Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gregory Johnson, Jr.: Another Murder Coverup

Gregory Johnson, Jr. and a friend

A grieving mother, Rev. Johnson, is counting on me to tell you about her son, Gregory Johnson, Jr. Greg was a junior at San Jose University when his life was cut short. He was the only black person living at the Sigma Chi frat house. Gregory was a strong, handsome young minister - 20 years of age, 6'2" tall, weighing around 200 pounds. His job at Bally Total Fitness was ideal for Gregory, who planned to go into sports medicine. The night Gregory died in his frat house, his family was not informed for seven hours, and they were not allowed to identify his body. Rev. Johnson did not see her son's body for 14 days, when she had his remains sent home for the funeral and burial. Authorities said "suicide," but how can a 6 foot, 2 inch tall man of superior strength hang himself from a six-foot basement ceiling? Why did Gregory's fraternity housemates move his body before police arrived? What happened to the extension cord Gregory supposedly used for self-murder? Why did Gregory's Caucasian girlfriend refuse to speak with Rev. Johnson about Gregory and his death?

WHY WERE THERE NO MARKS ON GREGORY'S NECK WHATSOEVER ALTHOUGH HIS HEAD WAS PRACTICALLY SEVERED FROM HIS BODY AT THE BACKBONE? Why did his eyeballs not protrude if he really hung? Why was there a six-inch gash in the back of Gregory's head with his brains oozing out? 

I have delayed beginning work on Rev. Johnson's story, because it is so like my own brother's covered-up murder by police (see "Wrongful Death of Larry Wealthy people and police officers are allowed to commit crimes against working class people, especially African Americans, and authorities routinely cover-up such such crimes if survivors have limited resources to fight for open disclosure and justice. Sigma Chi is a fraternity that has some wealthy and famous alumni. A couple months after President Obama was elected, Gregory, the only African American living in that San Jose frat house, supposedly committed suicide under remarkable circumstances: He allegedly hang himself in a basement that was shorter than Gregory, unexplained head trauma, no neck wounds, no extension cord, no inquest, and authorities refused to give Gregory's family the results of any investigation. A pathologist who Rev. Johnson hired told her that Gregory's death was not a suicide. He was too timid to put his findings into writing although he kept Rev. Johnson's fee. There is no justice and no peace for Gregory's family. 

Will my articles and radio interviews about Gregory help Rev. and Mr. Johnson, grieving parents who mourn their son and pray for justice? His mother said, "They misrepresent my son and made his last act appear to be a crime." Gregory's story was also revealed in other articles by this author:

"Lawless America Labels Sigma Chi a Crime Scene"

Gregory Johnson, Jr.'s Head Wound

Sigma Chi Fraternity House Labeled a Crime Scene by Lawless America

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SwordofCreation said...

It's more accurate to look at the evidence being caused by staged attacks, and massive violence covered up by ALL national news agencies here:

A certain group I will not name has been involved in the white extermination for a very long time and have killed off white original peoples in North, South America, New Zealand, and Africa.

They quickly covered up the American red head finds of socalled "Europeans" and now we know why they were not allowed to study them.