Monday, September 24, 2012

Lawless America Labels Sigma Chi a Crime Scene

William Windsor, producer of "Lawless America - The Movie"
Congressional candidate from the State of Georgia
Justice advocate committed to exposing judicial and government corruption

Denise Johnson was the mother of Gregory Johnson, a sophomore at San Jose University who was the only black student living in Sigma Chi frat house at the time of his death in November of 2008. She is one of the "stars" on "Lawless America - The Movie." Bill Windsor, producer, is traveling throughout the country and filming justice seekers in all 50 states. Sunday, he and Denise and others went to unfurl a huge CRIME SCENE banner in front of Sigma Chi frat house where Gregory died at age 20. The young man who had everything to live for was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, yet police ruled his death to be a suicide by hanging from a 5 foot and 10 inch pipe in the frat house basement. Gregory's brain was oozing out of the six-inch crack in the back of his skull when his family received his body after 13days, but Greg's neck had no marks to substantiate the "suicide by hanging" story. His family assumes students in his dorm killed him. Today, Denise wrote me about cyber censorship she is experiencing to keep her son's murder covered-up. See her email to me below:

dear mary today, on sept 23, i saw a pic bill winsor posted on fb. it was a pic of three people in front of sigma chi fraternity house at san jose univ. at 284 S.10th st. we had large crime scene banner posted in front of the sigma chi fraternity house. this photo was posted about 45 mins ago. i sent it to u and twelve others at fb. now its gone, removed from fb by cyberstalkers. will resend. i will try to email it to u.

Denise said the photo of Sigma Chi wrapped in CRIME SCENE tape was also missing from the Lawless America site at Facebook. I told Denise I did not see the picture that she posted on my wall, and I asked her to please contact the other eleven people to whom she sent the photo to see if they saw it on their walls or in their email boxes. When I first started to complain about censorship that is done to prevent justice in America, I may have been in a select group of targeted individuals whose First Amendment rights are violated. But as the world turns, thousands more people in our country have discovered that freedom of speech and press depend entirely on what one has to say.

Sigma Chi frat house, undergoing renovation, is declared a CRIME SCENE by Lawless America

There was a time when justice quests could be squashed by telling police not to investigate and instructing mainstream media not to publish news about certain murders like Gregory Johnson's and the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, which is discussed at this URL . But with the advent of the Internet, average Americans are able to publish our own victimization. William Windsor, a congressional candidate from the State of Georgia, was himself a victim of judicial corruption. He began to expose corruption in the judicial system by writing and talking online about his denial of justice. Thousands of people read Bill's articles on the "Lawless America" website at this URL and tuned in to communicate with Bill during his conference calls. Bill is a businessman and a trained paralegal who is a superb justice advocate. That is why many people started to call Bill and email him from all over the country and share their own experiences.

After I published this article, Lawless America was taken offline at Facebook. It stayed offline all night until around 10:30 a.m. on September 24. When Lawless America reappeared at Facebook, the Sigma Chi photo was added back to the site. We assume the photo also reappeared on the people's walls where Denise shared it, but that has not been verified.

Bill Windsor makes it patently clear that he is not an attorney, but his TalkShoe conference calls gave people an opportunity to expose their victimization, including wrongful arrests, foreclosures on properties where homeowners had paid their house notes faithfully, children removed by Child Protection Services, police murders like my mentally, physically disabled brother Larry Neal endured after 18 days of secret arrest, and Gregory Johnson's murder, which was likely done by students at San Jose University who the injustice system protects from prosecution. So many people experience oppression that Windsor decided to make a documentary movie to save America by exposing judicial and government corruption. He is presently filming in California and has 17 more states to visit.

DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE INTERVIEWED FOR "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVE." If you are not in one of the remaining states (AZ, NV, UT, WY, NM, OK, KS, MO, AR, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, HI, AK, GA), you can still be interviewed during the month of December 2012 via Internet. Bill Windsor is presently filming in California. Use the four(4) links below to arrange an Internet interview in December. "Lawless America - The Movie" will be shown at independent film festivals, on the big screen, and discs will be given to every representative in Congress. You do not have to deal with corruption alone.

For people who will be interviewed in the 17 states where Bill and his film crew have yet to visit, here is the ITINERARY* FOR "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVIE" (9/2012) 

Bill Windsor believes that everyone deserves justice and that exposure is the first step in the process of saving America. Let him help you like he is helping Denise Johnson's family and my own. Stay tuned for more "Adventures in Cyberstalking" from Mary Neal.


Mama Suzy said...

My name is Suzanne Garcia(FaceBook Name:Suzy Leon Garcia
I also Posted the photo of Bill (Lawless America) in front of Sigma Chi Frat house with yellow Crime Scene tape and my post too were Deleted from my page... I posted how outraged I was the fact that my post had been deleted, they never were returned to my page... When Denise Johnson notified me that that the photo had been put back... I then reposted to my page!!!! (Justice For Gregory Johnson Jr.)

Mary Neal said...

Hello, Mama Suzy. Thanks for confirming the cyberstalking that is done to hide Gregory's murder. As you know, my own mentally, physically disabled brother was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail. Rather than to investigate his death and bring justice, the USDOJ officials helped cover up Larry's murder by police. Many activists are censored. Will you please sign and share my petition to the USDOJ asking that officials honor advocates' First Amendment rights in America?

Just copy and paste the link into your browser to go to the petition. Thank you in advance for your support. While America conducts wars, supposedly for the sake of human rights, why can't Americans have freedom of press and free speech at home?