Friday, November 1, 2013

Chronology of Censorship v. Mary Neal

Hello, Americans who believe we live in a free country. Below are some of the examples of censorship I encountered lately. Each experience begins with a new date. I will add more examples as they occur, so please return to this article occasionally.

Nov. 25, 2013 - Prevented from adding my photograph to Petition for Manning
I presume that if websites were really "offline," I would not have been able to sign the petitions.

Mary Neal I signed the petition and shared it. However, as America's most censored person, I wasn't allowed to upload a photo to the ACLU petition as a supporter. They NEVER let me add a photo to any petitions, because I am recognized as the woman who's mentally, physically disabled brother's murder was covered up by the government 

The Petition error message read: "Website is offline The server may be down for maintenance, there may be a network problem, or the site may be experiencing excessive load."
I am America's most censored. Up to four cyberstalkers go online with me because...See More

Disallowed message about castrated black child on Google+ Nov. 24, 2013

The mother and lawyer of the African American Memphis baby who was castrated during a circumcision are on the Rev. Pinkney +BlogTalkRadio show. Call (347)994-3644 or listen at
Join us every Sunday at 5pm EST. More about the botched circumcision is in this news article
This is also your show to hear from former activist attorney Lynne Stewart. Her husband Ralph Poynter is the co-host.

November 1, 2013: Facebook stalkers hide The Cochran Firm's fraud against African American clients:  I was prevented from posting this information at my Facebook wall, then I was prevented from posting the fact that I was prevented:

How The Cochran Firm Got Away with Fraud Against Its Own Clients During the Medication Process - with an article by Charles F. Forer, Esquire, a legal mediator. I was not allowed to post the link to this article at Facebook. The error message said "The privacy settings for this attachment prevent you from posting it to this Timeline."

We will discuss censorship and misinformation as slave masters' tools next Thursday at 9pm Pacific on "Enslavement and Genocide of Africans and Indigenous Peoples," an NNIA Blogtalkradio program produced by Dr. Floyd Harris Jr. Access the NNIA shows by computer or phone (818)572.2947 (press "1" to speak).
The link being protected is
Mr. Forer discussed how the lawyers' fraud against a class of African American plaintiffs who were attempting to sue their employer for race discrimination worked in California courts but would not have worked in Pennsylvania courts. I already wrote an article about this and published it in Legal Victories blog:
Forer Explains The Cochran Firm Fraud in CA

The Cochran Firm's frauds against its clients (usually African Americans) are well known in America's legal community but kept secret from the masses so that the frauds by racists can continue under Johnnie Cochran's name.

October 31, 2013: I was browsing and saw the link online that says "koffietime - account market co." Every time I try to access the info at the link, it redirects me to another site. The first time, I was redirected to - a site that announced it had not launched yet. The second time I tried to access the data at the account market co., I reached a website called Fonetree.
Below is the link that will not open for me. I reported to my public long ago that the SOPA provision (to redirect links) was withdrawn for everyone else and SOPA was not made law by Congress. However, some of us do live under SOPA provisions.

Search Results

  1. koffietime -

    Jul 24, 2009 - With 1076 followers, 18832 tweets, 134 favorited tweets, 12 lists, and 2001 friends, we have calculated that the @koffietime Twitter account ...


    See SOPA Applied to Mary Neal, Anyway

    Repeat of Paragraph 1:  Hello, Americans who believe we live in a free country. Below are some of the examples of censorship I encountered lately. Each experience begins with a new date. I will add more examples as they occur, so please return to this article occasionally.

    Mary Neal, fighting censorship to expose fraud against African American legal consumers and advocate for human rights for all peoples


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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thank you, otr214430. I don't enjoy babysitting at home, and "they" would sabotage any Internet work I tried to do. Financial persecution is part of my "punishment" for revealing The Cochran Firm Fraud against African American families who use that firm to sue police or large corporations after catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths.