Friday, May 11, 2012

Censoring "Lawless America Movie" Witness

This continues the post about cyberstalking done to keep people who use Metro PCS from communicating with William Windsor, producer of "Lawless America - The Movie." Windsor has conference calls several times a week at TalkShoe - a conference call service. The first couple of times I called TalkShoe was before I met Bill, and I was able to dial in on shows. When I got involved with "Lawless America," I called in twice and got in the conference calls with Windsor without any problems, also. But for the last few weeks, I was blocked from participating in the Talk Shoe conference calls regarding "Lawless America" because a false recording told me I had to have a calling card. A TalkShoe representative has now confirmed what I suspected: No calling card number is needed by Metro PCS phone service users to call in to TalkShoe. This matches the information I also received from Metro PCS. The phone service was unable to find any such calling card number and assured me that they could find no reason why I could not use TalkShoe conferencing service without dialing a calling card number first. See background on this blog at  "STALKERS BLOCK MARY NEAL FROM TALK SHOE CALLS"   . I suppose the stalkers reconsidered and allowed my customer service request to post. Below is the exchange between Bruce Pringlemeir, a TalkShoe employee, and myself:

Bruce (Logan) Pringlemeir (Employee) 2 days ago
Nothing has changed from TalkShoe. I am not sure what Metro is, actually, but the way to call into a TalkShoe show is dial 724-444-7444 like on any phone. You will then be asked for the Call ID, this is the ID number for the particular call you wish, and then your 10 digit TalkShoe PIN, which you create when you create your free account.

Mary Neal less than a minute ago
Thank you, Bruce. Metro PCS is a cell phone company that is used by a good many people in Southeastern states. As I stated, I dialed Talk Shoe programs using the steps you named several times. I got involved with the "Lawless America - The Movie" which Bill Windsor is producing, and I called his show a couple of times and was successful using the steps you gave me. But at the point where you say the recording should ask for the Call ID for the particular call I wish, I was asked for a prepaid calling card number. Therefore, the cyberstalkers had probably intercepted my phone call and redirected it to their own recording rather than to TalkShoe.

This is a type of censorship that is applied to prevent certain Americans from exercising our First Amendment rights. It happened to me a few times before. Once the cyberstalker, Michael Moon, intercepted my phone call to a computer repair company to remove the viruses and Trojans that were used to stop my free use of the Internet. The stalker did to me everything that could have been done to all Americans if SOPA and PIPA had passed: redirecting links, controlling web browsing, etc. They control my phone as well as my computers. Moon intercepted the call to the computer repair company and actually answered my service call. He appeared at my home the next day and misrepresented himself as the tech from the computer company. I actually turned my computer over to the cyberstalker, and he gave himself even more control than he had. See "HOME INVASION" at this link [DO NOT RUN MY WORDS AGAINST THE "HTTP" AT THE LINK STALKER BEAST]

Thank you again for responding to my inquiry. If they prevent my connection to TalkShoe on Tuesday night when I join discussions at "Lawless America," I will call the police and make another report to add to other police reports the police refuse to respond to by applying the law. Nevertheless, the report will be used in a lawsuit against those who hired or allow stalkers to violate my constitutional rights. People who want to talk with Bill Windsor about judicial and government corruption should not be stopped by cyberstalkers. You have been very helpful.



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Mary Neal said...

Rojer Frederick, most of the comments on my Justice Gagged blog are my own. I have had numerous friends tell me that their comments are blocked. Thanks for reading and sharing news about this censored human rights advocate.