Thursday, September 4, 2014

CoIntelPro Took Over My Mental Health Blog

+Google+ CoIntelPro has taken over the layout on my blog DogJusticeforMentallyIll at I would like to place my information about "AIMI vs. USA" underneath each article BEFORE the Adsense ad, not after. Therefore, CoIntelPro prevents the Adsense ad from my view of the blog's layout to prevent that option. I have the RIGHT to set up my blogs as I see fit, and I also have the RIGHT to remove Adsense ads altogether, if I want. I never received a dime from the ads, anyway. (I placed the announcement in a gadget at the top of the page of each article while you find the problem. However, CoIntelPro often makes my articles open on cellphone view at the point of my second paragraph, preventing access to the header information and top gadgets as well as the introductory paragraph for my audience who use government-issued and other inexpensive cellphones.) Could you please give me a layout view that includes the Adsense ad that runs on the bottom of my articles at DogJustice and/or tell CoIntelPro stalkers to go find the Eleven Jets Stolen from Libya. They have more to do than interfere with Mary Neal's freedom of press rights. 

My gadget says:
AIMI vs. USA in International Court. The USA is a member state of the United Nations and has signed treaties necessitating that this nation must recognize and protect human rights. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) plans to file a Complaint in International Court against the USA for its disregard of the human rights of persons with serious mental illnesses and drug or alcohol addictions. AIMI will bundle up to 100 cases where victims endured long-term homelessness, violent arrests and prisoner abuse, including long-term solitary confinement and wrongful deaths, because of denial of treatment and discrimination against persons with mental dysfunctions and/or addictions. We will also bundle 100 cases of persons who were victimized by untreated mentally ill people or drug and alcohol addicts, including aggravated assault and battery, rapes, and wrongful deaths. AIMI will request that the United Nations require the USA pay restitution to all victims represented in the action and demand that the USA make changes in its policies to honor human and civil rights of persons with mental illness and addictions and improve community safety by so doing. We must replace punishment with treatment, which can only be done by treating mental illness and drug addictions medically, not legally. Contact Mary Neal at or phone (678)531.0262 or Google Voice (571)335-1741. Please contact the director of AIMI to be included in this international action, which will be filed in 2015.

See the layout view that I see when I access "layout" at my DogJusticeforMentallyIll blog. (Click the photo below to enlarge it.)

I did not sign a contract agreeing that I must carry Adsense ads or that I must carry them in a certain position on my blogs. Therefore, this is a contract issue, Google. See my layout view for this "Justice Gagged" blog, where CoIntelPro is NOT hiding the Adsense ads to force my information about "AIMI v. USA" to the bottom of the page. You can clearly see where the Adsense ads appear on my layout view for Justice Gagged blog in the photo below (click to enlarge). 

TRY to tame CoIntelpro, Google. Agents have no right to censor Mary Neal or anyone else in America. See if some agents have slipped in among your employees or if my censorship is done in Utah by NSA or others. Their covert censorship to protect prison profits by holding 1.25 million mentally ill Americans imprisoned under harsh conditions -- those who make it to jail alive -- is illegal and will be taken before the World Court. Thank you. 

+United States of America ♥ +United Nations +Dr. Mustafa Ansari 

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