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AL Ignores Thomas Arthur's DNA Test Results; DP March 29

Alabama set an execution date for Thomas Arthur, an innocent man who has languished on death row for about 30years. The forensic lab eliminated Arthur's DNA for items tested in 2009, but Judge Pulliam put the man's test results under court seal, because Alabama will kill Arthur anyway. As the U.S. Supreme Court explained in 2009, Americans' rights to life and liberty do not extend beyond a wrongful conviction. I feel that life and liberty are God-given human rights, not just civil rights. Therefore, Christians have a responsibility to speak against acts of government that infringe on life and liberty without just cause (Proverbs 31:8-9).

This JusticeGagged blog is used to record the cyber censorship I experience to prevent my online advocacy for justice and compassion in America. Cyberstalking regarding numerous condemned inmates, especially Thomas Arthur, could fill volumes. Alabama intends to kill Thomas Arthur on March 29 despite his DNA test results that proved his innocence. Sometimes God allows horrible things to happen to accomplish some greater purpose. For instance, when Alabama kills Thomas Arthur despite having proof of his innocence (the DNA test results Judge Pulliam has under court seal), his sacrifice should help abolitionists get capital punishment repealed throughout America.

See a short video evidencing that in addition to hiring stalkers to take over my computer and control my advocacy at home, stalkers follow me to the DeKalb County, Georgia Library and take over whatever computers I use there. They did that when I advocated online to save Hank Skinner. The video proof is one of six videos I included in my article, "Mary Neal's Censorship Proved in Six Videos."  See an excerpt below, followed by an embedded video of real-time censorship against this DP abolitionist. You can prove the censorship yourself easily. Just open this video often at YouTube. Send it to your friends to open. Tell everyone in your office to open the video at the same time. The YouTube hits counter may not change. The hits counter on all of my videos is stuck on the special mode called "This video proving censorship the government allows against Mary Neal will never go viral":

Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner March 23, 2010 -
At Care2 News Network, Mary Neal’s anti-death penalty article for Hank Skinner was not allowed to post. I wanted so desperately to post my article about Hank Skinner’s pending execution that I braved stalkers who follow me and went to the DeKalb Public Library on March 23 to post my article, “Hank Skinner’s Last Wish – Justice.”  -- The video shows that I repeatedly got a denial of service at Care2 News Network. The video below is stuck on 60 views, although it is carried on the sites for numerous blogs for targeted individuals and anti-DP. Amazing!

Arthur's execution seems like premeditated murder in a state where the civil rights movement began. Arthur's execution despite his DNA test results proves that the State of Alabama still disregards the rights of Americans and it further proves something I have propounded for years: the lives of whites in the working class like Thomas Arthur and Cameron Todd Willingham and Hank Skinner and Philip Workman have no more value for elitists than the lives of black people. All working class and poor people in America as well as wealthy people with a sense of justice must unite to overcome racism and class consciousness. We must unite to resist oppression, because as MJJ sang, "They don't care about us." It would be good if Arthur's family could take my cyberstalking proof and sue Alabama for wrongful death after Arthur is martyred. Of course, some judge might block the case from going to jury like two judges did when my elderly mother and I sued The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm for help Memphis Shelby County Jail cover-up the murder of my disabled brother, Larry Neal, in 2003. Google "Cochran Firm Fraud" for videos and articles. Oops! I think the stalkers are hiding my paragraph about Willingham in the Blogger Forum Help Request below right now!

In John 9, disciples ask Jesus Christ why a certain man was born blind; did he sin or did his parents sin? Jesus replied that the man's handicap was for the glory of God. Everyone recognized what a great miracle it was for Jesus to heal the man who had been blind all of his life. The man's disability helped to convert many people to Jesus Christ. Similarly, when people see the cyberstalking I endured for years advocating for Arthur learn about the DNA test results which the court sealed to execute Arthur despite his innocence, many people will be converted and become DP abolitionists.

We will use Arthur's murder as proof of the urgency to do God's will and eliminate capital punishment. (Psalm 102:19-20) (Hebrews 13:3) (Prov. 31:8-9). So although another innocent man is being murdered, Arthur's death will make him a martyr. Numerous times the injustice system has killed people like Troy Davis whose guilt was highly doubtful, but Arthur will probably be the system's first victim whose conclusive proof of innocence was deliberately ignored. His execution will make Judge Pulliam and the State of Alabama another crowning example of why the government must be divested of the power to execute people. Therefore, Thomas Arthur will not die in vain, but his murder will bring glory to God by helping to eliminate capital punishment.

