Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jeffrey Wansley: Innocent 'n Mississippi

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Please read the following information and see Jeffrey Wansley's petition for release:
(A computerized petition will be added for your endorsement). Wansley wrote:

My name is Jeffery Wayne Wansley, and as of now I’ve been unlawfully held in custody for over 14 years by the State of Mississippi for a crime I didn’t commit. At trial, the prosecution and it’s witnesses, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) and a convicted felon/drug abuser with pending charges, alleged that it used a $100 bill of Official State Funds, bearing serial number #AH30644253A, and a 60” audio cassette tape in an undercover sting operation; however, no one has ever seen or heard any of this alleged evidence, and there is no documentation from the Mississippi Crime Lab proving that it ever existed.

To prove my innocence, I submitted the above mentioned serial numbers to the United States Dept. of the Treasury under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and that agency verified that the serial numbers came off of a $20.00 bill. See: "Wrongfully Convicted" attached hereto.

I've been proving my innocence for years, according to law, the United States Constitution, plain error, and newly discovered evidence; however, several courts here in the State of Mississippi and the Fifth Circuit have failed to adhere to the Constitution of the United States or the State of Mississippi. They deny and dismiss every legal proceeding for redress I have filed for over 14 years. For proof of my innocence, please view information at the four(4) urls immediately below:
Wrongly Convicted

Statement of Case

Appellant Brief

More proof of innocence is at Jeffrey Wansley's website:

Although Wansley's been imprisoned over 14 years with his evidence of actual innocence ignored, 'the time is always right to do the right thing' (MLK).


On February 20, 2012, the Attorney General’s office made the following statement to CNN: “Our office has the singular responsibility to not only ensure that the guilty are punished, but that the innocent are set free."

If you agree, please call Mississippi's Attorney General Jim Hood (601) 359-3680 and inquire why his office keeps fighting to keep Jeffery Wansley incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. [Mississippi's governor is on Twitter at @PhilBryantMS - He seems to be a fair-minded man who wants to keep Mississippi moving forward. His website is
http://www.governorbryant.com/ ]

Wrongful convictions are the ultimate breakdown in the system. Prosecutors will almost never admit they made a mistake. Those who do are very rare and should absolutely be recognized for their integrity. The truth is not always pretty, but it should be acknowledged regardless of the professional consequences or embarrassment. A man’s life is worth much more than the tragic and ill-conceived notion that officials must always appear to be right and mistake-free in the execution of their responsibilities. An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (MLK)


To help Wansley obtain competent legal counsel, please donate to the "Friends of Jeffrey Wansley" legal defense fund via the PayPal depository available at his website. You do not have to have a PayPal account to donate.

(A MoveOn.org computerized petition will be added here for you to endorse and share.)

Rising Together
State of Mississippi“I call on every Mississippian, no matter what our race or region or party, to rise above our petty differences and build together the Mississippi our citizens deserve. Let us go forward from this time and place, unafraid to make the bold changes that will help us rise together.” – Gov. Phil Bryant

Beautiful Mississippi Photographs

Thanks for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to 
demand respect for all people.

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You're so racist and inhumane that you probably think you deserve a medal for killing my physically, mentally disabled brother in Tennessee and wrongly convicting and incarcerating Mr. Wansley in Mississippi, but do you see what the Mississippi governor said? He says he's trying to build a socially just state for people of all races in Mississippi.

Mississippi's demographics are 57% Caucasian and 37% black (not counting all the blacks who don't take census because they are not allowed to live where they live). So you should give justice a thought. MOST of the world is darker than you. http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/28000.html