Friday, August 17, 2012

Sex for Neal v. Cochran Firm Court Records

A young woman befriended my son. One evening when she was visiting him, he got a job opportunity to work for the night. CoIntelPro has a lockdown on calls from employers to my family members' phones, so he was glad to do the temp job. He asked me if his friend could stay overnight while he worked since he did not have time to take her home, and I agreed. At 3:30a.m., we discovered our front door was open. The young woman apparently opened the door. My records and hard copy evidence from both my court cases against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm were missing, along with some discs plus my address book. Since no car came, I assume she opened the door for one of the CoIntelPro neighbors who are positioned in foreclosed homes in my immediate vicinity. (See "Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists). Unfortunately, I discovered that court records that the clerks keep sometimes gets Changed during and after cases if they prove the judicial system is corrupt. Since they stole my original court files, I can only assume they are busy changing and "losing" more records in Georgia courts today. It is good that I thrive to be like my Lord - I save. The stolen records were originals, so this is quite a loss. However, computer copies of most of the court records and evidential documents and videos evidencing the conspiracy between the United States Department of Justice, Shelby County Government, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, courts, and media companies to cover-up Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in 2003 in Memphis Shelby County Jail and deny my family's civil rights in that matter and help The Cochran Firm escape accountability for defrauding my family are SAFE. Also safe are computer files evidencing computer attacks, in-person stalking and more crimes I suffer as America's most censored individual. They were not stolen, nor can they be. They are saved, saved, saved, and distributed to others to save. Therefore, I have abundant proof for my case against multiple defendants in my lawsuit to evidence collusion against my family to deny due process of law regarding Larry's murder and our continuous terrorism, financial persecution, and censorship by the government and other parties who became accessories to murder after the fact. I wonder if they also dug up Larry Neal's body in hopes that they can say, "What Larry Neal?" It is ridiculous for them to hire women to date people in my household for access to court records. But considering what happened when the CIA went to Cuba ahead of the president's visit, I guess they know many prostitutes. One Cochran Firm partner recently sued another partner for hiring women and paying their salaries with firm assets because the women's only job was  to OFFICE SEX in the firm's California law office. Sexists in the government and The Cochran Firm (which are probably the same thing) use women in degrading ways. It is shameful to send a young woman to date my son and ingratiate herself to our family to steal my court records and other documents. Georgia was named the nation's most corrupt state. The courts and State Bar help attorneys to defraud people by withholding justice continually. I will present to you correspondence that reached one of the people I attempt to help in her justice quest - Yvonne Hickman. The letter went from the Georgia State Bar to attorneys she had filed complaints against. She alleged that several attorneys contracted with her and she paid them thousands of dollars retainer fees, but the lawyers then colluded with Glynn County to deny her justice after she was evicted from her home and banned from the county for no good reason. Her husband who was 100% mentally disabled Vietnam veteran filed false police reports saying that Yvonne ran over him in her car continuously, and he never had a scratch on him. But police and the courts in Glynn County arrested and banned Yvonne on the word of the PTSD veteran because his lunatic accusations provided an opportunity to ban her from her home and county and extract monthly supervision fees from her for Sentinel. Banning her also gave Bank America an opportunity to repossess the couple's home in a mostly white subdivision, because Mr. Hickman hasn't the wherewithal to handle house payments and foreclosure proceedings, and they know that. (Google GLYNN COUNTY BANISHES BLACKS - YVONNE HICKMAN). The letter from the Bar was intended for Hickman's attorneys only. It reportedly instructed the attorneys to draft a cursory response to Hickman's Bar complaint, then her complaint against them would be immediately dismissed. The Georgia Bar's secretary accidentally sent the letter to also to Hickman as well as to the attorneys, and I am sure she is in trouble for doing that today. A promise from the State Bar to dismiss a complaint against attorneys ahead of any investigation was supposed to be ex parta communication, but God wanted the fraud exposed. In 2007, when I filed a complaint to the Tennessee Bar about The Cochran Firm Fraud done by David McLaughlin, Super Lawyer, I sent the Bar absolute proof that McLaughlin had sent fraudulent documents to the Bar in defense against my complaint. A secretary at the Bar violated the confidentiality of the investigation by sharing the evidence with her friends in other Tennessee government offices, according to a correspondence from David McLaughlin to the Bar regarding my complaint. The Tennessee Bar immediately dismissed my complaint against McLaughlin without any explanation, probably because the Bar feared legal action by McLaughlin for the breach of confidentiality. These courts and State Bars and government agencies are all corrupt because the U.S. Department of Justice is itself corrupt and allows corruption to reign throughout America's judicial system. They collude against the People on every level to deny civil rights, cover-up murders and abuses, deliver innocent people into the prison industrial complex, and occasionally execute innocent people. Many people have filed complaints against attorneys who defrauded them in civil and criminal matters. It is interesting to have PROOF that a State Bar promised a lawyer that he need not worry, just file a cursory response and the claimant's complaint would be immediately dismissed. That is also what happens in courts, in many cases. Corrupt lawyers and government agencies who are defendants know throughout the court proceedings that kangaroo courts will dismiss the cases against them. Public officials and judges go through the motions, but justice is completely arbitrary in America. No one is held responsible to follow the rules and obey the law except We the People.


Richard Warner said...

Mary you have discussed about your case. Have you registered your case in government court records? What happened at last, you told that no one followed any law rules?

Mary Neal said...

The courts in America are corrupt, I found. They uphold the oppressor, not the oppressed. I did report the burglary to police. First, a police impersonator came (in a police car, but out of uniform and without a gun). He said he would not file a police report on my burglary. I kept calling authorities until a genuine officer came and did file a police report. Initially, DeKalb County said the first officer was not authentic. Then I asked for a police report on the impersonator, and DeKalb County relented and said the first man was a police officer. Whatever is going on, the police are apparently a part of it.

Regarding the secret arrest and murder of my disabled brother, we filed a lawsuit in Georgia Superior Court, where Judge Shoob falsely ruled that there is no Cochran Firm office in the state of Georgia and dismissed our lawsuit. Another lawsuit was filed in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. Judge Timothy Batten ruled that whatever The Cochran Firm did to defraud my family was "immaterial," and he dismissed the case.

Recently, I watched a movie called "Maafa21" and came to understand why justice is denied regarding lawyers who defrauded my family to help Memphis Shelby County Jail avoid accountability for Larry's wrongful death and why police (are ordered?) to work against justice for the Neals and allow or possibly participate in crimes against us. The movie and what I learned from watching it are in this article:


Thank you for commenting, Richard Warner.