Friday, September 19, 2014

MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting Censored


BlogTalkRadioI had to refresh the playback page ten times to hear this MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting tape recorded August 31. Is that because you gave me a completely blank board to use and I discussed the violation against my free speech rights and right to practice my religion? I had another completely blank board when we used Blogtalkradio to record the "AIMI vs. USA" Claimants Conference on September 6 on Human Rights Demand channel, also. I could not see my own phone number or any of the callers' numbers. I could not see my audio files, our chat room, or anything else in the studio. Americans have a Constitutional right to peaceful assembly. Peaceful assembly for religious purposes is protected in the First Amendment. Please read it. And it is customary to censor what stalkers censored, but I gather proof as it happens. Since we are going to International Court, I am sure you understand why.

Is this tape censored because it was taped right before Labor Day, and I warned union ‪#‎workers‬ that prison investors are transferring former union jobs to prisons? Are Americans intended not to know that their jobs transferred behind bars along with 2.3 million people, over half of whom were nonviolent offenders? Are you against workers' rights, Blogtalkradio? The highly censored broadcast is at this link, readers. Please let me know if it is not:

Were you instructed to prohibit Mary Neal from discussing "AIMI vs. USA" in public? We you instructed to censor this recording because I revealed the murder of Mr. Gregory in Memphis Shelby County Jail? He was beaten to death by another mentally ill person when guards released two mentally ill inmates and commanded them to engage in a human dog fight. Are you supposed to keep the world from hearing about the torture and murders that happen to sick, black people imprisoned in America? Why are murders at Memphis Shelby County Jail protected by Internet companies in Silicon Valley? Did the USDOJ make some arrangement with that facility?

According to the indictment for former Vice President Chaney and former Attorney General Antonio Gonzales, they accepted payoffs from correctional facilities in Wallacy County, Texas for withholding federal investigations of brutality and murders in that county. Did that also happen regarding Larry Neal's murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail? Is that why this particular tape is censored? Is that why the USA and Shelby County Jail refuse to disclose the method of Larry Neal's murder for eleven years and counting? Do corrupt government officials rely on censorship by Internet companies to hide their corruption? Be aware that the law provides that people who help cover up murders are accessories after the fact. Is Blogtalkradio an accessory after the fact for Mr. Gregory's and Larry Neal's murders in Shelby County Jail in Memphis?

Of course, we the People recognize that America is lawless. Laws are meant to hold the common man accountable, not high government officials or rich Internet executives. But I try, anyway. I take such high and mighty people before the court of public opinion here and in foreign countries. One never knows when another country might admonish America to STOP VIOLATING THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF AMERICANS, even black people.

Christianity is censored in the United States of America, especially in the Prison Industrial Complex. In fact, all religions may be persecuted in prisons and jails. I was contacted by a Muslim woman who said she experienced extreme disrespect when she visited her husband at a prison wearing her Qur'an (head covering) and khimÄ r. In fact, her husband lost his visiting privileges. Daniel Linsinbigler, 19, was murdered by suffocation (death ruled homicide) in Clay County Jail in Florida in March 2013 after guards teased him about being a Christian. Apparently, prison owners and investors are satanists who want all Americans to either be atheists or serve their god, Satan. Please tune in at "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting" each Sunday at 9pm PDT on Blogtalkradio, and let us continue to pray for justice in the USA. Call-in to speak with the host at (818)572-2947. God loves justice, and you know I do, too.

Mary Loves Justice Neal
(678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Online friends and fellow human rights advocates, please note that if you republish this article, you must separate the word before the link in the article. Notice how they made the word "NOT" go to the next line although there was plenty of room on the line above the link for the word "not." When you copy this article to share it, running the word "not" into the "http://" will make the link inoperable, so that nobody can use the link to access my Labor Day prayer meeting at Blogtalkradio. Yes, these NSA, FBI, CIA or other stalkers are cunning. Follow me, and I will teach you their methods of censorship. I am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal." All I had to do to earn that detestable position is ask "What Happened to Larry Neal?" See more at the link below: