Monday, September 8, 2014 Petition Sabotage

Fred Hayes, your petition has a link for people to read more information about Damion Hayes at an article in "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog. I copied the link from your petition entitled "Save Florida Inmate Damion Hayes from SHU" at - I was surprised and displeased to see that the link to the article reached a page not found notice: "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." The link to the article about your son was correct on the petition, but a secret code had been added to prevent people's access to the article. Often when a link has been coded by stalkers, the coding becomes visible if one copies the link into a Word document or an email. The code prevents people from reaching the article about Damion and his photographs. The invisible code at Damion's petition looks like this: %EF%BB%BF.

The corrupted link at cannot reach the article "Damion Hayes: Life Sentence for Mental Illness." When pasted into an email, the link looks like this:

The link below operates properly. It is exactly the same as the link above, but without invisible codes.

See a screenshot below that shows where the link at leads (click to enlarge). The link goes to a "page not found" in DogJustice blog. Note at the top of the page the link appears to be the same as the one that works, but it actually has an invisible code at the end that cannot be seen until you copy and paste it into another document (like an email or Word document). Stalkers for prison investors work hard and perhaps earn your tax money to censor prisoner activists. Many government officials are prison investors, including lawmakers, judges, prosecutors, Justice Department officials, and even some defense lawyers.

TRY IT YOURSELF. Go to the Damion Hayes petition at, and copy the link from the second paragraph, then paste it into an Internet search field. I emailed to see if that petition site knows about the surreptitious coding that prevents access to the article. See the petition language is below.

Damion Hayes is a mentally ill young man who was sentenced to life in prison after assaulting a neighbor without provocation during a mental health crisis. Damion was wrongfully convicted of premeditated attempted murder although he had no animosity toward his neighbor, did not plan the assault, and caused no lasting damage. Hayes was refused mental health treatment before the incident. Hayes is not guilty due to his mental illness. He should not be held criminally responsible for behavior caused by a mental health crisis after being denied treatment.

Hayes has been incarcerated for roughly 14 years, mostly in solitary confinement. That is longer than some people were incarcerated for manslaughter. Please replace imprisonment with treatment for Damion Hayes. Nobody should be punished for having a common, treatable health disability. Fred Hayes, Damion's father, invites you to hear his radio interviews and read more about Damion's case at [CORRUPTED LINK].

Damion's father and mother are retired professionals, and his brother works with the Sheriff's Department. The family will provide a good support network for Damion Hayes if he is given a chance to leave prison and finally get the psychiatric treatment he needs and deserves. The U.N. determined that long-term isolation in solitary confinement is torture. Americans with disabilities deserve protection and treatment, not prison torture.

Taxpayers are sentenced right along with Damion if they must pay possibly millions of dollars to imprison this young man who had no prior offenses. Hayes was overly sentenced for behavior caused by deprivation of psychiatric treatment. Therefore, we respectfully request the White House and/or Florida's governor to please pardon Damion Hayes.
Petition to White House and Florida's Governor to Pardon Damion Hayes after 15 years, mostly in solitary confinement, in a Florida prison for a first offense caused by his mental illness.

America's most vulnerable citizens are used for prison commodities to enrich wealthy prison investors. Slavery is illegal except for those who have been "duly convicted." Presently, 1.25 million of American prisoners are mentally ill people. Some were charged and denied trials altogether. Many others were overly-sentenced like Damion.

Time is routinely added to mentally ill persons' sentences for offenses that occur after their incarceration. For example, Jeremy Smith was sentenced to prison in California. He has been incarcerated for nearly 17 years, mostly in solitary confinement. Since his sentence ends in January 2016, he now faces prosecution for "making a terrorist threat to a prison guard" and could be sentenced to an additional term of 25 to LIFE. The mentally ill are continually punished, at taxpayers' expense, for behavior that resulted from their mental diseases. It is a prison profiteering game. That is why AIMI will take the USA before the United Nations regarding its disregard for the human and civil rights of persons with mental disabilities. Human trafficking for prison profits must end, just as censorship to protect prison profits must end.

ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL ("AIMI") vs. USA in International Court. Google "AIMI vs. USA" for information on this legal action, which will be filed in 2015, or visit the article at

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Thank you for your interest in our fight for free speech and freedom of press in the USA, where those rights are routinely set aside to hide crimes against humanity and enrich prison investors.

Mary Neal, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
I am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" a/k/a MaryLovesJustice

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