Wednesday, August 29, 2012

America's Sold-out Negro Leaders

When Africans in America have justice issues, people ordinarily suggest that we go to our "leaders" for help. But they may not be aware that many "leaders" have joined the New World Order and operate against the interests of 99% people. See Rev. Sharpton flash the pyramid. (There are fifteen(15) links in this article.)

The NAACP entered a lawsuit to benefit defrauded homeowners against Wells Fargo. But the lawsuit was promptly dropped when the bank agreed to fund a NAACP Convention. See a revealing article entitled "NAACP SELLS OUT TO WELLS FARGO, REV PINKNEY IMPLIES" at this link  Rev. Pinkney was president of the NAACP chapter in Benton Harbor, Michigan, but he was ousted by special election in August 2012 during the very week when he planned to join Mary Neal in Atlanta to picket The Cochran Firm frauds. I do not think Rev. Pinkney realizes yet how big The Cochran Firm fraud is. He thinks the NAACP ousted him for picketing Whirlpool, which he has done for years. That was part of the reason, but The Cochran Firm saves government entities and major corporations billions by defrauding its own clients to reduce or eliminate payouts on lawsuits. I expose the fraud program on the Internet with help from my friends, like you. Please share this article.

BEN JEALOUS, A MAN WHO ASSAULTED ME AT THE "SAVE TROY DAVIS" RALLY IN ATLANTA, HUGS THE WOMEN IN HIS LIFE. They sure didn't half raise that boy. He beat down a woman whose brother was murdered by police while holding Troy Davis's sister's arm in order to prevent me from giving her a "Boycott4Justice to Save Troy Davis" flyer. Jealous had to protect Georgia corporations from a boycott, which was the only thing that could have saved Troy Davis. Money speaks louder than pleas. If only she had gotten the flyer and called for a general boycott during her televised statement on September 17, 2011, Troy Davis might still be alive, but Ben Jealous shoved me aside, and Troy's sister did not get the suggestion in this link "BOYCOTT4JUSTICE TO SAVE TROY DAVIS"

In 2011, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) petitioned Congress to outlaw menthol cigarettes to gain even more African American prison laborers. "HAVE THE NAACP PETITION CONGRESS FOR A LAW AGAINST MENTHOL CIGARETTES. THAT'S THE KIND THAT 85% OF BLACK SMOKERS USE." See this article  Will NAACP traitors make a commission for each Newport and Kool smoker who becomes a prison slave to take more "free" Americans' jobs? Was the Black Congressional Caucus of 1986 rewarded for betraying Africans in America and helping to turn this into the prison nation that it is today?

The Black Congressional Caucus in 1986 supported stiffer sentencing for crack than for power cocaine, resulting in racist laws that unfairly targeted African Americans for a disproportionate incarceration rate that continues today. Wikipedia states, "The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 created a 100 to 1 sentencing disparity for crack vs. powder cocaine possession . . . a racist law which discriminates against minorities. The Congressional Black Caucus backed the law, implying that the law cannot be racist." On New Year's Eve 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with provisions for indefinite military internment of Americans without criminal charges. If NDAA is ever used to encamp African Americans, other nations must not think that is not racist because blacks helped to pass the bill and sign the internment orders. It is traditional to use blacks against other blacks in America. It started with loading the slave vessels in Africa. Presidential candidate Ron Paul promises to PARDON ALL INMATES WHO WERE CONVICTED OF NONVIOLENT DRUG OFFENSES and give addicts treatment instead of punishment. Paul's pardons would restore tens of thousands of black families. Ron Paul is also against NDAA concentration camps, World War III, extrajudicial assassinations, and the death penalty. That is why Paul is censored in the media and painted as being a racist by blacks who work for real racists. There are fifteen(15) links in this article.

Accomplishments under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder include covering up the police lynching of a mentally, physically disabled black man, Larry Neal . Larry was secretly arrested (kidnapped) for 18 days and killed in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. The United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) was in overview of the jail after the publicly-owned correctional facility was sued by the United States in 2000 for its pattern of inmate brutality. Rather than upholding the law, the feds in overview of the jail allowed Shelby County Jail to file fraudulent reports in its Release Hearings in 2006 that omitted Larry Neal's arrest and murder. All of Shelby County's officials who signed the false reports are corrupt and should be jailed for defrauding the USA. Many Shelby County officials were NAACP members, like Michael Hooks, nephew of former president, Ben Hooks (who later went to prison in connection with the "Tennessee Waltz corruption").

Rather than doing his job, Eric Holder refuses to submit records, documents, and things that would expose the fact that officials became accessories after the fact to Larry's murder by police. I am censored, stalked, and terrorized to keep the handicapped man's murder a national secret. In August 2012, I was robbed - our home was burglarized, and the only items stolen were two boxes that contained original court records in two Neals v. The Cochran Firm cases and evidence that Georgia judges refused to allow me to present to a jury. Instead, judges pretended there is no Cochran Firm law office within the State of Georgia. The NAACP leads families to The Cochran Firm after deaths by police, then The Cochran Firm (under new management) often defrauds its clients. Mainstream media censors this information so The Cochran Firm can continue its mission of defrauding blacks for government agencies and corrupt corporations after deaths and catastrophic injuries of black people. Larry's murder cover-up is a family affair among the pyramid crowd. Read a partial list of parties involved at this link  "Murder Cover-up: Mary Neal v. USDOJ, et al." I'll wait some more days to see what the judges and lawyers got together and Changed since burglars stole my original court file in this matter

This Negro has a grin on him! Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq. is managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Atlanta, Georgia office, which paid Carlock, Copeland, Semlar & Stair, LLC to have Georgia judges pretend that there is no Cochran Firm office within the State of Georgia. See this video advertising The Cochran Firm in Atlanta  The Cochran Firm had zero excuses for the Neal family's allegations of DELIBERATE MALPRACTICE and FRAUD against the Neal family, so Sistrunk and his devious lawyers decided to have judges pretend our lawsuit was served on the wrong party - Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk. Then this "wrong party" paid lawyers to represent the firm in our lawsuit. The Pharisees claimed not to have any connection whatsoever with The Cochran Firm and none with the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm (where CCGSS is/was registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State's office). Bodacious liars - the lot of them.