Cybercensorship to prevent advocacy for Hank Skinner and justice for my lynched brother is online at my YouTube Channel JKEMPP703. We have many witnesses to the fact that strands of conversation opposing DP were removed from Care2's human rights group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. We followed the Troy Davis case for years, but most of the information we shared on the Internet about Troy Davis and other condemned inmates at AIMI was deleted by cyberstalkers. They particularly attack information we share to advocate for death row inmates who are/were mentally challenged like Rhodes and Jeff Woods or likely innocent like Davis was. Now they put a DoS at my login at Care2 to prevent my ability to share with AIMI members and my other Care2 friends news that the system will ignore the DNA test results and kill Thomas Arthur this month. Again, the attacks on my First Amendment rights show premeditation in the deaths. God allows my victimization in order to use my proof to help abolish capital punishment.

God initially used a personal tragedy to bring me into human rights advocacy in the first place - the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal - God can and does do miracles, but He usually operates through people. He particularly uses His body on earth - Christians, but He can and does also use unsaved people. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Bible). I feel so sorry for Thomas Arthur and his family. I hope that this blog helps them understand why God the Father may allow Arthur to be sacrificed on March 29, 2012, in Alabama's death chamber by satanic people who do not care that his DNA test results proved his innocence in July 2009. America does human sacrifices to demonstrate the power of the 1% over the citizenry. Guilt and innocence are not factors.

At Blogger Help Forums I recorded some of my cybercensorship to prevent anti-DP advocacy last night. My Blogger help request regarding the coded text is at following link, which cyberstalkers already attacked in this blog. It turned gray, meaning they applied special coding. God uses their craftiness to expose their enmity with human rights. ]. They also ran the paragraphs below together so people's eyes would get too tired to read all of the data. But I just got a commendation at HubPages because my articles are the kind that people read all the way through. Once you start reading an article by MaryLovesJustice, you do not want to stop. They are what book publishers call "page turners." If you get interrupted while reading my articles, you return to finish. I cannot take the credit for this. The truth is compelling, especially cover-ups! Stalkers removed the readers' ability to access data at my links in a separate window because they hope you will not use your back arrow and return to this blog and get the rest of your "koffie." Americans need lots of koffie to wake up. Unfortunately, I have had a steady diet of caffine since Larry's secret arrest and murder. If the Internet censorship force let you, please follow me at Twitter where I am @koffietime . I separated the paragraphs for the second time and made a note to update my article called "Internet Censorship American-Style" to include this trick for eye strain. My Blogger Help request begins at the next line.

How Do Stalkers Code my Blogs to open after paragraph 1 on certain cellphones?

Cyberstalkers are interested in containing my advocacy as a DP abolitionist. They sometimes code my articles to open after paragraph 1 on certain cellphones. This was done to "Thomas Arthur Murder: March 29"

Newer, costly cell phones show the same view of blogs that a computer does. However, using my Samsung, the article opens after paragraph 1 and the title to the news source I quoted regarding Arthur's imminent execution. Stalkers often do that to my blogs, and I have to write "select 'go to page 1' to see the entire article if you use a cellphone." The cyber censorship team assigned to me for 24/7 surveillance usually prevent cell phone viewers from seeing the header to my blogs, also, unless they select "go to page 1."
In the html view, they were using lots of codes. Now the only code I see around targeted text is " &nbsp ". They put the html code for nonbreaking space at the beginning and end of whatever data they plan to make invisible, ineligible for printing, or unavailable for cellphone viewers who do not select "go to page 1." I am not a cyberstalker. I do not know how they make the code for nonbreaking spaces perform censorship functions, but they do. 

My first paragraph at "Thomas Arthur Murder: March 29" says:
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
<span style="font-size: large;">[DRAFT]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Before y'all murder Thomas Arthur, could you tell me one thing? What did Arthur really do? There is no proof he killed anyone. In fact, the DNA test he took already in 2009 eliminated him as a match for&nbsp;ALL of&nbsp;the evidence that was tested. There is more evidence that could be tested against Arthur's DNA, and he wants desperately to do that to clear his name. But Alabama refuses to allow further tests at Arthur's attorneys' expense. We therefore might assume that Alabama&nbsp;knows&nbsp;the man is innocent and&nbsp;there is some other&nbsp;reason why Arthur is to be sacrificed. What is it, please? Did Arthur offend someone powerful? Please see an excerpt from a news report below:</span>
<span style="font-size: large;">******</span>
<span style="color: #003399; font-size: large;"><span style="color: black;"><strong>Alabama Refuses To Allow Important DNA Test For Death Row Case</strong></span>&nbsp;

Do you notice the nonbreaking space html codes at the beginning and the nonbreaking space code that comes after the news source's title?

CONTINUED EXPLANATION OF PROBLEM - If you recall, I had significant trouble on Sept. 1, 2009, advocating for Thomas Arthur. Stalkers attacked Care2 eCard functions and Gmail to prevent my publishing the fact that Arthur had passed his DNA test and Alabama planned to execute him anyway. Arthur was wrongfully convicted before definitive DNA testing was available, as I understand it. He had begged for DNA tests for decades before finally being allowed to take the test in February 2009. When his results came from the forensics lab eliminating Arthur for all items tested, Judge Pulliam quickly put his test results under court seal and everyone just pretended he never took and passed a DNA test. Arthur's daughter said to me in July 2009 that Arthur's attorneys were not allowed to announce Arthur's test results, and I suppose the media is obeying the Alabama court order sealing the results until Arthur is murdered. It reminds me of Troy Davis, who was under a court order to shut up about his innocence claims because they were so compelling. DNA test scores are even more compelling than that, so they were sealed and ignored.

