Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Facebook Protects Nazism

FACEBOOK just rejected my post:

I spoke to the audience about the Nazism of America regarding its citizens with serious mental illness as well as African Americans. Nazi Germany killed 300,000 or more people labeled as being "feeble minded" BEFORE Jews, Blacks, homosexuals, and dissidents were slaughtered. Fred Hayes spoke about his son DAMION HAYES, who he has not been allowed to see in three years. Damion has been isolated in a small solitary confinement cell for 14 years. He lives like persons with mental illness did in Nazi Germany before the ovens were used. See an article in my FreeSpeakBlog called "Nazi Extermination of the Mentally Ill." Either Google the title or TRY to use this link

The Jewish Virtual Library recorded the isolation and murders of 300,000 mentally ill Germans of all races. We discussed how Nazi America is on the "Human Rights Demand" show on Blogtalkradio July 22, 2014


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