Thursday, May 10, 2012

S.O.S. to Bill Windsor from Mary Neal

(Four links)  Bill, the Nazis have deleted all the summaries you sent me and the new summaries I wrote. They deleted the press contact list you sent to me, also. Please re-send. If you have an individual who has an office I can work at in or around Stone Mountain or Atlanta, please arrange it. The Nazis' objective is to keep me isolated and censored while they continue to kill mentally ill people like Kelly Thomas. SEE THIS VIDEO OF POLICE BEATING KELLY THOMAS TO DEATH government officials who supposedly dispatch armies to fight for human rights around the world REFUSE to divulge how Larry Neal was murdered, and prisoners here continue to be abused and die here with regularity . They defy their own laws regarding Freedom of Information Act requests and open disclosure to keep Larry's lynching secret, including the black democrats. However, we are supposed to believe they care about Trayvon Martin. They want to censor the truth and would not allow me to join Dr. Shirley's conference call tonight, kept me out of your conference call on Tuesday night, and disrupted my own Blogtalk Show and MaryLovesJustice conference call last night.. 

Every time I tried to reach the Dr. Shirley Conference Call tonight, the recording said I dialed an incorrect access code. I called a friend and gave her the phone number and access code, and she got in with no problem. When I tried to dial in at Talk Shoe to your conference call Tuesday night, they say I need to dial a calling card number first, but they would not allow me to reach Talk Shoe Customer Serv. to ask for the calling card number. I doubt if one is needed for Metro Phone Service, because I called in at Talk Shoe without one just a few weeks ago. I am so sick of these MFs trying to keep me censored to hide Larry Neal's murder and stop my advocacy for mentally ill Americans who are killed, roam homeless, and are preserved untreated to join the 1.25 million mentally ill prisoners in America that something must be done to get international attention on this affair. I have been their PRISONER for over 8 years - that is when I discovered The Cochran Firm Fraud against minorities throughout America that CONTINUES under the so-called "black president" and the Nazi rein of terror on my family to hide Larry's lynching and elaborate cover-up that began under the Bush administration. Look at Kelly Thomas' before and after photos at this link if they let you  They are very disturbing, but at least his family knows how he was murdered. That is not true about many black mentally ill Americans who went missing in/after police custody and showed up dead recently, including Larry. Larry Neal's family is denied that knowledge about Larry Neal by Nazis who care more about protecting police from a lawsuit than obeying and respecting the law and upholding human rights for Americans.

I placed a post about Kelly Thomas at my Care2 group, ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, and immediately sections of the post showed up underlined when I highlighted it. That means parts are targeted to either not be visible to the public or ineligible for printing, copying, or pasting. I have told these people I will not be their slave over and over. Their terrorism and attacks on my family will not change that. I do not necessarily believe people who live long lives in slavery are in better positions than people who are killed all the ways the cyberstalkers threaten to kill our family members. These are evil, lawless people who have zero respect for man's law or God's, yet they execute their fellow murderers regularly. That is why I am an anti-death penalty activist as well as director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.

Let me know if I can assist you from another address. They have apparently stalked out my neighborhood and equipped the traitors against justice with equipment to interfere with my phone calls and Internet access. Come down my street anytime and you will see them standing on their porches or in their driveways looking at my door. It is their job - 24/7. Four cyber stalkers are assigned to go online with me 24/7, also. Their job is to keep Americans so ignorant that they sleep through the total loss of liberty in America. I gave the IP addresses the computer's security system caught to DeKalb County Police, who then came to my house and told me I'd better shut up about these crimes. We need to have a fundraiser to buy one-way tickets to China for Nazis and their Negro flunkies like those in Atlanta City Government who wrote me in April to say they take no responsibility for their police officers who threatened to Taser and arrest me if I did not cease and desist from telling people on public sidewalks in conversational tones about The Cochran Firm fraud against my family and survivors of Kathryn Johnston, age 92, who police killed in a home invasion in 2006. .

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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