Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Censored: FL Murder of Mentally Ill Inmate - Daniel Linsinbigler

Daniel Linsingigler, 19, was killed in Clay County Jail's restraint chair. First, he was pepper sprayed, which burned his face and caused his mucus membranes to swell. That interfered with his air intake. Then his face was covered with a TranZport Spit Hood, and Daniel suffocated to death.

Daniel Linsingigler's wrongful death was covered in an article in FolioWeekly, written by Susan Cooper Eastland. Eastland did not know she had given coverage to the world's most censored subject: the brutality and murders of mentally ill people in the USA.

I published an excerpt from FolioWeekly's article about Daniel in my "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog, then I attempted to share the news about my new article at Google+ like I usually do. But Florida already had plenty of bad publicity recently about its brutality to mentally ill prisoners, and my post was prohibited. Eastland responded to my email about Daniel, and I told her about the censorship which prevented my posting at G+. She then tried to post on her own G+ wall. She notified me that the article posted on her wall but that no graphic was generated - only a link. I checked Eastland's link. It was one of those shortened urls I warned the world about in my article "Internet Censorship American Style, by Mary Neal." Rather than leading to my article in "Dog Justice of Mentally Ill," the link she posted led to her own article about Daniel Lisingigler's death in FolioWeekly. FolioWeekly may have only one article about the murder of a mentally ill American whereas DogJusticeforMentallyIll blog has hundreds of such deaths and abuses of power. See the article stalkers are hiding at "DogJustice" blog:

I assume Florida resents negative publicity for another mentally ill prisoner's death so soon after Darren Rainey was scalded to death in Dade Correctional Facility by guards who were not prosecuted for his murder. Prison and jail officials are never prosecuted for killing mentally ill people in America, and such deaths are ordinarily censored if possible. See one example of censorship below - a screenshot of my DoS at G+, which prevented Daniel's article in DogJusticeforMentallyIll from posting. Screenshot:

Censorship to prevent public knowledge about crimes against humanity in America is intense. I was pleasantly surprised when G+ allowed another article about mental health care reform to post on my MaryLovesJustice Neal wall:
Congressman Murphy outlines mental health reform

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