Monday, January 6, 2014

NSA God Complex: "30c3: To Protect and Infect"

Something I've been meaning to ask you murderers: Exactly HOW do you intend to kill me by heart attack? I understand that as being your intention for the many heart attack ads I receive often. I will copy one for the public. Here is something you may not know.

Although I did call and have the retailer hold a Google Chromebook OS for me, I did not get that one. Maybe they didn't tell you that. After they brought me one with my name on it, I refused to accept it. I told them I had to have another one. The clerk argued a little, but in the end, I did get another computer. So in case you had a directed energy device in the first one, someone else has that problem. The only way you can cause a heart attack with the Google Chromebook OS I am using is if they are ALL equipped with your directed energy weapons, in which case I doubt if Google would appreciate that being done by the manufacturers or exposed by you.

Have you had someone hide a directed energy in my home? You risk hitting other people with your signal, because I am seldom in a room alone. You might have trouble explaining multiple, simultaneous heart attacks, devils. You are evil people - totally evil to your souls - or to where your souls would be if you were human beings.

You probably have directed energy devices that can be pointed at targets from a distance by your robo-citizens cops. You are absurd parodies of what God created you to be. You are grotesque. To think that the wonderful creative ability of intelligent scientists is being used to make high tech weapons to make everyone afraid of you and to force people to bow to your will is truly UNACCEPTABLE. But you don't know that word. You have zero respect for human life, self-autonomy, and human rights. That has been made patently clear to some of us. It is up to us to make the others aware of the problems we face because of you who have no desire for anything other than complete power and dominance. You want to be God, just like your father Satan. I praise God for finally learning that people already know about NSA taking over people's computers to prevent freedom of press. All I had heard was NSA is spying on people, when I know that censorship is the name of the game. See "30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2."

For more information, just scroll through this "Justice Gagged" blog, and please see my comment at Applebaum's video on YouTube. Google some of my video evidence of my cyberstalkers' takeovers at "Six Videos Prove Mary Neal's Censorship." I could be at home, in a computer rental business, or at the public library. They would send stalkers to see which computer I was using, and wherever I was, the computer would be under their control within minutes.

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