Monday, May 14, 2012

Cyberwar Against Christianity and Freedom in USA

"On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; all other ground is sinking sand."

1. There is a war waging against Christianity and human rights in America. Consider the following two points and link. Heavy censorship is being applied to the story about Cynthia Johnson's alleged rape by New Jersey police at paragraphs 7B and 8C. This article has four(4) links before my signature, twenty(20) NUMBERED paragraphs, and five(5) photographs. If you use a cellphone for the web, please select "go to page 1" to see parts they usually hide by opening my articles after the introduction.Google my name with any of the names or events in this article or search for the articles in my signature links (signature paragraph #20 has 19 separate links that lead to my articles, blogs and carries my contact information).

2.A.  Some Christian pastors and perhaps other religious leaders have been recruited by Homeland Security for Clergy Response Teams. Your religious leader may be on retainer to preach religious messages that are acceptable to, or even prescribed by, government officials. They are also instructed to use Romans 13:1 to squash dissent among Christian people. Come discuss justice at the Atlanta Justice Symposium on May 20, 2012 at 2 to 6pm EST, at the Auburn Avenue Library and Research Center (Piccadilly Restaurant on Memorial Drive at 3:00pm is the alternate local). Meet special guests Esteban Garcia (author of U.S. Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual), William Windsor (producer of "Lawless America - The Movie"), Fred V-Man Watson (television host and founder of the Victory Over Violence program), Gilbert Young, renowned painter), and Mary Neal, yours truly. Here is your invitation from my "Exposed Free Speak Blog" :  More information is in paragraphs #17 and #18 below. If they sabotage the link, just Google "Atlanta Justice Symposium Mary Neal."

3.B. I recently learned that GodTube and some other Christian Internet sites have alternate web pages that the public is directed to instead of their actual web pages. On May 14, I received an email from GodTube inviting me to the organization's site to read today's bible scriptures. I clicked the link in the email, but the Facebook page that opened was not GodTube's current Facebook page, and neither was it the page that carried today's Bible lesson. It was a skimpy web page with its last post dated July 9, 2011. How many people go to that alternate view of GodTube and leave with an unfavorable impression about the organization? If I had not known better, I might have thought GodTube is a second-rate Christian effort or that its Facebook page had been abandoned a year ago. See the GodTube page I reached at this link (if they let you). I received a confirmation today from GodTube that the organization received my notice about - This link leads to a Google doc that is a print screen view of the fake Facebook page for GodTube I reached using that link on May 14, 2012. I copied/pasted an actual print screen copy of the fake Facebook page for GodTube into a Word document, uploaded it to the Internet as a Google Doc, and began sharing it. I offer you the opportunity of seeing this on video, also, because the Beast who wages war against the Christians is capable of changing data after it is uploaded on the Internet. They can change the data at the link to lead to a "Join the Army to fight for freedom" ad if they want to. Cyberstalkers changed my emails a few times after the emails had already been received and read by my addressees!

4. How many churches and Christian organizations have joined Homeland Security's Clergy Response Team program? Google my article "God Facing Lay-off by Supreme Court." How many churches and Christian or human rights organizations have alternate web pages on the Internet that the public sees when they use the links presented online? How many individuals, companies, individual activists and human/civil rights groups have fake web pages that the public reaches rather than the actual sites that people should see? Do you and your company, church, business, and organizations have fake web pages set up where your potential members, customers, and sponsors are redirected when they try to access your website using the link that appears online when people browse for your name or the links you send in your emails? These are valid questions.

5. I completed an online comment form for GodTube to report the alternate Facebook page. As usual, I also reported the findings and placed the link on my Twitter page where I am @koffietime . I posted same at Google+ and published the news for my Facebook followers and the company's administrators. When I doubt whether my followers will be allowed to receive my reports at social networks, I often follow up with an article like this one in hopes that by using all of those methods for mass communication, the censored person, company, or organization will receive my report. Consider the following five offenses that I also reported:

6.A. Over a year ago, I discovered sabotage at Veterans Against Police Abuse. The first time I used the link for that organization, I saw a complete website with a home page and tabs to reach other pages within the website. The second time I used the link for Veterans Against Police Abuse a week later, I saw the same home page, but there were no tabs visible to reach other pages. One of the tabs that was invisible was the tab that led to contact information for the organization.

