Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Arrested Liberty re "NDAA v. Food"

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WAR AND INCARCERATION ARE VERY COSTLY.  Continuous war has impoverished many countries before America, and this country is headed in that direction. Congress is deciding now about whether indigent families will continue to receive food stamps and whether American children will be hungry in school. The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act's budget Congress passed is $652.5 BILLION.  However, Congress is presently considering deep cuts in the food stamp and school lunch program. How much does one bomb cost? If you have a Facebook account, you may be interested in Keith McHenry's wall. He is active in "Food Not Bombs," organization. Members actually feed the hungry in addition to advocating for peace. Keith's link is . The chart below depicts the growing list of food stamp participants since 2008. Some people believe it is important to prioritize food and jobs for Americans over wars that cost lives and trillions of dollars. The VIDEO at the next link regards the NDAA budget, which reportedly has funding for a war with Iran - This writer does not know what percentage of NDAA's budget is for concentration camps in America. Indefinite military detention without criminal charges or any trial is allowed under Section 1021 of NDAA. People who object to concentration camps in America should support H.R.3785, a bill introduced by Ron Paul in January 2012 to repeal Section 1021. 

Americans Going Hungry Soon?

Congressman Hank Johnson, representative for my district, is voting against cuts in food stamps and school meals for struggling American families. He also voted against NDAA with its concentration camp provisions. How is your representative voting on important congressional bills? Please stay informed by using at this link to track congressional bills  . You can also call and email your local and federal representatives using this link . Stay informed and in touch. This is an election year, and it is doubly important to know what the issues are and track how incumbents are voting. Contact your congresspersons to demand, "No SNAP Cuts - Hunger Hurts"

The House Agriculture Committee will mark up and vote on their version of the Farm Bill on Wednesday, July 11th. The bill currently cuts $16.1 billion from SNAP, which is three times the cut in the Senate version of the bill. These proposed cuts would cause: 

• two to three million individuals to lose their food assistance entirely;
• 500,000 households to see their benefits cut by $90 per month; and 
• nearly 300,000 children to lose free school meals. 
CALL 1-877-698-8228 NOW 

As the U.S. economy is being "flattened" to enable corporations to pay the same labor rates worldwide, more Americans slide into poverty and apply for the food stamp program. See the chart below showing the increase in food stamp participation since 2008. 

Google "Food Not Bombs"

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