Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stalkers Block Mary Neal from TalkShoe Calls

Talk Shoe Customer Service Question Stalkers Blocked. I tried to send this message immediately after leaving Lawless America's chat room at Talk Shoe on May 9 a.m. But stalkers prevented me from sending it. They had apparently changed my TalkShoe password while I was on live chat with Bill and others. Therefore, I elected to sign in using Facebook. But when I did, stalkers prevented the FB/TalkShoe connection. Obviously, they do not want me to talk to Bill Windsor and others on TalkShoe. Last time, I had to call Bill on his personal number and he put me in the conference on his three-way. Below is the message they prevented from going to TalkShoe Customer Service: 

I use Metro cell phone company. I was asked to input a calling card number. What is the Metro Calling Card Number for using TS? I use Metro Cell Phone Co. for FreeConference Call, and they gave me a calling card number to use: 805-360-1075. I don't seem to need it to use Metro for FreeConferenceCall any longer.

I have called into shows at Talk Shoe before and did not dial any prepaid number. Did something change? If I do need a special code when using Metro, Metro did not know it. I spent a good amount of time on the phone with Metro representatives, and they could not find a calling card number for me to call TalkShoe. If I need to dial a code before calling TalkShoe, please supply it. If I should not need to input one before dialing the phone number to the TalkShoe shows, it must be ANOTHER case of my cyberstalkers censoring me. I am "AMERICA'S MOST CENSORED - MARY NEAL" See the article with 13 reasons why at this link:  http://goo.gl/aELp3  - I appreciate your interest. IF THEY MAKE THE LINK NOT WORK TO GET TO MY ARTICLE WITH THAT NAME IN MY JUSTICE GAGGED BLOG. JUST GOOGLE "MARY NEAL CENSORED" FOR MANY VIDEOS AND MORE EVIDENCE ABOUT THE ILLEGAL SUPPRESSION OF MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO SUPPRESS NEWS ABOUT MY BROTHER'S MURDER AND MY ADVOCACY FOR VICTIMS OF OPPRESSION, ESPECIALLY THE MENTALLY ILL. Please send me an email at MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com or call 678.531.0262 with the calling card number for Metro users at Talk Shoe if there really is one. If not, please confirm this is not true. Thanks for your help. If I do not respond to your email or phone message within 48 hours, please assume I did not get it. They steal my phone messages and block phone calls, too. Also, they remove select emails. It is really a mess. They control my family's conversations like we are prisoners because of crimes - their own.

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