Saturday, September 21, 2013

Facebook Is Down for Maintenance - 10:05pm Pacific 9/21/13

Facebook is down for maintenance. At least, that is what I was told when I tried to log in moments ago.

I have received notices throughout the years that major online sites were "down for maintenance," including, as site I used for my articles until I was tossed out for complaining about cyber attacks in 2009. I would call a fellow writer when I got such notices at, and it was never down for maintenance. I also have received such denials of service from Care2 and Ellen DeGeneres. I am America's Most Censored person - Mary Neal.

A Facebook friend criticized me for calling myself "African American" rather than merely "American." She feels that blacks should not label themselves differently than other people in this country. I told her that there is indeed a great difference in how blacks are treated in the U.S.A., and that cannot be negated by dropping the "African." Two places where evidence of systematic racism is most evident are the economics arena and the justice system. I chose a link for an AP article to share with her, and my computer suddenly went down, apparently due to insufficient charge. When I plugged it to an electrical outlet, I was not permitted to log-on at Facebook, because it is "down." The article I chose to prove economic disparity is "Blacks' economic gains wiped out in downturn," an article by Jesse Washington that I always have difficulty sharing
Regarding disparity in the justice system, I planned to use a video called "They Told This DEA Agent Not to Enforce Drug Laws in White Areas. Really." The video is at YouTube link
Below is my DOS from Facebook (or from NSA, the FBI, or The Cochran Firm stalkers).

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