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Dead: The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm Fraud

Media companies may be inclined to hide the fact that The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm has been declared by United States District Court, Central District of California, not to exist as a law firm. This should conclude The Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans by Southern whites and Confederate Negroes who sabotage their clients' cases in tune with the CoIntelPro mandate to "keep wealth out of black hands." More information about the death of The Cochran Firm fraud and the Order can be accessed at an article in my FreeSpeakBlog (the name is a joke). The article is "Cochran Firm Fraud Fails in CA Court"

Excerpt from "Cochran Firm Fraud Fails in CA Court":

See the Order below that was issued May 12, 2015, by United States District Court Judge Philip Gutierrez dissolving (i.e., cancelling and dismissing) the preliminary injunction that The Cochran Firm had obtained to "protect" its alleged trademark.The Cochran Firm, P.C. - Order Dissolving Preliminary Injunction related to The Cochran Firm vs. Randy McMurray, Esq. Among the highlights from the order are the following passages:

1. "Defendant [McMurray] has met his burden that Plaintiff [The Cochran Firm] has unclean hands in the use of its trademark by advertising itself as a national law firm when there is no evidence that the individual offices are connected other than through agreements with Plaintiff." (Page 11.)

2. "In assessing whether [The Cochran Firm] meets the definition of a law firm under the California Rules of Professional Conduct, the Court finds that ... [The Cochran Firm], together with all of the individual regional offices, do not fit this definition." (Page 12.)


This writer sued The Cochran Firm in two courts after the lawyers helped Memphis Shelby County Jail escape accountability for secretly arresting her mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, and killing him after 18 days of secret incarceration. From mid-July until August 1, 2003, Larry Neal was in custody and denied his prescription heart drugs and psychiatric medications. Whether he died because of the sudden cessation of his vital medications or if more was done to kill the lifelong schizophrenic heart patient, the Neal family cannot say. Requests for records by way of Freedom of Information Act Requests to the U.S. Department of Justice were either ignored or answered falsely for 12 years. A federal court subpoena to Memphis Shelby County Government officials brought no information. 

The conspiracy to cover up Larry Neal's murder in custody makes this writer believe that however Larry died, it was probably worse than other in-custody deaths that have come to America's attention, like the deaths of Freddie Gray, Daniel Linsinbigler, Phillip White, Jesus Huerta, Christopher Lopez, Eileen DiNino, Matthew Ajibade, and too many others to name here. Most were black or mentally ill, and they all lacked wealth. The individuals killed in custody fit the same criterion used to determine who would be involuntarily sterilized in America's eugenics movement from 1932 to the 1970s. The eugenics movement took a deadly turn in the 21st century, when police and corrections officers regularly kill people from the same groups. Nazi Germany's eugenics movement went from sterilization to mass murder, too. Visit the Jewish Virtual Library at the url below. 

Christopher Lopez's death happened 17 months before the prison reported it to the Department of Health. Larry Neal's death was never reported to the Department of Justice (USDOJ), according to statements by the USDOJ. The USDOJ was placed in direct overview of Shelby County Jail after a federal investigation and lawsuit by the USA. It is unacceptable that when this writer reported Larry's demise under secret police custody to the feds, the USDOJ did nothing about it - no investigation and no prosecution for Larry's kidnapping and murder or Shelby County officials having violated the terms of the Jail's Agreement after lawsuit by the USA by its failure to report an inmate's demise. Therefore, Agreements between the USDOJ and abusive police departments and correctional institutions mean nothing, unless it means abusers will have protection for future murders by the USDOJ cover-up artists. Larry Neal's murder was never reported in the press, and his family is surveilled, censored, and persecuted for asking, "What happened to Larry Neal?"

The Cochran Firm helped Shelby County Jail escape public outcry and legal accountability by entering contract with Larry's family after his 18-day ordeal which ended in his death. The Cochran Firm entered contract with Larry's family as our wrongful death attorneys, then allowing the Tennessee statute of limitations to pass without doing any legal work on the case. Since then, we have found numerous other Cochran Firm fraud victims, and sometimes they find this writer and call to expose their cases of victimization and fraud by white racists and Negro Confederate soldiers in that non-law firm. That is likely the main reason why my phone was taken over by hackers, and so was my Google Voice line.

CNN wrote about the increase in deaths in custody in an article entitled "Not Just Freddie Gray: Others who died in police custody." Naturally, CNN omitted Larry Neal's murder because the U.S. Government wanted them to do so. Censoring my brother's murder and The Cochran Firm's many frauds against African Americans led this writer to picket CNN. See the photograph below.

Knowing how useful The Cochran Firm is to elitist racists by swindling their mostly black clients to reduce or eliminate payouts for government agencies and large corporations, the intention of mainstream media may be to keep quiet about the fact that THE COCHRAN FIRM HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE NONEXISTENT AS A LAW FIRM BY A FEDERAL COURT. As usual, when it comes to news about Cochran Firm frauds against black legal consumers, this writer decided to report it herself. 

Congratulations to Randy McMurray, Esq., former partner of The Cochran Firm in Los Angeles. The USDC Court Order resulted from his litigation against the non-law firm. His lawyer used "Neals v. The Cochran Firm" as proof that The Cochran Firm advertises itself as "one of America's largest plaintiffs' law firms" only until plaintiffs who are former clients sue them for fraud and malpractice. Then the various law offices, like Memphis and Atlanta, deny any association with each other or the firm's home office in Dothan, Alabama. This writer was glad to help ring the death toll on the biggest fraud against black people since mercenary, racist whites sailed to Africa and said, "Want a ride?"

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