Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CDC and Ebola News Blocked at Google+

WARNING! Censored Ebola News at Google+

Google, stalkers are hiding news about the Ebola virus! They removed a post from my wall announcing: *CDC to Hospitals: GET READY FOR EBOLA.* I tried to republish the news, and I received a message saying "Your post was NOT shared. Please try again." I tried again and got the same result. See the screenshot of my denial of free speech below (click the photo to enlarge it and read the denial of service message).
See an article everyone should read about the Ebola virus in "Exposed - FreeSpeakBlog": "Ready for Ebola and Depop Vaccines?"
I am America's Most Censored - Mary Neal. News that my appointed cyber stalkers censor is very important for you to know about. Read more censored news in my "Justice Gagged" blog at - I was greatly censored in 2009 when I published original articles in opposition to enforced H1N1 vaccines. Google "Mary Neal H1N1 Vaccine" to read what might still be "the plan." My series of articles connecting Michael Jackson's death to the H1N1 vaccine controversy in 2009 had over 200,000 hits, but I was suspended from writing for shortly after their publication. The article at the first link above, which I was not allowed to republish at Google+ after its covert removal on September 16, is from 11alive, a mainstream news media. But it appears that Mary Neal is NOT to write about Ebola in the USA, and YOU are not allowed to read about it. We are NOT elitists. They're handling everything.

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