Friday, October 4, 2013

Racist Slant on News by Cox Enterprises (WSB-TV Atl)

ABC News at Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia repeatedly reported the clash between an Asian SUV driver and bikers in New York with a very prejudice slant. An Asian couple ran over bikers in New York City in two separate incidents, and some white supremacist-owned media companies seem to like it. Most of the bikers appeared to be African Americans. (See videos of the attacks on the bikers at MaryLovesJustice blog )

ABC News at Channel 2 in Atlanta is a part of Cox Enterprises, a thoroughly racist media company that refused to answer a federal subpoena which I served to Cox's agent requesting records of The Cochran Firm's advertising its Atlanta, Georgia office through Cox Enterprises mediums, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution. My service agent repeatedly went to the authorized agent's place of business before effecting service of process. That is because the authorized agent for Cox Enterprises would lock its doors in the process server's face. He had to finally go and wait outside the agent's doors in the pre-dawn light and get inside before they could avoid service.

After accomplishing service of process, Cox Enterprises refused to respond with records of advertisements that the media company had run for The Cochran Firm on television and in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Cox refused to honor the federal subpoena. I was not allowed to review and copy records at Cox that proved The Cochran Firm had lied in court in its assertion that the law firm had no law offices whatsoever in the State of Georgia. Judge Timothy Batten, of United States District Court, refused to answer my Motion to Compel Cox Enterprises to release its advertising records for The Cochran Firm. Larry Neal's murder under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail was subjected to an elaborate cover-up by local and federal officials as well as media companies acting in collusion.

When Judge Shoob of Georgia Superior Court dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm based on the firm's perjury (denying it had any law offices at all in the State of Georgia), I contacted the Atlanta Journal Constitution Classified Ad Department to run an ad looking for other persons who had contracted with The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office for legal services. I also wanted to advertise for people who believed The Cochran Firm had a law office in Atlanta because they had seen advertisements for and news articles about that law office in Atlanta Journal Constitution, on MARTA buses and trains, on billboards, in Yellow Page ads, on Internet ads and search sites for legal consumers, and in the Daily Report, which carries legal news in Atlanta. The sales agent at the Atlanta Journal Constitution seemed excited about making a sale for the paper's classified section until I gave her the wording for my ad. After that, she was so uncooperative that I asked to speak with her supervisor. Her supervisor was also UNWILLING TO SELL ME AN AD wherein I would seek people in Georgia who had been made to understand (by advertisements and news reports) that The Cochran Firm had an Atlanta law office.

Since Cox Enterprises is obviously a very racist media company that seeks to prevent African Americans from knowing about The Cochran Firm fraud, I find its prejudice reports about black bikers who were run over by an Asian in NY particularly offensive. Channel 2 News reported that the bikers had attacked Mr. Zimmerman (not the SUV driver's real name), but the anchor failed to report that the Asian had just deliberately run over and tried to kill some of the bikers' members in two separate attacks. The video that Channel 2 News showed about the incident began with the bikers stopping the run-away SUV driven by the murderous Mr. Zimmerman.

This writer advises New York prosecutors to charge Mr. Zimmerman with every crime that he committed in running over black bikers in two separate attacks and then trying to escape. Bikers who were enraged after seeing their friends mowed over like grass by Zimmerman's SUV should also be held accountable for retaliating against Zimmerman. Although their outrage was reasonable, their violence against Zimmerman for his crimes was not. I note that the NY official who spoke about the incident on the CNN news video criticized the bikers for tying up traffic, but said nothing whatsoever about Mr. Zimmerman running over bikers in two separate attacks and putting one biker in a coma. He could die.

The Zimmermans were out to celebrate their second wedding anniversary and found themselves stopped in heavy traffic created by approximately a hundred bikers, many of whom were African Americans. The Asian man and his wife were obviously terrified of black men on bikes and decided to commit murder, if necessary, to leave the vicinity. And Mr. Zimmerman may have done just that if the comatose biker does not recover. Hopefully, New York will not set a new precedent making it OK to mow down people in its streets if drivers have an irrational fear or are running late for dinner.

White supremacists at Cox Enterprises should try to deliver untainted news reports and stop helping to defraud the public to support CoIntelPro lawyers at The Cochran Firm.

Repeat of Paragraph 1: ABC News at Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia repeatedly reported the clash between an Asian SUV driver and bikers in New York with a very prejudice slant. An Asian couple ran over bikers in New York City in two separate incidents, and some white supremacist-owned media companies seem to like it. Most of the bikers appeared to be African Americans. (See videos of the attacks on the bikers at MaryLovesJustice blog )


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Mary Neal said...

Thank you, IParrot Post. My computer is under control of NSA or some other CoIntelPro cyberstalker. So is my telephone. The secret arrest and murder of my disabled brother is America's most shrouded secret, and I am treated like a homeland terrorist for sharing the report of his murder as well as I can in social media, blogs, and independent news sources. I am also director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, an organization I founded to decriminalize mental illness in America. I did not know when I started advocating for mentally ill people that they are the backbone of the private prison system. I am vehemently attacked by cyberstalkers who may work for private prison investors.

I write this to you, IParrot Post, to let you know that if you never hear from me, it is because some of my enemies prevented my ability to contact you. Preventing news about my disabled brother's murder after 18 days of secret incarceration is one of officials' main objectives along with keeping mentally ill Americans behind bars to generate revenue for private prisons.

I encourage you to read some of the articles in Justice Gagged blog at to note the many, many online companies, government officials, police departments, burglars, and CoIntelPro agents who oppose my getting this story aired worldwide. IF you are able to help me, we'd sell lots of IParrot Post news together.

EXPECT a call with a good offer not to help me. The Johnnie Cochran Firm apparently took the bribe and contracted with my family to represent us in a wrongful death civil action against Memphis Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. They held the case secretly inactive while the time was running out to file suit, and all the while lied to my family about a case that was not really going forward.

Cox Enterprises refused to report that The Cochran Firm went to Georgia courts and lied, saying my lawsuit against the firm for its fraud should be dismissed because The Cochran Firm has no offices whatsoever in the State of Georgia. That is because The Cochran Firm helps mercenary racists save billions each year by defrauding its own clients. I have prepared a partial list of defrauded former clients and attorneys in an article entitled "Beware of Treacherous Attorneys: The Cochran Firm."

In my opinion, Johnnie Cochran may have been murdered so that his reputation and firm could be used to defraud African Americans. See "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory" at

These NSA or other cyberstalkers will not even let me file a complaint with the Office of Inspector General over the USDOJ. The USDOJ also helped the jail cover-up Larry Neal's murder. See "NSA Prevents Complaints to OIG Over USDOJ?"

My phone number is at the top margin of my blogs: 678.531.0262, but they sometimes play a lying message saying it is out of service, or they redirect callers to my voice mail and erase the messages without my receipt. This is like a bad James Bond movie, IParrot Post.