Sunday, September 1, 2013

STOP Spying on and Censoring Americans

National Security Agency (NSA) has admitted that some of its officers misused the agency’s massive spying powers #PRISM to keep tabs on their love interests. They spied on Al Jazeera, other countries, and bugged UN headquarters. They spied on millions of American citizens. Moreover, Americans are regularly censored. That is something Edward Snowden's disclosures did not reveal yet.

Cyberstalkers can and do CHANGE data in emails, delete emails, remove or redirect links in articles, hide tabs on websites, change or remove text anywhere on the web, make Internet posts invisible to people not using the originator's IP address, and interfere with or prevent phone calls. All of these things have continually been done to contain information about my disabled brother's murder by police and prevent my advocacy for America's mentally disabled people. I was just prevented from posting a photo of Scott Panetti and his parents at a post about him which I published at Care2 - Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) link . NSA or some cyberstalking team virtually took my Care2 group from me after I spent thousands of hours developing it. Today, 1.25 million mentally ill people are inmates, and some, like Panetti, await execution.

STOP spying on and CENSORING Americans using NDAA Section 954 - MILITARY ACTIVITIES IN CYBERSPACE. The National Defense Authorization Bill, unanimously backed by the Senate and passed in the House of Representatives, contains some language that allows the Pentagon to effectively wage a cyberwar on any domestic enemies of the state. The bill is a serious violation of First Amendment human and civil rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the legislation could potentially hinder . . . whistleblowers in independent news media from exposing corruption from within the government. (ref: "Under NDAA, the US military will treat the Internet as a 'domain of war'" )

Who are considered "domestic enemies"? Anyone who relays anything the State wants kept secret.

When my disabled brother was murdered under secret arrest in 2003, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm defrauded my family to protect police. We sued, and the Georgia Superior Court dismissed the lawsuit based on The Cochran Firm's fraud against the court, wherein the lawyers lied and disclaimed having any law offices within the State of Georgia. In 2007, an attorney spent two weeks investigating the case to prepare another lawsuit against The Cochran Firm. After the investigation, the attorney returned to me and said her firm could not proceed with our case because of its conflict of interest suing the United States of America. I was bewildered. I said, "But I want you to sue The Cochran Firm for its fraud. What does that have to do with the United States?" She pursed her lips and walked away. It was not for some time that I learned what she could not tell me. Government officials helped conceal Larry Neal's murder and do not want acute mental patients to have advocates, which I have been for nearly ten years.

More than half of America's prisoners are mentally ill people, and many justice officials are prison stockholders. Incarceration has become one of America's most profitable industries. The New York Times recently reported that each inmate in New York costs taxpayers $168,000 per year to warehouse. As NSA admitted, officials sometimes misuse the agency's capabilities to keep tabs on their love interests. And for them, the love of money is the greatest love of all. That is why my advocacy to relocate mentally ill inmates to hospitals or community care programs made me America's most censored individual. See information at the three(3) links below.

NSA Conceals Lynchings

NY spends $168,000 per year for each prisoner a study finds

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Timothy Shaw said...

pasting my story all over the place…… I thought getting a permanent work injury and having to live on less than $300.00/wk from comp and unemployment was bad. I did not know that the state of New York was monitoring me when I claimed my weekly unemployment benefits using a virtual private network app (vpn) from a public wifi hotspot. They immediately terminated my benefits because they claim that my i.p. address showed me being in another country even though I have never left the ylower 48 in my entire life. It’s been three months now without income and I am now homeless, carless, and hungry. My child support is in default and I cannot afford my three b.p. meds. Inhuman.