After helping to defraud my 80+-year-old mother regarding the wrongful death of Larry Neal and inducing judges to rule The Cochran Firm nonexistent in Atlanta, Sistrunk was made a partner in the national office of The Cochran Firm. There is no oversight over lawyers in America. Fraudulent attorneys are encouraged to trick clients in Georgia when government officials are at risk. Read an email from the Georgia Bar to an attorney promising to dismiss a  grievance against him immediately upon the Bar's receipt of a cursory response from him "Georgia Bar Promises Attorney Immunity." Grinning Negroes like Hezekiah Sistrunk strike deals with murderous police departments to protect them in the event of Africans' wrongful deaths. Read how white supremacists and their Negro Confederate soldiers got Johnnie Cochran's name and firm to misuse against blacks at this link  "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory."

BELOW IS A YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR THE "NONEXISTENT" OFFICE OF THE COCHRAN FIRM IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Thieves stole my Neals v. The Cochran Firm records, but I don't need them to prove that Cochran Firm attorneys are liars and frauds. Like Troy Davis, all I need is a "fair day in a just court." That might be as hard as finding a glass of iced water in hell. Georgia was pronounced the nation's most corrupt state in 2012 by the Center for Public Integrity at the link below -

FoxNews: America's Most Corrupt States March 22, 2012 - The Center for Public Integrity’s report examined issues concerning accountability and ethics in each state government. States were graded on 330 separate metrics, which were grouped into 14 major categories. Overall grades are based on the average grades in the major categories, which included lobbying disclosure, political financing, internal auditing, ethics enforcement agencies and redistricting.

WHAT A SORRY CROP OF NEGRO "LEADERS" WE HAVE IN 21st CENTURY AMERICA! THEY'RE CRIMINALS AND FRAUDS WHO HELP RACISTS HIDE MURDERS OF BLACK PEOPLE IN EXCHANGE FOR AN EXTRA BISCUIT AT MEALTIME. THEY WILL MAKE AMERICA A THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY IN NO TIME. THEY STAND IN THE BLOOD OF MARTYRS AND BETRAY PEOPLE WHO PROMOTE THEM. I will almost be glad when the New World Order starts depopulation to see some of them (to their shock) get depopped. They're so stupid, they probably think they will be exempt. That will really be "affirmative action."

Some people are just learning how pathetic many of America's Negro "leaders" are, but I tried to tell the world long ago. Georgia has plenty of PLANTATION OVERSEERS, and this is true in other areas of the country, also. Note at YouTube that The Cochran Firm started numbering their videos Cochran Firm 1, Cochran Firm 2, etc. That is subterfuge to keep viewers from reaching my videos, Cochran Firm FRAUD 1, Cochran Firm FRAUD 2, Cochran Firm FRAUD 3. They realize that people do not want attorneys who defraud their own clients regularly, even if the sold-out NAACP recommends them and unethical state bars, consumer protection agencies, cyberstalkers, burglars, and the media protect them. There are fifteen(15) links in this article. Select "Go to Page 1" if you view this article using a cell phone. If not, the cyberstalkers will hide the introduction from you, and they still may. DeKalb County, Georgia Police Department pretends there are no laws against stalkers deleting and changing my text as I type, stealing data off my hard drive, and they refuse to investigate the car tag of a stalker who admitted being "paid well" to follow me. Can you guess what race the DeKalb County CEO is? If you guessed that Burrell Ellis is black, give yourself points. What race is the mayor of Atlanta, where police officers told me I have no First Amendment rights to tell people about my brother's lynching and protest The Cochran Firm fraud against blacks? Of course, he's black, too. Mayor Reed is next to President Obama on the picture below, and Ellis is on his left. Google my article, "BLACK WOMEN UNDER THE BUS."

The main places where Africans in America used to meet and share ideas to resist oppression were our churches. But New World Orderlies know that, and they got to the churches, too. Google "Homeland Security Recruits Pastors for Clergy Response Teams." Pastors are being taught how to psych their congregations into concentration camps or lead parishioners to do anything at all that the government demands, even if government orders conflict with God's Word. I chose a beautiful little church to use as a photo at this paragraph, but demons hate everything to do with God and would not allow the photo to be positioned here. Also, it seems to be problematic for them to delete paragraphs where pictures are. Google my article "God Facing Lay-off by Supreme Court"

Something good is finally about to come from Georgia: The "Lawless America Movie," produced by William Windsor. Windsor, a congressional candidate, is traveling throughout the United States and filming roughly 1,000 whistleblowers regarding judicial and government corruption. Visit the "Lawless America" website at , and try to get on schedule for filming if you have been victimized by lawyers, judges, police officers, and elected or appointed officials. The movie will be shown at film festivals and on the big screen, and copies will be given to each member of Congress.

Africans in America need to know that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who never joined the NAACP, did not speak to whites only, but also to blacks who have fallen prey to their own prejudices and misplace trust in Negroes who work for racists.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Two hundred and twelve years ago, captive Gabriel Prosser attempted to lead a slave revolt in Virginia. Problem was, he ended up being ratted out by fellow slaves who told their masters about his plans. Prosser was able to run away, but YET ANOTHER slave revealed his whereabouts. Prosser and 23 slaves were hanged. There have always been sell-outs like those in The Cochran Firm, the NAACP and government.


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