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OCCUPY: March Against Mainstream Media Censorship Nov. 16

OCCUPY WALL STREET plans a protest march against mainstream media companies for suppressing news reports about their protest events. The Occupy Atlanta message to march against mainstream is censored at Google+, probably by NSA. Notice the "shared" date that published with my copy of this ad at Google+

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Shared publicly - Dec 31, 1969


After I refreshed the page, the correct "shared" time appeared. I think my Google+ posts that have that December 31, 1969 date may be prevented from going to my Google+ followers and to the home pages. Somebody objects to Americans having the right to peaceful assembly, especially to protest media companies that spew propaganda and censor real news, such as the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother in Memphis Shelby County Jail, such as The Cochran Firm declaring its offices in the State of Georgia to be nonexistent when sued in Georgia courts, and such as Georgia judges allowing that perjury to prevail by dismissing my righteous lawsuits.

I do not expect to attend the "March Against Mainstream Media" Saturday. It will be my sweet mother's birthday, and we will have guests that afternoon. Saturday night, I agreed to be a guest on YMP Magazine Radio Show. I'm going to hook up with I-Cee Justice on Sat., November 16, at 9pm EST. The call-in number is 215.383.3998. Y'all come, too! Computer hook-up is

Another reason I will probably forego this march is because I picketed mainstream media already. I picketed CNN for the media blackout of my brother's murder cover-up by Memphis Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice. I know that 18 days of secret incarceration by Memphis Police Department of a black mentally ill heart patient and his premeditated murder in custody are major news stories. But all of the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve reportedly lost had to go somewhere. I figure some of that loot bought media cooperation regarding subjects the government wants censored - like Larry Neal's murder cover-up.

I will be with the OCCUPY protesters in spirit, however. The media going Nazi on Americans and censoring our news and presenting dramatizations as truth are disturbing developments in the 21st century that hurt us all. The evening news broadcasts mean nothing more than reality shows now - nobody knows what is real and what is contrived. One of the media companies sued for the right to trick us - and won.

You can use the first link above to find the specific location of the OCCUPY "March Against Mainstream Media" event nearest you. If the truth is to be told, it is not only mainstream media companies that are sold out. The Occupy Atlanta protesters will meet in front of CNN at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. As I said, I have been there and done that. See my photograph below - "Mary Neal Pickets CNN for Media Censorship":

The final reason I will miss the Occupy "March Against Mainstream Media" is because Atlanta police officers said they will Taser and arrest me for telling people about my disabled brother's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail and The Cochran Firm's fraud against my family to help the jail avoid accountability. I continue to be amazed at how racist some Georgia police officers are. Did you see the news article about the costume a Camden County, Georgia policeman wore for Halloween? 

"GA Deputy in Trouble For Dressing as Cotton-Picking Inmate in Blackface." The image shows the officer with his face and arms painted black. He reportedly told Halloween party-goers that he was dressed as a Camden County inmate picking cotton. [And THIS is called America's "post racial era."] Sheriff Jim Proctor later suspended Deputy Sheriff Chad Palmer without pay but said although the costume was “extremely offensive”, he doesn’t believe Palmer to be a racist [and eating beef and pork doesn't make anyone a carnivore]. It is interesting that the black plantation overseers in Georgia are even more prejudice against blacks than whites are.
Five photos, five urls, and one email address link are in this article. Let me know if NSA makes any of them inoperable, please. Agents sometimes do that Thanks.

Mary "Loves Justice" Neal

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