About two or three weeks ago, stalkers locked me out of my online advocacy group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). As a matter of fact, I am locked out of Care2 altogether. When I log in, I get a MICROSOFT error message saying the computer must close. I have to see when Alabama issued the death warrant for poor Mr. Arthur. Maybe someone ordered my cybercensorship team to keep me out of Care2 until Arthur is murdered. When they were about to kill Hank Skinner while denied DNA tests in 2010, they only issued a DoS against me at Care2 Network News. [That may be important. I must see what date Alabama applied for and/or received the death warrant for Thomas Arthur. It may match the date they locked me out of Care2!]

It was hard work, but I posted the news about Skinner's execution at individual Care2 groups, some of which have over 40,000 members (like Amnesty International group). Many other people were advocating to save Mr. Skinner, also, of course. Our collective and individual efforts on behalf of justice must have touched the Supreme Court's sense of decency, and Skinner was granted a stay of execution. Amazingly, Texas was about to murder Skinner again last November without ever having given him the DNA test! Again, a judge did the right thing and stopped the Texas ax. Honestly, Google, I do not know what is WRONG with these people! A video showing the CYBERSTALKING I went through to help Skinner should be in my YouTuve channel JKEMPP703.

They gave themselves the right to arrest people in the USA without criminal charges and hold people in indefinite military detention in concentration camps under NDAA. And they plan to kill two Americans: Arthur, who already passed his DNA test, and Skinner, who they won't even give a DNA test at his own expense. As you know, they secretly arrested my mentally, physically disabled brother for nearly three weeks and murdered the lifelong schizophrenic heart patient under circumstances they keep secret and assigned me a censorship team (I don't know who "they" is, Google. But this is what was/is done). See  "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" online.  Goodness, gracious! Like the Blackeyed Peas sing, "Where is the love?"

If it were just one or two officials thinking this way, I would wonder if they had mental illness. You know experts say 1 in 5 Americans is mentally challenged. But literally hundreds of officials and judges are thinking about Americans: "murder" "mass arrest" "murder" "mass arrest."  It is truly amazing to me. You remember they killed Troy Davis without irrefutable proof of guilt in September. That was sad, too. I tried to petition the USDOJ and GBI for a new investigation into Officer MacPhail's murder, but my petition was sabotaged by the censorship force. They made the Davis/McPhail Truth Committee petition appear online dated Sept. 21 instead of November 13, 2011. Sabotaging the date of the petition made everyone think it was another petition to SAVE Troy Davis, and folks did not open it because Davis was dead already. These cyberstalkers assigned to contain Mary Neal's advocacy against wrongful executions and mass incarceration are very devoted to Satan, Google. And they hate gospel music, too.

Maybe after they kill Thomas Arthur, they will have a big discussion about why his DNA test results were ignored like the arson report in Cameron Todd Willingham's wrongful execution that indicated there had been no arson and therefore no murders. And maybe after Arthur is dead, they will let me resume using my Care2 membership. You may recall that they deleted 11,000 of my Twitter tweets in December 2010 right before the Georgia prisoners staged the nation's largest prison uprising.

Prisoners in 4 to 6 correctional facilities did a prison labor strike. Mainstream media mostly ignored it like they were probably told to do, but people were very involved in telling the story online. Therefore, they eliminated 11,000 of my tweets to omit my tweets from showing when people searched online for "Georgia Prison" or "Human Rights for Prisoners." They did not want the masses to learn about Larry's secret lynching, probably. When news about the GA strike died down months later, they let me have my tweets back. After Arthur's murder on March 29, I hope they let me use Care2 again. [My Blogger help request regarding the coded text is at this link ].

REPEAT:  Google "Six Videos Prove Mary Neal's Internet Censorship" See also "Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner" March 23, 2010 -   -  At Care2 News Network, Mary Neal’s anti-death penalty article for Hank Skinner was not allowed to post. I wanted so desperately to post my article about Hank Skinner’s pending execution that I braved stalkers who follow me and went to the DeKalb Public Library on March 23, 2010, to post my article, “Hank Skinner’s Last Wish – Justice.”  - The video shows that I repeatedly got a denial of service at Care2 News Network. The video above is stuck on 60 views, although it is carried on numerous Internet sites for targeted individuals and anti-DP groups. Amazing! (I sometimes repeat paragraphs stalkers put codes around to steal later like they did this one.)

If we unite against oppression, we shall overcome! (Genesis 6:11). May God bless His martyr to end DP: Thomas Arthur.

Mary Neal


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