7.B. During that same time period, a woman who claimed being raped in her home by a police officer in New Jersey during the course of her arrest, then arrested for a length of time to let the semen dissolve while she was denied a rape kit. Cynthia Johnson asked me to sign a petition for an investigation that she posted on her MySpace website. But when I went to the website using the link provided in her email, there was no petition there. Furthermore, her videos, certain photographs and graphics were also missing. I knew what should be on her page because I had visited it several times before that day. I emailed her to report that the petition was not accessible on her web page and that much of her other data was missing. After sending the email to her, I again clicked the email's link for her page, and it had Changed! The video of her speaking with an interviewer about her alleged police brutality, her graphics, and even the link for her petition were visible. Cynthia had also sent many reports about her rape to my Care2 group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), including New Jersey area news reports about that same officer who she accused of rape being involved in other brutality cases. Today I tweeted a link to a video about a black woman who was nine months pregnant when a DeKalb County, Georgia police officer kicked her in her stomach - a kick that is used by officers to kick down doors, according to the woman's lawyer. God protected the unborn child who was delivered from his brutalized mother by emergency C-section, but the "peace" officer was not censured. He is still on the street. That is the kind of reports I make so that my readers know about improvements needed, and it is why I am America's most censored individual.

8.C. All of Cynthia Johnson's reports about her alleged rape and denial of due process of law that allegedly followed the abuse disappeared from AIMI's Care2 site in a single day. In fact, our advocacy group, which I founded and direct to decriminalize mental illness and end capital punishment and mass incarceration, is now completely taken over at Care2 to prevent our effective use of the Internet to advocate for justice and compassion in the justice system. For over a year, I have been prevented from updating the billboard for AIMI and cannot publish videos. Help desk is either prevented from receiving my complaints (although I receive confirmations of receipt), or the complaints are ignored. Only one in ten of the posts I try to publish at Care2 is allowed to go online. I videotape the cyberstalking as it happens. See an example of Internet censorship applied to my post in order to prevent Americans from learning about H.R.619, a congressional bill that would have restored Medicaid for psychiatric inpatient facilities  H.R.619 Advocacy Censored at AIMI  . That bill would have helped to decriminalize mental illness by replacing imprisonment with hospitals, but prison investors did not like it. Therefore mainstream media ignored H.R.619, and stalkers limited disclosure about the bill by health advocates, as the video proves. See the video embedded below:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

9.D. Amnesty International sent me an email about its Southeastern Regional Conference that was held in Decatur, Georgia. The invitation offered a link to use to serve as a volunteer for that conference. But on my email, it was not a real link. It was blue and underlined, but it was just regular text. I then tried the link to reach one of the people responsible for the event, and that was also a fake link. Sabotaged links work for computers using the IP addresses that generate targeted documents, but they are not allowed useful for the public. Can you imagine having "click to donate" links that cyberwar criminals against Christianity and human rights deactivate at will? Some churches and human rights organizations have those. Heavy censorship is being applied to the story about Cynthia Johnson's alleged rape by New Jersey police at paragraphs 7B and 8C. This article has four(4) links, twenty(20) NUMBERED paragraphs, and five(5) photographs. Paragraph #20 is my signature paragraph, and it has a separate 19 links for you to access my contact information, blogs and articles. If you use a cellphone for the web, please select "go to page 1" to see parts they usually hide by starting my articles after the introduction. I presume that some companies have "order now" links that are also sabotaged if the company is targeted for financial persecution by the system.

