Friday, June 8, 2012

Can Media Save America? by Mary Neal

The Bible says, "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed." Millions of Americans are relying on that promise. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that Americans have the right to videotape police officers, which is a step in the right direction. Millions of people try to fill the gap left by mainstream news media and keep people on their social sites informed about abuses of power that are happening and planned. People fill YouTube with videos about their individual justice quests, hoping that someone with power and the inclination will address their victimization. But can media save individuals and this country from oppression?

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden advised Iran to give its citizens greater freedom when he spoke at the University of Kentucky immediately after the Egyptian uprising last February. He said: "I SAY TO OUR IRANIAN FRIENDS: Let your people march, let your people speak, release your people from jail, let them have a voice!" I don't have nearly that level of freedom, and I doubt if any American does. It is a worthy goal for every nation, but not a reality for me. I am so censored that when a reporter called me last week, stalkers played her a lying message saying my phone was out of service. Imagine the surprise when she called a friend to report her difficulty reaching me and learned that her friend was on the phone with me at that very moment talking on the phone the liars had indicated was out of service! Sometimes stalkers make all of my family's incoming calls go to voice mail, then erase the messages without my family's receipt. The censorship is to hide my brother's lynching and disrupt my advocacy against mass incarceration. 

William Windsor, Producer of "Lawless American Movie," Justice Advocate
2012 Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from the State of Georgia

 I do not know what Bill Windsor may be going through because he will produce the world's largest whistleblower project - "Lawless America Movie." Neither do we know what Judge Katherine Forrest is going through because she put a temporary injunction against concentration camps in America in May 2012, but please pray for them and for me. The climate of terror that many Americans live in probably rivals what is happening elsewhere on the globe. Gangstalking, censorship, malicious prosecution and worse have been inflicted on some people, and now there are drone planes in our skies that I read are equipped with Tasers.

Iranian Television Station 
Conducting Interviews with Oppressed African Americans in June 2012

I believe this is spiritual warfare, and we must pray for one another and for our beloved country. God gave us inalienable rights, and the Constitution affirms them. "Can this nation or any nation so consecrated, so dedicated long endure?" I hope so. I thank Press TV for interviewing me next week as part of their documentary to expose racism in America against African Americans. The Press TV team will be filming in Atlanta from June 12 - 15, and more interview slots are available. Dr. Randy Short, a Facebook member from D.C., is project narrator. His contact information and more about the Press TV documentary is at my FreeSpeakBlog article entitled "Discuss Racial Oppression with Press TV." It does no good for me to put links in my articles sometimes. The links are often removed or redirected. Please use Google to browse for the title.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
America's People's Pastor

My handicapped brother was murdered under secret arrest in 2003, and asking for justice for him and others led to gangstalking, censorship, and threats to my family and mostly directed at me, since I write about his murder and other abuses of power. Google "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal." I am on radio shows frequently. I was honored to be a guest on Brother Leroy's show last week, The Communicators, out of Harlem. Most Sundays, I join Rev. Edward Pinkney and his co-host Ralph Poynter on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show. We have a large live audience, and the tapes are archived at Blogtalk for people to access at any time. I am hopeful that participating in radio shows, "Lawless America Movie," and Press TV interviews will influence people to give up censoring and intimidating my family and me to hide Larry Neal's lynching. Weeknights, I often join discussions hosted by Exploratory Committee on Dr. Shirley's Blogtalk Radio Show, "Justice for Us." One night we were pleased to see that Rep. Ron Paul had listened in on the show. We were discussing the bill Rep. Paul introduced in January 2012 to repeal indefinite military detention, H.R. 3785. Please Google the bill and ask your elected officials to support it. Ron Paul has a strong philosophy of liberty, and his campaign suffers censorship and voter fraud because of it. We must pray continually for him and for the brave author and journalists who sued in Judge Forrest's court to stop concentration camp internment under NDAA. Their lawsuit led to her court order ruling indefinite military detention to be unconstitutional. The Obama administration tried to get Judge Forrest to lift her court order, but she stood strong this week. Pray that her strength endures whatever will be brought against her and that other judges and elected officials also find the courage and integrity to be true to their oaths of office. Save America from tyranny.

Judge Katherine Forrest, Federal District Judge, Manhattan

Pray for Change. God bless Bill Windsor. The "Lawless America Movie" crew goes on the road to begin interviews in just seven days! Windsor and his film crew are traveling to all 50 states and interviewing around 1,000 people who signed up to expose government corruption and judicial corruption they experienced. Participants' stories will be aired on a feature documentary "Lawless America Movie," the "Lawless America" website, and in videos that will be delivered to each U.S. Congressperson. It is the world's largest whistleblower project. Volunteers and financial contributions are invited.

Real Leaders Pray

May God bless Judge Forrest, America's Esther, Rev. Pinkney, who is the People's Pastor, Rep Ron Paul, William Windsor, and everyone else who stands up for liberty. God bless you, also, especially if you help by sharing this article. All we can do is pray and keep trying to get free. We will not awaken soon and find out this was all a bad dream. Our situation is precarious right now, but we must trust God and help each other. Some of you are just learning about threats against freedom in the United States, whereas I have lived almost like a prisoner for years with my phones and computers continually monitored and taken over and stalkers assigned to follow me wherever I go to prevent my access to net freedom. It is important that we never allow ourselves be divided among racial and socioeconomic lines. No one who is in the 99% seems to have human rights that are respected and protected by authorities as we should. This is the time for unity. Man plans, but God decides. God repeated a simple but very difficult command many times in His Word that we must apply in these trying times: "FEAR NOT." 

"Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent. For I am with you and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city" (Acts 18:9-10).

Can media exposure about what Americans are going through save our country? No, only God can. Having media exposure will help alert people to the problem, but only God saves. He said, "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land." Please, let us petition heaven together to lift the heavy burden we find ourselves toiling under.

Mary Neal, a Christian human rights advocate working to decriminalize mental illness and protest mass incarceration, avoidable wars, and capital punishment, according to Proverbs 31:8-9. Prayer can change things. I did not know six months ago that I would be in a movie, but God sent William Windsor and "Lawless America." I did not know two weeks ago that I would be on international television and perhaps allowed to tell my family's story across the globe through Press TV. Yet my hope for freedom from censorship and oppression is no longer vested in telling about my handicapped brother's lynching and the horrors my family endures to keep Larry Neal's murder a secret. I will never stop wrestling against the shackles, but as the song goes, "All of my help comes from the Lord." Americans must never give up, but let us not rely on our own understanding, our contacts, money some people have, or anything other than the power of God. He said, "Cast your cares on me; for I care for you."


Mary Neal said...

The cyberstalkers probably cannot help themselves. They made the final two paragraphs where I spoke about the goodness and reliability of God the Father appear in very small font. I will leave it. Sometimes, when spiritual enemies collide, it is best to leave the battle to God. They can make my words about Him small, but they cannot diminish Him or His awesome power.

Bless those who curse you, and do good to them who spitefully use you. I pray for God to show them His power. Amen.


Maurice Muhammad said...

Sister Mary America is number one on God's list to be destroyed! You will never make God out to be a liar! Truth has come to you!

Mary Neal said...

I hope you are wrong, Maurice. My family and I live here, and so do hundreds of millions of people in the 99% who are not decision makers. Instead of expecting retribution, please pray that God will bless America with liberty and justice for all. It can happen if we unite and peacefully stand for what is right.


Mary Neal said...

I started a new Justice Gagged blog three times regarding President Obama's June 25 executive order freezing Russian assets, but stalkers won't let it post. That cannot be top secret news or I would not know it. However, I did not see it on the news this week, did you?