Monday, March 18, 2013

Google's Chrome OS Security Breach

I am so sorry, Google. They partially hacked Chromebook within weeks of my purchase. Wikipedia said you have been producing Chromebooks since 2011, but when I bought one, this happened! I would have bought one sooner had I known about Chromebooks before. It is such a dandy laptop! And so affordable! I decided to write these 12 paragraphs with three links to say THANK YOU! It would be easy for you to go ahead and let them censor your clients or help them like some other companies do; then they might not hack you. But you have integrity. Never Change. Some changes are negative.

2 of 12.  They feel they cannot have me using a computer system they do not control, Google. They exercise some control as long as I am signed in at social sites, but I was absolutely free to browse as long as I was not signed in as myself. I usually use "guest." They probably put a team of their best stalkers on Chromebooks after I purchased one. I wish I had not said that was the system I was using, but I figured they would know anyway.

3 of 12.  In any case, you have excellent technicians who will fix the security breach. I suggest that you regularly change whatever mechanisms in the system that you can, because they are going to continue to work against your security. They are DETERMINED that Mary Neal and probably your other clients will NOT have freedom of press.

4 of 12.  Do you remember on September 1, 2009, when I was publishing information to save Thomas Arthur (Alabama death row inmate), that these people took down part of Gmail? They did not want people to know that they had gotten Arthur's DNA test results which determined that Arthur was no match for any DNA evidence tested. They were going to go ahead and SEAL his test results and KILL him like they killed poor Cameron Todd Willingham, down in Texas. They took down Care2 ecards that day, also. I tell you, Google, these people are absolute devils! I finally got through on Care2 News Network and sounded the alarm that a potentially innocent man was about to be murdered by the State, and I believe that helped Mr. Arthur. My article made the front page at Care2, which meant the article was supposed to go out to everyone on Care2's mailing list who elected to receive news via email. Do you know they have not let me use Care2 News Network since the article I wrote to save Hank Skinner was rejected by DOS? I filmed it as well as the interference I encountered publicizing Arthur's pending execution. The ecards I sent about Arthur and the ecards I mailed about Willingham arrived to addressees EMPTY - Stalkers had actually erased the inside of the Care2 ecard! The stalkers had already stopped my Care2 emails from reaching my friends intact like they should, so I changed to ecards. Then they hacked that department, too. They do things like that all the time when I publish anti-DP news, Google. It is awful. If it would help you, feel free to go into the html view of my articles and see some of the codes they insert. "Mary Neal's Letter to Terrorists" is a good example of that. And see the video embedded below:
Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner March 23, 2010

5 of 12.  Google, they hacked your Chromebook system bad. I just got booted offline because they don't want me to talk about the death penalty anymore. When I came back online, the window opened on an article in my Reader about a nice man who just died - a human rights activist. I guess that is another warning for me. They always show me ads about people incarcerated while I edit my articles at Blogger, also. I suppose that may be an NDAA threat. Using "free speech" is quite costly. It is like when I used to do much publishing at Care2, and they had the repetitious "BOOM" and the coffin ad and the awful starving, diseased dog ad at Yahoo email box. Now they won't let me publish anything in my Care2 Sharebook. Years ago, Google, I cleared away the little individual serving cups and crumbs after Holy Communion. That was much less stressful than the work God has me doing now, exposing and opposing government and judicial corruption. It is a hard job fighting all these stalkers, but someone had to do it. Many organizations were doing a fine job - their very best. But they did not use the Word to condemn evil, and neither did they initially inform the public of all the MONEY that is spent to enslave people in prisons or conduct executions. Even people who care zero about human rights care very much about money. Thousands more writers concentrate on the cost of having a prison nation now, thank God. I think it is working.

6 of 12.  As you know, I started writing online only because they secretly arrested and killed my brother. I believed The Cochran Firm was going to do a fine job as our wrongful death attorneys (according to their lying letters to us), but the traitors were working behind our backs for Memphis Shelby County Jail, where poor Larry, a mentally, physically disabled man, was kept under secret incarceration for nearly three weeks. Then on August 1, 2003, Larry died of a heart attack brought on by what? Taser, restraint chair or table, brutality, medical experiments, or the deprivation of his prescription heart drugs? They won't tell me, Google. They won't answer our federal subpoenas or our Freedom of Information Act requests. Larry's murder is America's skeleton in the closet, and I am censored so it won't get out as widely as I would like. Mainstream media is a joke.

7 of 12.  As you know, there is a big earthquake coming. BIG! Maybe the ground across America has been so fracked that this will be it for Babylon, like Revelation said. If not, I will just continue typing away. I must self-publish my first book. If I sold the manuscript, they'd probably buy it and never publish. You know, at first it was very hard for me to stay home and type all the time. I missed shopping and dinners out with my friends. I missed driving really, really bad. I always liked to work hard, and that is the only pleasure I've had these years - writing all of these articles and blogs and meeting wonderful people online. After a while, I got used to it. They go crazy when I leave home, Google. But I already wrote about that, so you know. The thing I really hate is that they burglarized my home to get my original court documents related to "Neals v. The Cochran Firm." I always knew they were capable of burglary or worse, but when it happened, I felt so violated. These people are Satan's own.

8 of 12.  As you know, I thought about giving up advocacy and starting "MaryLovesJustice Art." I will still do the art project some day, but . . . I cannot imagine walking away from Larry's murder without any form of justice. I found out they are racists, Google. Most people will laugh and say, "Of course, they are!" But I seriously did not know people - so MANY PEOPLE - in high positions think black people are not even human, or that they have so many black collaborators. It is mind-boggling. Also, there are 1.25 million more poor, sick souls like Larry languishing in jails and prisons, many of them in solitary! Jesus, help! And police departments seem to hate the mentally ill, killing them all the time like their lives are nothing. It is simply unbelievable. I liked it much better before learning about all of this, Google. I was not so gullible that I did not know evil exists, but to see it take over America like this has really been enlightening. And even that is not the whole truth. I learned that people felt this way always. My mama watched "Maafa21" with me, and she said she did not know about this intense hatred, either. She said if she had, she would have been afraid for any of her children to ever leave home.

9 of 12.  It looks like the End Times to me, Google. But if God tarries, please address the security issues regarding Chromebooks. Think about what I said - they will never give up controlling Chromebooks, so try to regularly change what you do for security. I know next to nothing about IT, but I do know you can be on the right track and yet get run over if you sit there. They are getting stronger. They knocked me off Microsoft Windows whenever they pleased, but at first they could not do that with Chromebooks. Now they can and do.

10 of 12.  I learned about your security issues by reading the article below and left a comment for you there. One day I will tell you about how hard that was to do, but in another article. Thanks to Twitter, I learned how to quit. Being given only 140 character spaces taught me that.
Google Chrome OS Partially Hacked

11 of 12.  Good luck, and thanks for producing the Chromebooks and adding the marvelous features that I am learning. You made owning a computer possible for nearly everyone. God bless you for that and all the other wonderful ways you help people. Most of all, thanks for helping me to be like the Delaney Sisters and have my say.

12 of 12.  Blessings from America's Most Censored - Mary Neal

Repeat of Paragraph 1 of 12
I am so sorry, Google. They partially hacked Chromebook within weeks of my purchase. Wikipedia said you have been producing Chromebooks since 2011, but when I bought one, this happened! I would have bought one sooner had I known about Chromebooks before. It is such a dandy laptop! And so affordable! I decided to write these 12 paragraphs with three(3) links to say THANK YOU!

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