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Hacker Lie: Your Gmail Account Hacked, Destroyed

THIS article will give my readers another example of why I say I am "America's Most Censored." I needed Gmail password help, and I did not receive an email to reset my password. I looked online and saw seven listings for phone help that was supposed to be from Google. I called the number that said "Gmail help," but it was actually MORE HACKING. Google does not offer phone support for Gmail. The hackers said Google closed my email accounts because they had been hacked. Google also never closed my accounts because of hacking! The Hackers want me to THINK my "WriteBackAtcha" account and "MaryLovesJusticeArt" account are gone. I wrote the issue presented below in the REAL Gmail Help Forum and got this response. A hero responded to my request in time to save my impoverished mom and me $70:

I then called a number that is online as being Google Gmail Support...

Google doesn't provide phone support for Gmail, so you were NOT talking to Google or anyone associated with Google. And they can NOT do what they claim (for $70) so I would not suggest giving those scammers any of your money.

You will need to use the provide recovery methods to get those accounts back.

See the following article about how to recover a lost or compromised account:

I wrote this message to Gmail Help Forum, and received the answer above:

I posted the Gmail issue at Google Gmail Help Forum, and it prompted the reply above, which I am very elated about. It may mean there is hope for my WriteBackAtcha Gmail account. The stalker tried to extort me of $70 to retrieve my "MaryLovesJusticeArt" account. That reminds me of the cyber stalker who intercepted my call to a real computer repair company and came to my home. He drugged my tea, I believe, because I was ASLEEP FOR THREE HOURS while he had the run of my house. He then demanded $80 for his "work." I discovered after he left and I came fully awake, that this man had actually put my computer on his network and left an icon on my computer that said, "To Go Online, Dial This Number." He wanted us to call him when people in my household wanted to go online! That is cyberstalking, extortion, and home invasion. To read about Michael Moon, please see "Home Invasion! by Mary Neal." See also "The Heathens Rage, by Mary Neal."

Until today, I thought I had three(3) Gmail accounts:

I use "MaryLovesJustice" every day.

I reserved "MaryLovesJusticeArt" for a project I plan to start. It has a Google+ account associated with it. I have not actually used the account in months.

"WriteBackAtcha" is the email account that I use for administrative purposes. It is like a bookmarks account. I send copies of my own email messages to that account as well as interesting information I find online. Very few people have that account address to email me there, but a few organizations do.

The contact email account that I designated for both those email accounts is my regular gmail account that I use daily, which is "MaryLovesJustice."


If "MaryLovesJusticeArt" and "WriteBackAtcha" were being cyberattacked by psychopathic stalkers that follow me online to all the major Internet sites and attempt to surreptitiously censor me for The Cochran Firm, prison investors, or the government, why did I not receive a message at the "MaryLovesJustice" account that they were being attacked.

Today I decided to go into both "MaryLovesJusticeArt" and "WriteBackAtcha" to see if they had new mail and to ensure that documents and information I had shared to "WriteBackAtcha" were there. I could not open either of those email accounts without password help because my passwords were stolen in August during a burglary at my home. ONLY my address book and file boxes containing documents and pleadings and evidence regarding Neals v. The Cochran Firm were stolen. Initially, I thought the thieves had also stolen a crystal vase, but they did not.

I went to "WriteBackAtcha" today and requested a password reset for that account. The message said that a new password would be sent to from Google. It never arrived. I then called a number that is online as being Google Gmail Support at 888.654.8821, and I was given a review number APJ137 and told a technician would return my call. When the technician called me, I explained the problem: I never received any email to reset my password for "WriteBackAtcha."

The technician said that account was CLOSED because it had been hacked five days ago. He said that Google sent me two emails TO THAT EMAIL BOX to warn me about suspicious activity and received no response. Therefore, he said I lost my email account. I asked WHY din't Google send the emails warning about problems to the email box I gave for notification of problems, etc. He said that is not what Google does. He told me "WriteBackAtcha" is being dropped from the server and cannot be retrieved. He also said that "MaryLovesJusticeArt" had been compromised and a technician would be able to retrieve that gmail account for $70.

I SUGGEST that Google and all other email service providers should use the contact email box and/or phone number associated therewith that customers designated for reporting suspicious activity on their accounts and NOT send the warning emails ONLY to the email accounts that are being hacked. Since I was told by the technicians that my "WriteBackAtcha" account was taken offline after it was hacked, I wonder also why I never received a deamon mail message for the emails I have sent there this week. How long would I have continued to send copies of important emails to what the technician said was a closed account?

Losing "WriteBackAtcha" is a great loss for me. It has much evidence related to my continuous cyber stalking (censorship and intimidation) and The Cochran Firm fraud against my family to hide Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. See . Whereas most families get reports and explanations regarding jail deaths, my family has begged authorities for ten(10) years for that and filed Freedom of Information Act requests and federal subpoenas, but we were denied any records or molecule of justice. I recently learned about racism in the United States, and the corruption to cover up Larry's lynching is very widespread and hurtful. See

I pray that if Google is able to save/retrieve the data in "WriteBackAtcha" that it will do so. It should disturb every email user to know that the email account one gives as a secondary contact will not be used to allert account owners about illegal hacking on their accounts.

Google, please confirm that the information the technicians gave me concerning "WriteBackAtcha" is correct. Thank you in advance for your assistance. We live in a time and place where freedom of press is greatly endangered. For people who have relatives who were killed under secret arrest, it may already be gone. Please also send a statement that my "WriteBackAtcha" email account was hacked and is irretrievable, if that is the case. I need the information for Detective Miller, DeKalb County Police Department, who may or may not decide to use the IP addresses of my hackers to prosecute them, perhaps depending on who their employers are.

See more information about the continuous attacks against my RIGHT to self expression in this "JusticeGagged" blog and in FreeSpeakBlog at

To the hackers: Tell your bosses that INTERNET CENSORSHIP is the modern equivalent to NAZI BOOK BURNING. As previous Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, "If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." Stop killing America's mentally ill people, doing or arranging lawyer fraud against their survivors and burglaries to find and destroy proof of earlier crimes. "Be sure your sin will find you out" (Holy Bible).

See the question and comment strand at the link below (if the hackers let you):!category-topic/gmail/report-an-issue/account-access-and-safety/google-chrome/tbXmoJW9XFE

God bless Google, a free speech hero!

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