Saturday, July 5, 2014

And Justice for All: US-Observer Post Cyberstalked

The prison investors' conspiracy against Mark Bowles continues. I just posted the following message at Facebook:

Hello, Annabeth GodschildFacebook has a group that specializes in getting justice for the wrongfully convicted - US~Observer. Stalkers prevented my post about Mark Bowles. Please TRY to post the message below. I have proof that I was prevented from posting this message at the US-Observer:

Please help regarding the wrongful conviction of Mark Bowles, 32. He is a mentally, physically disabled veteran who has epilepsy and PTSD. He was convicted of ASSAULT when he had epileptic spasms in St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota. A health care professional fell and bumped her own head trying to move away from Bowles. Read "Mark Bowles: Prosecuted for Epileptic Seizures"

I received a message saying the message could NOT be posted. See it below:

America's Most Censored: Mary Neal

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