10.E. I published an article at HubPages called "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011." My goals in publishing that article were primarily to reduce the tendency among African Americans to blindly trust other blacks and also to reduce racial prejudice. The war against freedom in America is detrimental to people of all races and socioeconomic groups except the very rich, but I feel that unity among the 99% can delay the disastrous conclusion of the End Game that is underway now. Months after publishing that article, I went to CNN's headquarter office in Atlanta to protest mainstream media censorship. I held a sign that said "Wrongful Death of Larry" on one side and "Cochran Firm Fraud" on the other side. People who browse online for either of those phrases would reach information about my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Larry was secretly arrested for 18 days in Memphis Shelby County Jail in Memphis Tennessee and murdered. Mainstream media companies were apparently ordered not to report Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm fraud against minorities that happens throughout the country to reduce or eliminate payouts by large corporations and government entities to its mostly black clients. I protest the censorship. I placed a photograph of my CNN protest at the "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011" article at HubPages, but an alternate web page with that article was put before the public that omitted my photograph. I found the alternate article among my list of HubPages articles and deleted it. Hopefully, it will stay deleted.

11. I published an article exposing these and other methods of Internet censorship called "Internet Censorship American Style by Mary Neal." I often put "by Mary Neal" in my titles, because I found my titles are frequently duplicated online possibly to divert the public from the news I share. Hiding Larry Neal's murder is apparently deemed important by officials, The Cochran Firm, and perhaps companies that have use for their "special" services when faced with lawsuits by minorities. Larry's death was followed by an elaborate cover-up facilitated by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, which signed contract to be the Neals' wrongful death attorneys but actually worked for the jail and officials in the United States Department of Justice to cover-up the murder and prevent disclosure and justice after Larry was essentially kidnapped, secretly incarcerated for nearly three weeks, and killed under circumstances that the system still refuses to divulge. In 2005, my elderly mother and I sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud (pretending to work on our wrongful death case but holding it secretly inactive while the statute of limitations ran). Georgia Superior Court dismissed our lawsuit in May 2006 and falsely claimed the suit was served wrong and that no Cochran Firm law office whatsoever exists within Georgia, recently declared the nation's most corrupt state.

12. In 2009, federal court wrongly dismissed the Neals' lawsuit also. The judges (one of whom had initially recused himself) actually issued an order ruling it was "immaterial" for The Cochran Firm to defraud our family to help justice officials cover-up Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm's fraud. The judges declared that no jury would care about the fraud against our family to hide a handicapped black man's murder, although this is the state where Michael Vick served two years in prison for killing dogs. Interestingly, neither court nor The Cochran Firm disputed that the police kidnapping and murder happened or that The Cochran Firm defrauded my family to cover up the crime and protect the jail from public rebuke and financial damages. But both courts denied the Neals right to take The Cochran Firm fraud case before a jury. The media and consumer protection agencies refused to warn other legal consumers that The Cochran Firm is allowed to avoid paying damages to defrauded clients by disclaiming its identity and existence in courts of law where its lawyers practice (fraud?) every day. They forgot something: "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant" (MLK).

13. Cyberstalkers who monitor my computer input, including my email box, knew when I informed Veterans Against Police Abuse and Cynthia Johnson that their websites were targeted for the cyberwar against human rights. I have a team of assigned cyberstalkers to watch what I upload on the Internet and prevent my communicating about such offenses. Although Larry's murder was suppressed and such strange court rulings were made and ignored by authorities, the public is apparently intended to think we have liberty and justice until the day someone may order Americans to board trains to camps. Therefore, my reports about government and judicial corruption are not appreciated, and I became America's most censored individual. See "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal." The cyberwar against Christ's gospel and human rights activism continues by way of oppressive congressional bills like CISPA and cyberstalkers who surreptitiously remove or corrupt online data until the Internet takeover in USA is complete and mass communication by and for The People is crushed by the Beast who came to steal, kill and destroy, preferably in secrecy for now. Heavy censorship is being applied to the story about Cynthia Johnson's alleged rape by New Jersey police at paragraphs 7B and 8C. This article has four(4) links, twenty(20) NUMBERED paragraphs, and five(5) photographs. Paragraph #20 is my signature paragraph, and it has 19 separate links to my blogs and articles and carries my contact information. If I don't list my article's contents, they will steal parts, and may do that anyway. If you use a cellphone for the web, please select "go to page 1" to see parts they usually hide by starting my articles after the introduction.

