixth Amendment Rights Nullified for Terrell Scott" at

NSA or whatever stalkers heard my conversations with Dr. Harris and Holly Alston. They decided not to allow me to broadcast during the 8pm PST show. When I signed in at "Real Talk to the No. 1 Doctors," I was taken to the board for our 9pm PST show, which would not start for another hour. See the screenshots below.

In figure (a), notice that "Real Talk w/ No. 1 Doctors" is in the url at the top of the sign-in screen.

In figure (b), notice that upon signing in at "Real Talk w/ No. 1 Doctors," I was directed to the board for National Network in Action's 9pm radio show, "Justice for All." The way you can tell is by the phone numbers and the clock. The phone number for guests to call in at "Justice for All" is (818)572.2947. The clock said the show was scheduled to begin in 51 minutes and 51 seconds. 

Sometimes, NSA prevents my urls from opening. If they prevent you from seeing the screenshots, please comment below, call me at 678.531.0262, email me at the email box below. Then email the Justice Department so your Attorney General can protect your right to access at

Apparently, officers of the court do not want people to discuss on the radio Terrell Scott, who has been deprived of a trial for nearly five years due to "incompetence" is now declared "competent" to sign a plea deal without his mother's approval, although she has his power of attorney. We were finally allowed to go on radio at the 9pm show. The show is archived at Blogtalkradio at this url

The real issue is that Terrell Scott is a black man who slept with a white woman. Many black people have been murdered for doing less. Tulsa, Oklahoma bombed its black community in 1921, and many men, women, and children died because a black man touched a white woman when an elevator that they were on lurched . In addition to being black, Scott is also mentally ill. Mentally ill people in America are imprisoned and killed without accountability, whether black or white. Censorship like we experienced at Blogtalkradio tonight is commonly used to prevent discussion about such crimes against humanity in the USA. There should be five(5) urls and two voice mail boxes in this article. 

Mary Neal

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