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Mary Neal's HubPages Archive

Mary Neal's HubPages archive is below. I write about justice issues as a Christian advocate. Articles published at HubPages give good news for justice reports. America's justice cup is more than half-empty, so problems are explored, also. Please share the links from to help alert people to justice issues and congratulate those who make a difference.

My Uncle Lee, by Mary Neal70

My Uncle Lee, by Mary Neal

My Uncle Lee was a World War II Army veteran. Sometimes he spoke about his years in the military, but not often. He served in France. After the war, Uncle Lee married my father's sister, Aunt Sis, and they truly did live happily ever after - for...
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Don't Exhale Yet, Virginia53

Don't Exhale Yet, Virginia

CONGRATULATIONS, VIRGINIA. Yours is the first state to pass a law nullifying the indefinite detention provision under NDAA. At least you are awake. Please amend your new law to cover everyone, if you are smart, not just Americans. The 112th Congress...
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Why the Media Fears Ron Paul60

Why the Media Fears Ron Paul

This writer started writing a response to a HubPages question and realized the response demands an article because of its length. The question posed was, "Why Is the Media So Afraid of Ron Paul?" The media is afraid of Ron Paul because mainstream...
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Justice Mountain, by Mary Neal67

Justice Mountain, by Mary Neal

Good news for justice! Americans of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds unite to celebrate Black History Month together. Africans in America have suffered slavery, lynchings, mob violence and genocide, extreme poverty amidst prosperity, deadly...
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Awesome God, by Mary Neal72

Awesome God, by Mary Neal

Treachery exists in the world. But Jesus overcame the world, and we can trust Him. Our awesome God loves justice and will never be defeated. His Word has promises for those who rely on His power to protect and provide. God fights our battles. An...
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Food Stamp Slave Reparations72

Food Stamp Slave Reparations

GOOD NEWS FOR JUSTICE! I still have my fingers despite using them for the last six years to publish government misdeeds, so that proves America has good points. And although my income, phone, and computer usage are blocked as punishment for asking...
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Lynching America70

Lynching America

America's first slaves were indigenous people and Africans. Whites were also imported from Europe's prisons and ghettos to serve the elite. Asians immigrated and performed menial labor, as Latinos do today. The Internet unites the races for justice.
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Mary Neal's Open Letter to Google re S.96864

Mary Neal's Open Letter to Google re S.968

Hello, Google: It is good news for justice that the largest Internet company is a free speech champion, and I give praise to God for you, Google. I made three videos that might be useful in your defense regarding antitrust allegations. I do not...
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Illinois Pleased God - DP Abolition61

Illinois Pleased God - DP Abolition

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." ~MLK GREAT NEWS happened on this 9th day of March, 2011 - the State of Illinois has abolished the death penalty! Thanks to the legislators and to Gov. Quinn, who said "the system...
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NAACP vs. Black Cigarette Smokers65

NAACP vs. Black Cigarette Smokers

NAACP: African Americans caught smoking menthol cigarettes should be prosecuted. This writer will add a video above as soon as I can overcome cyberstalkers who prevent my video uploads to hide information about the secret arrest and murder of Larry...
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Mary Neal's Black History Month 201178

Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011

Photo by Ernest Withers, civil rights photojournalist and undercover FBI informant. Sharecroppers who wanted to vote in Fayette County, TN were evicted from their homes when they attempted to register. Media Blackout re Cointelpro Cochran Firm...
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Jesus Christ's Christmas in Solitary64

Jesus Christ's Christmas in Solitary

Solitary confinement causes mental illness in many inmates with strong minds. Imagine what it does to psychiatric patients. Happy Holidays! I have good news for justice: Jesus identifies with oppressed people, especially sick, naked inmates...
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Treated Worse Than Dogs: Cochran Firm Clients74

Treated Worse Than Dogs: Cochran Firm Clients

The best news for justice is that God loves justice. There are many victims rights groups to help people adjust after they or their loved ones were victimized. Some people are able to forgive when they suffer wrongs, and others seek vengeance. The...
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Human rights advocates often write about injustices. Many of the issues are eventually met with equitable solutions that need reporting with equal zeal. "Mary Neal on HubPages" reports good news - positive...
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Steps Toward Justice Hub 2, by Mary Neal58

Steps Toward Justice Hub 2, by Mary Neal

There is usually as much happening that is positive at any given time as there is negative. This writer will endeavor to share weekly progress reports related to justice issues.  The end of August brought several important events that furthered...
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Steps Toward Justice Hub 1, by Mary Neal58

Steps Toward Justice Hub 1, by Mary Neal

Concerning justice issues, there are two stories to be told. Although we are not where we want to be, the U.S. is still far ahead of other countries in human and civil rights. This new site will be used to tell about the advancements being made for...
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