14. How many members, donations, and customers does your church, human rights organization or business lose because of the cyberwar against Christianity, human rights, and targeted businesses and individuals who are persecuted for offending the system in some way? The beast is waging war against Christianity and freedom in America. I am persecuted and terrorized because I know about the cyberwar, collect proof, and share the information and evidence with my readers. Freedom of expression is one of the main impediments to Nazism, and it is under vicious attack. Please notify GodTube aobut the organizations "alternate page" some people reach when using their link. Be aware that it does not have to really be a Facebook page at all and Facebook may not be aware that some people accessing their links online are prohibited from reaching the company's authentic pages for its members.

15. Please pray for your sister on the front lines of the battle to obey God's commandment in Proverbs 31:8-9. Proverbs 31:8, by the way, is a highly censored Bible verse because more executions happen in Bible Belt states. Most versions of the Bible substitute the word "destruction" (which means "death") with the word "destitute." That replacement is probably done because some Christians enjoy executing perceived murderers who lack the benefit of elaborate cover-ups like Memphis Shelby County Jail had when Larry Neal was killed there in 2003. Because of changes like that, I only read the King James Version. Google "STOP Executions in Bible Belt States" for my archived radio show about that, please.

16. "Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." ~Proverbs 31:8-9 (KJV). I liked it better when God had me cleaning up after Communion, but now He has me making these reports and out holding signs to advocate against brutality, mass incarceration, and murders during the End Times in USA. This is hard and dangerous, so pray for me, saints, and please do your part to obey Proverbs 31:8-9 yourselves. If a middle aged black woman with no resources living under financial persecution on a Georgia plantation after having been officially ruled "immaterial" in a federal court can stand up, you have no excuse! I look at that old rugged cross and KNOW that I am material. I KNOW that Larry Neal and other murdered black men were material. I KNOW the 1.25 million mentally ill inmates of all races who should be in hospitals or community care are material. I rebuke the devil every day, and my God says he must flee from me. Hallelujah! Jesus arose, and so must We the People ARISE! Put the devil under your feet, in the mighty name of Jesus! /Demand that they stop censoring GodTube and taking over our churches, controlling our communication, planning concentration camps in America under NDAA, kicking pregnant women in their bellies, raping defenseless women in their homes, censoring and stalking me for declaring the truth. Join me (Genesis 11:6)! Be DOERS of the Word and not hearers only, sayeth the Lord, and you will be blessed. He is able to deliver us from all unrighteousness! I hope you will plan to come to the Atlanta Justice Symposium at the Auburn Avenue Library at 2pm on Sunday, May 20 and let's talk it over. It is for us to say "Yes, Lord" regarding Proverbs 31:8-9.

17. This is the MATRIX. Nothing is as it seems, and very little is as it should be. I endure censorship and terrorism. My family has lost our privacy due to constant surveillance. Therefore, I enlist your support in spreading the news about a terrific event I am hosting on May 20, 2012: The Atlanta Justice Symposium. It will be at the Auburn Avenue Library and Cultural Center from 2 until 6pm EST and feature these five presenters: Esteban Garcia, author of "U.S. Lawyer's Manual" will be there to sign copies of his supplement "The Unconstitutional Plea" and speak to us about prisoner abuse that violates Hebrews 13:3 and lays people open to Christ's rejection of everyone who fails to care for the least of these, His brethren, as foretold in Matthew 25:31-45. William Windsor, producer of "Lawless America - The Movie" will discuss his upcoming major movie that will expose judicial and government corruption nationwide. Beginning in June, Windsor, a candidate for U.S. Congress from Georgia, will travel to all 50 states filming witness testimony like mine about injustice that is rampant in our nation. Fred V-man Watson, local television host and director of Victory Over Violence, will discuss the importance of using life's challenges to bring about positive outcomes for oneself and others. Gilbert Young, renowned artist, will share how creative talent can be used to promote a sense of community and brotherhood. Yours truly, Mary Neal, is director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. I have good news to share, UNLESS they infuriate me with more censorship and sabotage. Then I have catastrophic news to share. Either way, you will be blessed because all knowledge is good.

