Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cyberstalking Mary Neal Report 2

I have ZERO intention of continuing to be terrorized, stalked, censored, suppressed, and broke so that this administration can continue to pretend human and civil rights are honored in America and deceive people through November. It is too oppressive. I am not the criminal here. Adding to my censorship log, here is what they did lately:

1. BLOCKED connectivity between my new Gather account and my Facebook and Twitter accounts when I made a comment on a news item. I complained at Facebook about it:

Facebook, everyone else on the Internet can connect between Gather and FB, but my connection was BLOCKED. I made this comment regarding the news story about Daniel Adkins, the mentally ill Hispanic man who a black man killed in a case that is being compared to Trayvon Martin's murder at http://news.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981257118 re "Unarmed Hispanic Daniel Adkins Killed by Black Man in 'Self-Defence,' Media Silent." I responded:

Daniel Adkins' murder may have been largely ignored for two reasons:

(1) He was a mentally ill minority person, who are considered less valuable and worthy of justice than dogs in America (see "Dog Justice, by Mary Neal" http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/dog-justice-poem-and-petition-for-larry.html; and

(2) Adkins' death was less useful. His murder was likely than Trayvon Martin's to incite riots leading to Martial Law and concentration camps, and of course, a suspension of elections. Therefore, while Adkins' death and numerous other deaths by police under the color of law are ignored or actually covered-up, Martin's death alone gets media coverage equal to Katrina. It is simple: The camps are ready. See "Trayvon Martin's Death - A Set-up for Martial Law" by Mary Neal http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/trayvon-martin-shooting-set-up-for.html - The lives of no minorities really matters to the injustice system, but sometimes it is useful to prosecute for certain deaths to gain more prison laborers, or in Trayvon Martin's case, create division among the races. Pharaohs fear the 99% uniting.

2.  I was informed by a friend tonight that when I mentioned her on Twitter, her Twitter notice about that went to her SPAM folder, whereas other Twitter notices go to her inbox. I wonder if all my posts addressed to my Twitter followers are coded to go to recipients' SPAM folders? 

3. Stalkers continue to steal my Twitter followers. No matter how many join @koffietime, I have less than before they came because of stalkers who remove my followers. One result is that Twitter will not let me follow more people than the 2,000 I have. Stalkers steal followers who I follow back in order to make it appear that people I follow are not interested in following @koffietime. In actuality, roughly 2/3 of the people I followed initially were people who first followed me. As stalkers steal those persons, I am left with more and more people who I elected to follow who did not follow me first. It is a game. When Twitter members have a low ratio of followed to followers, Twitter limits the number of people they can follow.

It may take some drastic action for me to get out of the prison this administration has made for me to hide its racism and aversion to disabled people and disdain for the concept of democracy. I get threatened through cyber terror often, but I wonder if the Pharaohs ever considered that this is not exactly living anyway. I am stuck home 24/7, without income, deprived of autonomy, gangstalked, and receive regular threats about my family members. As a matter of fact, they have actually nabbed one of Larry's relatives right now and are engaged in malicious prosecution against him. The family will only be safe when the cover-up regarding Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder is exposed. I will be on "Lawless America - The Movie" telling about the situation, but filming is just beginning.

It seems necessary to proceed with the lawsuit against the frauds, although I suspect there is a federal judge on standby to say that the Justice Department does not exist, which is the lie that flew in court when my elderly mother and I sued The Cochran Firm, which was enlisted to help USDOJ officials and Shelby County Jail conspire to cover up Larry Neal's murder by defrauding his family as our wrongful death attorneys. That is how this whole affair started NINE YEARS AGO. Since then, courts, police, the media, elected and appointed officials, state bars, you name it, have been enlisted to keep the cover-up viable. I have no more time and patience for gangsters to keep me stuck home, surrounded and followed by their stalkers, censored by their geek creeps, while they smile prettily for cameras and are supported by African Americans for whom they feel nothing but contempt. Some are beginning to wake up already. See the ad for  "AGE OF TERROR," a discussion by Cornel West and Carl Dix on May 7 at Chicago University that was sponsored by an impressive lineup of student organizations that indicate that at least the young people are waking up.  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/age-of-terror-by-cornel-west-and-carl.html  The topic was
In the Age of Obama...
Police Terror, Incarceration, No Jobs, Mis-education:

I can answer that - probably concentration camps are intended for our youth, and elders, too, for that matter. There's a HUGE HOAX being pulled on Americans, and African Americans with particularity. If it depends on suppressing Mary Neal, and it does, then I have no doubt the mask is coming off soon and so are the gloves. Because people are waking up, there may be desperation now to sink the ship quickly before mutiny ensues. I don't know why God made the 99% so gullible. Blacks fall prey to our own prejudices in thinking that having people who look like us in positions of authority means our own condition has changed while our standard of living steadily digresses. Much worse is planned for minorities and whites alike. The fact that I am oppressed and threatened to hide my brother's lynching proves that the one blacks admire, as intended, has more in common with George Wallace of the 1950s than with Martin Luther King, Jr., to whom he is wrongly compared. MLK most certainly never had a dream like this. If he did, he took Alka Seltzer immediately upon awakening, I am sure.

It is time for African American history lessons to begin with the Africans who captured slaves and sold them to white supremacists. That way minorities won't be as easily fooled by today's white supremacists who continue to pick our leaders from among their own houseboys and place them in offices in government and in civil and human rights organizations as well as law firms like The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. Johnnie's UNTIMELY death happened shortly after announcing his intention to sue the U.S.A. and major corporations for slave reparations and selling his name to some good 'ole boys. Now the firm works like CoIntelPro to reduce or eliminate payouts to its own clients after police murders and corporate victimization. That is how the Neals came to be in this mess - The Cochran Firm fraud to help USDOJ and Shelby County Jail get away with killing Larry Neal and covering it up in federal records. Federal and county officials pulled a fraud on the USA and my family. But this administration is apparently dedicated to protecting criminals from the Bush administration and making sure none are held accountable for their crimes. Therefore, the alternative is to conspire to censor and terrorize me, thereby keeping the crimes covered-up by engaging in more crimes - just like any other gangsters. People really need to come out of fairyland and face reality. This ship is already springing holes and leaking profusely.

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO KEEP ME SUPPRESSED TO HIDE THE FASCISM OF THIS ADMINISTRATION, CYBER GEEK CREEPS. You may have to skip getting everyone microchipped under the health care plan. And it does not look like the plan to incite race wars to excuse confiscating weapons and dispensing with elections under Martial Law will work out. The 99% know it is not our white, black, or Asian neighbors who create our problems, but imperialists in government and corporations. How long before America is surrounded by UN vessels under the plan?

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