Thursday, June 21, 2012

Concentration Camps for Blacks

Over the last 500 years, Africans have been removed from their homes for slave labor and invaded by Europeans who want the continent's assets. Covetousness and the desire to dominate account for most conflicts throughout history. Dominant parties often use that position to enslave or kill people who are fewer or less powerful militarily. Concentration camps are places to entrap, enslave, and eliminate people. Historically and currently, minorities and so-called "dissidents" are interned in prison camps.

Most people think of World War II Germany when concentration camps are mentioned, but the name was actually coined by the British during the Boer African war that began around 1899. The Boer were Dutch farmers who settled in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of Africans, mostly women and children, were brutally interned and murdered in South African camps while their men did battled for freedom. Murder victims were killed by both direct violence and avoidable diseases. Hitler's concentration camps are more commonly known than the British camps in South Africa. That is because mis-education by omissions and distortions frequently happens when full knowledge would cast a dominant party like Britain in a bad light.

Although concentration camps were and are used in numerous nations, Hitler's camps remain the most notorious. The Nazis began their campaign by isolating and killing Germany's mentally and physically disabled population, roughly 300,000 people, including Aryans. They then moved on to Germany's minorities: Jews and blacks. A significant number of blacks and mulattos lived in Germany in those days. Of course, they were enslaved, brutalized and murdered like millions of Jews. It probably will not surprise African Americans that blacks were omitted from reparations that Jews received. The excuse given was that the Jews were citizens of Germany and the blacks were not, although most of the affected blacks were born in that country.

Recently, officials in Israel announced plans to either deport or intern African refugees in concentration camps without any defensible reason. They are now being called "infiltrators." Changing the label of people being victimized reminds one of Katrina. African Americans who were trapped in New Orleans and stranded without food and water in the Dome or on rooftops were called "refugees" rather than "citizens." It is ironic that Jews, who endured so much horror under Hitler's reign and suffered discrimination based on ethnicity after the war in virtually every country where they took refuge, will now encamp others for that same reason. It was not disclosed whether the African refugees/infiltrators will be murdered.

The U.S.A. will erect concentration camps, also. Senator Levin, a Jewish Democrat from Michigan, introduced S.1867 in U.S. Congress in 2011. Congress approved indefinite military detention without trial in Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act ("NDAA") while normal people enjoyed Thanksgiving. President Obama signed it a month later on New Year's Eve. The language of Section 1021 allows indefinite concentration camp internment for people who had something to do with 9/11 and people who are "belligerent" with the government. "Belligerent" means contentious or noncompliant. Of course, it is not a crime to speak against drone planes flying overhead in the U.S., the loss of human and civil rights, or in my case, the secret arrest and murder of one's disabled relative. However, under NDAA, no crime is required for the White House to order people's arrests, and no defense will be allowed. Unless America departs from the historical use of concentration camps, they will also be used to intern minorities (i.e., blacks and Latinos) and people from the dominant race (whites) who will be labeled "dissidents" based on religious and political affiliations. It was not disclosed whether the concentration camps will practice genocide as is usual in these circumstances, but biomass incinerators are being erected in African American communities and are already located nearby or within numerous prisons. Roughly 1.25 million mentally challenged people are incarcerated in America, and African Americans are also over-represented among prisoners.

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