18. If they sabotage the Atlanta Justice Symposium at Auburn Avenue Library and Culture Center, we will use the Piccadilly Restaurant on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain and delay our start by one hour. It is necessary to have an alternative locale because one time when I went to the library in downtown Decatur to publish videos the Beast did not want added to censorship videos at my YouTube channel JKEMPP703 (some of which were surreptitiously removed). There seemed to be a fake fire alarm event with lots of fire trucks. It was a mess, but no smoke and no fire. Thanks in advance for putting the Atlanta Justice Symposium on your calendars for Sunday, May 20, and please share our invitation with others. If we wind up at Piccadilly at 3:00pm instead of Auburn Avenue Library at 2pm as scheduled, the family restaurant is on the MARTA bus line, food is inexpensive and tasty (dessert for under $3), and children are welcome! Heavy censorship is being applied to the story about Cynthia Johnson's alleged rape by New Jersey police at paragraphs 7B and 8C. This article has four(4) links, twenty (20) NUMBERED paragraphs, and five(5) photographs. In addition, my signature paragraph at #20 has 19 additional links for my blogs and articles and contact information. If you use a cellphone for the web, please select "go to page 1" to see introductions to my articles they usually hide by starting my articles after the beginning. The Beast likes to work in darkness, and censorship is his tool. That is why your help inviting the public to the Justice Symposium is appreciated!

19. This is the MATRIX. Nothing is as it seems, and very little is as it should be. Have a lovely day, and don't worry; be happy! God has the whole world in His capable hands, and His will shall certainly be done on earth as it is in heaven. That is the most frequently repeated prayer in world history, and He said, "Amen." Blessings!

20. Thank you for reading this advocacy article from Christian human rights advocate, Mary Neal, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill,
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Mary Neal said...

Hello, my online friend. I see that cyberstalkers did not let the link after paragraph 8C transpose into what should be the embedded video. Use the link that should be in paragraph 8C to see the film, and Google "Six videos prove Mary Neal's Censorship." I will open this article and add four more photos and fix that embedded video at a later date. They usually have four cyberstalkers working on my articles when I do input. I need to catch them sleeping one day to do edits! LOL! Seriously, they never sleep but work in shifts. I will make the edits from another computer. I cannot wait until Esteban Garcia and Bill Windsor and others see my cyber censorship team do tricks while I try to add more photographs and embed the video. More people need to see the cyber censorship at work, and they will.

Media, please come to the Justice Symposium on May 20. You will not be embarrassed for ignoring my reports in the past. I am a Christian, and that is first and foremost with me. Everyone makes mistakes. So if you want to come, do.

Thank you in advance for sharing this invitation. Pray for me as I make in-person deliveries this week. The Beast is rightly named.

Again, I remind you that Internet companies are not necessarily aware of the censorship that happens to prevent freedom of press at their sites. It happens across the Internet at major and lesser known sites. I think the Beast is capable of flying under their radar, but I am not certain.

Many blessings on everyone. Have a beautiful week, and I look forward to meeting many of you on Sunday.


Mary Neal said...

Note to Mary: Add four more photographs to article. Add three more links to signature paragraph 20 to make 19 links as promised. Remove "who" from sentence one of Paragraph 7B. Enact embedded video after paragraph 8C. Print and distribute to churches so they will know about the cyberwar against Christianity and human rights and help by checking this article from time to time for evidence of illegal edits by the Beast's cyber censorship force.