Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love life and freedom? Shut Up

From time to time, potential operatives threaten me with indefinite detention without trials (NDAA), commitment to mental hospitals, and murder. They respond online to my advocacy for justice regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and advocacy against Internet censorship, which is used to contain information about Larry's government murder and his family's denial of due process of law. Censorship and terrorism are also used to impede my advocacy for 1.25 million mentally ill Americans who are wrongly imprisoned to benefit prison profiteers rather than using tax dollars for treatment in mental hospitals and community care programs. The first comment below threatens arrest, and the second one begins, "Maam, please ask yourself if you love life." My response:

He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.  ~John 12:25 KJV

I posted information to Hacker News on a PUBLIC POST at Google+ regarding my censorship. Anthony Mcmahon responded on this PUBLIC POST with the following two comments:

Anthony Mcmahon
Yesterday 12:58 AM
uhmb all of the above in your questions by the content of your posts and mannerism you are warranting them to watch your home by being an "erradic potential danger to society" they can arrest you on that alone.

and unless you are breaking down to be the next mass shooter I suggest you take steps back and not think about any of that.Put it out of your mind before you go crazy.If you own any guns and you deem yourself a harmless person.get rid of them immediately.

Anthony Mcmahon
Yesterday 1:06 AM
maam please ask your self if you love life and what you love or if you gave up on life.

you are transfixed on the "case/person/issue's........persue your case find backing in people and politeness when you have a gathering of people you are protected..........but take additional steps to not "warrant" anything.

as i see it I see someone breaking down giving up on life finding no hope in resolution.........take some walks go to the mall talk to people.remember why you live and what you love.become a safe sex addict......maybe someone will stick around if you are single......i dont know.

but you are spiraling daily.take it from me get the fuck out of the house and stop thinking about it.you have attorney's etc.Let's say they beat you and you end up in a mental home then God knows what happens to you after that.

I am not trying to scare you.I am saying focus on other things.get outside get laid plant flowers pick flowers collect something go to the beach find your supporters if YOU KNOW who they are.Go with them.
                       No offense with the case it hand people will support you just cut tie's with the greedy you catch when its all said and done.just dont say anything anymore...........trust me.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Yesterday 1:42 AM
I understand that people have mental illness if they see things that are not there, but thank God for digital cameras! Thank God, also, for Edward Snowden, who revealed NSA spying and some of the techniques used. Now here is a question for you, +Anthony Mcmahon - Is Justice a Crazy Idea in America? 
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MaryLovesJustice Neal
Yesterday 2:57 AM
+Anthony Mcmahon, people who label activists "crazy" if they claim being censored should definitely censor fewer activists. Years ago when I first wrote about these crimes, I was surprised at the number of people who told me about their own targeting for censorship. Nowadays, just about every activist I know reports being censored. A couple of years ago, a man told me about CoIntelPro, and that was my first knowledge that the government is sometimes behind such offenses.

I have no reason to go to the mall, but I hope that changes. 

While potential operatives like +Anthony Mcmahon try to pretend that people complaining about censorship are crazy, Pharaohs are meeting to censor us all through Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement - a SOPA-type international law that would bypass Congress.
I don't know if these Pharaohs think we are all retarded or if THEY are.

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