Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WordPress, too?

I am logged into my Google accounts, including Gmail. However, NSA, the FBI or The Cochran Firm stalkers have been instructed to prevent my comments on work published by other bloggers or reporters. Therefore, Pam Wagner, I will have to send you a personal email on your recent post (again). I refuse to sign in again when I am already logged in in at Google. WordPress, can you explain how you have my symbol (the two dogs) if I am not logged in at Google? You people should hire better CoIntelPro agents. Censorship is supposed to be secret.

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Love your poem and your ability to lay open your deepest feelings before your readers and make us feel like we were there with you. What an artist you are, Pam!

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Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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Mary Neal said...

Oh, foot! When I opened this article to add "Pam Wagner" to the tag lines, NSA or FBI or The Cochran Firm agents used the opportunity to screw with the layout of the message from WordPress that lies and says I am not logged in at Google and using that excuse not to post my comment.They always do that. CoIntelPro targets should NEVER edit our articles or tag lines until we already had a couple of hundred people to view our work, or CoIntelPro will use the opportunity of your opening your work in the edit field to attack it. It is what they do. And if what Edward Snowden was being paid is any indication, it is damn lucrative censoring Americans.