Monday, June 15, 2015

Blogtalkradio Shows Sabotaged

I have been blocked from scheduling shows on Blogtalkradio three times within the last two days. I videotaped my failed attempts all three times. Unfortunately, my Screencastify videos from the June 14 interference do not appear to be saved on either YouTube or in my Screencastify file at Google Docs, as they should be. Unluckily for hackers, I save proof of everything they do multiple times, in a myriad of ways. 

Taking over my computer will NOT enable hackers to generate Blogtalkradio error messages like you see in yellow on the screenshots below. Only Blogtalkradio can generate such error messages, or perhaps NSA can. Each of two times this denial of the right to schedule shows on June 14 happened, I was allowed to schedule the shows after complaining. However, "Mothers March for Peace"missed having their show on June 15 but will be scheduled for Wednesday, June 17.

See the screenshots below for proof that I was initially prevented from scheduling a 9pm show - "Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real" on June 14 at "Human Rights Demand" channel (click photo to enlarge the view).
Johnny Scrozier Keeping It Real, 6/14/15 (Screenshot 1 of 7)

I was allowed to schedule the "Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real" show after writing about the interference and sending a screenshot (above) to Blogtalkradio to stop the censorship.
from:MaryLovesJustice Neal
date:Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 8:45 PM
subject:Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real Broadcast on Human Rights Demand Channel
:Important according to our magic sauce.
WHAT are you doing? I created the setup for the "Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real" show for 9pmEST. It says, "The setup must be for the future. Right now it is 8:40pm. Secondly, it says "Selected slot is already full." Do y'all NOT allow ex-offenders on the radio, or what? The slot was certainly NOT already full. Please control the gremlins. See the screenshot below. [Click to enlarge it the photos below]

Initially prevented from scheduling the show called "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, 6/14/15, Woodfox (Screenshot 2 of 7)
(Screenshot 3 of 7)

I wrote the email below complaining to Blogtalkradio about being blocked from scheduling the MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting broadcast at 11:51pm. Blogtalkradio did not respond, but suddenly I was allowed to schedule my "Woodfox" show.

from:MaryLovesJustice Neal
date:Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 11:51 PM
subject:Re: Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real Broadcast on Human Rights Demand Channel
Same issue for the MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, Blogtalkradio. Same error messages. Gremlins hate the word of God. They usually attack MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, and they especially hate tonight's show when we will pray for Woodfox, the last Angola3 member. Will you overcome their censorship, please. Now. Screenshots are below (two of them). Thank you in advance.

Allowed to schedule "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting" only after complaining at Twitter
(Screenshot 4 of 7)

A complaint was also published at Google+ about being blocked from scheduling a "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting" show at Blogtalkradio
(Screenshot 5 of 7)

"Mothers March for Peace, 6/15/15" 
Notice the same error message appeared on the video exposing sabotage at the "Mothers March for Peace" broadcast -- same as when both the "Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real" show and the "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting" show were initially prevented from scheduling:
Video 1 of 1
As usual, I notified followers at @koffietime at Twitter about the "Mothers March for Peace" sabotage. (Screenshot 6 of 7)

Naturally, I informed Blogtalkradio about the interference on June 15 just as I did twice on June 14. However, seeing that my videos from the two attacks on June 14 were MYSTERIOUSLY GONE from YouTube and Screencastify, Blogtalkradio was the last one I complained to about the interference with scheduling the "Mothers March for Peace" broadcast, which was to be aired at 9pmEST on June 15, 2015. I believed that if I delayed showing the sharing the video again, it would also "disappear." 

Blogtalkrado claims that the "Ralph Poynter What's Happening" show was already scheduled for June 15 at 9pm and that is why I could not schedule "Mothers March for Peace." I doubt if that is true.

NOTHING was scheduled for 9pm on June 14, when I tried and initially failed to schedule Johnny Strozier, and NOTHING was scheduled for midnight EST when I tried and initially failed to schedule the "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting." See above that I got the same error messages for EACH of those shows as the one I received when I tried to schedule "Mothers March for Peace": an error message claiming that the date and time I selected to schedule the show for had already been taken. Therefore, I believe hackers changed the date of Poynter's show from Tuesday, June 16, to Monday, June 15, in order to create an excuse for blocking "Mothers March for Peace." Professor Betty Davis says she did not schedule Poynter's show for June 15.

I also discovered last night that hackers had placed a warning message at my "Legal Victories" blog implying that NSA was watching people who read my articles there, as though there is something untoward about my "Legal Victories" articles, where I congratulate attorneys, judges, prosecutors, the Justice Department, and advocates for what many people consider to be (1) new precedents that will improve justice; (2) petitions that helped make positive change happen; (3) verdicts that freed innocent people and verdicts that should reduce corruption; and (4) judgments that compensated victims as well as the survivors of police violence victims.  

Notice that the warning (in the upper, left corner) in the screenshot below shows at my article about USDC ruling that The Cochran Firm is NOT a law firm. This is a court ruling made on May 12 that mainstream media is keeping secret from African Americans. See proof below and at Google+ that hackers placed a warning to people about reading "Legal Victories" blog.
(Screenshot 7 of 7)

Thank you for your interest in Mary Neal's continuous censorship. This happens because I am an effective human rights advocate. Censorship is happening lately to many more activists than in the past. Prison investors are seemingly getting desperate. So many people are writing against mass incarceration, and exposing prisoner torture and wrongful deaths, that NSA has more than 50,000 employees to monitor (and I believe to censor) advocates. This may be why some officials are DESPERATE to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership Act (TPP), which apparently involves (restricts?) Americans' right to Internet access as well as workers' rights. Details of TPP are mostly SECRET, but I read that TPP regards both of those things.

This article will be read to the radio audience anytime after Tuesday, June 16, 2015. This article has seven(7) screenshots and one(1) embedded video.
Five References:
Not Just Freddie Gray: Others who died in police custody (CNN)
 Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
 Cochran Firm Fraud Fails in CA Court (FreeSpeakBlog)
 Nazi Persecution of the Mentally and Physically Disabled
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