Thursday, July 10, 2014

Censoring Truth on Blogtalkradio and Facebook

Too much common sense was going forward on the Bob Darby Advocate for Homeless Mentally Ill show today, so it was CUT by 30 min.,‪#‎Blogtalkradio‬ . Listen to the interference at  "They" kept Bob Darby off the air, probably by cutting his telephone connection numerous times. "They" kept me off air for a while, also. When I got on air, "they'" played a message by T-Mobile (a phone service I don't have) over my voice. Finally, they let me speak clearly after roughly 17 minutes. Next, they did not like what I was saying and disconnected me 30 minutes early although we paid for two-hour shows. Let me know if they allow you to hear the tape. Thanks.

Harmony Kieding Mary, sounds as if they're allergic to people who tell the truth. It's blog talk radio that's doing this censoring and interfering?

Not only do these people hate the truth, Harmony Kieding, but they have a program of terrorism and censorship in place to BLOCK the truth. They are sociopaths down to their toenails and will do whatever is in their power to appear "normal" at least until they conquer the world. They don't want the rest of the world to know how Nazi things have become in the USA, or how could they "spread democracy"?
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Mary Neal

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